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5.1% A Cliché Multiverse story / Chapter 13: CH. 13: Onee-san’s route!

CH. 13: Onee-san’s route! - A Cliché Multiverse story - Chapter 13 by GloriousMilfHunter full book limited free

Chapter 13: CH. 13: Onee-san’s route!

As I admired the Busujima twins, they also observed me, or rather, they simultaneously scrutinized the dagger held in my hand.

I knew about Saeko, but for the glasses girl Saeko, I was clueless. I only added a line about Saeko having a twin sister, other than that I did nothing.


[—Shiori Busujima: Affection +20]

[—Saeko Busujima: Affection +10]

Their favorability probably increased from the effect of natural gentleman skill. It seems that Saeko's mentality to seek death was influencing the skill's potency. She saw herself as someone who shouldn't be loved.

Even her twin couldn't save her from falling deep into this hole of endless self-mockery?

Our staring contest ended when creepy groans of the undead came from somewhere. 

I clasped Shizuka's soft hand. "I don't think currently is the time for introductions, so let's get to business. We have to get out of this school, and the only way to do that is through any vehicle."


[—Shizuka Mirakawa: Affection +5]

Shizuka tilted her head like an airhead. "My car keys are stored in the staff room. Let's go there."

"Okay, then off to the staff room."

Saeko nodded her head while her twin's mouth curved into a smile. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_45320240262867423">!_45320240262867423</a> for visiting.

"I'm Shiori Busujima from 3-A." Saeko's twin introduced herself with a slightly sweet smile. "And you are the quiet prince of this academy."

"Saeko Busujima, the captain of Kendo club. It's a pleasure to meet you." Saeko also introduced herself with a polite smile.

"T-Thanks for saving my life. I'm Kazu Ishii, a second-year student."


[—Kazu Ishii: Respect +35]

The guy with a cane thanked me with a face full of gratitude as though I saved his skin because I'm kind. Sorry buddy, I only bothered to do that because you tried to protect my onee-san.

I simply nodded, and as I was about to move, Shizuka's hand forced me to stop.

"Aa-kun, let me take all medicines."

I released her hand. She jogged toward the cabinet and started her search for useful medicines.

"Asahi-sama." spoke the yandere bodyguard, who was strangely silent till now.

I smiled and took my precious dagger from her outstretched hand before hanging it onto the belt on my waist.

Saeko narrowed her eyes, probably from how Aimi addressed me. But her twin sported a casual smile, ignoring this fact.

They both had quite a different demeanor, giving them a distinct charm.

Shizuka finished her job, returned to my side, and clasped my hand with a smile.

Good onee-san. Let this young brother kiss you.

"Marikawa-sensei, it is time to depart," Saeko said while peeking her head out to search for the undead.

"Saeko-san, can I call you that? It'll be confusing to address you both with the same last name." I asked with my most polite smile.


[—Saeko Busujima: Affection +1]

[—Shiori Busujima: Affection +3]

Saeko pondered for a second before she coolly nodded her head and replied in a quiet voice, "You can address me as such."

While I was wondering why Shiori's affection increased, our group sneaked out of the room.

The fiery orange sun in the distance illuminated the hallways littered in blood and corpses. Eerie wails of undead still echoed throughout the school.

This was Apocalypse.

Honestly, it didn't faze me much as before as if I already adapted to it.

Maybe, chaos suits me more...

Saeko swung her bokken to smash the heads of the undead.

Shiori wasn't shying away either, every one of her attacks knocked undead to the side.

Aimi proactively sought undead in the classes only to earn XP for me.

As for me, I was enjoying the sensation of soft hands of my airhead nee-san while actively ignoring the annoying notifications.

"Shizu nee-san, you can't run in this tight dress. Should I tear the sides of your skirt?"

"No, no, Aa-kun. This is a branded skirt." She began to wave her free hand in panic.

"Nee-san, are you willing to slow us down on our way?"

She hesitated for a moment before nodding her head. "Aa-kun is right. We need to be as quick as possible."

The dagger in my hand moved instinctively and cut the side of her black skirt. It was not for perverted reasons, definitely not!

The torn skirt gave a view of her right and full-figured thighs and glimpses of her purple lacy panties. I won't mind being sandwiched to death in these thighs.

This all happened in mere seconds thanks to five times the dexterity of an average human. This stat included agility, mobility, reflex, and perception.

(My love is such a pervert.)

'I'm a gentleman, you hear me!'

I grasped the hand of pouting Shizuka and sprinted toward the others. In a few seconds, we arrived at the stairs of the third floor, which also led toward the staff room.

And as though saying some events are inevitable, a girlish scream came from the floor above us.

Saeko and Shiori's head jerked at the direction of the scream, and their steps quickened.

Kazu Ishii shuddered visibly, but still trailed behind them.

I beheaded the knocked over undead on the stairs and turned to Shizuka, who had her face twisted in worry and fear. This expression tilted me for obvious reasons.

I squeezed her trembling hand. "It's alright. I'm here."

She nodded and squeezed back with even more intensity.

[—Shizuka Marikawa: Affection +13]

It looks like the Onee-san's route is open for me!

Time to meet the tsundere girl, Saya Takagi, the daughter of Milf Yuriko.

GloriousMilfHunter GloriousMilfHunter

Vote if you love Milfs!

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