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75% A Cybertronian's Conquest To greatness / Chapter 9: CHAPTER EIGHT

CHAPTER EIGHT - A Cybertronian's Conquest To greatness - Chapter 9 by DaoistCybertron full book limited free


Forest Of The Giant Trees.

In a small river Inside the forest, A giant Metallic being is sitting atop a very large rock. it's optics Glowing in boredom. On it's hand, A Hand ( cybertronian ) Sized rock Was Being rotated in a very Relaxed manner.

This same mettalic being was none other than Megano, The human turned synthetic Being that arrived in this Ridiculous world Filled with human-Eating Giants. It's been what, a week? Maybe over a week Since he arrived here.

Currently, Megano was Just sitting on top of the large rock and is waiting for the cooldown of the Allspark Summon To Go down.

Sighing in boredom and expectation, Megano activated his system and a holographic Blue Interface Appeared on his vision.

• Name: Megano ( Neutral )

• Race: Cybertronian

• Faction: None

•Weapons: Photon Hand Cannons, Type 02 Retractable Blades, Steel Combat Knives, Double-Barrel Shotgun.

• Alternate Mode: Star Fighter "Black Ghost"

• Summoned: Laserbeak.

Hmmm, Nothing Changed huh. Megano throught to himself before summoning the allspark From his Core. He watched as Numerous square shaped Fragments Came out from his chest before gathering in front of him.

Pieces after pieces Came and the Allspark slowly formed into existence. With a final click coming from the final piece, The Allspark released a Weak Hum before Coming hovering In front of his chest.

Taking the Allspark with his right claw, Megano Used the system to check The Properties of the allspark and the result? The worda written on the interface that appeared in front of him Sprout excitement in his heart.

• Name: Allspark ( Cube)

• Rank: Mythical

• Ability 1: Grants the user the ability to turn Non-sentient Technology Related machines into Sentient Synthetic Beings called Cybertronians.

• Ability 2: Allows the user to Summon one Cybertronian Being from All factions ( Decepticons, Autobots And Neutral Cybertronians ) once per week.


• Description: Long before time even came into existence, The Allspark Covered with cyberglyphs and extraterrestrial Designs Was already Drifting across the darkness called space. It was said that the Cube was Created by the True Creator, A being With mysterious Origin.

Finally, The Cooldown for The ability 2 was already up. Megano's "Heart" Blazed in excitement.

Standing up from his sitting position before calling ruffian to accompany him in the summoning. Hearing that his Lord is going to summoning someone, Ruffian immediately agreed and Flew From the tree he's perched on into Megano's shoulder.

Together, the two Went to a Clearing not far from the river. When they arrived there, Megano stretched His hand holding the Cube and started pumping his will into it.

As if hearing his pleas, Fhe cube began to rotate and shake. The Lines on its body Started Glowing and the Cyberglyphs Shifting.

Megano And Ruffian watched in Absolute awe as the cube Began to expand. Similarly Like how the cube Shrank in The first transformers movie, The Cube Shifted abd expanded until it reached the size It Attained Before Bumblebee Took the cube.

Wind Whipped harshly as Soil and dust flew around them. The towering trees Around them began to Sway, Showing how strong the winds created by the allspark are.

After a few seconds, The cube started to Emit a humming sound before Shooting A Beam of blue-ish white light In front Of them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-conquest-to-greatness_19578801106810805/chapter-eight_55513720473835560">;s-conquest-to-greatness_19578801106810805/chapter-eight_55513720473835560</a> for visiting.

Megano And ruffian Watched as the Beam began to pulse and with each pulse, An outline of a Massive door or gate of some sort.

• ALERT: Please Move to a safer distance away from the summoning portal. The system has detected that the Cybertronian That was being summoned from the other side was of huge Stature. Please move away as a safety measure.

Megano was watching the process of summoning in awe when a notification popped Into existence in his vision. After Reading the Notification, Megano's Core skipped a beat In shock.

Megano Immediately Sprang into action and grabbed Ruffians neck, Stunning the poor bird In the process. Megano didn't bother to explain and Went into his Alt mode before Flying towards the rock with ruffian Clinging On his Body.

After reaching the rock, Megano shifted back to his robot mode before Landing On the rock heavily. Ruffian, who Manages to gather himself in time, Flapped his wings Strongly to prevent himself from kissing the ground.

Megano turned his head towards The portal And his optics almost pop out from their sockets When he saw how large the portal was. The portal reached the height of almost 35 Meters tall and are 20 meters wide.

Megano saw sand, Endless sand From the other side of the Portal.

"My lord, Who do you think the allspark has Summoned? With a portal as large as that, Im suspecting that it might be. . .", Said ruffian, purposely Trailing his words In the end.

Megano Heard Ruffians words and Immediately understood what he meant. Like him, Megano already suspected That the thing that will come out from the other side might b-


A loud, Booming Roar Interrupted Megano's Thought. Megano followed the noise and discovered that the noice was coming from the portal. Unlike before, The other side Of the portal wasn't filled with endless Sand But A huge metalic thing Slowly being pulled towards it.

Megano watched in Slight astonishment as The portal spat the Thing out from the other side, Causing the ground beneath the rock he was standing on to shake when it landed. Dust flew into the air So Megano had to used his Thrusters to blow the dust away and The thing that greeted Him Confirmed his suspicions.

"Well I'll be damned"

DaoistCybertron DaoistCybertron

Yosh. Another chapter for you people. Now, As I was checking your Comments, I saw some peopke saying that the MC Deserves a better Name. To which I also strongly Agreed on. So, here's the thing. I was thinking that since my Naming Skills-although I'm slightly ashamed to admit it-Sucks, How about you guys suggest one's for me? Hehehe. . .

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