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Chapter 10: Apocalypse

*Xe Zhoutian PoV*

I walked out from the tent and see hundreds of elders from various sects outside. Each of them wearing their own spiritual equipment, I raise my right hand glance at the black ring in my ring finger, a storage ring.

Equipment or weapons have their own grades as well as beasts and humans. With the lowest kind of weapon is mortal equipment, the one that can be forged by any ordinary blacksmith in every town. And the next grade is superior equipment, one that was made by rare and expensive metals or ores. More durable, sharper, stronger, and less weight, superior weapons is popular for those inner disciples and core disciples of a big sect.

Next grade would be spiritual weapons, this kind of weapons have their own spirits and can use elements as their attributes. Each attack of this weapons is as good as a battle spells with their elemental damage, making ordinary citizen can fight against a hundred of his own with a spiritual weapons. As precious as this kind of weapon is, only those who at least an elder of a sect can get this kind of valuable weapon.

I infuse my Qi to the ring and in a heartbeat, a circle hand mirror without a handle floating in my right palm. The mirror is colored in half black for the right side of the half circle and white for the left side of another half circle. Behind the mirror, there's drawings of a black dragon and white snake circling each other and make a complete circle from it

The mirror soon tremble for a while and a male voice come from it " it has been so long since you take me out from the storage ring, eh ? Zhuotian "

It's my divine weapon, the Yin-Yang Origin mirror, the weapon that makes me become the strongest in the world. Divine Equipment is the next grade after spiritual equipment, but unlike those spiritual equipment which even though they have spirits inside, their intelligence is only at human infant at best. As for Divine equipment, not only they have their own spirit or soul, their intelligence would be as smart as adults human at the very least. And only those who had reached immortal sage realm is able to have a Divine equipment, as Divine equipment is something that would be so precious, almost like a continent treasure. Because one Divine equipment can overturn a sect with hundreds of thousands disciples in it if the wearer is powerful enough to unleash the equipment fullest potential

Each of Divine equipment have unique ability of their own and my Yin-Yang Origin mirror have the power to control and master elements of light and darkness. With uniting both of the elements, the yin-yang origin mirror able to make copies of its master. One copy have almost a full power of the original master fighting prowess and another one will make both copies might decreased quite bit, and the more copies the mirror created, the less strong the copies can be

But if it was me who the master of yin-yang origin mirror, then, even if the mirror created a thousand copies of me, each of them can go toe to toe with cultivator in dantian core realm

" it's really been a long time, my friend " I replied with a warm smile in my lips. I never take him out except for fighting with another immortal sage cultivators or Divine beasts. As much as I want to always let him in the outside world and let him fly around me, Qiyuan would rather be inside the storage ring, a ring with a small space inside of it to safekeeping stuffs, and relish his time in slumber

Qiyuan, that's the name of my Divine equipment. With his power, he can make a copy of me that would aid me in battle which is in all of my every battle. All of my enemies have to prepare to fight two immortal sage in pinnacle stage instead of one thanks to that, and not to mention Rashu as well as he's my tamed beast

" who we are fighting now? " ask qiyuan as he floating above my left shoulder. Pointing my finger to the sky, I said " something that's coming from much more higher place than the heavens realms "

Qiyuan then silent for three breaths after my answer. Trembling again, he say " I can feel it… it's near.. Can we win? "

I shrugged my shoulders and said " who knows ~ " and then fly to the sky. Behind me, the seven ancestors from the mainstream sects follow quietly and another three more people wearing black clothes join us in our flight. Flying until I reached the clouds, I'm floating right at front of the ten peoples who gathered in front of me and said " welcome, to the very first meeting of all ancestors sects in both mainstream and dark ways ~ "

One of the three people that joined our flight suddenly smiled. He's a man that looks like in his fifties and wearing black clothes just like mine. But his clothes have a pattern of red thorns all over and immediately, he say " it's been a long time, Zhoutian boy "

I smiled back at his words and said " it's indeed had been quite a while, old man Yushing " Shang Yushing, the first man in dark sects way that joined the immortal sage realms. He's the founder of the dark sects when mainstream sects way in the only cultivating way in the world. Age in tens of thousands, Yushing had enough of material world and live his life as a hermit. Thanks for his sudden disappearance, the other two ancestors of dark sects way who joined immortal sage realm much later than him had been suppressed for a long time and dark sects In decline for centuries… until I emerge, that's it.

First time I had ascended into immortal sage realm, I met the old man. And I had to admit, it was not a good impression that he gave me back then in our first meeting though…


Golden glows covering the skies from our northwest direction. Thousands of human figures in glowing golden armors appear while riding the clouds, they are all having aura that's very different from those of ordinary cultivators, their auras have feeling of holiness in it

" the gods army… " someone murmured and the rest of everyone nodded in agreement. Those men in golden armors all is from gods race, gods race have body appearance that's same as human, except they are all born with unimaginable powers, even a child from the God race can defeat an expert of aurora revolving realms

" Zhoutian! Look above! " said Qiyuan while still floating in my left side


A very huge black tentacles arise from clouds above, the tentacles size alone would easily smash few mountains into rubbles, and there would be at least three tentacles that's appear as above us. With incredulous sizes, I saw another six more appearing in our behind. Four more in our right side and another five more in our left side

More and more tentacles with incredible and intimidating Sizes or form come into our sight from everywhere. Paling at the scene before us, I shouted my voice with a ton of Qi " Prepare for battle! " then I infuse a lot more Qi to Qiyuan and let established our Qi connection more with it " all ancestors quickly inform their own elders below to fight against this creature as well! " circling so fast right above my head, Qiyuan emitting a low buzzing sounds and then two more of me appeared at my right and left side. They both looks exactly like me, even the clothes and face, it felts like watching my own reflection in mirror in right and left side. But this two mirror reflection is real and they are way more deadlier than any mirror reflections

All of the ancestors at that moment unleashed their auras which soared high in the sky and cover it. And with a flash, all of the mainstream ancestors had gone to fetch their elders below and preparing for the battle. It's only me and the other three dark sects ancestors that is left in here because three of them didn't have to pick up and lead their patriarchs and elders that they already take to the edge of Luse forest

Because there's already someone in there who would transport all of those patriarchs and elders to our place through using the space element, and that person is the one who rally them in the first place

' Rashu.. Transport all peoples in there please' I sent telepathic Qi message to rashu. And then, few breaths later, a huge cracks in space emerging in front all of us. The cracks is expanding until dozen feet height and from the void inside the cracks, thousands of cultivators arise in droves

After getting out from the void of space, all those elders and patriarchs is half bowing to us and said in syn, loud voice "" greetings, the four great cardinals under the heavens! ""

The four great cardinals under the heavens… a bit embarrassing title for the only four immortal sage realms cultivators from the dark sects ways. Four of us should be the guardians of them all but old man yushing always run away from his responsibilities and the other two is not much better, one of those two is woman with green long hair and green long dress, Wu Xuchiang, who like to whoring herself days and nights. And another one is man that looks like in his twenties, Wan Zhizu, is the only one who dedicated to take care of his sects by making bloodbath of all the disciples and sacrifices them for his battle spells research

How about me? Well… I think I did a good job at it…?

" everyone, let's go " and with only a heartbeat, I fly to the three tentacles that's above us and would descend upon us soon. While flying, I glanced to where the gods army is and saw they are taking care of another six tentacles near them. After that, I tap the connections with kings of seven gates. Seven demon kings that had mastery upon respective element gate they reside with and can wield those elements just like their own body parts or limbs

Seven bundles of black mists fly beside me as those black mists come from me. And in six heartbeats, the bundles bursted and the seven demon kings arise. Each one wielding the seven gate elements of fire, water, wood, earth, metal, wind, and thunder respectively

Asura transformation, activate!

Me and my two copies body changed in a dozen of breaths. All of us having two more arms growing and our hairs become white. Growing more stronger and bigger, I use another battle spell called blood ignition. Blood ignition would ignite my asura bloodline that I get when I'm in asura transformation mode and would make my fighting prowess to raised another notch

Gathering Qi in both of my right fists, I punch the enormous tentacle and activate another battle technique, Fist of Titan. More and more overflowing powers and Qi gather in both of my fists and flies to the tentacle


A very loud booming sounds and eruptions of Qis make hundred of Qi ripples in the air, but even with my fullest attack, the tentacle didn't even bursting in bloods and gore nor it got hurt, not even a flinch


"everyone, attack with all you got!" I said as I use another more of battle spells. The dark sects cultivators behind me and seven demon kings unleash more and more strong battle techniques spells even in my standard and thousands of elders behind taking care of the other tentacle while the patriarchs taking care of the third one too

Blood domain : create a big sphere of bloods from the user blood and explode it to the enemy, the bigger it is, the stronger the explosion is

Spear of blood – blood arts technique : create a spear made of the user blood and let it attack the user enemy. It will be more stronger and durable than any steel or weapons if the user infuse more high bloodline quality in it, can be created as many as the user want as long as the user bloods can keep up with the expense

Asura deathlight : a beam of red light that's come from the power of asura. The light can penetrate most objects like knife cutting butter and would be able to explode the enemy if the asura infuse more of the Asura Qi in it. Can be created as many as the asura like as long as the asura qi can keep up with the expenditure

Armies of the dead : open the gate of samsara hell in asura domain and unleash the souls of the dead to attack the asura enemies. The souls that had been unleashed will take form of wraiths and would kill anyone and everyone the asura ordered them to and harvest the asura enemies souls

More and more spells I use to the gigantic tentacle but none of it even works… and upon looking at the tentacle closely, the tentacle skin is not like one can encounter in sea. The gigantic tentacle have hide that's grayish black in color and it's hide looks dry as sands and very tough as well

" tsk " I annoyed at how we have yet destroyed even a part of the tentacle body. Raising my left hand, I spent almost half of my Qi reserve in my dantian to created a thousand of asura deathlight spells. After a thousand of deathlight spells come into being, I shoot all of them into one direction instead and let them focus to penetrate the part of the tentacle that had been attacked by me all this time


Smokes and qi ripples in the air once more as the attack is one of the strongest I give to the tentacle. But nevertheless, even after all that, the tentacle still unharmed and only have few scratches


The three ancestors around me that keep unleashing their own battle spells stop what they are doing and look at the tentacle part with incredulous eyes. Even they have to use their strongest defense battle spell to survive that attacks but it only give the tentacle some few scratches

It can only be described in one word, unbelievable

The strength discrepancy between them and the behemoth above us is as good as ants versus an elephant... A losing battle or something that's not even a tickle in elephant eyes..

This is a doomed battle we wage…


*Outer space, inside of a spaceship, The Maiden*

A big blue holographic screen in front of us show how the World Eater already arrives at the planet and now in the middle of playing with it. The size of the World Eater itself is ¼ of the planet body mass that its trying to eat. Truly, World Eater is a wonder of galaxy, creature that bring awe and fear

And whenever a World Eater appear, a planet would be destroyed and the only thing the intergalactic civilization can do to help is by evacuate every habitants in there as well as their technologies and belongings

" captain.. We are late.. " said Angeline in her post while looking at me. Nodding, I say " prepare the long distance teleport device, we would pick up the planet natives from here "

And then man with black hair combed from behind and wearing glasses shake his head " we can't, captain. The distance of our spaceship is too far with the planet "

Frowning, I look to the man in glasses which just spoke back to me and say " Hazel, can you focus our warp gate energy into a single focus? With it, the energy would be able to reach there "

Hazel squint his eyes and say " hard to say… and even if we did that, we can only picking up one of the native from there and everyone would have to be abandoned… we are really too far "

" do it " I said to my crew without a hint of hesitation " we can't be too near with World Eater which is X grade lifeform, one swipe of his tail would be able to doom us all. So might as well we save one then nothing at all " and then I look at the rest of others crews and said " it's sacrifices… there's nothing we can do to X grade lifeform "

Gloom wash over the main control atmosphere as they are all know how big of a matter a X grade is. Leave with no better choice, they are all said in the same time "" yes sir! ""

I nod back and face my head to hazel " Olamard, search and scan which native or lifeform in that planet with the highest Artlic radiation in it and after u found one, give the being coordinate to hazel " and I look back into hazel " and you hazel, you know what to do "

" yes cap " replied both of them as their back again to work in their posts

Now… let's do a gamble and hopefully, the one with the most Artlic radiation is the strongest or smartest native on that planet…


*Xe Zhoutian PoV*


Another round of attacks and yet we still inflict any damages to the tentacle of our part. Other tentacles that they are taking care of is not much different as well with not many scratches on it

*Huff, Huff, Huff*

Everyone that my eyes can see is dead tired and breathing loudly to catch their breaths. It's been for two incenses of time and the creature not even fighting back, but we are the one who's pushed back from exhaustion, this is really maddening…

Rashu fly to my right side and say " we are going nowhere, our attacks is not powerful enough to harm it.. What should we do? Zhoutian "

Silent in contemplation, I'm thinking at how we can breach this problem but before I can think of anything, a loud noise that shake the air suddenly sounded


All tentacles suddenly run amok and swiping all of the cultivator forces, one heartbeat and hundreds of elders cultivators along with the God armies from afar blown away or even bursting into bloods and gore


No... no no no no no

Screams filled the air, and from afar, I see the mainstream sects army which taking care of the five tentacles in west side. But with two attack from the tentacles, they are all died in droves, as if all of them is just ants that's been stepped on by a human

And from the east side, bunch of divine beasts along with an army of humanoids beasts, the demons army, are massacred like nothing. And everywhere I see is only filled with deaths

All the friends and acquaintances I've in dark sects is not fare much better either. As the three tentacles in our side now swatting us all away and make anyone who too late to dodge exploded and become minced meats In ten sky and falling to the ground. And bloods raining from all the deaths casualties we have

This bastard!

" Zhoutian, we have to retreat! The more longer we are in here, the more people in our side will die! " the old man Yushing come to my side and shouted right in front of me with a furious face " and if you won't agree, I'll still take my poisonous frog sect and purple snake sect away, there are nothing we can do here to defeat that thing " and without even waiting for my reply, the old man Yushing fly to dark sects army side and taking control of the two sects of his

Shit… our morale is gone downhill… Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/apocalypse_40026478322183711">;s-dream_14901475106138705/apocalypse_40026478322183711</a> for visiting.


A bright yellow light suddenly come from above and enveloping me and Qiyuan that's right above my head in a heartbeat. This light is so strong that its even confined me somehow and make me can't move my body as I helplessly see my body become more and more faint, a sign of space jumping that's me and Rashu usually did

" Zhoutian! " Rashu shouted beside me and using our contract connection, he jumped through the space below my feet and hold it. And in the next heartbeat, both of us gone though the space loop..

Oh fuck..

RandomGuy RandomGuy

hai guys! this is the longest chapter I've written yet, and I hopefully not make the chapter quality dropped by the pressures of writing so much XD

either way, thank you for reading it!

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