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90% A Fool's Dream / Chapter 18: Mission

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Chapter 18: Mission

*Three days later, somewhere in Grimm system space zone*

Heading the Solar system called as the Grimm system, Helbard had expectation in this time mercenary job as this one would pay handsomely.

"Listen up, I want two teams of close combat fighters with two far distance combatants in each team. The two team will leading our charge to the Fortyhtigend race. Those creatures had invaded one of the registered native in this solar system and we had to clean them up." A troll with prosthetic right arm, with the shape of energy cannon is walking out from the spaceship hallway and talking to us in stern voice.

His name is Dorgo, the captain that had been chose to lead this time mission by the CGA bureau. His Grade is B and his Rank is B-. A man that use the technology way as a combatant "The first team would be called as the eagle team and the second would be called hawk. Eagle would try to flank the enemy from their back as the hawk will go join the locals to fight full frontal battle. Is there any questions?"

Raising his hand, the man is an elf race and a captain of a small mercenary group, Zokro, open his mouth and say "Our mercenary group, the Divine light, would like to be the eagle team and flank the enemy. We just need another three independent mercenaries. One would be the close combat fighter and two is far distance combatants."

Looking each others, there are quite some people that's independent mercenaries that doesn't belong to any groups. But half of them become one because they don't really trust other mercenaries group as the politics in mercenaries industry is deep. A lot of independents mercenaries that just had joined a group would be used by the mercenaries group as they pleased. It is always newbies who would suffer and who belong to group is a stuffed up, prideful bunch.

Frowning that no one want to take the offer, Helbard stand up and goes to where Zokro is and say "Helbard, a draconian race. Weapon is dragon hand cannon, able to shoot out 1000° degrees fireballs from it. C+ Rank grade. Esper ability is to enhance fire based attack."

Nodding to understand what I said, Zokro stand up and reach out his hand for a handshake "pleased to work with you, friend."

Helbard shake his hand and answer "Pleased to work with you as well."

After Helbard take out the lead, another two more people standing up from the chairs lobby for mercenaries to gather and walk to us. One of them is human female with a golden hair and eyes as blue as the sky "My name's Elizabeth, a human race and a C+ Rank grade. Esper ability is to strengthen any machines type of technology, including high tech weapons."

The last one is a green humanoid man with two protruded fangs in his mouth and have a height half of draconian height, An orc race "Name's Avuukk, an orc race and C Rank Grade combatant. I'm a berserker."

Berserker, an ability to enhance their physique form and give it a whole another level of boost. The more their wounds they have, the more boost that can receive from their ability. Another special ability that only orc race have, beside that of their magician called shamans.

Seeing that he have enough people for his team, Zokro nodded his head to the three of us and sit back again to his chair, as if there's nothing that interested him anymore.

Looking at the entire recruit thing happened, Dorgo stare to the rest of the mercenaries and say "And so you guys would be the hawk team. The spaceship would arrive to the planet soon, please get prepared, dismissed." Then after that, he walk away back to the door and gone somewhere.

Sighing, Helbard go back to his chair but then being blocked by the human female named Elizabeth "So you are the cousin of Jaxo, he tells me a bit about you. I've meet your cousin back then and I owe him a debt for his help. If you like, we can stick together in this mission."

Blinking in surprise from the sudden revelation, Helbard tilted his head slightly to the left and say "You know Jaxo? Well, anyone of Jaxo friends is my friends too. I would be in your care."

Smiling because Helbard accepted her offer, Elizabeth open her mouth and wanted to say something , but before she could, a big quake can be felt in the whole spaceship for ten minutes, as the siren is wailing loudly to alarm us for what to come.

Opening the door again, this time Dorgo face is warped in anger and awful expression as he shout to us "We got hit. Some of the Fortyhtigend anti spacecraft weapons found us and now we had to prepare for the rough landing, boys"

Everyone immediately grabbing into something without panicking as this was not the first they had been being attacked inside of a spaceship. Most having serious expression all over their faces while some is looking casual as it just like the usual without anything to worry about. After a rough landing of fifteen minutes, reaching the planet atmosphere in five minutes and the landing of ten minutes, we finally arrived in the planet we have to try to save, the Eirlender.

Opening the spaceship hatch, we goes out and saw a bluish grassland in front if us. But with hundreds of grey skin creatures that have four hands and face that's like a man eating flower, the Fortyhtigend, the beautiful scenery of the grassland is the last thing we had time to enjoy.

"Ready!" Shouted Dorgo as he stepping ahead of us and preparing his energy cannon "Everyone, attack!" then he charged while pointing his arm cannon to the Fortyhtigend.


Explosion erupted everywhere as forty mercenaries will fought against hundreds of armies of Fortyhtigend. Almost half of the mercenaries used the technology way as their main powers but some of us is powerful espers or wizards.

Activating the space storage in Helbard SOS, a big shiny metalish cannon as big as a human adult waist and a longer than their legs appearing in holographic bluish light of Helbard SOS. The hologram images become more realistic each seconds passed and in ten seconds later, Helbard equip the cannon to his left arm and pointed it to the most crowded place where Fortyhtigend gather.


A fireball as big as Helbard head came out from the cannon, and it spewing out more and more of the flame balls come out in droves as well in seconds. And twenty seconds later, Helbard already decimated dozens of their armies with my firepower weapon combines with Helbard ability alone.


Opening their faces mouth, purple laser beams is emerged. With how many of them against us, soon those beams overwhelmed us all.

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One of the beam unluckily pierced Helbard right arm that holding the trigger of the cannon. Retreating back with bloodied arm, Helbard did a quick scan in my surrounding and found out most of us didn't fare any better than Helbard.

Except for that female human woman.

Wearing armored battle armor, the female woman moving around the battlefield like a reaper harvesting the fallen souls. With her electromagnetic assault rifle as the instrument of death, the weapon had reaped so many of the Fortyhtigend armies, more counts than what Helbard had did all this time, that for sure by seeing how she's being able to take care the armies like that.

The great king of dragons, with comrades this capable, maybe we could get out from this adversity we had.


Raising his head above, Helbard see a humongous being that it's size alone can stretch into kilometers is flying in the sky and covered it. In its back, more hundreds of Fortyhtigen armies riding it and shouting their battles cries to us.

Maybe we won't get out alive from this battle after all…

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