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45% A Fool's Dream / Chapter 9: Monster from the stars

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Chapter 9: Monster from the stars

*Outer Space, In long distance part of the Galaxy*


James open his eyes as alarm sounds wake him up from the dreamland. He try to get up and sit but his sleepiness won't let him. After a silent struggle between him and his procrastinating habit, he won and reach out his hand to silent the alarm clock and get up for the work that he have to do as a captain


After he get up, he goes to the small cabin that's on the right corner of the room and open it up. Inside, there's a medium sized bathroom. Walking to the nearby sink and saw his reflection on the mirror, he saw a middle aged man with brown hair and beards in his chin, green eyes, and a body height that's of 180cm at the very least

He open the taps and wash his face from the drowsiness before it takes him back to his bad habits. After washing up, he goes for a shower and come out from the bathroom after roughly 15 minutes later since he woke up. Drying himself with a towel, he said to no one in particular as his room is empty " alpha, are we already in the uncharted territory? "

"[ yes, captain James. We've reached the uncharted territory of star system zone 8543, based on Starlight map that's created by the Centralion Galaxy Alliance ]" immediately after James spoke, a mechanical voice sounded out to reply him and the voice source is all over the room

" great.. " mumbled James as he donned on his uniform. The uniform is white in color but with some blue lines from the shoulders area to the sleeve area, it looks exactly like a uniform for a navy captain and with three star medals right at his right shoulder

Walking to the steel door, James place his right palm in the hand scanner and input some password in form of numbers. The door opened and he walk out from his room to proceed to the control room. The one that's in situated a bit far away from his place but nevertheless, he still have to go there

" good morning, captain " " morning, captain" "have a nice day, captain" some crews decided to greet him when they saw him in the spaceship corridor leading into the main control room, one of them even is a giant bug with head of mantis but with a body of beetle. And it walks with four legs from its eight legs. Another two of them is big green humanoid creature that's look like human but they didn't have any hairs in their had and have a nose way much larger than what it supposed to be, and both of them having a belly pot Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/monster-from-the-stars_40026356167274991">;s-dream_14901475106138705/monster-from-the-stars_40026356167274991</a> for visiting.

Smiling back from their greetings, James didn't even surprised by the scene of such different beings all walking together or did he surprised that they can talk. Galactic Union is such a place that every races and natives from thousands of galaxies meet each other and recognized and accepted by Galactic Union ruler, the Centralion Galaxy Alliances, or for short called as the CGA

Every natives that had been accepted and recognized by the CGA have to wear the Universal Interpreter, or for short is UI, whenever they venture the space or leave their home planet. The UI will interpreting all languages that had been charted and listed in Galactic Union. So everyone and every races that their home planets had been listed as citizens of Galactic Union would be able to speak in their native tongue, but their UI will automatically translating their spoken language into something of the native language of their other counterparts who they are speaking to. Of course that's only working if their conversation partner wearing an UI as well

*wuuuunngg* (futuristic door sounds effect)

Arrived at the main control room, James saw few of the crews already sitting in their respective posts. Not bad for getting up early, those whose in here always had good records on their works in all this time of their journey. Feeling a bit proud, James go to the coffee making machine nearby and get himself a warm coffee. Rechecking their data in his captain post while drinking coffee, James found out that there's some unusual high charts of Artlic radiation report in the uncharted territory

"Olamard, come here for a second, will you" shout James as his eyebrows frowned in contemplation. Soon, a blue humanoid that have exact features with ordinary humans but with long ears instead, coming to where James is. James show his holographic screen to Olamard and said " there's highly Artlic radiation in this zone, can you search the source of where all this zenon radiation come from?"

Looking into James holographic screen for thirty seconds, Olamard said "no problem, cap" and get back to his post without wasting any more words. One of quality that James liked from the man as a captain. Not chatty but still get the job done without having to be explained again twice

After twenty minutes of waiting while doing his job to recheck the reports given by his spaceship, finally most of James crews already sitting in their own posts and checking their works. However, before James can give his usual morning speech to his crews, Olamard come him while holding a hologram images in his hand " cap, I have found the source. Apparently it's from a habitable planet that's yet listed in Galactic Union and a native of this uncharted star system zone. The planet is very highly full of Artlic radiation "

Frowning from what Olamard just reported, James open his mouth and wanted to say something, but his attention and everyone in there is interrupted by a scream from one of the crews

" Captain!! " shout Angeline, one of most of human race in this spaceship. Her face is pale as she says the reason why she shouted " I just surveys the zone with ASC ( Autobots Surveillance Camera)… and I found something… "

" what's it? " my voice impatient as I realized it would definitely be a serious matter for one the crew to be panicking like that. And that's indeed true as her following statements shock the entire crews in the main control room

" the World Eater… it headed into UC36465X coordination… " said Angeline asked her face is still pale. But she's not the only one who's have it now as everyone faces become grim in seconds and silence descended into the main control room

Olamard looking into me with eyes that's shocked " that's where the planet I just talked about, cap… "

Oh fuck.. " attention!! I want everyone full focus here in their own posts, we will use our maximum speed of our spaceship, the maiden, to race with the World Eater itself and save as many inhabitants of the planet in this zone. Did I make myself clear!?"

"" yes sir! "" replied everyone in shout as they realize it's an important matter in stake " good! Work hard, people! We will make it in time! " we have to or a whole planet Including every habitants and technologies disappeared without a trace..

Hopefully, we really will make it…


*Xe Zhoutian PoV*

"we all will die, asura" said the priestess of Heavenly Guidance island dozen days ago, by the time we had met for the first time in long years. She's not the one who always like to say nonsense and jokes. And so, I ask her why would she thinks like that and she tells me how there will be enormously big monster that will come. From the stars it arrives and would swallow this world whole

I recall how trembling the priestess made when saying that, and decided to go to the heavens realm. Right situated above the sky, heavens realm is holy domains for Gods race. After confirmed how they have their own prophecy that's similar with the priestess, I've decided to go to the underworld realm for the demons race which reside there

And again, I was surprised with the similarities of all the three prophecies held. End of the world is coming, the death messenger come from the stars, and how Millions of divine bloods would flood the soil and sea in red

After realizing how dire our situation is, I decided to go to the grand conference that would he held in martial palace few days later. A rally is what we need in this tribulation time, and grand conference event that gathering famous sects around the world is best chance I would have. Even though, before that, I still won't forget what the sects in huilian mountains range do to heavenly guidance island. And so, I take the liberty to pay the debt that's already in its due ever since the battle of Heavenly Guidance island

Deciding to clean up some pests there and there on my way to Hoxun city, I already had sent words of message to Rashu to gather all the dark sects in the world. Garnering every sects of the world, me and Rashu had work hard on it. Rashu would take care of all the dark sects as my spoke person and me would take care of the common sects

And most of them are either hate me or wary of me….

Looking around, I see fifty people with seven of them already in immortal sage realm and the rest is still at nascent soul realm. Leaders of all the mainstream sects, including the most famous powerhouses of sects all around the world is inside this magical tent. A portable tent that only as big as a clothes when its still yet injected with Qi but will become a tent that as big as a manor building when its filled with Qi

" can you give us a prove that this meeting for all patriarchs of the sects in the world, won't be ambushed by the dark sects in this huayang plains? Asura " said one of the sect patriarch from the west side of the world, the patriarch of the Divine Thunders sect. And by the time the patriarch words end, most of the patriarchs in here nodded their heads as if agreeing with what he said

I smiled and said "there's no way that I would do that, the seven immortal sage ancestors here must had heard words from their own acquaintances in heavens and underworld realms, you all know how important this matter be "

Most patriarchs present then looking into the seven ancestors for confirmation. But with how seven ancestors stay silent or neither denying the claim, their wary faces is replaced with shocks and frowns all over

After a silence that's been going on for dozen of breaths, someone finally said " do you think we could win against this… monster of the stars?.."

I shake my head and say " if what the prophecies described hold true, then we don't, but at the very least… " I glance at everyone present here and continue my words " we will put up a fight and make the monster know it won't be easy to devour us all " and I closed my eyes, take a sigh, and said " I know a lot of you hate or wary of me for who I am, but I'll assure you that I will be in your side for this battle to come "

Still contemplating in silent after my declaration, I received a telepathic voice from Rashu while most patriarchs thinking should they fight in a losing battle or is it better to just run from it ' it's done, all the dark sects patriarchs and elders had arrived already at the edge of Luse forest and will come to Huayang plains soon '

' good job, thank you, Rashu ' is what I sent back to Rashu as reply. Sighing, I try to open my mouth to convince all the patriarchs again. But Before I can speak, I sense it. It's been so long since I felt it, and I thought that feeling had already died inside of me

*Deg Deg Deg Deg Deg Deg*

Fear… I felt fear for the first time in my life after 500 hundreds years…


I stood up immediately and knock down the chair I've been sitting on this whole time. And the sound of the chair fall down make all the patriarchs and the ancestors present to look at me with questioning eyes. With a grim face and voice, I say " it's coming, Warn all of your elders, we are going "

One of the seven ancestors, the ancestor of Hall of Winds sect, have as if feels something as well so suddenly. And with pale face, he say " Asura… do you feel it too?.. "

I nod my head for confirmation and say " yes I do "

" it's time for war, the battle has come upon us"

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