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Chapter 7: Report

-Hoxun city, Martial Palace inner area-

Wearing golden robe with black stripes all over it, like a tiger design, an old man with wrinkles in his face and white hair in his head walking over in a hurry along the corridor inside of big palace. The corridor had beautiful white marble on its path. But the old man clearly didn't give to much thought about it, as it can be seen from his face that is in panic, as if there's something he needs to relay on, but times wait for no one

" who can guess he would move now after being dormant for hundred years…."

Cold sweats is all over the old man forehead and he recalled information he got three incenses ago. As much as he wants to not believe it and try to check the information thoroughly, he knows he can't bear the consequences if this information is correct and he delay it with only for his beliefs

" Elder Zhang " five soldiers wearing green scaled armors that guarding the corridor is greeting him while giving a military salute, right hand hitting their chest left side

" good job " said elder Zhang as he nodded in approval. To become soldiers of martial palace, one have to be at least having cultivation of dantian core intermediate stage. And this five soldiers that greet him is each at least having spiritual sea realm primary stage, making them elite out of the lot

"have you all seen the headmaster?" ask elder Zhang as his complexion in his face become quite anxious. Looking each other, the soldiers give elder Zhang silence for two breaths of time and one of them who appeared to lead the group said " report to elder Zhang, the headmaster right now is meeting with his highness, the emperor, and yet get out from his abode"

Frowning in displeasure at the thought of all of the time that the emperor can visit headmaster, it had to be now when he's in need to go face to face with headmaster as well

Nodding again in thanks and understanding, elder Zhang continue walking in the corridor path, and in a half of incense time, he soon arrive in front of lascivious small looking gate that served as door into an important room of someone

Stiffened, elder Zhang stop right two meters away from the door and just patiently stand in place. After waiting for two incenses of time, the green colored door opened and three men figures appeared. One of them is wearing golden colored robe with dragons pattern all over it. A crown in his head and silver colored eyes, the emperor is a man with gazes that as sharp as hawk. With cultivation of spiritual sea realm pinnacle stage in only in his thirties, the emperor Hongji is cunning man who eliminate most of his brothers in inheriting competition of the royal palace, even though his position at that time is a crown prince and unshakable as it is

The second person is a middle aged man in his forties and walking side by side with the emperor. The middle aged man is wearing colorful blue clothes with clouds and swords pictures draws all over. Eyes as blue as sapphire, the man giving out powerful aura of someone in Aurora revolving pinnacle stage, maybe in little of dozens years, he would ascend into nascent soul master

And the last person who walk slightly behind both of them is a man that's in his sixties and wearing simple ordinary white robe. His cultivation prowess is the strongest of all people present, with cultivation of nascent soul intermediate stage, but he looks a bit reserved rather than haughty in front of both people before him

" your majesty, the headmaster" elder Zhang immediately bow to the direction of the man in dragon robe and next to the man with ordinary white robe

" un " the emperor Hongji give his consent with a nod and quickly turn his head to the headmaster and said " that sum up of all our plan to the future, I hope you will do it without a hitch, headmaster Sue "

The headmaster soon replied with a bow of his own " you need not worry, your majesty, it will be done "

Smiling in appreciation, the majesty then face the man in blue clothes and said " let's head back to the palace, elder Lu, we already prepared a banquet for the renown Zhousu Divine sword sect "

Smirking in satisfaction, Elder Lu said " you are being too kind for us, your majesty, we will be honored to attend in the banquet your majesty make for us "

Both of them walking away while chatting politely to each other, leaving both elder Zhang and the headmaster alone. After seeing the emperor and the elder from Zhousu Divine sword sect is gone from their line of sight, the elder Zhang hurriedly go to the headmaster and said anxiously " the headmaster, I have a grave news for us "

Seeing how dark the elder Zhang complexion is, the headmaster waste no time and said " come in quick " and after both of them entering the room, the headmaster close the door and activate his battle spell, a spell that utilize Qi aura to cover all places in room and make no sounds will come out from the covered space. The room inside is spacious, with bookshelves full of colorful books in the right and left side of the walls. And two bench of beautiful green jade placed at the middle of the room with a black sculpted lion statue table between them. Right behind the two bench and the table, there's a desk made of woods tinged in purple color in it

" it's secure, tell me what's it " said the headmaster in frown. Looking at the headmaster in serious face, elder Zhang said " I got reports that we have seen the Asura at Huilian mountains range, it said the Asura had destroyed the three big sects in there five days ago, after that he goes to Sanzhu capital city, Lanyu, four days ago and stirred up quite a mess. And he had last seen in Tentai village north away from here two days ago "

Silent in contemplating, the headmaster then said " are you saying that he's going to Martial Palace ? "

" yes, headmaster. In fact, I already guessed he would be in the Hoxun city right now as we speak " replied elder Zhang as his forehead gather more and more sweats. And in two breaths, elder Zhang continue " this is a disaster, headmaster, the dark sects cultivators always being hated for their unconventional way to cultivate, either by using blood sacrifice or trapping the innocent souls. Everyone that's gathering for the event from all over the world despised the Asura as he's the guardian of the dark sects. This year event will be full of bloods if we let him visit the Martial Palace "

" what you said is right, but provided how strong the Asura is, no one would be stupid enough to offend him.. Except from Pagoda of dragons sect, they always prideful people who won't back down no matter what, and the Sakyamuni Monastery sect which is full of righteous monks that always demand justice… " said the headmaster as his frown deepened

" headmaster, I feels something is off. The Asura had been quiet for hundred of years and never interested or interfere in world matters. He would, sometimes, doing what he pleased and kill a lot of people, but those who he killed always a bunch of nobodies such as corrupted officials or merchants and famous bandits which is had gone too far for his liking, but five days ago he destroyed the ruler of Huilian mountains range! He lay his hands to the big sects in the north of Taiye empire. He breaks off a century of peace and makes everyone on the edge " said elder Zhang as panic overcome him " with the supports of all the dark sects in his cause, and power to create armies of spectres and seven overlords of demons in his shadow, he had enough power to make the biggest war in the world ! "

" calm down, elder Zhang. As fearsome as he is, he need to think twice before doing anything irresponsible " replied the headmaster as he shook his head " have you already send your men's in the town to search for him? We need to talk with him before the event start"

" yes headmaster, I had sent my men's to search for him the moment I suspect he's in Hoxun city " said elder Zhang as he nodded his head

Seeing elder Zhang know what to do, the headmaster sigh in relief " good, let's hope we can find him quickly and nothing will happen "


*Xe Zhoutian PoV*

And they can't find me

Hiding in the shadows of the forest near Hoxun city, I laugh at fifteen men in black clothes and wearing red smiling devil mask in their face and attempt to search where I had gone to after I 'disappeared' so suddenly

Wew... It's hard to be famous, everywhere you go, there always be your fans looking out for you and ask for your signature

My signature is not that easily to get, tsk tsk

Stepping out too fast for them to react, I reach out my hand right behind one of them and try to make the person in front of me to sleep with my love tap right to the back of his neck


And…his eyes rolled behind and fainted. Goodnight, princess

" he's here! " alarmed that one their comrades aura gone just like that, someone shouted to alarm the others. The man quickly draw out his weapon, a pair of tonfa that made of steel and attempted to charge at me with the thing on

" calm down, calm down, everyone will have their turn. Jeez, it's hard to be a famous person.. " I replied while dodging his attack at the same time. Left hand tonfa to my right shoulder, dodged, another thrust to follow up Right into my abdomen from his right hand tonfa, whoops, step side it and dodged, a roundhouse kick with concentrated Qi in the right foot to my head, and… blocked with my right arm


Grabbing his right leg, i swing him like a rock, away to the sky in a heartbeat, as if what i just throw is not 70kg adult man Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/report_40005735240745889">;s-dream_14901475106138705/report_40005735240745889</a> for visiting.

" aaaaaaa!! " a scream soon voice out loudly as the poor guy fly like a falling star in the night. Hmm.. I should make my wish quick, oh great Buddha, I hope to be a better and kind man this year, amen

*Bruk, Bruk, Brak* (sounds of something hitting the tree branches)

*BAAM* (sound of something hitting the ground hard)

Ouch...that must be hurt, amituofuo

Seeing the pathetic state of what happened to their comrade, horror gripped the rest of the group, and a man suddenly said loudly " Piercing Annihilation formation! "

Thirteen men's suddenly make some kind of triangle formation with the strongest out of the lot being at the very front, with cultivation of aurora revolving primary stage

" activate! " with a shout, each of their auras become more sharper than before and as if the shout is a signal, the group charge to me with prowess that much more different from before

" hoo.. Not bad " I said as I watch them brandishing their swords to me, and the guy in the most front is the one who have more buff than any of his counterparts. Leading the group, the guy swing his sword and lifelike images of waves fly straight to me, as if wants to rip me apart

Side steps all of the waves, each wave is as fast as wind and dodging each of them is a challenging thing . Seeing I was cornered, the guy keeping on with his battle techniques as he thinks it's working, and while he makes me can't counterattack, his comrades behind him is circling me and try to strikes me from every directions possible

" Hell Serpent! " said one of them from behind me as he lash out flames shaped snake from his sword thrust, the snake flames fly to me, seeking my carelessness moment when I busy with the Qi waves

" Stone Impact! "

" Spikes of ice! "

" Heavy Slash! "

more and more battle techniques or spells rained upon me at the same time as the flame snake assault me


Explosion that's so big sounded as Qi ripples out to every directions in the forest and smokes so thick is masking the center are of the outburst. Seeing all of them heaved a sigh of relief after watching their combined attack, one of the men in group suddenly froze and said uncertainty " captain.. Doesn't our jobs is to find him and take him to met the elder Zhang.. Now that we killed him, aren't we all in trouble? "

Oh wow… they want to capture me but in the middle of it, they try to kill me instead? What useless subordinates, I felt sorry for this elder Zhang guy

Face hardening, the guy who stand in the most front of the formation and giving out waves of Qi battle technique spoke out " it can't be helped, you guys already see what he can do to Liangye as if he's a kid. With that much strength, our all out attacks will only make him black out, and then we can give him to elder Zhang "

Oi oi, if I was much weaker than what you predicted, I will die you know! What a rash and merciless person, tsk tsk

" captain, look! " one of them suddenly alarmed the others in his voice " he's gone! "

The smokes soon thinning out and everyone in there can see there's no one in the explosion area

" impossible… " said the captain guy as a bead of sweat flowing down from his forehead

" well, that was a good teamwork, I will give you guys at least that compliment " I said as I step out from the shade of the tree I hiding in " but it's too bad that you guys just pick a wrong opponent "

Smiling in kind as if I'm a God that come down from the Heaven to bless them with a fortune life, I said " shall we have a round 2 ? ~ "

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