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95% A Fool's Dream / Chapter 19: Rescue

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Chapter 19: Rescue

*Xe Zhoutian PoV*


Riding a spacecraft, we fly with the fastest speed the thing could take us. There had been contact from one of the mercenaries spaceship that should back us up. But apparently, our reinforcement has been ambushed instead.

So much for the reputed mercenaries forces.

"Look at that." Said someone as we are all following where the gaze of the person direct us with. From one of the spacecraft window, armies of grey skinned beings is swarming over a broken spaceship in the middle of grassland.

Frowning from the view, I stare back to the people around me and say "Seems like we had found our reinforcement."

A hundred of Ofergan warriors as comrades in arms, I had received a mission to help the Ofergan people from their plight regarding the Fortyhtigend. As I was had to be in service for the CGA, they send me immediately to this planet after registering my SOS and estimating my grade. And I had to time down a lot of my might into that of ordinary pinnacle stage dantian core realm for the test as there are so much Qi I can use for battle. Unexpectedly, what James guess about me being grade B at least can't be more wrong. What I show back then to the guy is what a spiritual sea realm cultivators can do, but understanding I can't waste more Qi in lavish way anymore, my best shot would be dantian core realm. For as long as I can find the solution for the Qi shortage anyway.

"we will land soon, prepare yourself." Announcement cone out from the control room to us. Soon after that, all the ofergan fighters began to equip their respective weapons from their SOS. Raising my left hand, I operate own SOS as well to start recording how much enemies later on I able to kill and and each counts would be converted for points. Points that I need to have for a living as the CGA use chips and points for currency.

Sighing, I shake my head and chuckled at how I can't even activate the SOS three days ago but now able to operate it smoothly.

Well… not as smooth as how others use it, but I'm still learning.

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Explosions sounded from the outside as our transportation ship shaking a little, probably from the impact of being attacked.

"We will land in a minute! Prepare to takes off any moment, we will open the hatch midair as soon as we have a gap between their attacks." Siren sounded as more panicked expression of Ofergan warriors can be seen. Although ofergan people have humanoid body as well, but their appearance is that of bark-like-skin and hairs made of leaves. Their eyes is that of two yellow colored gems as eyes and branches like arms and legs for limbs. Interesting looking creature indeed, even with our differences in features, their face expression can be easy to understand, as apparently they have the same expression as humans. And we share the same shyness personality, given by all of them wearing clothes as well.

Infusing my Qi to my storage ring immediately after the announcement was made, I take out my Origin Ying Yang mirror, Qiyuan. When James transported us with the warp gate energy, in a split heartbeat, I manage to grab Qiyuan back to the storage ring where Qiyuan would be safe and sound when we going through the space loop.

Knowing my intention without have to say anything, Qiyuan created another copy of me that emerging behind me. Qiyuan then hover above my head as make he make himself transparent in seconds to the point where any naked eyes wouldn't be able to see him.

The copy of me then taking out a bluish bow made of crystal. Spiritual equipment, the Everwinter bow. One of the weapons I had collected in my long years journey and had been kept in the storage ring for who knows how long. But it had tasted blood lately for I need each of my spiritual equipments in the battlefield.


Main hatch opened before us as thousands of humanoid race with four hands and grey skin can be seen from here. Infusing my Qi again to the storage ring, I pulled out a pitch black long sword, from the handle to the tip is colored in black.

"Remember, our mission is to save the mercenaries and get out from this place. No need for unnecessary long battles." Said one of the ofergan warrior as he stepping forward in front of us and more bigger than others warriors. Captain Zelamarth, leader of a hundred elites warriors from the kingdom capital and a B+ Rank Grade combatant.

Following the captain footsteps, we go to the opened main hatch. All of the ofergan warriors is wearing battlesuit made of shells of the creature called Rakrat. A giant crab creature that have shell more durable than steel but with only a quarter of the weight.

Jumping out from the spacecraft, silver colored energies coursing through captain Zelamarth body as he dive straight to the armies of Fortyhtigends. Broad sword come out from his SOS space storage, the energies travel from his hands to the sword as well and make it glowing brightly.

Everyone then suddenly running to jump out too and follow captain Zelamarth. Jumping in midair, everyone prepare their own attacks as well as me too preparing my own.

My copy then raised the everwinter and aim it to the Fortyhtigend crowds. An arrow made of ice appearing from the bow and my copy then shoot the arrow. The single arrow glowing I'm blue light as it travel to the crowd, but in the middle of the fly, the blue light splitting up into a hundred in a second and then a hundred of ice arrows rain down upon the armies below.

Dashing out in the air, I dive down faster than anyone by using my battle technique, dragon clouds steps, to guide me into step walk in the air. Hundreds of purple beams flying to my direction as dodged them all in seconds. Nearing the ground, I filled the sword my Qi as I pointed it straight below while giving another powerful dash for propelling force.


The ground erupted as my aftermath Qi wreak havoc around me. Immediately after that, I use phantom steps and sliced off a dozen heads of the Fortyhtigends mobs. Still in midair, my clone snipping out any mobs that trying to go overwhelming me with numbers and I use my swordsmanship to kill more while dodging all the beams they give me.

*Dududududu*(machine guns sounds)

Slicing through of the mobs, I saw a metallic battlesuit shootings the Fortyhtigend armies with electromagnetic gun in his hand and two drones flying around him and support him with their laser beams. The bullets piercings through a lot of the Fortyhtigend ranks as if they are rains of flames. Giving out doom to whoever become the enemies of the battlesuit man.

Dashing to where the combatant in battle suit, I give him help by slashing off any mobs that already prepared their laser beams in their face like mouth. Covering his back as he focus to eliminate the mobs in front.

Activating another battle spell of mine, winds surround my sword in rotation as I slash it to the enemies in front of me. And a ten meters blade of wind come out from my sword as it sliced another dozen more of the Fortyhtigends. Blood ignition on, my body buffed with more power as my speed and strength rise again to another notch. Killing more and more in minutes as bloods splattered any places where my sword slicing though.

Well, time to enjoy the bloodbath~

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