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Chapter 2: Simple minded trio

Since immemorial time, there's unexplainable energies that coursing through everywhere in the galaxies, that energies is as old as time itself, it threading through spaces and at one time, as fate willed it, the energies met a barren big planet in certain universe

The planet climate is dying and soon, all the living beings in there will be destroyed too

The energies then found itself attracted with the planet, it gathered most of itself to the planet and try to assimilate itself with the planet climate, and each assimilation always recover or heal the climate

Years, decades, centuries, millenniums, eons, time going on and on and one day, the energies done with it assimilation process

Thus, the Heaven is born

The energies had become the will of the planet and with it, it seep to all the living beings, empower all of them, and then mutation began to occur

Thus, Gods and Demons is born

They are what called as the 'first generation' , template for creatures soon would follow in their footsteps. The God race take the sky as their home and Demon race goes to underground

Slowly the two race learn and experience how the energies works wonder in their bodies, souls, and life. with it, not only their race but it also affected all the law of nature

One day, with immense understanding of their own ways in energies, The God race then created the humans for the first time and let the humans become the dweller for land, and as to not losing out of their rivals, the Demon race then created divine beasts as the bearer of their banner, both of the created race later on called as the 'second generation'

Thus, humans and divine beasts is born

Divine beasts is superior than humans in many aspects, such as strong bodies, natural born of sharp claws and fangs, and others more but what widen their gap the most is that every divine beasts born with physique to harness the energies and all the divine beasts then call this energies as 'heavenly energy'

The God race, have noticed humans plight that become preys for divine beasts each days then give two gifts for the humans, they are technique to harness energies and comprehension to understand it. And with this gifts , humans race stand toe to toe and eventually turn the tables to divine beasts and become one of the most dominant race to rule the land

The humans call this energies as 'Qi' and peoples who can harness Qi would be called as cultivators or the true warriors, with it, the cultivators then make a clear system to differentiate between warriors or as a measure of how much powers the warriors can harness Qi

The system depicted that there are several realms that how much strong a cultivator is, with each realms always have a difference like heaven and earth in strength

The first realm : Physical strengthening

A realm that make a first step into the world of cultivation each warriors must take and the first step Into martial path, the warriors should push and train their bodies to the limits and open the hidden meridians in their bodies. The warriors lifespan would be still as much as other humans, with 70 years of age at most

The second realm : Meridians cleansing

A realm that makes mortal to crossover the limits of their bodies and would then felt or touch the power of Qi, the warriors in this realm already opened their meridians and then have to cleanse their impurities in their bodies and meridians. The lifespan of warriors in this realm would have a bit more than ordinary peoples, with 100 years of age at most

The third realm : Qi gathering

In this realm, the warriors would take in Qi as much as possible and temper their bodies with Qi to condense a dantian. The lifespan of warriors in this realm would have more than what humans have, with 150 years of age at most Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/simple-minded-trio_40001033576956898">;s-dream_14901475106138705/simple-minded-trio_40001033576956898</a> for visiting.

The fourth realm : Dantian core

The realm that signify the warriors successful in created their dantian core which would be the place the warriors store their Qi , should the need arises in battle, the stored Qi would then be used to call upon any Qi consuming battle techniques or spells. Then, the warriors should make a sea of Qi or called as spiritual sea inside their dantian core, and the bigger the sea would be in the making, the better. The lifespan for warriors in this realm will have a huge leap compared to those weaker than them, with 300 years of age at most

The fifth realm : Spiritual sea

The realm that would only reached after every warriors make their spiritual sea and which would have to be called as experts of martial arts as their formal title. In this realm, the warriors would have to purify their spiritual sea and their Qi to the extreme and would then their purification create unique aura that cover their body. The lifespan for the warriors in this realm would be at 500 years of age at most

The sixth realm : Aurora revolving

A realm that would change the title of every warriors who have the unique aura in their bodies as Grand experts. The unique aura will be the warriors natural shield, one that would protect them without being called upon, and as effective as the instinct they have. The warriors of this realm can harness Qi of the world to make them fly and cross a kilometer with only dozens steps. In this realm, the warriors have to temper or train their soul to the limits to the point where their souls can be drawn out from their body. The lifespan for warriors in this realm would be 1000 years of age at most

The seventh realm : Nascent soul

The pinnacle of martial path or realms that most of warriors can achieve. All the warriors in this realm would have to be called as Master in their formal title and eligible to lead or create their own sect. Their tempered souls would open up their third eye and can see what mortals can't and shouldn't see, and they can call upon their souls to aid them in battle as their body will open up an innate battle technique which called as 'Mind of void', a battle technique that let the body to fight even without a soul in times of need. The lifespan for the warriors in this realm would be 2000 years of age at most

The eighth realm : Immortal sage

The realm of legend or myth which almost no one can reach upon, whereas someone who can achieve this realm would then transcend as immortal that would never die of age and would have strength to stand against the God race itself

After the realms then come the stages, each realms would have four stages to make clear how much mastery the warriors have in that realm

The first stage : Primary

Warriors of this stage would be in their beginner mastery, they would just have reached the realm and then begin their journey in that realm

The second stage : intermediate

Warriors mastery of that realm would reach the middle part which is not too weak nor too strong and, they are in the middle of their journey in that realm. The warriors of this stage is more stronger than those who still begin their journey

The third stage : advanced

Warriors that reached advanced stage can be said have a deep understanding of their realm and their powers is more stronger than those that still in their middle or just begin their journey

The fourth stage : pinnacle

Stage that makes the warriors just a step away into ascending higher realm, with more higher powers than any stages below it, the warriors mastery of that realm would already in the pinnacle of their journey


My name is Xe Zhoutian

People's call me the demon emperor and such but there's one thing that can be said about me

I'm the strongest human ever alive

Yep, that's me, the badass

Well, usually peoples when seeing me is always be scared, pale faced, kneeling, and even try to stay far away as possible but there's one thing that make me confused here, the badass demon emperor

Why those three buffoons still following me ?

Looking behind, I see the trio assassins that still at their ninja costumes even though it's already day and we are in the middle of nowhere forest, sighing, I shake my head at their pitiful attempt to follow me sneakily which not only they failed, it just stupid because there's no way three puny spiritual sea experts would be able to sneak on me, and the way they are following me want to make me scowl as they are Overestimating themselves in only using Qi to blend with shade of the tree but didn't even bother to hide their cultivation aura

Who the hell let them join the blood scorpion sect? I'm sure will go visit the sect soon and have those elder who in charge of the examination get some lashing

after I kill all those Luo xiangren armies and the merchant himself, I going to go again to wherever my feet bring me, like, why should I care about those maids or the merchant families that's still alive in there, I'm not a serial murder killer, I'm there just because one day, in my always carefree journey, I stumble upon a rumor about the cruelty of luo xiangren deeds, something along the lines of supporting the bandits nearby , cheating the goods of civilians, kidnapping kids for slavery and even raping any newly wed womans with threats to destroy the life of their families and more which already plaguing Dohuo and it surrounding for a decade, and no one to apprehend him because that fat merchant bribes the guards and officials of the city whom all is Corruptors that doing corruption as deep as the Hueye canyon. And so, with a big and merciful heart that I have , I visited the rich businessman manor and kill whole bunch of cultivators

See? Aren't I a good person?

After that, I even give the Dohuo citizens a bonus by killing every corruptors officials that works with Luo xiangren and the head of city guards that in cahoots with the merchant and being a bully in the city as well

Bullying is bad, tsk tsk

Okay, enough is enough, unleashing a tiny part of my bloodlust, I make those three stupid assassins fainted and then drag their bodies into a nearby tree, pulling a rope from my storage ring, I tied all of them in the tree while humming some song

After Done with my work, I slap each of them to wake them up and ask what they want nicely " you guys better spill out why you guys following me or I will peel out each of your skin ~ "

Persuaded with my nice words until they are shaking a bit, one of them said " m-my name is Hao lianbing, your holiness, and we are grateful for your holiness timely assistance and intent to thank your holiness "

Rolling my eyes at those statements, I try to remind them that I'm not a dumbass like them " maybe I should broke and peel out the nails first, for spouting nonsense in front of me "

With more shaking and stammering, another assassin in the right side now replied " w-we w-want to be your holiness d-disciples and loyal followers, your holiness prowess last night awed ourselves and we hope to repay your holiness help with taking care all the minor pests in surrounding area such as savage beats and bandits that maybe would go near your holiness from the shadows "

Narrowing my eyes, I look into other assassins eyes to search for falsehood but what they have is eyes that seems not try to refute what their friend just said and only look back at me with honest, albeit a bit scared, gaze " are you guys serious?"

Nodding simultaneously is what they give me. Face palming myself, I said " do you all realize who am I? "

" yes, your holiness is the demon emperor right? " said the trio almost in synch

With a raised eyebrows, I said " that's right, I'm that demon emperor, and which means, why I should take three spiritual sea cultivators as my followers when there are bunch of nascent soul lined up in front of me and I rejected all of them? "

Shoulders hunked as if deflated from the cruel truth, their heads dropped to the ground as they are being rejected

Didn't like to wasting time on this dumb charade, I raised my body and walk away " don't follow me again, you guys is useless to me, but I appreciate your thanks "



A gust of winds suddenly bursting out from above as thousands of swords Qi rain upon me without leaving any gaps for me to dodge

Well, shit

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