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A Fool's Dream original

A Fool's Dream

Author: RandomGuy

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Chapter 1: The Asura

Dohuo City is the biggest market city you can find near the northwest border of the Longxe empire. An empire that has existed for a thousand years since its foundation started from the tiny village, it was. During the day, you would see its mind-boggling citizens up to work here and there, as people would try to live their days with working and surviving.

"Do you think this will work?"

Moonlight passed by, illuminating some alleyway in some inner parts of the Dohuo city. If any passing people looked closely, they would notice the three silhouettes that showed up. But as it was in the middle of the night, hardly there's anyone who would be outside.

"This is our only chance to kill that fatty bastard, no more hesitation!"

A gruff voice sounded out to reply the counterpart that asking confirmation for their operation which had been in mind and prepared for a week already.

"But this is really a bad idea… we all know what connection that fattass have.." whimper sounds soon replied as the other silhouette seems fidgeting uneasily.

"Shut your whimper, we have a job to do" the third silhouette that had been quiet so far give his piece and immediately after urged the others as well "Let's go and make this stuff done quick."

Soon the three shadows flickered and moving so fast to another part of town, carefully they threading their steps to their destination as quietly as possible. Their breathing rhythmed and as if there's invisible powers surrounding their bodies, making their already black clothes blending with the surrounding darkness.


As silent as winds, they have arrived in crossroads of streets that much cleaner and wider than the one they had been discussing their plan previously. And in front of the right side of the road, there's a big manor that can be called as miniature of palace as its layout won't be less extravagant. And definitely in five top of the biggest and expensive residence that can be found in empire.

Ten warriors with silver armors can be seen in front of the gate to the manor, and a strong undulating auras can be feel from each of them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/the-asura_40000919223467581">;s-dream_14901475106138705/the-asura_40000919223467581</a> for visiting.

"Huh.. Ten dantian core cultivators protecting the gate? That fatty really knows how to safeguard his life" one of the shadows chime in after seeing the gate guarded tightly.

"What the fuss? three of us is in spiritual sea realm and can deal with those dantian Cultivators easily."

Step by step, the three shadows walking out of the darkness That covered their presence. Wearing full black clothes and in assassins garments. Complete with the black ninja mask that covered up their mouth and nose and only leave the eyes open to the public to see.

With One-handed sword behind their backs, each of the assassin group had auras that's more powerful than the silver warriors that guarding the gate.

"It's not about those cultivators in front of us that worries me, idiot, I'm saying that if the doorstep already had dantian core warriors, we should expect meeting spiritual sea realm cultivators too inside, maybe more higher than that" said the first assassin who mildly annoyed with his comrade rebuttal.

"Stop it, don't bickering anymore" said the third assassin that had leading others up till now and the leader of their assassin group, and with calm voice, he said "Shall we?"

"Un " nodding in understanding with what their counterpart meant, the three of them suddenly dash to the gate while pulling out their swords at the same time.


Like gale passing by, with the more seconds spent by, the more faster their movement were and more stronger their auras too. And as if the auras surroundings their bodies solidified, the reality space in that moment is twisting and the assassins already covered half of the distance.

One of the silver guard immediately noticed the strong presence that appeared out of nowhere from across the street. As if those three assassins didn't even bother with what subtlety is and consequences be damned.

"Enemies!" shouting to warning his comrade in arms about the danger that would come befall them. The guard readied the spear that he been holding on entire night and make good use of the weapon for the fight that soon will follow.

Not dwindling their thumbs either, others guards is readying their self and with just a blink of eyes, the assassin had come face to face with the silver warriors.

Leading the charge, the assassin leader swing his sword to nearest guard. And without fail, his slash greeted with blood and guts that spilled out of the gashed stomach area from the slash. And with a flick of his wrist, the sword changed directions to the another silver guard in the right side and another head soon roll out of the spurting bloodied neck.

"That's two down." he said, calmly, and with a step back, a halberd swung down from his left side to the ground where he standing before.

"Bastard!" sorrowed from losing his warrior friend that been with him all this time guarding the door. The halberd wielding guard try his second attack to the assassin leader group but before he can take the second swing, a sword tip suddenly penetrated his chest where his heart is and blood gushed out from his mouth. His vision darken and his body strength leaving him to fall face up to the ground dirt.

"Told you, a bunch of intermediates and advanced stage dantian core realm is easy as cutting woods to us, advanced stage spiritual sea realm cultivators." said the assassin who killed the halberd wielding guard from behind with his sword and with a look behind his back. The ground is filled with another four silver guards who can't be more deader as all of them didn't even have heads in their corpses.

Rolling his eyes, the last assassin that's been intercept the rest of the guards said after he too, done with killing all of the guards "Oh shut your trap."

With a nod after seeing that all the guards had been dealt with without making too much ruckus or too much time, the assassin leader said "Good job, now everyone in the manor should heard the shout and sounds of our fight earlier, let's go, don't waste the precious time."

"Yes." gesturing with another nod from both of them, the assassin group take a deep breath and suddenly jump and their jumping can easily pass half of the manor walls height that maybe can be measured as thirty meters tall.


Each of them immediately Flung out a chain object that have claws at the end of it after passing half of the walls height and with a grip, they climbing up to the walls rooftops and jumped out to courtyard below.

"Well well, what we have here."

A voice sounds out from the silent courtyard and soon, lots of silver warriors appeared in groups everywhere. Surrounding the assassin group and in a minute, one hundred guards with each of of their cultivation not losing out from the guards outside the gate and can be said most of them have higher stages, facing the doomed three assassins

"What the hell… even if we didn't really secretive on the operation, it should take them at least an incense of time to organize their troops.. " said one assassin with the least courage in the group

"Hahahaha." a pot bellied middle aged man with luxurious robe walking out with another eleven peoples behind him. Ten of the peoples is warriors in their forties that having gold plated armors in their bodies that as if screaming the word elites. And each having a cultivation not below of the spiritual sea realm. But the last person is just an elderly guy that in his sixties and he didn't wear any of fancy armors, and just any tidy ordinary green robe that you can find in any shop in the city. But his aura of cultivation is above of all the rest ten golden warriors

"Shit.. It's an aurora revolving cultivator.." paled at the sight of the elderly guy, the leader of the assassin group bit his lips in frustration, as he knows getting out alive in this battle is nigh impossible if aurora revolving expert entered the fray

With haughty gaze scanning the three assassins, the pot bellied man soon said out loud, his voice flowing with arrogance "You rats sure full of yourself for having that much cultivation but dared to barge on my residence."

"Damned you to hell, Luo xiangren! Even if we have to die we will dragged you with us to the samsara for butchering our families! and don't you try to underestimate us, do you even know what organization we are in?" after shouting with anger, the Leader of the assassin group turned back behind his shoulder and see his brothers already determined their actions with hard hardened gaze they give back to him

With a smile, the assassin leader turn his head in front again to face up the fat middle aged man with his own determination gaze. But what greet him is a sneer from Luo Xiangren, as if he watching a bunch of fools "The heck you are talking about? Which families you even spouting on, I have destroyed too much of nobodies like you guys and didn't even bother to remember who's who."

"As for the organization you guys in, didn't your sword guard handle told all what to be told? A scorpion shaped guard handle facing upward is signature for swords of Blood scorpion sect, dammit, are you all dimwitted or think I'm dumb? Sure Blood scorpion sect is one of the five top dark sect but you guys are alone here so don't think I will let go rats that trying to kill me alright?"

"Oh but I afraid, it's you who would lose your live." an unfamiliar voice that appeared everywhere replied to Luo Xiangren words, the voice is ringing clear as if spoken right beside everyone ears or coming up from inside their own souls

"Who!?" the elderly guy who had been quiet as lake from the entire farce suddenly widen his eyes in astonishment as realization come up to him, that there's someone he can't detect all this time and he's an aurora expert to boot

"Hehe ~ over here ~" the unfamiliar voice replied loudly, and this time without using Qi like before

Every single persons there soon directed their gaze to the roof where the voice come from and in their sight, a handsome young man with devilish charm and wearing black long sleeve robe appeared, his eyes iris is as red as the blood itself and his gaze that looking down to peoples below from above is like an immortal that came down from heaven, but what his aura gives is only the demon have instead

"T-t-that… t-the asura?" ask the elderly cultivator dumbly to no one in particular after seeing the young man or can be said, who they are dealing with. And not only him, soon, everyone face is as white as papers this instant

He have many nicknames, the asura, Guardian of the dark sect, demon emperor, and others more

But despite his many titles, there's only one undisputed fact about him

The strongest man in the world

"M-may this one ask why your holiness, the demon emperor, visiting this one humble place?" a bit stammering, Luo Xianren said as cold sweats pouring out like bucket from his forehead

There's many rumors regarding the asura, but as many as those, there's one famous and knowledgeable rumours to everyone that know him, everytime harbinger of death visiting, there's only two conclusion, prosperity or death

Most of the time it's the latter part though

"Haha, you must be joking with me, the second richest person in whole empire, Luo Xiangren himself, said that his manor is humble, if yours is humble, I want to know what's the one that not humble." shaking his head while laughing, the asura fly higher slowly until he's right above the center part of the Silver guards troop

"Well, I'm actually looking for you, Xiangren, I have something to tell you." smiling lightly, the asura look straight at Luo Xiangren and the elderly guy that standing side by side with a tinge of amusement in his eyes


As if triggered by something, everyone with the exception of three assassins, exploded into fireworks of blood and gore, and rain of blood shower up the entire manor

"Well, let's make the blood festival begin ~"

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