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Chapter 4: The immortals

*Xe Zhoutian PoV*

A bit dizzying from the after effect of jumped through space, I watch tens of thousands Tainted below, some have a head of tigers but with humans frame and snake scales all over their skin, some having three heads swelled and nose of elephant but a body of horse, and many others is having more others bizarre and horrendous appearance, as if some kids try to patch their existence with a mix of any others animal parts randomly

Well… even with physique more durable and stronger than ordinary humans, the cost of becoming nasty, disordered monsters, seems too much to bear

Unless you have a good reason to be one, that is

Gathering Qi in the air into my body, I said " Fei-fei, you can go back to the palace, we will take the rest from here "

Staring at me, she shake her head and said " I'm still a Nascent soul cultivator after all, and I'm far from being a burden " with that, she fly to the centered part of the armies while brandishing her sword

Hey, hey, I'm trying to be cool here you know…

Seeing she already engaged in battle with the Tainted soldiers, I side glance to the right and saw thousands of arrows, shoot to my direction, each one filled with Qi to enhance and sharpen the arrows. Half of it even giving off the power of elements, with fire, poison, ice, and Lightning, in the arrow heads

' this rabbles won't give you any threats of danger, I would go back to the sect, doing what a Guardian beast I should be ' after sending the message, Rashu turn around and ripping apart the space and go inside, and just like that, he gone

Can you at least wait for my reply… for my tamed beast to go and leave his master like that when he's surrounded by hundreds of thousands hostile warriors…. jeez, what sins did I have in my past life

*ting, ting, ting, ting, ting*

Cannot pass my aura barrier that as thick as half a meter, the arrows can only bounce off from me and fall to the ground uselessly

Say hooray for the Qi aura! Ready to save the day!

Smirking, I look at the panicked soldiers and let my bloodlust deep inside me to take over me

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*One of White Lotus sect disciples PoV*

For as long as Mu Bohai can remember, his sect always hate cultivators from Heavenly Guidance Palace

Didn't matter how old one was or what gender one has, as long as they are from the Heavenly Guidance island, our cultivators would try to harass them as best as we can, from barbled sharp words to the point of full out combat

And for the most part, most of them are females cultivators. Heavenly Guidance Palace preferred to accept females into their rank, and because of that, if the Heavenly Guidance cultivators ever lose in fight, fate stored for them to come will be humiliation before dead

As men would be like animals in heat when given permission and can do much more worse if given full out permission

Sitting atop Taro, an offspring hybrid of the Divine beast phoenix, we are flying over the battlefield to scouts and reports of how the overall war progression to the command tent. The boy have brown colored feathers all over his wings and body, with the build of four meters long and three meters wide, the boy race is called Kagara and they are one of the kings in the south sky because of their control over wind and fire elements in their constitutions. A fine Spirit beast I can ever get as tamed beast, I call him Taro ever since our master and servant contract, and even though I'm a spiritual sea cultivator that already in pinnacle stage and a core disciple of the sect too, it's basically an impossible, daydream, to ever imagine getting myself a Divine beasts as Divine beasts is strong as Nascent soul cultivators most of the time, they are as close as Divinity one can get, some Ancient Divine beasts can even transform into human body and fight and learn using Humans battle techniques, making their already strong fighting prowess become more stronger

Even though Ancient Divine beasts is like myth, something of legend, but it's good to always have humble attitude because as big as this world can get, there's always be sky above the sky, a beggar you mock today can be a living legend expert the next day

Hovering over the battlefield, we both stumble upon the Holy knights cavalry fifty meters ahead, whose leading the charge to Tainted soldiers, harvesting their lives as easy as harvesting wheat

Gliding around them, me and Taro unleash spells upon spells to the mightier-than-thou Holy knights, try to disrupting their cavalry formation bit by bit, those of who join the Holy knights always been from the pampered noble boys that casted out from their political battle. Banished without inheriting any titles, they go to the Heavenly Guidance island to seek for protection and shelter. Handsome as the lot of them be, their smug and stoic demeanor always irk me and their golden armors with dragons drawing carved in chest plate and shoulder pads only make it worse

And it's definitely not because the history of one of the Holy knights warrior run away with my ex-betrothed Linming, the bitch


Laughter echoes all over the places as I try to block my eardrums with Qi from being burst out. Tora had it worse, as sudden as the echo appeared, the poor Tora fall to the ground unprepared, alongside me too as I'm still in his back…

Nose and ears bleeding, I noticed that an immense amount of bloodlust covering the battlefield, pressuring everyone in the island with just an intent

Oh my God…

Dark clouds arises out of nowhere as they are swirling and surging, below them as the center, there's a young man with ponytail hairstyle and wearing full black casual robe, laughing and floating five hundred meters away from me. With a sweep of his left hand, thousands of wraiths come into being

With their faceless face and smoky black body, they spread their unholy laughter alongside their master, each raised their black claws to the Tainted soldiers and each soldiers died from reaped through their souls, never to be reincarnated as wraiths master would take every souls killed and condemned them to become another wraiths, infinite nightmare armies in the making as no wraiths would die with physical attack unless one use the power of elements

Who is he…

As strong as our Tainted soldiers can be, half of them barely can enchanted their weapons using battle techniques and only quarter of them have the capability to wield basic attack of element spells, half of Tainted mobs would die before they can even fight back organized, and all the souls reaped would fill the wraiths that would be destroyed, making this battle entirely in our side disadvantage

Unless our cultivators sect have to support the Tainted soldiers

Looking unsatisfied, the young man spread open his arms and seven bundles of shadows emerged from thin air and floating alongside him, the shadows bundle subsidies and seven human figures appeared, with every of them wearing black ebony armors from neck to toe, each equipped with different kind of weapons and having big devilish goat horns on top of their heads. Two meters wide bat wings in their backs and hooves instead of foots in their legs, every last of them is having cultivation auras comparable to Nascent soul pinnacle stage

Oh heavens… hopefully the three united sects patriarchs would be able to fight seven demons warriors that have cultivation comparable to them…

Mouth gaping at the catastrophe that would befall us, I watch helplessly as the seven demons fly in the direction of our command tent


Rainbow upon rainbow colors rising up from the direction of the command tent as I witness battle of centuries, variety of elements spells launched from both sides and every spells of them is in their highest possible mastery. It just take one of them to destroy hundred of Mu Bohai and there are dozens of those spells erupted in a blink of an eyes


As if a hundred of thunders booming at the same time, the sheer power of the infused Qi voice devastated every spells of elements that launched in both sides and giving birth to a massive ripple in space, crossing over everything and everyone in the island, killing those who too weak to endure the Qi intensity and make others who can endure to spurt out bloods from their mouths as their organs almost being crushed

Heavens… have mercy on us…

" Oh, an immortal sage cultivator? Now that's interesting ~ "

Immediately after the young man in black clothes replied, a bright flash of white light shine from the direction of the command tent and traveling in the sky to where the young man is in a heartbeat and an middle aged man with full of white hairs in his head and wearing full white robe step out from the white light

Isn't that… Our sect Ancestor!?

" Back off, asura, both of our cultivation is at pinnacle stage of immortal sage, we both is equal and I rather not to fight you "

Offering peace, the Ancestor try to shake off the man called asura from the battlefield. Silence ensued, seconds stretched into a minute as there's no reply from the young man. Frowning in impatience, the Ancestor open his mouth to say another words but it was then the young man replied " if you think you are my match then you are dead wrong "

Hardening his face in silent fury, the Ancestor said " so, you take the hard way then? "

Grinning, the young man said " as I always be ~ "

Shortly after those words being spoken, Two gigantic auras enveloped the island and everyone spurting out another blood vomit as their insides almost being crushed again

Ripping off his black clothes, except the pants, to shreds, the young man body grew in muscle mass and height to eight feet tall, his upper chest and arms as buffed they can be, another two arms grow from his armpits and four of his elbows sprouting half a meter spiked white bone each. All of his skin become red in colour and his red colored iris in the eyes is glowing and the whiteness in the eyes is replaced by black

His appearance is not human anymore but more like deity called… the Asura

Except that, the real deity have three heads and six arms…


Heaven asunder and earth crumble, battle between immortals occurred in front of me for me to sing tales about it to my descendants to come…

…Provided if I'm still alive after going through this calamity though…..

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