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100% A Fool / Chapter 55: Indirect Threat

Indirect Threat - A Fool - Chapter 55 by VKSS1602 full book limited free

Chapter 55: Indirect Threat

Knowledge is Divine!

When everyone heard this, they felt as if profound meaning hidden behind this phrase. They all tried to understand the true meaning behind this phrase.

At that time, Ethan continued, "These good for nothing Young Masters uses the power of their family elders as if they own the city. But if you had the knowledge regarding the Union's Laws, then you could create stand against them face to face. These good for nothing Young Masters will tremble in fear in front of you. And this is the reason why I strictly memorised all the Union's Laws. And you had seen the results with your own eyes. I could stand bravely in front of these people with authority without any fear. You could have done the same if you had the knowledge regarding the Union's Laws."

"You are right." ,That person said with hope. He then bed his farewell and anxiously left then Administration Hall under the dumbfounded gazes of the people.

But everyone started to see a hope. All this time, they were suppressed for no reason by these descendants of the people with authority. Now Ethan's actions were eye opener.

"But if you had the knowledge regarding the Union's Laws, then you could stand against them face to face."

These words rang repeatedly in their minds again and again. They all had the urge to go to Library and start reading the book related to the Union's Laws.

As for the likes of Derek, Manager Philip, Young Master Sirius and the troops from the Justice Department, they all stood there with dumb faces. For a moment, they forgot about their own existences.

They all suddenly remembered what Ethan said earlier. He said that if he opened his mouth, then it will lead to the disaster for all the Young Masters and noble families' descendants. The people with authority will become joke.

At that time, they didn't take it seriously. But now from how things progressed, and from what they heard from Ethan's revelation about the Union's Laws, they knew that if everyone followed Ethan's idea, then they will be in a lot of trouble.

Ethan looked at Young Master Sirius and others and said, "I told you everything. I can continue. But I think I made my point. You guys can use your damn authority and arrest me. But let me remind you, you are not the only people who can manipulate everything using the Union's Law. Don't blame me later for what will happen next!"

Young Master Sirius and others had ugly faces on their faces. They looked at Ethan with death glare. But Ethan remained nonchalant.

"We are leaving!" ,After a few moments, the Leader of the guards from the Justice Department said and left angrily. As for the others, they followed their leader without any disobedience.

Derek had ugly face. He came here with one intention. To take revenge. But instead he is taking his leave with another humiliation. He was angry. But in front of Young Master Sirius, he would never dare to take any action. He might have some arrogance for his grandfather's authority in the Union, but in front of Young Master Sirius, he knew his limits. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As for Young Master Sirius, he was still maintaining smile on his face. But the people who were familiar with him like Derek knew that, at this moment, Young Master Sirius is extremely angry. So he didn't dare to take any action.

"You think that you are so clever, right?" ,Young Master Sirius maintained his smile and said, "Well, this time you won. But I have to remind you. The clever people falls very early and quickly. Be careful."

Everyone took a huge breath. They knew what Young Master Sirius was saying. There is a deeper meaning within that phrase. He was cleverly leaving a message.

"Those who oppose us will die!"

This is the message Young Master Sirius wanted to give. And this message was not just limited to Ethan. This was a warning to everyone.

All the people lived under our feet. The things were looking good. So let the things go as it is. Don't try to be funny. Or else, you people will die.

They all looked at Ethan. They wanted to see what reply Ethan gives to Young Master Sirius.

As for Ethan, he simply smiled. He didn't give a damn. He looked at Young Master Sirius and said, "But those clever people could also end the annoying bastards who try to use their or their family members authority to harm innocents. As for the punishment, because they are clever, they can come out unharmed."

Everyone were stunned. The meaning is clear. Ethan was actually said indirectly that if Young Master Sirius annoys him, then he will kill him! Ethan said this indirectly.

They were stunned by Ethan's courage. They never thought that Ethan would dare to say that. They looked Young Master Sirius's face. As they imagined, Young Master Sirius has ugly face at the moment.

"Sherlock right? We will definitely meet again in the future." ,Young Master Sirius said and left. Derek didn't want this outcome. But he would never dare to go against Young Master Sirius's decision. Especially when he was angry. Even though he was reluctant, he left either way.

Young Master Sirius once again stopped. He turned back. He once again smiled and said to Ethan, "You wanted to open a Clinic right? All the best then. I hope that your life as a doctor will be filled with happiness. And there won't be any mishaps."

Young Master Sirius said that and left. He didn't wait for Ethan's reply. But how could people don't understand what underlying meaning hidden behind those 'kind' words?

Ethan didn't care for now. He then turned towards Manager Philip and said, "Unwanted people have left. I have proved my innocence. As per the rules, I am eligible to open a Clinic. Can I carry on with the procedure?"

Only then Manager Philip came back to the reality. Things have progressed so quickly. For a moment, he didn't know what is what. He then looked at Ethan with complicated expressions. But that didn't stop him from nodding his head in agreement.

Very soon, Ethan registered his name with the name Sherlock Holmes. He had been given the license. Ethan chose the location where he wanted to set up his clinic. He then paid 50 Gold Coins which were fees. After completing all the legal procedures, he left the Administration Building towards the registered location where he wanted to open his clinic.

As for the crowd, from the start till the end, they remained silent. Too much had happened. And they needed time to process everything.

Very soon they came back to their senses. And after some time, the event that took place in the Administration Building spread like a wildfire. And this news raised a huge commotion in the entire city.

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