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21.31% A Game of Systems / Chapter 13: The Search ~ part 02 ~

The Search ~ part 02 ~ - A Game of Systems - Chapter 13 by The_Dark_Fox full book limited free

Chapter 13: The Search ~ part 02 ~

The yellow figure ran off deeper and deeper into the woods. Conor was following it with Danny and Hannah behind him. 

Danny was ready to pierce anything that stood in the way. Conor was gripping on to his staff, ready to attack anything that pops out. 

The woods were a very silent place. They were under the shade of a thousand pine trees. 


Suddenly a sound of a slow growl came. Danny quickly held his sword up to slash the thing. 


The sound became louder by the minute. Conor had heard this sound plenty of times before. It was surely a ghoul. Conor slowly looked around and suddenly, he saw a black figure with a white core up in a pine tree. 

"Got you.." whispered Conor and held his staff up. 


Suddenly, the ghoul jumped at Conor before he could shoot the ghoul. The ghoul jumped on Conor and pinned him to the ground and gripped his neck, trying to choke him.

Danny quickly rushed to the ghoul and slashed the ghoul with the blazing sword. The blade pierced the flesh, as the blazing blade melted the skin and the ghoul was cut into halves.

The ghoul fell to the ground in 2 pieces. 

[ XP earned : 50 ]

The words displayed in front of the boy's eyes. There were 50 more XP to level up. Danny was already getting the hang of the sword. He felt more powerful than ever. 

"Very nice.. Getting good with your system huh?" complimented Conor getting up, pushing away the dead body of the ghoul on him. The ghoul turned into a smoke and disappeared. 

"He's already getting better. I think that's the Hunter's speciality.." thought Hannah was staring at the newly awakened Danny. 

Conor got his spiritual vision back to follow the yellow figure once again. They started to follow it and after about another 10 minutes the figure turned back. 

It looked like it was staring at them. 

"Is it looking at us?" asked Conor looking back at the figure. Danny and Hannah had no idea what was going on. They were standing on a bit of a raised ground area. 

"What's the matter?"

Danny asked, a little worried from Conor's look. "It's not moving guys!" replied Conor. The whole forest was filled with wild bushes, holes dug by animals and all kinds of woodland plants. 

Conor was focused on the yellow figure. Suddenly, it rushed up the raised ground. "Quick! It's running!" said Conor chasing it. 

Conor ran up the hill. Suddenly a broken down wooden house appeared from the middle of the raised ground. It was an enormous house and it looked like it was abandoned. 

The abandoned house consisted of 2 floors. The windows were broken and there were some holes in the wooden walls. Veins were running up the walls making more and more cracks. 

"Looks like a good spot for a werewolf!" said Hannah looking at the abandoned house. Danny looked up at the windows. Shattered pieces of glass could be seen on the roof and the ground.

"Come out fools!!! Fight us!!!" yelled Conor hoping for someone to pop up. "You can't hide! Or Run!!!" 

The team waited for a moment, looking for a response. 

"Gordon told us you kids will come around!! Can you figgin newbies defeating us!!" 

A mysterious voice came from within the house. But it wasn't the voice they heard before. It was a different one. 

"Show yourself!! We'll decide if we can defeat you or not!!" yelled Conor to the man inside the house. Danny was burning with rage. His sword yet again lit up with the dark purple fire. 

A Hunter's rage was a symbol of victory. It shows the power of their system. The bravery, strength and the desire to win.

"Motherfuckers!!!! You killed Linda!!!" 

Outraged Danny charged right into the abandoned house.


Suddenly, the man inside it cackled. "Why the fuck are you laughing!  Murderers!" yelled Conor, who was now charging his staff to cast a spell. 

Danny chopped the door into pieces with his sword and broke it down. Danny rushed in holding his sword back.

"Are you guys talking about that beautiful girl I killed in the town?? Huahaha!!! The bitch I took for my survival quest!" 

The man laughed more at them. He claimed that he was the one who killed the girl, not the werewolf they met before. "Now.. time to take you fools to fulfill my quest!"! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Danny was now inside the house, the only light that lit up the place was the purple fire burning his sword. Hannah rushed in right behind him, with Conor behind her.

The house was suddenly silent. The werewolves were dead silent creatures. They always lurked in the nights and silently killed their prey. 

Danny could only see the wooden floor board they were standing on and the thin light rays falling from the holes of the house.


A growling sound came from the dark shadows. Suddenly the growling sounds multiplied. 

"Wait! There are more than one here!"

Conor was shocked. They fell right into their trap. He had no idea what to do. He was ready to battle, but they could never go against a whole pack. 

The aura they were feeling within the house got stronger and stronger. Suddenly, about 8 red eyes appeared from the shadows. 

There were 4 werewolves!

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!" without thinking twice Danny charged at the shadows. He started to swing his sword in the shadows. As he got closer to the werewolf, he caught a glimpse of the man lurking in the darkness.

The man kept dodging his attacks, jumping sideways. Danny kept slashing and slashing. But his blade couldn't beat the agility of the werewolf. His blade couldn't reach its head.

Then suddenly, the man ducked lower and his claws lit up with a red fire. 


The werewolf punched Danny's stomach over and over again with immense strength. It was a miracle that Danny's body could hold them off. Danny couldn't move, he was held in a position, if he didn't make a move within a matter of seconds, he would die. 

Suddenly the werewolf punched Danny's face and he went flying into the wooden wall. The old rusty wall broke and Danny crashed through the wall, into the woods once again.

Meanwhile, Conor and Hannah held off the other 3 werewolves behind them. Conor didn't feel much aura coming from the other 3 werewolves, like the aura that came from the other one who went after Danny. 

There wasn't much of a difference between the werewolves. All of them were hairy and had red eyes, vicious teeth and long claw-like hands. 

The three werewolves surrounded Conor and Hannah and the two of them were in a hard position. And they knew that the werewolves surrounding them were one hundred percent more powerful than them. 

Conor's staff was fully charged, so was his mana. There was a slight chance for them to make it out alive. Hannah, who was waiting patiently, suddenly ducked and dashed at a great speed. 

The aura coming from one of the werewolves in front of her wasn't as powerful as her. She knew that it was a good chance.

The werewolf quickly dashed back but it wasn't enough to escape a vampire's dash. Her claw dug into his body and pierced it's flesh. The strength of the attack was too powerful to hold off.

Her claw went right through his body and the man spat out blood and the red colour in his eyes slowly faded away. In an instant the wolf was dead.

[ Mana : 100/300 ]

She had just used 200 mana on the attack but it was worth it. The other two werewolves were startled. The girl has just killed a player. 

[ XP Gained : 1000 ]

[ A new level 11 reached ]

[ Mana explosion unlocked ]

[ HP: 300 ]

Hannah leveled up in an instant. It was a miracle to level up so fast. Without thinking twice, the other two werewolves leapt at Hannah to slash her into pieces. 

But a vampire wasn't an easy thing to defeat. A vampire's agility was incredible. Before the werewolves could reach Hannah, Conor quickly jumped towards her and hammered  one of the werewolves with his fully charged staff. 

The werewolf dodged the attack, jumping sideways and kicked Conor with an immense power. A mage was never good in close combat, so they never had much strength. 

Conor went flying into the rusty wall dividing a bedroom from the living room. He crashed through it and fell on the dusty floor. Some termites scattered across as he crawled back up.

Now, Hannah was surrounded by the two werewolves. "Bitch! Get ready to die!" yelled out one of the werewolves to her. Hannah's heart began to beat faster. Both of the players in front of her were stronger than her.

[ HP: 70/100 ]

Outside, Danny crawled on the grass to stand back up. The large man jumped outside of the house, through the hole Danny crashed through.

"Well.. get ready to die kid.. should've thought twice before coming here.. you can't play this game with revenge as your goal!" 

The werewolf remarked as he circled around Danny. "You should play to level up.." 

The aura coming from this werewolf was even more stronger than the aura that came from the werewolf they met at first. Danny had no clue what to do. He couldn't even stand up straight.

"Hahahaha... Danny boy!! What a hot shot! Achieving the Hunter's system you're one hell of a man!"

A mysterious but familiar voice came from above. Danny had heard the voice many times before, but he was in a moment where he couldn't think of anything. 

Danny and the werewolf looked up. There was a man sitting on the roof of the wooden house. 

A tall, fair and handsome man with blonde hair. He looked like he was around his 30s. He was wearing a long brown overcoat and his eyes were blue. 

His face brought back Danny's memories. It was one of his friends at the comic book club. It was Reno Hotman.

"Let's get them boys! And there are two more inside. Let's beat these puny motherfuckers!" 

Another voice came from the roof. It was another mysterious man with a black stetson and a black overcoat. He was holding a shotgun in his hands. 

"Run if you can! You can't escape me!" 

[ Reno Hotman unlocked ]

[ Claus Wolfsbane unlocked ]



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