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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Confrontation and Bankai?

Hado #4: Byakurai.

"Zanpakuto speaking"

'Zanpakuto thinking'

"Character talking"

'Character thinking


Chapter 10: Confrontation and Bankai?

Ichigo stood there with his zanpakuto in hand staring at Byakuya before moving his eyes slightly to look at Captain Ukitake. He narrowed his eyes at Jushiro before looking down in front of him to see a badly beaten Ganju laying on the floor in a pool of his own blood. "Well Kukaku isn't going to like that," he mumbled loud enough for everyone else to hear. He then turned his attention to Hanataro who was standing in the corner while Rukia stood in the middle of the bridge. "Are you okay Hanataro?" Ichigo asked. Hanataro, who was still scared of the two captains, shuffled a bit before answering.

"Ye-Yes Ich-Ichigo" he stuttered out. Ichigo nodded before turning his attention to Rukia who was giving him a weird look in Ichigo's opinion.

"What kind of look is that. I've come here to save you. You could at least try to act like you're happy." Ichigo yelled at her. She just stood there looking at him teary-eyed. After about two minutes of staring, she finally spoke.

"You fool Ichigo." she said catching Ichigo off guard, "I told you never to try and come after me. I told you I would never forgive you if you did. Now you're-" Ichigo interrupted her for speaking any further.

"Oh put a sock in it already." Ichigo said nonchalantly, "You are coming with me whether you like it or not, damn it. You got that, huh? I am the rescuer here. You just shut up." Ichigo yelled causing her to go wide eye before yelling back at him.

"What did you just say? Who do you think you are, ordering me around like that? A rescuer isn't supposed to ignore a rescuee!" she yelled at him.

"Yeah? Well, what kind of rescuee complains about being rescued?!" Ichigo yelled back, but before Rukia could reply Ichigo knocked her out of the way before spinning around while raising his zanpakuto up to block a downward slash from Byakuya. Ichigo's face took on a serious look as he stared at the Captain of squad 6.

"Looks like someone got a bit impatient," Ichigo said. Byakuya said nothing he simply pushed off of Ichigo and readied himself to attack again. This time he flashes stepped in front of Ichigo with his zanpakuto coming down fast for a diagonal slash. Ichigo simply held his zanpakuto in his left hand before swinging his to meet Byakuya's. When the two zanpakuto clashed Ichigo slammed his right hand into Byakuya's stomach knocking the wind out of him. Just when Byakuya thought Ichigo was done, Ichigo yelled out an attack.

"Hado #1: Sho (Thrust)!" Ichigo yelled and Byakuya was sent flying backward before slamming and plastering himself onto the wall of the building behind them. When Byakuya hit the wall he spat a large amount of blood out before he fell to his knees coughing. Everyone who was there had their eyes widen. Hanataro for his part knew Ichigo was strong, but never knew he could take out a captain so easily. Rukia was staring at her brother in disbelief. He was a captain of the Gotei 13 and the head of the Kuchiki clan but was defeated so easily. Captain Ukitake looked at Byakuya before looking at Ichigo and unsheathing his zanpakuto. When he did that Rukia gasped along with Hanataro.

"It would seem as though I will have to fight you then." Jushiro said as he took up a fighting stance, "However, I do not plan on taking it easy on you. That is why I must do this." As he said that Ichigo narrowed his eyes at him. His spiritual pressure began to rise causing Rukia's eyes to widen. Jushiro then began to yell out something.

"All Waves, Rise now and Become my Shield, Lightning, Strike now and Become my Blade, Sōgyo no Kotowari!" Once he completes the incantation, he grasps the single blade with two hands. The blade then transforms slowly and begins to form two blades. As the blades peel apart, a large red rope-like chain at the base of the hilt lengthens, and silver metal square charms attached to the chain begin to fall, until all five present themselves. The blade is now somewhat thinner than the sealed zanpakuto, and the tsuba now extends a little bit up the blade. About halfway along the length of the zanpakuto, a second blade juts out from the inside of the main blade and extends back towards the hilt, running parallel to the main blade. The cutting edge of the second blade faces inward instead of outward. Ichigo stared at the captain's Shikai in awe. Kisuke had told him that dual wielding zanpakutos are extremely rare and in history, only two soul reapers are known to have one, both of which are presently captains.

"Judging for you zanpakuto you must be either Shunsui or Jushiro," Ichigo said surprising the captain.

"It's Jushiro. Nice to meet you!" Jushiro said happily. Ichigo smile back at him. Kisuke had told him that Shunsui and Jushiro were two of the more senior captains inside the Gotei 13, also two of the more powerful captains. By now Byakuya had gotten his bearings back and stood up to see captain Ukitake release his Shikai and was about to do the same when the sounds of multiple flash steps filled the air. Ichigo looked behind him to see a captain with a pink flowery kimono and a straw hat standing in front of the door of the Repentance Cell and next to him was his lieutenant. Ichigo then looked in front of him to see standing next to captain Ukitake was a female captain who had her hair strangely braided around her neck while extending down the front of her body. Standing behind her was by far the most beautiful girl Ichigo has ever seen. She was a tall, young looking woman with gray eyes and short messy silver hair with strands on the right side of her face that are shoulder-length and styled as two thin braids. She wore a thin dangling red earring on each ear and a standard soul reaper uniform with her lieutenant badge on her left arm. Before Ichigo could admire any further he heard Shunsui spoke.

"Are you okay there Ukitake?" he asked.

"Yes. I am quite alright." Jushiro replied.

"That's good because we sensed your spiritual energy rise and came over here to assist you before your illness kicks in." said the female captain.

"Um, I don't mean to be rude or anything but who are you?" Ichigo asked the female captain, "Because judging from the two swords hanging from his waist I can only assume he his the captain of Squad 8, Shunsui Kyoraku." Ichigo said pointing to Shunsui.

"It seems you are well informed." She replied, "I am the Captain of Squad 4, Retsu Unohana." As she said that Ichigo went wide-eyed.

'Kisuke said she was scary! She doesn't look like she can hurt a fly!' Ichigo screamed in his head. Ichigo then looked around at all four captains and two lieutenants before speaking.

"Four captains, three of which are the three most senior captains in the Gotei 13, and two lieutenants." Ichigo said before he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, "A fight with you six will only invite more captains to join and that could end up being troublesome." Ichigo said. Shunsui chuckled before speaking.

"Wouldn't have said it any better myself," he said which earned him a slap behind his head from his lieutenant causing everyone to chuckle, well everyone except Byakuya.

"Sorry Rukia you may have to hold on a little longer," Ichigo said as he looked at her with an apologetic look on his face.

"I have a question for you." came Shunsui's voice. Ichigo looked at him waiting for him to continue, "Why are you so hung up on saving Ms. Kuchiki? I mean you only knew her for little over a month." he said.

"Well she did save my life along with my family's life the night I met her so I simply wish to repay that debt, also it doesn't sit well with me know I am the reason she is being executed," Ichigo said while looking Byakuya in the eyes. He then turned to Shunsui before continue speaking. "However, she is not the only reason why I am here," Ichigo said surprising everyone on that bridge along with Yoruichi who was a distance away listening and watching to see if her assistance will be needed.

"And just what exactly is the other reason."Asked Byakuya as be walked forward.

"You will all find out in due time. However, you should be careful of who you trust." As Ichigo said that Yoruichi appeared next to him, "It's about damn time you showed up." Ichigo said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was having a ball seeing little Byakuya get knocked on his ass." Yoruichi said with a teasing smirk while looking at the captain of squad 6.

"Yoruichi Shihoin." Came Byakuya voice from next to Yoruichi. He had his zanpakuto raised to strike her, but before he could Ichigo slammed his palm into his stomach once again and yelled,

"Hado #1: Sho (Thrust)!" As he said that Byakuya was once again sent flying into the very same walk he not too long ago pulled himself out of. While all of the captains were looking at Byakuya who was plastered in the wall Ichigo and Yoruichi used that distraction to make their escape without anyone knowing. When everyone looked at the place where Ichigo and Yoruichi once stood all they saw was a fading Image of Ichigo smiling at Captain Unohana's lieutenant.

"Isane." said Retsu getting her lieutenant's attention, "Please place Ms. Kuchiki back in her cell."

"Nanao, Please assist Lieutenant Kotetsu." said a very serious Shunsui as he began walking towards the rest of the captain. When he got there the three most senior captains stood close together and began talking.

"Was I the only one who heard the other reason?" asked Ukitake.

"No, I heard it too and I think he is telling the truth," said Captain Unohana surprising the other two captains.

"What! You can't be serious?" Ukitake said.

"I am, and I think I know who he is talking about when he said to be careful of who we trust, but I need more concrete evidence." She said just as her Lieutenant returned, "We will discuss this later, for now just go along with everything." she said as all three of them looked at each other before nodding. With that, we and her Lieutenant walked off to tend to Byakuya.

"You know what we must do right Jushiro?" asked Shunsui.

"It will take some time but yes I do." said before flash stepping away.

"Come Nanao, we are leaving!" Shunsui yelled behind him before looking over at Captain Unohana to speak to her, "Are you going to heal this ryoka as well?" he asked while pointing to Ganju.

"Yes I will," she said

"Very well," he said before him and his lieutenant disappeared.

*With Ichigo*

Ichigo and Yoruichi were flash-stepping across a valley for about two minutes now and Ichigo was wondering where they were going.

"Where are we going Yoruichi?" he asked.

"Look up ahead. See that cave-like entrance up on the side of the valley?" she asked while pointing to an opening on the wall with a small platform at the entrance.

"Yes, I do," he replied as they approached the platform.

"We are headed there," she said before she started to flash step faster to which Ichigo was able to keep up with easy. Eventually, they reached the opening, Before they went in both of them looked around to make sure no one was around to witness them enter the cave. When finally satisfied both of them entered the cave. Ichigo looked around and couldn't help but feel as though he has seen this place somewhere before, but for the life of him, he could not put his finger on it. After walking around the cave for about few minutes Ichigo finally remembered where he saw this place before.

"This place looks exactly like Kisuke's underground training area," Ichigo said as he continues to look around.

"Took you long enough." said Yoruichi with a smirk, "When Kisuke built that one in the world of the living he wanted to recreate this one right here. Kisuke and I used to come here often when were kids to train, or just to play." Yoruichi said. That, however, made Ichigo's curiosity about Yoruichi increase even further, but before he could ask any questions Yoruichi spoke first.

"From today I will be helping you achieve the second release form of you zanpakuto," Yoruichi said surprising Ichigo.

"Second release form?" Ichigo asked to which Yoruichi nodded, "What's that?"

"All zanpakuto have a second level of soul release, beyond the initial one. That first release is called Shikai. The second level is called Bankai." she said from her position on one of the large rocks, "Before any soul reaper can become a captain, he or she must have mastered both of these zanpakuto releases."

"Both?" Ichigo asked to which Yoruichi nodded in confirmation.

"That's right, except for one every squad captain in the Gotei 13 has always have to first master Bankai. The only one who became a captain without doing this is Kenpachi Zaraki." She said surprising Ichigo, " As far as I know, in all of the vast history of the Soul Society, Kenpachi is the only one to first become a captain without achieving Bankai. Certainly, he is the first to attain that rank without knowing the name of his zanpakuto. The power lever between levels varies depending on the fighters ability and discipline. But, in general, it is accepted that with a Bankai release, a fighters power increases by 5 or 10 times." Ichigo had stars in his eyes at that thought.

"That much?" he asked.

"Now do you see what I am talking about? To gain this advantage it is not uncommon for a strong fighter to have to train for over ten years to achieve it." Yoruichi said causing Ichigo to deflate a bit.

"What are you talking about? We don't have ten years!" Ichigo yelled.

"I know, I know, don't panic. There is another way, but it more dangerous, Ichigo. I plan on using a completely different method here. You will master Bankai in only three days." Yoruichi said while holding up three fingers. Now Ichigo was intrigued about how Yoruichi can cut short ten years of training into three days. Yoruichi then held up a white doll-like thing in her hand.

"What's with the weird looking cut-out?" Ichigo asked.

"Its Tenshinta, an important spiritual tool used by the stealth force. It is specifically designed to draw out the zanpakuto and manifest its true form. the manifestation and submission of zanpakuto are necessary to achieve Bankai. If you stab this doll with your zanpakuto it can forceful bring it into it's manifested state. In other words, bring your zanpakuto spirit to this world. However, with this state, the manifestation is only limited to three days. should you fail to achieve Bankai in that three days you will no longer be able to achieve Bankai, ever." Yoruichi said causing Ichigo's eyes to widen.

"I didn't come here to chicken out so, let's get this party started," Ichigo said as he began walking towards the doll Yoruichi was holding. He unsheathed his zanpakuto and lined it up to stabbed the doll. As his sword was about to connect to the doll,

*Clang* rang out through the cave causing Ichigo's eyes to widen. Ichigo looked at his zanpakuto trying to find out what stopped it, only to see an identical sword like his blocking his path from stabbing the doll. Ichigo then looked to see who was holding the sword only to have his eyes widen even further. There blocking his zanpakuto was Alucard standing there with an emotionless look on his face.

"Wha-What are you doing Alucard?" Ichigo asked his zanpakuto. Yoruichi had jumped back when Alucard manifested. In all honestly, Alucard scared the living hell out of Yoruichi.

'The blood-lust surrounding him is almost stifling' Yoruichi thought.

"I cannot all you to stab that doll, master," Alucard said as he continued to block Ichigo's zanpakuto.

"And just why won't you let him!?" Yoruichi screamed from her position behind the duo. Alucard turned his head and looked at her with blood red eyes and spoke in a deadly tone.

"I suggest you mind your business little lady. Wouldn't want something bad to happen to you would we?" Alucard said scaring the crap out of Yoruichi.

"Alucard, be nice," Ichigo said with a chuckle. Alucard turned to face his master before speaking.

"There are a few reasons why I won't let you stab that doll. One, your body is not ready to handle the strain of your bankai. Two and probably the most important, you have yet to unlock all the abilities of you shikai and you are thinking about leaning bankai!" Alucard said, yelling the last part a bit. Ichigo for his part was confused when Alucard said that he didn't unlock all the abilities of his Shikai because he thought he already knew everything about his Shikai.

"What do you mean I haven't unlocked all the abilities of my Shikai?" Ichigo asked as he placed his zanpakuto back in the sheath, "What's left for me to unlock?" Alucard sighed at his master's question.

"You have yet to figure out about your intangibility, or in other words the ability to walk through solid objects. Another one of the abilities that you have is Hemokinesis, or the ability to manipulate the flow of blood inside your enemy's body." Alucard said causing Ichigo and Yoruichi's eyes to widen at that ability, "However, I suppose it is my fault you never found out about it. I never thought that I would need to spoon feed my master." said Alucard sounding a bit annoyed. "And how you haven't figured out about your ability to turn your body into the mist is beyond me. You are supposed to utilize your instincts as well as your intellect. You, however, only utilize your intellect in battle and completely ignored your instincts. It is from listening to your instincts where you learn the basic form of one of your abilities and you learn the name of it from me." Alucard lectured causing Ichigo to look down at the ground with a solemn look on his face. "I was quite surprised you were even able to learn that attack that you used with your zanpakuto in it's sealed state," Alucard said causing Ichigo to look up at him with a confused look on his face.

"What attack are you talking about?" Ichigo asked.

"The one you used in your fight against Renji," Alucard said causing Ichigo to begin to think back to his fight with Renji trying to figure out what Alucard was talking about. Then it hit him, the memory of him sending a wave of spirit energy from his zanpakuto to Renji.

"Are you talking about when I concentrated my spiritual energy into my blade then release it?" He asked to which Alucard gave him a grin and nodded.

"That very same one," Alucard said as he raised the sword he had in his hand, held it up in the air. The sword started to glow red with a black outline and in one swift motion Alucard brought it to down releasing the spirit energy that was in the blade causing a wave of blood red spirit energy to race towards one of the giant rocks in the distance effectively cutting in two before continuing its path through three more rocks before stopping. Yoruichi and Ichigo stared in awe at the power behind the attack. "That technique is called Chimamire or Blood-Fang," Alucard said before he went to stand in the distance on one of the rocks. He then turned to face Ichigo before he began to speak "I am going to teach you a special technique that will allow you to use your Shikai's full power. Currently, that power is being restricted to only 40% of your power, this technique allows you to lift those restrictions on your power allowing you to utilized 100% of it if you wish. Let me be clear to you, this is not your Bankai however, it can rival and even beat any bankai that you will come across." Alucard said surprising Yoruichi by that statement.

"Wait, so you mean to tell me that his Shikai is as powerful as an ordinary bankai?" she asked in a voice of pure disbelief. Alucard looked over at her and nodded. "If his Shikai is that powerful, just how powerful is his bankai?" When Yoruichi asked that question Alucard smirked.

"Didn't you just say that a bankai increases a fighter's power 10 times more than that of their Shikai?" he said causing Yoruichi and Ichigo's eyes to widen. Yoruichi looked at Ichigo and couldn't help but have a bit of fear creep up on her. Alucard saw the look of fear and smiled while thinking to himself, 'fear is such a marvelous thing.' Alucard then look towards Ichigo and spoke: "If you are ready to master, let us begin." Ichigo smiled unsheathed his zanpakuto and looked at Alucard before yelling

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me master!" he yelled as he flash-stepped towards Alucard. Yoruichi and Alucard simply chuckled at Ichigo's behavior.

"Five days Ichigo!" Yoruichi yell getting his attention, "Five days before Rukia's execution." Ichigo nodded before he began chasing Alucard again.

*Chapter end*

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