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Chapter 12: Chapter 12: The True Face of Fear!

Hado #4: Byakurai.

"Zanpakuto speaking"

'Zanpakuto thinking'

"Character talking"

'Character thinking'



Chapter 12: The True Face of Fear!

Ichigo stood there with a smoking Casull in hand looking at the great Byakuya Kuchiki, the Captain of squad 6, the head of the Kuchiki Clan and the most famous captain in all of the Thirteen Court Gaurd Squad laying there in a pool of his own blood. Ichigo stared at the man with cold eyes before speaking.

"Don't worry you will live," Ichigo said as he resealed his Shikai, "I made sure to miss all vital organs and major arteries and you should still have enough strength to get to the Fourth Division. So, whether you want to live or die that's completely up to you right now," Ichigo said before he started looking around to see who else was there on the hill with him. Much to his surprise, he was alone, it had appeared everyone had left to fight their own battles or they had other things to do. Ichigo then turned around prepared to leave and go break his friends out of capture when he saw them just arrive on Sokyoku Hill wearing soul reaper uniform. Ichigo smiled at them and began walking towards them. He saw Orihime had a worried look on her face so he gave her a smile reassuring her that he was okay. Ichigo was about to speak and ask how they were doing but a very worried Orihime beat him to it.

"Ichigo are you okay? You are not hurt, are you? Who is that laying on the ground behind you? Should I heal them? Where is-" Orihime wad interrupted from her rapid-fire questioning of Ichigo by Chad placing a had on her shoulder making her come back to her senses. Ichigo had an amused look on his face as he watched his friends. He could honestly say he missed them even though he wouldn't admit that to Uyru.

"I am fine Orihime. That guy is fine. Rukia is fine. So, why don't we get out of this place before someone troublesome comes along," Ichigo said as he grabbed Orihime and Chad's hand before speaking. "Chad, grab on to Uyru for me," Ichigo said. As soon as Uyru heard that he was about to protest but never got the chance to. Chad scooped him up and tossed him over his shoulder before looking at Ichigo and nod. Ichigo then Took on a serious look before flash-stepping off the hill scaring the living hell out of Uyru and earning a joyous laughter from Orihime. After flash stepping the entire group for about five minutes, they arrived at the storage room that Ichigo and Yoruichi had stayed in after his fight was Kenpachi. The group entered the building and locked the door and windows before all of them taking a seat to rest for a bit. As they sat down Uyru spoke to Ichigo about the place that they were hiding in.

"What is this place Ichigo?" Uyru asked. Ichigo untied his zanpakuto from his hip and placed it on his lap before replying.

"After my fight with Kenpachi Yoruichi brought me here to rest for a bit. After I finished training during the last five days we agreed to meet up here after we save Rukia and find you guys. she said it as a lot easier to exit the Seireitei from here," Ichigo said. Uyru nodded before he spoke.

"So Ichigo, what have you been up to since we entered this place?" Uyru asked getting everyone to perk up a bit in anticipation causing Ichigo to smile before he began telling them about what happened when he got separated from them. He told them about his first encounter with Ikkaku and Yumichika. Everyone was surprised that right off the bat Ichigo ran into two high ranking soul reapers and defeated them like they were nothing. Ichigo then told them about meeting Hanataro and how he helped him move around the Seireitei undetected. He then told them about his fight with Renji which made Uyru smiled in satisfaction at the fact Ichigo beat Renji easily. Uyru was still mad about being beaten by Renji in the human world but was happy Ichigo was able to teach him a lesson. Ichigo's next opponent surprised everyone. They had know Kenpachi knew Ichigo, they just didn't know how. Now it all made sense in their mind why Kenpachi was helping them find Ichigo, he wanted to fight him again. Ichigo then told them about his first encounter with Byakuya and the three senior captains at the Repentance Cell and then he ended it all with his final fight with Byakuya.

"Wow Ichigo, you fought a lot of strong opponents," Orihime said as she stared at Ichigo in awe. Ichigo chuckled before replying.

"Yea I guess so but compared to the other captains I think I got off Lucky," Ichigo said as he looked at his friends. "So, tell me what you guys have been up to," he said while looking at his friends. Uyru was the first to beginning tell him about his and Orihime's encounter with the 4th seat of the seventh division. and what surprised Ichigo, even more, was that Uyru was able to beat a captain's bankai. It was then Ichigo realizes that he doesn't give Uyru as much credit as he should. Uyru then told Ichigo about his second encounter with another captain who he was too weak from his previous battle to fight. Ichigo nodded at him before looking to Chad to hear who he fought. Chad then began telling Ichigo about his run-ins with the average soul reapers for the majority of the time they were there. The only time he faced a really strong opponent is when he fought against Shunsui. Ichigo's eyes widened at the fact that Chad fought one of the senior captains. Chad then began apologizing for not being of more use to Ichigo to which Ichigo told him he was crazy for thinking like that. Ichigo then looked over to Ganju to hear about his time in the Seireitei but before Ganju could begin to speak everyone there felt as though something entered their minds. Ichigo narrowed his eyes before checking with Alucard to see if it was him that did something.

'Was that you Alucard?' Ichigo asked in his mind.

"No, that wasn't me, master," Alucard reply. Just when Ichigo was about to ask another question, a female voice spoke.

"All-Court Gaurd Captains, Lieutenants, and seated officers may I have your attention please, and also the Ryoka. This is squad four lieutenant Isane Kotetsu with an urgent announcement. Listen closely as the message will not be repeated. This is an emergency report from Captain Unohana regarding the traitor in our midst. As grim as the following facts may are, what I am about to tell you is the truth. The former Captain of squad 5, Sosuke Aizen is alive. With the help of the captains of squad 3 and 9, the three of them murdered every member of Central 46 along with seriously wound Captain Hitsuguya and Lieutenant Hinamori. The three traitors are after Rukia Kuchiki and are currently on Sokyoku Hill. All Captains, Lieutenants and seated officers, as well as the Ryoka, are asked to immediately apprehend the traitors! That is all," As the message was over Ichigo immediately sprang to his feet and strap his zanpakuto to his waist before trying to sense the spiritual energy on Sokyoku Hill. Much to his surprise, he felt Gin's spirit energy along with two unfamiliar energy. He also sensed the spirit energy of Rukia and a badly wounded Renji. Ichigo could also sense the spirit energy of other could reapers rushing towards the hill, one of which was Yoruichi. Ichigo then looked at the others and spoke.

"Guys, I just sensed Rukia's spirit energy return back to Sokyoku hill. I am going to go ahead of you guys because I am faster," Ichigo said making Uyru and Chand nod showing they understood while Orihime took on a more worrisome look on her face. Ichigo then placed his hand on her shoulder and spoke. "Don't worry everything will be okay," he said in a soft comforting tone. Ichigo then walked over to the door and opened it before stepping out and removing his zanpakuto from his sheath. Ichigo then slit his thumb and dropped a few drops of blood on the flat side of the blade before he spoke in a cold emotionless tone.

"Feast on their fears, Alucard!" Ichigo said releasing his zanpakuto. This is the first time Ichigo's friends are seeing his shikai. When the tower of spirit energy cleared everyone saw Ichigo standing there in his Shikai's outfit with two pistols in hand. Ichigo then turned towards them and spoke.

"You guys try to catch up, I'm going to try and save Rukia," Ichigo said before he flash-stepped away leaving his friends there. Ichigo flash-stepped across the Seireitei for about three minutes before he arrived at the base of Sokyoku Hill. He then placed his pistols in the coat before flash stepping to the top of the hill. When Ichigo arrived at the hill he saw there were quite a few people there. He saw Yoruichi and a female soul reaper holding a zanpakuto to Aizen's neck, he saw a rather busty soul reaper holding another zanpakuto at Gin's neck and then he saw a young male soul reaper about his age holding a sword to another traitors neck, he assumed this person was Kaname Tosen. Ichigo looked around at the people surrounding the three traitors to see a few lieutenants, Shunsui, Jushiro, Kukaku, Jidanbo, and an old guy with a staff and a really long beard. Ichigo then placed both of his hands in his pockets and began walking forward before he spoke.

"Oh my, it seems we are having a party," Ichigo said in a voice that sent chills down the spine of every Lieutenant and Seated officers there. Everyone turned towards where they heard a voice and saw Ichigo with an impassive look on his face walking towards them. Yoruichi smiled at the sight of him as did Shunsui, Jushiro, and Kukaku. Everyone else didn't know how to react. Ichigo then reached into his coat and pulled out Casull and Jackle making all the soul reapers tense a bit. He then pointed the guns at Gin and Kaname before yelling out.

"Bakudo #61: Rikujokoro (Six Rods Of Light Prison)!" he yelled out and pulled the trigger of both guns. Out of the guns came a single yellow beam of light racing towards their target. Everyone there saw this and all had one common thought coursing through their heads.

'That's now how Rikujokoro works' they all thought but had their eyes widened when the single beam of light split into six before slamming into the midsection of both Gin and Kaname. They had never seen Kido work that way before, usually, it is six beams of light from the start, not one that splits into six. It made Ichigo all that more interesting. Ichigo kept walking not paying attention to all the stares directed his way but stop when someone spoke to him.

"You must be Ichigo Kurosaki," came a silky smooth voice. Ichigo stopped and looked around to see who spoke. It was then Ichigo's eyes landed on a smug looking Aizen who didn't look all that bothered at the fact his two accomplices were pinned by kido. Ichigo stared at Aizen with the same impassive look on his face before speaking in his usual monotone voice and lacked any once of emotion.

"It would seem that I am famous in the world of the dead," Ichigo said as he stared at Aizen. Aizen chuckled at Ichigo before he began to speak.

"Everyone here may not know you, but I know who you are, Ichigo Kurosaki," Aizen said making Ichigo raise his eyebrow in curiosity. Aizen then looked around to see everyone staring at the two of them with curiosity written all over their faces. Ichigo was about to question how Aizen knew him, but Aizen spoke before he had a chance to open his mouth. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is-"

"Sosuke Aizen," Ichigo said surprising everyone there including Aizen. Along with Aizen, everyone there had their eyes widen the moment Ichigo said Aizen's name. Aizen had not expected this, he did not expect the boy to know who he was, but before he could give it any more thought Ichigo spoke once more. "Let me guess, you had planned on me being here alone so you could tell me all about how Kisuke Urahara planted the hogyoku into Rukia's soul in order to hide it from you," Ichigo said surprising everyone there again. Aizen's eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

"H-how do you know about that?" Aizen asked. Ichigo smirk and began walking towards Aizen before he replied.

"I am the apprentice of Kisuke Urahara," Ichigo said surprising few of the captains who were old enough to know who Kisuke while angering a certain captain at the mentioning of Kisuke's name. "Did you really think he was going to send me here and not tell me what was going on?" Ichigo asked rhetorically. Ichigo then pointed Jackle at Aizen and pulled the trigger. Aizen saw a bullet of compressed spirit energy headed his way and dodge it easily. When he dodged the attack, he was able to get free from Yoruichi and Soifon's restraint easily making everyone there realize that he could have escaped anytime he wanted to. Aizen then unsheathed his zanpakuto and spoke.

"Let's see just how good Kisuke trained you," he said before flash-stepping behind Ichigo intending on catching him off guard, but when he reached behind Ichigo with his sword raised in the air he found himself staring into the Casull pointed at his head while Ichigo was looking at him with a bored expression on his face. Before he could question how Ichigo knew he was going to be there, or how he moved so fast, Ichigo pulled the trigger and yelled out a kido.

"Hado #1: Sho!" Ichigo said. An invisible force then slammed into Aizen's head knocking him off his feet causing him to tumble back about fifteen feet before stopping. Everyone there looked one as Ichigo just easily knocked a captain off his feet and with such a low-level kido. Aizen shakingly got up and turned to face Ichigo with his face covered in blood. Apparently, the kido was strong enough to not only knock him back fifteen feet but to also break his nose.

"I have seen captains use that very same kido countless times, but never was it this powerful," Aizen said as he looked to Ichigo for an explanation along with everyone else there. Ichigo stared back with a bored expression on his and sighed before replying.

"Any kido shot out of my shikai is 10 times more powerful than normal. So, I can kill you weakest kido if I please," Ichigo said. Aizen was about to open his mouth to speak but Ichigo pointed both guns at him and started firing rapid-fire shots at him making him flash-step multiple time just to dodge. "You know Aizen, the one thing that you are..." Ichigo said as he pointed Casull at what appears to be an empty space on the hill and pull the trigger, " predictable," Ichigo finished. As he said that Aizen materialized in the open space and looked at Ichigo only to see a compressed bullet of spirit already in front of him. He had no time to dodge the bullet completely, only was able to avoid any serious damage. The bullet pierced through his shoulder causing him to clutch his right shoulder in pain as he stared at Ichigo with a look of pure rage all over his face. Ichigo then looked at Aizen and placed both of his pistols in the coat surprising everyone except Yoruichi who had a huge smile on her face when she saw this. Ichigo the reached up to his face and took off his sunglasses and tucked them into his coat as well. Aizen then saw Ichigo look up at him giving him a look at his eyes for the first time. Aizen saw a pair of glowing blood red eyes staring at him. The spiritual energy in the area began to thicken and the blood-lust was increasing as well. Everyone was staring at Ichigo wondering what he was going to do. Ichigo looked at Aizen and spoke in a cold menacing tone.

"No more games, time to get serious," Ichigo said making Aizen's eyes widen in shock at the fact that Ichigo was just playing with him all this time. Ichigo then placed his right index finger on his left thumb and his left index finger on his right thumb forming a sort of diamond shape with his hand before bringing it up his right eye and spoke.

"Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems 3...2...1: Approval of situation A recognized; commencing the Cromwell Invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent." Ichigo said. As Ichigo said that an otherworldly substance that is black in the core and reddish on its edges started to seep out of his coat and body and fall to the ground while some of it started traveling up his body but stopped at his neck. The next thing that happened scared the shit out of Aizen and everyone there. From Ichigo's neck all the way to the substance that was on the ground making it's way to Aizen, blood red eyes started to open and stared at Aizen. Aizen was frozen in fear at the sight of at least a thousand blood red eyes staring at him as though they could see into the depths of his soul. Everyone else was staring at the scene with curiosity and fear in their eyes. The head Captain was looking at Ichigo with eyes the size of dinner plates.

'Impossible! It can't be! He is supposed to be in the Royal Relm!' the head captain screamed in his head as he looked at Ichigo's technique. Ichigo stared at Aizen with a blood-thirsty grin on his face before he spoke in a deep spine-chilling voice.

"This Sosuke Aizen," Ichigo said as he spread out his arms, "Is the true face of fear!" The eyes on Ichigo's chest then closed and Ichigo's entire body turned into a mist that looked to be made of the same substance from before. The mist then shot forward towards Aizen, he tried to move away but soon realize he couldn't. He looked down at his feet to see the same dark substance from before with the blood red eyes was under his feet while some of it was slowly climbing up his legs. Aizen began to panic trying to get free but stopped when a giant shadow was cast over him. He shakingly looked up to see a smiling Ichigo standing over him while he was surrounded by the mist. Aizen couldn't speak, he tried but his voice won't come out. It was like fear had frozen every muscle in his body preventing him from doing even the simplest task such as speaking. Aizen watched as Ichigo's left arm started to transform into the mist once more before he started to take the shape of a giant dog's head with two large blood red eyes and razor-sharp teeth. Everyone watching what was happening couldn't help but think one thing in common.

'What is he!?' everyone thought. Yoruichi looked on with a smile of satisfaction on her face before speaking.

"Well, Aizen is done for," she said casually. Everyone looked at her like she was insane for being that calm. Before anyone could question her about Ichigo, or what was that technique, Ichigo spoke to Aizen.

"Now Sosuke Aizen, bow down and beg for mercy you useless pile of dog shit!" he said before sending the giant dogs head at Aizen. Aizen didn't even try to dodge because he knew he couldn't, however, if he had bothered to look at his feet he would have realized he was no longer being held by the murky substance and could have escaped. The giant dog bit down on Aizen's left shoulder making him scream out in pain.

"AHHHH!" Aizen screamed as he felt the dog sink his teeth further into his shoulder. He then looked towards Gin and screamed, "Gin! Push the button!" he yelled making everyone turn their heads swiftly over at Gin only to see him holding some sort of device in his right hand while struggling to press it while still being held by Ichigo's Kido. Yoruichi and Soifon immediately flash-stepped over to Gin in hop of stopping him from pushing the button, but they were too late. Gin mustered ou all the strength he could and pushed the button before Yoruichi and Soifon could reach him. As Gin pushed the button a crack appeared in the Sky and a heard of Menos Grande stuck their heads out while everyone could see something else in the hole in the sky that had a large purple eye. Everyone looked up into the sky with eyes the size of dinner of plates but was knocked out of their staring when the head captain yelled at Ichigo, Yoruichi, and Soifon.

"Get away from them!" he yelled making Them immediately flash step away from the traitors. The very second the moved away from them a yellow beam from the sky came down and surrounded the three traitors. Gin and Kaname were still trapped in Ichigo's kido while Aizen was kneeling on the ground clutching his bleeding arm as he stared at Ichigo with pure hatred in his eyes. A few soul reapers stared to chase after Aizen but were stopped when the Head captain spoke again. "Stop, That light is a weapon known as, Negacion. It is a technique the Menos use to rescuing their fellow hollows. Once enveloped in that light it is impossible for those within and without to interact. It is an isolated world inside those beams," He spoke as they all watched as the three traitors began to be lifted into the air. Ichigo who had transformed back into his normal shikai form before resealing it and placing his sunglasses back on. Ichigo then went and stood next to Yoruichi and watched as Sosuke Aizen ascended to join the hollows. Ichigo saw Jushiro walked forward and sope to Aizen as he ascended.

"You've joined with the Menos," Jushiro said as he stared at the bleeding Aizen, "Why would you want to do that?" He asked. Aizen then shakingly stood up and looked at Jushiro before he spoke.

"I need to keep reaching higher," Aizen replied.

"Have you become that corrupt? Have you?" Jushiro asked angrily.

"You are blinded by your self-righteousness. From the beginning, no one has ever stood at the top. Neither you, nor me, nor the gods. But soon that unattainable vacancy at the top will be filled." Aizen said as he struggled to take off his glasses and crush them before running his right hand through his hair to comb it back. "From now on...I alone will stand at the top. Goodbye, Soul Reapers," Aizen said as the hole in the sky closed with them in it. Ichigo growled before he started to feel a bit light headed and started to sway a bit. The last thing he heard before everything went black was Yoruichi and his friends screaming his name.


*Chapter End*



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