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12.5% A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper (A Bleach Fan-fiction) / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: A asauchi like no other!

Read A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper (A Bleach Fan-fiction) - Chapter 2 online

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: A asauchi like no other!

Hado #4: Byakurai.

"Zanpakuto speaking"

'Zanpakuto thinking'

"Character talking"

'Character thinking


Chapter 2: A asauchi like no other

"Can you let me go now?!" Ichigo yelled. He was still bounded by kido when he came back to the real world.

"Boss!" Tessai yelled from the bottom of the shaft "It seems as though Kurosaki-san is finished. Should I let him go?" asked Tessai looking up the shaft. The longer he took to release Ichigo the more and more annoyed Ichigo became. "Boss! You there?" Tessai yelled/asked again. This time however he got his reply. In a very jovial and childish manner, Kisuke replied.

"Oh ho sorry about that Tessai did you say something?"

"yes sir, Kurosaki-san seems to be finished and wish to be let go. I'm just checking with you to see if he is actually finished." Tessai replied.

"Finished you say? That is wonderful! by all means, let him go let him go." Urahara said while hiding his face behind his paper fan. With the okay to let Ichigo go Tessai released the Kido and Ichigo's arms came free. He stood up stretched his arms a bit and started twisting his upper body to get a better feeling for it. As he is twisting you can hear the sounds of his joints snapping back into place and a look of pure pleasure spread across Ichigo's face before it immediately was replaced with an annoyed one. He looks over at Tessai and yelled at him.

"Why the hell did you add more kido to the bindings?!" Ichigo asked angrily. To which Tessai replied in a calm deep voice.

"You were turning into a hollow," Tessai said with his arms folded. Ichigo froze and stared at Tessai wide-eyed. "The Bakudou 99, Part One wasn't enough to hold you. You started to break through it when the mask started to form around your face. The boss had even gotten out his sword just in case and I was about to add the final part of Bakudou 99, Part two however before I could the mask shattered and you came back." Ichigo then raised his hand and touched his face as though he couldn't believe he was turning into a hollow. he was brought out of his thought by kisuke's voice.

"Do you plan on sleeping in that shaft Kurosaki-Kun or are you going to use the spare room I have prepared for you?" said Kisuke while holding his closed fan at the side of his mouth.

"And how am I supposed to get out of here? There isn't exactly a ladder!" shouting Ichigo.

"You're smart you'll figure it out" and with that Kisuke left. Ichigo started racking his brain on how to come out of the shaft. He couldn't climb out due to his arms being too sore from being bound behind his back for three days. Tessai had already climbed out and didn't even bother to take Ichigo with him. Ichigo for his part was beginning to get annoyed before he could yell out in frustration he heard Alucard's voice

"Clam down master. Just add reaistu to your legs and jump," said Alucard in a deep somewhat bored voice.

"Thanks, Alucard," replied Ichigo. He then got into position, bent his knees slightly, closed his eyes and started focusing reaistu to his legs. His eyes shot open and he jumped into the air. If there is one thing everyone knows about Ichigo is that his reaistu control sucks, so when he was focusing reaistu into his legs he, of course, puts way too much into it. As his legs left the ground Ichigo went sailing out of the shaft and instead of landing on the outside of the shaft. Ichigo found himself plastered on the wall of the underground training ground.

"Uuuhhhh" Ichigo groaned as he fell off the wall and landed on the ground. At a corner or the training ground Kiskue, Jinta and Ururu and laughing while Tessai is sprinting towards Ichigo to make sure he is okay. The last thing Ichigo heard before passing out was Alucard's laughing inside his inner world.


Inside a room inside Urahara's shop laid an unconscious Ichigo. He had been unconscious for 24 hours now, Kisuke was worried that something seriously was wrong but Tessai simply said that there was no serious damage done to him and the only reason he is out for this long is that he hasn't slept in three days. The room wasn't all that big but at the same time, it was not small. It had a single bed in the middle in which Ichigo was now occupying. A nightstand next to the bed with a glass of water on it. There was one window to the right of the bed and that was it.

"uhhhh" Ichigo groaned as he opened his eyes. "What hit me?" he said as he sat up from the bed.

"Well technically you hit the wall sooooo..." said Alucard from inside Ichigo's inner world.

"Don't be a smart ass Alucard?" said Ichigo not even annoyed or angry, it hurt too much to eve be annoyed.

"You don't have to speak aloud to talk to me you know. Just think what you want to say and I'll hear it," replied Alucard.

'hmmm did not know that' thought Ichigo.

"Well now you do and now people won't think your crazy talking to yourself." sais said Alucard in a bored voice "And do not forget to ask that shopkeeper for an Asauchi." reminded Alucard.

'I won't don't worry' replied Ichigo as he got up and headed out of the room and into the hallway. He started walking towards the front of the shop only to find no one there.

"Must be in the training ground? " he said to himself. He then proceeded to the trap door which leads to the training ground. On his way there he saw an apple and decided to take it because he was starving. he began to climb down the ladder and slowly while eating his apple. It took him about 5 minutes to finally reach the bottom when he got there he saw Kiskue was holding a black cat in his arms while looking at him. The strangest thing was the cat looking at him as well. Following his every movement.

"Good to see you back in uniform Ichigo," said Kisuke while stroking the cat. Ichigo for his part was confused what he meant by that until he looked at what he was wearing. Gone were his jeans and t-shirt it had been replaced by a black Shihakusho. It had been the first time Ichigo looked at himself since he came out of his inner world so he never noticed he was once again wearing his soul reaper uniform.

"Thanks, I didn't notice I had this on," said Ichigo as he continued to examine him self checking for any more surprises. there wasn't anymore, or at least so he thought.

"Kurosaki-Kun" Kisuke spoke bringing Ichigo out of his thoughts. "Are you wearing contacts?" Ichigo looked at Kisuke for a few minutes wondering what in the world is Kisuke talking about now. First, he has a cat now he is asking about contact lens It was all strange to Ichigo. He wondered for a few more minutes before answering Kisuke.

"No... no, I don't...why?" Ichigo asked. although he already had a pretty good idea why kisuke asked but he didn't want to believe it.

"I asked because your eyes are no longer brown, they are's quite scary, to be honest," replied Kisuke while hugging the cat like a scared child clutching on to their teddy bear when frightened.

"Wa-what? That's not even possible... right?" Ichigo asked. Ichigo saw Kisuke reach behind him and pulled out a small hand mirror and handed it to Ichigo. When looked into the mirror he saw he had blood red eyes just like Alucard.

'Is this suppose to happen Alucard?'

"Yes master, it is. I will explain all of it later," replied Alucard. Ichigo calmed down a bit now that he knows its from his zanpakuto.

"Ummm my zanpakuto said that it was supposed to happen," Ichigo said with a shrug. Kisuke looked intrigued by this but before he could ask about it Ichigo called him.

"Hey Kisuke," Ichigo said getting Kisuke's attention, "My zanpakuto told me to ask you for an asauchi," said Ichigo. When Urahara heard that he got a goofy grin on his face while for some reason the cat had a pissed off look on its face. Kisuke held the cat and his cane in one hand and with the other he snapped open his paper fan and hid the majority of his face behind it before he spoke.

"Why of course Kurosaki-Kun! Anything for my darling apprentice" said Kisuke in a childish manner. "Tessai!" he yelled and in a manner of seconds, Tessai arrived standing like a soldier saluting Kisuke.

"You called boss?" Tessai asked.

"Yes I did, can you please give Kurosaki-Kun here and asauchi!" said Kisuke while pointing to Ichigo

"Right away sir!" Tessai said before he disappeared leaving a dust trail behind him. Ichigo just stood there watching the whole interaction not knowing if he should be embarrassed he knew these people or worried that this was actually normal for him after all his dad was a nut-case in his opinion. Ichigo, Kisuke and the cat just stood there in silence for about five minutes until Tessai returned with a normal looking katana inside a sheath. It was black with a green handle with a purple diamonds going down the side. Ichigo took it and began speaking with Alucard.

'Okay Alucard, I have the asauchi what now?' Ichigo asked.

"Now you need to do what you did back in the shaft. Sit down in the meditation position and place the asauchi on your lap," said Alucard. and Ichigo did just that and waited for further instructions.

"Good now I want you to pour your reaistu into the asauchi I will do the rest," spoke Alucard. Ichigo started to pour his reaistu into the asauchi as Alucard said, he did this until Alucard spoke again.

"Okay, You can stop now master it is done." as Alucard said that Ichigo opened his eyes he looked into the on his lab to marvel at what he saw.

Laying on his lap was the most deadly looking katana he as ever saw while at the same time it was the most beautiful one as well. It was the size of a normal katana, the blade was 26 inches long and carry a slight curve. there was no shine or sparkle coming from the blade, it seems to absorb the light instead of reflecting it. Both the metallic sheath and blade of the katana are black, with flecks of red like blood staining the steel giving it a deadly look. Tied at the top of the sheath is a black cord to be tied around the waist of the wielder. It has a rectangular tsuba which was black in color with red trim around the edges. The handle of the blade is red with a black diamond pattern doing down the handle giving it an elegant look. (see current profile picture to see what the zanpakuto looks like)

"Woah" was all Ichigo could say to describe his stared at his zanpakuto for a few minutes admiring the beauty and design of the blade and sheath. After he finishes admiring the zanpakuto he decided it was time to find Kisuke to finish his training. Ichigo looked around him trying to find Kisuke only to see kisuke and the cat which was now no longer in Kisuke's arms. Both Kisuke and the cat was walking towards Ichigo.

* a Few moments earlier with kisuke*

A distance away from where Ichigo was is Kisuke Urahara who no longer had a cat in his hand. The cat was standing on the floor next to him looking at Ichigo. Kisuke had decided to move away a bit just to be safe because Ichigo tends to lack control.

"Did you teach him to do the jinzen?" asked a deep masculine voice that came from the cat.

"No, it appears his zanpakuto spirit did or at least is guiding him through it," said Kisuke while tilting his hat a bit to the front and gone was the childish antics, it was replaced with a serious no-nonsense attitude.

"More importantly...Why the hell didn't you give the boy an asauchi to go into the shattered shaft, to begin with!" the cat yelled angrily at kisuke. Kisuke startled by the outburst and scared for his life began to explain himself in hope of claiming the cat down.

"ahh calm down Yoruichi, calm down I had my reasons and as you know I never do anything without reason," said Kisuke feeling quite proud of himself for that.

"Well? what is your reason?" ask the cat now named Yoruichi.

"I can't tell you." a tick mark formed on Yoruichi's forehead and she was about to launch herself at kisuke but before she got he began speaking again in his more serious voice. "I can't tell you because it is not my story to tell," Kisuke said. Yoruichi made a mental note to find out what is so special about Ichigo Kurosaki.

"Look his zanpakuto is forming" Kisuke pointed out. The sword on Ichigo's lap began to glow bright blue as it encases itself in a small dome blocking anyone from seeing inside. when the light finally died down both Yoruichi and Kisuke watched as Ichigo's sealed zanpakuto came into view. When they saw what it looked like both of them were speechless.

"I have never seen a sealed zanpakuto look like that Kisuke. Have you?" Yoruichi asks while looking up at Kisuke.

"No I can't say I have ever seen a soul reapers sealed zanpakuto like that Yoruichi, but then again..." kisuke said and took a pause to open his fan and place it in front of his face before he spoke again. "Ichigo is anything but a normal soul reaper." Kisuke finished with a chuckle. this only made Yoruichi's curiosity increase further. However, she placed her curiosity about Ichigo aside for now, because there was something else that she needed to ask kisuke.

"Putting the appearance of his zanpakuto aside, do you sense it?" asked Yoruichi

"If you are talking about the amount of bloodlust surrounding that blade then yes I do," said Kisuke while studying Ichigo. 'Just what type of zanpakuto you have there Ichigo' wondered Urahara.

"Let's go seems as though he is done," said kisuke as he began walking towards Ichigo.

*Present time with Ichigo*

Ichigo stood up tied the sash around his waist so the zanpakuto now hanging from the left side of his waist. He then looked right at Kisuke and spoke.

"So Urahara, what's next?" asked Ichigo looking ready for whatever Kisuke has to throw at him. Kisuke just grinned and said "I'm glad you asked," said Kisuke in his usual childlike tone, but the time it sends a shiver up Ichigo's spine.

"Your third task is to knock this hat off my head," said Kisuke while pointing to the hat.

"that's it?" asked Ichigo " fine then all I need is five minutes," he said while placing his right hand on his zanpakuto getting ready to draw.

"That's the spirit Kurosaki-Kun," kisuke said in his fun childlike voice " however if you don't take this seriously I will kill you" finished kisuke in a deep and deadly voice. With that said he held up his cane and pulled it apart leaving him holding the handle of his cane and rest is replaced with the blade of a sword of some kind. Kisuke then looks at Ichigo and said: "Here I come." With that, both charged towards each other.




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