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Chapter 8: A Small Mistake

Without Von's realization, the sun had disappeared from the sky during the upgrade. He looked far ahead, towards a set of buildings, they were much larger than the ones around him and displayed signs of light. He was looking at the center.

Von then realized something.

He knew that the breakout hadn't happened too far from he he arrived, so there shouldn't be too much casualties just yet. That meant more survivors, and while he hasn't had the chance to encounter anyone, it meant that it was possible that they could be depleting the power plant by the use of necessities. Not to mention the things people may have left to it's own during the breakout.

"I need to hurry.." Von said to the to himself seriously. The more time he wasted, the less energy he gained from the power plant.

Although the skies was covered in nothing but darkness, it couldn't hide a sharp glint of light reflecting from Von's eyes.

"I need to set up the final preparations" Von sighed and started moving.

Von got up in after a night's rest at a small house next to the car dealer. He was lucky to find that the shower was in perfect condition and set out feeling refreshed.

"What i need now is a vehicle" Von was standing inside the car dealer once again and was contemplating on what to get. He thought of getting a motorcycle but crossed it out due to it'd deafening engine. Using that would be suicidal.

He wondered around for a bit and found a map-poster nearby for tourists and highlighted the path towards the city, Shanghai.

That was another thing he had found out. This world actually closely resembles earth to the point that it had the same basic geography, popular landmarks and names. That was very welcomed to Von though, the little knowledge he had prepared about Shanghai for his holiday may just be useful.

Von decided to go with a car as the roads seemed clear enough to drive through. It was also quite desolated as the road was mainly for traveling. He should be able to cover enough distance without encountering a heavy amount of zombie or a traffic of ditched cars.

He mounted a bike in the backseat, just in case he needed it when he had to abandon the car and put his bag in the front seat. He ripped off the map from the wall and placed in inside the car before leaving.


The trip was as quite and peaceful as he imagined. There were a bunch of towns he had to pass through but most of his time was spent looking at grass,trees and farms. It was also a bit funny to see animals like cows and horses eating grass like usual in such a crisis.

Maybe it was because he hadn't had the time to properly ingest the changes but he found the ride relatively peaceful. He just played some songs saved on the phones from the plane crash and sat alone for the whole day, thinking to himself. He found himself wanting to sleep on many occasions but motivated himself by thinking of the power plant's level drooping each second.

It was a few miles after he had reached the highway towards the entrance of Shanghai that he had to either abandon the car, find away around or drive off-course.

Driving off-course wasn't an option. This was because the entrance he was on was on a highway levitated at-least four floors above earth. Getting around it was also out of the idea as other entrances are too far from where he was.

He either had to go through the highway with his bike or somehow make it down and find another car.

"I should maybe try out the new function, Shared Energy" Von truly was lacking time. The rush of power plants depleting forced him to leave quickly, not giving himself enough time to practically familiarize himself with the new functions.

He did browse through the hardware tree, store a few things like clothes inside his spatial space and play around with the shared energy during the day but that was about it.

Von got out of his car, stored his bag and bike inside the spacial space and walked towards the sideline of the highway.

"It's really high.."

Down below was a series of old buildings closely constructed next to each other and a long walkway separating the land from the sea across. He was probably in a traditional part of the city.

What was probably the most eye-catching and heart shaking thing he saw was the zombies numbering in the thousands, at least.

Ignoring the zombies,

What caught Von's attention after was the power lines interconnected with each other.

"I can probably use that to charge the first core if I end up depleting more than I should.." Well, that is if it was working. One broken line could could end up destroying many after all.

Von looked around for a safe area to land, the buildings below were too small and crowded for a clear landing, a small mistake may lead him crushing his bones and head around the buildings. Oh, and let's not mention the zombies too.

After a short search, he found a basketball court surrounded by tall fences, complete void of zombies inside. It was below the highway, a bit over fifteen miles from where he was. It wasn't that hard to see that far out as the road was perfectly straight.

Von took out his bike and started pedaling towards the it. Luckily, the highway didn't seem to have too much zombies, this was most likely due to public panic attracting the infected, leading the zombies away.

Von yawned and smiled,

"The wind is soo relaxing.." Von's eyelids closed for a second, he really was exhausted. He may not have realized it but, the past events really has taken a toll on him. Especially adapting to it. And so he couldn't help it anymore, he closed his eyes and.. fell completely asleep.

However, this relaxing sleep didn't seem to last more than a few seconds as his bike steered out of his control.


Von's hairs stood. He jolted up and looked around with hazy eyes. His brain started reactivating and began to process his senses as fast as he could.

Then he heard it. The screeching alarms of at-least three cars unreservingly attracting the attention of something very dangerous, zombies.

Von began to hear a number of groans increasing each second. Von's heart pumped heavily as zombies from below started climbing the bridge using each other as ladders.

Von's head stopped, then ran at light speed he forced his heavy body to move, but it wouldn't. It was the shrilly screams of zombies that spilled his mind with cold water.

He didn't wait for the next wake up call- no, death's call to move.

He ran without looking back at all. The zombies started running after him as new ones climbed the highway up ahead. Von steeled whatever was left of his mind and pulled out his machete, he wavered for a second as the zombies behind and in front of him inched closer. But his body completely ignored his fears and kept running full speed.

Just as he was about to collide with the zombies, he swung his machete back and slashed his path clear of zombies. He felt the foreign energy flow through his arm and legs as blood tainted the air.

[50% Remaining]

Von Slashed and slashed with his life on the line, desperately holding it as much as he could. His arm and legs started burning but he didn't notice. He kept slashing, cutting everything that blocked his path.

[20% Remaining]

His sword started cracking as his limbs started scorching from the pain. Yet he kept going, not slowing down in the slightest.

[10% Remaining!]

The percentage turned red in warning as it decreased steadily. But Von didn't stop. His eyes flashed towards the basketball court and with a final burst of power he pulled back his sword, crouched and pushed off the ground as hard as he could. His sword cut through the horde with ease. He felt the arms of the zombies brush his back before jumping one final time off the highway.

nopepea nopepea

This chapter was really tiring to make.. Maybe that's because it's the middle of the night, whatever it was, i'm happy I made it through it.

A quick note, I might go back and edit the previous chapters, I just feel that some of them were published kind of too early. Anyway enjoy the chapter!

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