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73.17% A Hero for this Dragon / Chapter 30: Fighting like kids

Fighting like kids - A Hero for this Dragon - Chapter 30 by Breno_Ranyere full book limited free

Chapter 30: Fighting like kids

Kurt and Trevor had their backs facing each other as Wesley and Ronny had them surrounded on each side.

Since Saramin always called these two at the same time, Kurt still had no idea which one was Wesley and which one was Ronny, which almost made him want to see how long he could keep the obliviousness going.

"So... What do we do?" Trevor asked while catching his breath.

"Lend me your ear..." Kurt requested before lowering his voice and whispering his plan in his ear.

"Tha- That's your plan...? You think it will work?"

"If it doesn't, I swear I'll heal you up later..." Kurt replied before closing glancing at the crowd for a moment, "Everything is set."

"Oh, Lord! I hope this works!!"

Kurt took a small glance at his opponents, the large kid with stone powers in front of him, and the skinny lad with hardening skin behind.

"By the way... I still don't know which of you guys is Wesley and which is Ronny... Is it too late to ask for a proper introduction?" he commented.

The boy with silver skin smacked his fists into each other, "Just Wes is fine..."

The lad with spiky hair lifted four pieces of rock of the size of a football and kept them floating around his shoulders, "Call me Ron!"

"Neat! Wes and Ron! We are gonna beat you guys up now, cool?"

"Go ahead and try!!" Wesley dared as he dashed towards the two with his fists raised and about to strike them down.

Ron began to act as well by sending his flying projectiles after Kurt, but the red-haired boy simply jumped on Trevor's back and leaped into the air, successfully avoiding them.

Trevor as well used his talent to turn intangible, causing the rocks to fly right past him and landing on Wesley instead.

"Ughhh!! Hey, watch it!!"

"Ah! My ba- Guaahh!!" before Ron could apologize, Kurt fell on top of him with a drop-kick and shoved his face onto the ground.

"You know... I feel like we are starting to get closer, don't you think?"

"Aarghh!! Get off me!!" Ron shouted while lifting the earth around him as a series of spikes to stab the young prince.

Thanks to Kurt's long years of training though, he had access to enough agility to evade every single one of them with ease by performing a series of quick dodging moves with his torso.

He then started to gaze at Wesley who was busy trying to grab Trevor, who kept going in and out of his phased state.

"You can't stay intangible forever, can you fatso?" Wesley assumed while unleashing a barrage of jabs.

"Hey, I'm not fat! I just have large bones!"

Wesley kept trying to wait for the right chance to get Trevor while he was tangible, but his moves were surprisingly easy to avoid giving Trevor plenty of time to go in and out of his phased stated.

"You are surprisingly slow for such a skinny guy..." Trevor noted while dodging another punch, "All that steel is weighing you down?"

"Shut it!!"

Ron noticed that Trevor had his back turned and used this chance to shoot him from behind with a stone bullet right at a moment where he was turning tangible.

However, Trevor suddenly gasped for no reason and became intangible again, making the bullet bypass him and hitting Wesley instead.

"Guaahh!! My nose!! Come on, man!!"

"It wasn't my fault!! That guy just turned his power on all of sudden and- Buaaghh!!"

While Ron was busy, Kurt repeated his previous act and interrupted him in the middle of his speech, this time by making him trip by sliding his leg below his feet.

"Why, you little pest!!" Ron screamed.

"Ron! Shame on you! You're attacking other opponents while I'm right next to you?" Kurt mocked while pretending to wipe a tear, "I thought we had something special!!"


Ron shoved his palms into the ground and lifted Kurt high up by making a platform rise right below him.

Wesley used this chance to run up to him and get some revenge. He began to climb the platform but Trevor grabbed onto his leg just as he was about to jump, making him fall face-first into the ground.

"The hell?? Do you know how much I weigh?? How are you able to hold me down??" Wesley complained while trying to free himself.

"I can control my own density! I can either turn my own mass into basically nothing or become the heaviest material ever known to man!" Trevor explained while lifting Wesley up and slamming him back down again, "Even heavier than steel!!"


"Wesley!!" Ron screamed while rushing to his aid.

The lad started to gather greats amount of earth around his arm and shaped them like a spear, moving to pierce Trevor, but just like before, even though his back was turned, Trevor went intangible in the very last second and escaped the attack, and then back to normal once he was free of danger.

"How!!??" Ron complained.

"You sure you should be focusing on me?" Trevor laughed.


Trevor became intangible one more time, and just as his appearance became see-through, Kurt appeared passing right through him with his fist raised and proceeded to smack Ron right in the face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"You know, Ron... I don't think you're taking our relationship very seriously... You keep running off and leaving me by myself... I'm starting to get lonely..."

Ron and Wesley began to glare at the two of them. The more the fight dragged the more filled with frustration they would become.

The two quickly stood up and tried to attack Kurt and Trevor again, but they just kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Kurt was tricking Ron and Wesley into always being in each other's line of sight. This way, any time Ron attacked with melee techniques or projectiles, Kurt would easily evade and Trevor would activate his power, allowing the attack to land on Wesley instead.

And once Ron was caught off guard by accidentally attacking his ally, Kurt would step in to dish out some damage.

And should Wesley try to attack instead, Trevor would appear to keep his eyes on him. He was never fast enough to attack Trevor in time, but should he ignore him, Trevor would increase his density to stop him from moving.

The four of them were stuck in a pattern. Kurt placing them right where he wanted them, using his agility to avoid any attacks, and going to the offense anytime he saw an opening.

All while Trevor just kept focusing on busying Wesley and avoiding any attempts of being attacked by Ron.

Only the people from the crowd, who could see how everything was developing, grasped what Kurt's strategy was, and they knew it was only a matter of time before one team was defeated.

"Hey, something is not right..." one of the kids commented, "How's Trevor avoiding all of Ron's attacks without seeing it?"

"Who knows... Maybe the dude has eyes behind his back?"

Saramin was also watching and studying the fight and suddenly began to smile while glancing at the students and realizing what Kurt was doing.

Everyone was so focused on the fight that they didn't even catch the weird sound that was coming from the gym teacher's arms. The sound of a small owl that was observing all of their movements and going "Hoot! Hoot!" any time she noticed Trevor was about to be attacked.

Of course, she was too far away to be heard naturally, but thankfully, Kurt gave the hint early on so that Trevor would use his enhanced hearing to pay attention to Dorothy's signals and know when the timing was right.

"Not bad..." Saramin whispered, only wondering how Kurt managed to set up this plan so quickly. It was almost as if the winged beast had read his mind.

"I've had enough of this!!!!" Wesley shouted.

He finally decided to go all out and started to charge like a bulldozer after the two.

Ron also decided to help out by moving the earth around him to created an armor of rocks to give him even more offensive power.

"Now we're talking!!" Kurt laughed.

Ron didn't want to fall into the same trap from before so he quickly moved out of the way to not get caught by friendly fire.

The crowd began to cheer for the charging boy.

"Get them, Wes!!!"

"Show them who's the boss!!"

"Trash these two morons!!!"

"OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" Wesley howled as if fueled by everyone's words.

Trevor managed to avoid him by turning intangible again, but Wesley just kept going trying to chase after Kurt instead.

"Oho!!? Are you approaching me?" Kurt mumbled, "Oh my God, I always wanted to say that!!"

"Die! Die! Dieeeee!!!!" Wesley replied.

"Ugh... You're no fun..." Kurt sighed while running away from him and placing himself exactly where he wanted to be.

He peeked at what was right behind him and began to smile like a little devil at the extremely annoyed face that was glaring at him.

"How about you? Are you a fun person?"

Gaby just rolled her eyes and glared at him even more, "I hate you... So much..."

"Really? I could hardly tell..."

Kurt had lead Wesley towards Gaby without the lad even realizing it due to his blinding rage. Gaby had stayed quiet in her own corner up until now, but should she still refuse to fight, Wesley would just clash into her.

The girl with purple hair then raised her arm and began to charge a massive amount of electricity in her palm in the shape of a large sphere.

"You better move..." she mumbled.

"Aaawww... You do care!!" Kurt joked before stepping out of the way, and clearing the path for Gaby to launch her attack at Wesley, who was moving so fast and with so much mass on top of him thanks to the layer of steel and the stone armor that stopping now to dodge her blast was impossible.


A huge explosion of energy took place as Wesley received the full power of Gaby's attack head-on, blasting him away from the arena like a missile and knocking him against a wall, and even shattering pieces of it in the process.

Kurt's expression turned pale upon seeing that display of power that was bigger than anything she showed him yesterday.

"We- Were you going easy on me?? When we fought?"

"Oh, wow... You really think that was an actual fight that we had..." she commented, "You're adorable..."

Saramin observed Wesley completely trashed after taking that attack and finally stopped smiling.

"Ron..." she mumbled.


"Get out of the arena as well..."

"What??" Ron gasped, "Sara... Are you sure???"

"I don't wanna get you caught by one of my attacks by accident... Go... Now!"

"Oh... O- Okay..." the lad replied while stepping away and leaving only Sara to deal with Kurt, Trevor, and Gaby.

"Is she serious...?" Kurt wondered.

"Kurt, stay smart!" Trevor suggested.

"Dude! It's three against one!!"

"Exactly!!" Trevor claimed, "This means she has the advantage..."

Kurt did not say anything. He just kept staring as not only Trevor but even gaby had suddenly turned serious.

Saramin stretched her neck and began to pierce them with her gaze.

"Now then... Shall we?"

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