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Chapter 5: the start of the training

After I heard the story from Arthur I went back to my room to process everything I just heard. So the king should glorify the dark knight because he's his ancestor and the hero that sealed the demon but because the dark knight is known to bring change to the world so he's very worried of me, he doesn't want change he wants everything to stay the way it is but that's not possible with the development of the seal. Arthur said I may be in danger but it would be very hard to kill me, after all, I have this armor, according to him it has healing and regeneration properties, for now I have to focus on getting more information and getting stronger.

Huh… why do I have to deal with the after effect of 100-year-old war this is not fair.

I wake up at the call of the guards it seems I fell asleep while I was thinking, I had a horrible nightmare about demons and dragons, and I wouldn't be surprised if I found out they exist in this world.

Guard: "you have to hurry sir they will start soon, I kept calling you but you didn't wake up"

Hibiki: "sorry I had a hard time sleeping last night"

They said we have some kind of training today, I don't know if I should be excited or not.

We arrive at the training ground of the knights, Mitsuki and Hanabi are already there with some beginner knights, and one of the generals from yesterday is standing in front of them, he's already glaring at me…

General: "late on your first day of training that says a lot about a person"

Already picking a fight…this is going to be a long day.

Hibiki: "I wasn't given any specific time so I can't be late"

General: "tsh! Let's start anyway!"

Clicking your tongue? What are you a tsundere?

Tsundere general: "today we will teach you the basics of leveling up and spells"

Leveling up? Does this world have a game like system? This is getting interesting.

Tsundere general: "there's an icon in the top right of your vision if you focus on it a notice should popup"

Huh? Has this been there all the time? I never noticed!

Mitsuki: "wow! That's really cool!"

Hanabi: "what is this?"

Tsundere general: "you should see your level and health bar as well as your stats"

This is…amazing! Everything in here is so game like! I've played a lot of games with a similar system.

Tsundere general: "as you can see you're at the first level because you just did the oath which resets your level, you can level up by defeating monsters or by accumulating mana, monsters are rare in this country so most of your training will be the accumulation of mana and control of chants"

Mitsuki, Hanabi, and Hibiki: "chants?!"

Urh! To be on the same wavelength as that guy is sickening.

Tsundere general: "a chant is the simplest spell, it's when you condense your mana into an orb, like this"

The general puts up his hand and a white orb forms in his hand, then two more popped up.

Tsundere general: "the more you could create the stronger spells you could cast, it take years to control more than one, the bigger you make it the stronger the spell and the farther you can send it the bigger your rang is"

The beginner knights: "so it was true, General Samuel can control 3 chants! I heard there are only two in the kingdom who can do that!"

So it's that amazing? Tsundere general seems to be enjoying the praise.

Mitsuki: "so how do you create a chant?"

Tsundere general: "you concentrate mana in your hand and it should appear"

Mitsuki lifts his hand and starts staring at it intensely, he looks like a chuunibyou I wish I had my phone I need to take a picture of this.

Mitsuki: "huh! I did it!"

An orb of light popped up in Mitsuki's hand, then another one popped up.

Tsundere general: "as expected from a legendary knight with a white affinity! You're a genius!"

Mitsuki: "hehe! I just got lucky"

Mitsuki is embarrassed but you could tell he likes to be praised, don't go rising he's self-centered persona higher!

Beginner knights: "this…that's impossible! Look at the other knight!"

Everyone had their jaws drop when they looked at Hanabi, in here hand shined 3 blood red orbs.

Tsundere general: "to control 3 orbs on your first try! You are one in a million talent our country is blessed!"

Everyone seems shocked as for Mitsuki he looks bitter to have the spotlight stolen from him so quickly, maybe justice really exists in this world haha.

Hanabi: "eh! Is it that amazing?"

Tsundere general: "of course dear hero! It took me 10 years to control 2 orbs and 30 years to control 3!"

Everyone is chatting and admiring Hanabi then the attention is switched to me, huh…why do I always end up in these kinds of situations.

I lift my hand and close my eyes and concentrate on putting some power in my hand, I can feel the presence of the other two generals and the king in the building next to the training ground they seem to be watching me…huh, what a pain. A small black orb pops in my hand.

Hibiki: "I think this is as far as I can go now, sorry to betray your expectations"

Tsundere general: "that's…it's okay, with training you will be able to do more than that"

I can feel the presence of the king fading did he come just to watch me?

Knight1: "I expected more from the dark knight"

Knight2: "yeah after all that commotion in his oath I thought he was actually strong"

Samuel: "silence! Let's start the training, the white knight will be under my training because we have the same affinity, as for the red knight you will be under the general Hestia training, as for the dark knight…"

I have a bad feeling about this…

Tsundere general: "we don't have anyone in the kingdom who excels at the dark affinity so you will be going over the basics for now"

So I have to have a late start after all…seems this world has something against me. After that, the tsundere general taught us how to accumulate mana which consists of absorbing mana from your surrounding until your inner vessel starts cracking then letting it heal up and repeating so it expands and that's how they level up, from my experience in games that doesn't seem like a safe method.

We started leveling up together than each one of them went to train with the generals, while I just said I would go rest, it would be awkward to stay there longer…

I walk outside of the training ground and back to the castle.

Hibiki: "how was that? Did it look believable?"

Arthur: "not bad! You should keep it low for now, if my brother feels threatens by you he may do something stupid so until you could protect yourself don't show your power"

Arthur walks out of the corner of the road he's hiding skills are as bad as ever, yesterday he told me

to keep it low in the training because the king may be watching.

Hibiki: "so how am I supposed to train without a mentor?"

Arthur: "am sorry the dark affinity is rare in of itself and the people that have it are usually banished from the country because it is a symbol of evil"

You banish people because they have a dark affinity? Isn't that racist?

Arthur: "but don't worry I have a place you could train in"

akihikohajeme akihikohajeme

chuunibyou: A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others.

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