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A King's Tale

Author: Oxydusprime

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Chapter 1: Blazing Night

"And tonight we will finally be able to see the Meteor, that will pass Earth. Meteorologists suggest, that the Meteor will be fully visible to us around Midnight. As we have already announced, there will be a party to celebrate the event on the Flagship of our Crystal Fleet, the 'Crystal Queen'. Although the tickets have already sold out, we have a surprise for you.." A Finger pushed the button for the radio and switched from radio to music, following was a deep sigh. The young man put the hand back on to the gear lever and continued to drive along.

'What is there to celebrate about it?' was his thought, as he turned the steering wheel and drove into the driveway of the apartment building. After finding his parking slot, he exited the car. Dark Brown Hair being thrown around by the strong wind, he looked up. They talked about the Meteor for quite some time now. 'Around 3 weeks i think?' he recalled. That was the first time he heard about the Meteor on the radio during the drive to work in the morning and since then, everybody was talking about it.

The young man yawned, while keeping a hand in front of his mouth and locked the car, before turning in the direction of the building. He took out his mobile phone, only to check the clock but quickly murmured a "Fuck!" before stopping. Well, what would you do after noticing 28 new Mails that were displayed on the Mail-Icon on the Screen, followed by 79 Messages, all concerning work. What else? 'Not like i have clingy girlfriend.' he mocked himself and clicked on the messages first. After scrolling upwards a few times, he got the gist. A Worker fucked up badly and 2 of his collegues were on their way back to work. At leasth that meant that he didn't have to drive back, just that he would have to pick up the garbage afterwards. He let out a loud sigh again.

"Home already?" sounded out from behind him with a familiar voice. After checking the time with a brief look, he turned to look at his father, walking the family dog. "Yeah, fled before they gave me more work." he answered with a smirk. It was already 18:22. Seeing how he started his work at 8 o clock, he was already well into overtime. Laughing his father walked up to him and the dog stood on 2 paws while scrathing his pants because it wanted to be greeted too. So he bent down and scrathed the dog, a little Terrier, behind the ears, before following his father through the entrance and going up to their apartment.

After eating dinner with his parents and checking the E-Mails, he answered a few of them and started watching the new Anime which came out a month ago. It was the kind of Anime that he liked, where the Main Character was thrust into a fantasy world like the World of an MMORPG or something similar, where they strive to survive and dominate.

Lying down at midnight, he opened the curtains. Seeing how his room was northward, he should be able to see the Meteor, as they were living on the highest floor, there shouldnt be anything obstructing his view. And as his eyelids were slowly closing from the fatigue of his workday, the darkness of a Night in late Fall was slowly tinged orange. He frowned, as that wasnt something that was on the news or in the radio. There always only was talk about the Meteor and that it would be clearly visible. But this.. this was a bit too near for comfort. Getting hooked up on curiosity, he slowly got up from his bed and got to the window.

The Orange Tinge of the Night sky was drowned then by a deep crimson color and while listening to the distant noises of a few cars and the snoring from his parents room he noticed the Meteor. A big chunk of Earth and Metal burning up in the Atmosphere of the Planet, while continiuing on its way and not giving a crap about the gravitational Pull of Earth was a majestic Sight to behold. Not that he wanted it to come down of couse. That would mean that so many people would die.

Surprise clearly written on his face, he remembered a superstition from when he was a little kid. Not that he was old now, no. He was only 22 years old and could be called somewhat nerdy. What else would you call a guy who studied Mechanical Engineering and was binge watching Animes? He remembered that his mother told him that you should wish for something when you see a Meteor, so he decided to try it out just for the heck of it.

'Time for a wish then, eh?' he thought laughing to himself. He didn't even take long to think about it too, as there was only one thing he was really wishing for. 'I wish i would meet a nice girl to have a relationship with.' he murmured. Yup, guessed it. Quite the Virgin. He never found the time for a girl, because he was thrown into worklife after graduating and it should suffice to say, that there aren't that many girls studying Mechanical Engineering. He laughed quietly about his stupid wish and followed the meteor with his eyes until it vanished from his sight.

He laid down afterwards, still a smirk on his face and drifted away into a dreamless sleep. Turning around quite a few times in his bed, he had a really rough sleep. Normally, after a long day at work, he would be quite exhausted and sleep like a log but tonight that wasn't the case. Maybe because of the Meteor or maybe because of the scheduled Meeting with his boss. There were too many Mistakes and screw ups during the processing of the Cars lately. Which shouldn't be anything new working for a Car Manufactory but they appointed a new plant Manager who didn't share this view.

Of course there would also be times, where everything went smoothly and there weren't any complaints from the workers or customers, but those occasions were rare. Rarer still, if some new guy comes along and claims to know better than the long-established departments working there. Which was happening right now at his workplace. The new Manager was the sort of guy who wouldn't listen and tried to implement his "new" vision of the future of the Company. Not that he was all too nervous about it, because he wouldn't really do the talking but it never is fun to listen to an idiot rambling on and trying to find fault with your work.

Grumbling he turned again in his bed as he was was getting awake after sleeping for what felt like 15 minutes. He heard the voice again trying to wake him up and turned his head in the direction of the voice calling "Milord, it already nearly noon. Please wake up!". He really never was a morning person so he didnt even listen attentively or he would have noticed something was off. The only thing he noticed was, that that wasn't the voice of his father or mother. Not even the voice of his older sister who would occasionally come visit with her husband. So he frowned and opened his left eye which he closed again in the next moment. It was too bright. Why would be this bright in Fall? Even if it is noon, it shouldn't be this bright.

He grumbled again, but the voice of young woman again insisted on him waking up. 'Again?' he thought and raised his head a bit. In that moment, he noticed the different smell in his room. 'Huh?' shot through his mind and he blinked a few times so his eyes would cope with the Brightness in his room. Otherwise it would be quite painful. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers and finally opened them for good, just to see a young woman standing next to his bed dressed like a maid.

The Maid smiled brightly after noticing him waking up and dropped a curtsey while holding her skirt. "Good morning Milord." She said and then noticed that it wasn't really morning anymore. "Oh, forgive me. It's already noon Milord." she continued and smiled again, but quickly raised her tender eyebrows because her young Master was sitting there with an open mouth as if his jaw dropped and staring at her.

'What the fuck is going on?!' was the only thought in his head, while he listened to the maid. This had to be some sort of joke right? He wished for a girlfriend and now he had a maid? No, hold on a Moment, what did she call him? Milord? Really? Mi-lord? What kind of joke was that? This isn't the middle ages anymore. Nobody would call you like that. Well, perhaps the Maids of a Nouveau riche person with a ridicilous ego, but that's about it. And then the smell caught his attention again. Why did it smell like flowers in here? But that wasn't the most important thing that caught his attention. As if hit by an insight, he turned his head around in the unknown room in which he woke up. "What the fuck?!"

He really said it aloud this time. This wasn't his room, and surely not his bed. And he noticed the flowers next to his bed in a vase. That was the smell he caught earlier. Why were there flowers here? In that Moment he heard the woman talk again.

"Milord?" She sounded surprised and unsure if she heard him right. Not that she ever heard that phrase spoken like that before. But she didn't really question it, as Nobleman often spoke things she didn't understand. She looked at her Master, not knowing how she should handle herself in this moment. They never taught her, that something like this could happen and she was quite new to the job. She was assigned to the young lord 2 Weeks ago but this was the first time that he overslept and then also behaved like that.

After hearing the voice of the Maid he snapped back to Reality and stared at her again. She was quite nice to look at, that was for sure. He rubbed his eyes again to make sure he wasn't dreaming or something like that. To be absolutely sure he slapped his cheeks afterwards which resulted in him feeling pain and hearing a surprise cry. "Who are you?" he asked and moved to climb out of his bed. He wanted to take a look around to find out what was going on. But just as he wanted to push away his blanket, the Maid rushed forward and pulled it back for him, so he could stand up comfortably. She answered then "I'm Mary, Milord." with a confused look on her face. She was probably wondering why i don't know her name he thought to himseld and stood up only to sit down abruptly again in the next moment. He grasped his head and moaned painfully as a headache assaulted him that felt like his head was going to split open.

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