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A Knight's Will.

Author: Coraulten

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Gate of Babylon

Writing this up to show what's currently revealed from the gate as i've taken a few liberties with it. I added some weapons that probably wouldn't be in there and i've ignored some things that might be in there.

>>>>Gate of Babylon. A noble phantasm of Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes. It's said to contain all the world's treasures. It's essentially a pocket dimension that acts as a vault for the king's treasures he collected over his life. He can open portals to the vault to retrieve anything he desires and he can also shoot out items as projectiles at speeds that exceed bullets. The gate contains three innate abilities.

--Stasis, any items put inside are essentially time locked. If you put food inside, it is still fresh when you retrieve it.

--Item Retrieval. Any items that are connected to the gate will be retrieved automatically at the user's discretion. Even items that had been obliterated into tiny dust particles will be collected and returned to the gate.

--Item restoration. Any item inside the gate will be restored to its original 'state' from before it was used. This does not count towards new items that have been added. This also includes consumable items such as wine that are present within the gate. Depending on the potency or power of the item, it takes a long period of time to restore. An average pitcher of wine may take a few hours to restore whereas an [ E ] Rank, nameless-noble phantasm may take several days depending on the damage.

Named Items within the Gate:

>EA, The Sword of Rupture.

>>[ EX ] Rank, Anti-World.

---A divine construct and one of, if not the strongest Noble Phantasm in existence. It was the blade that split the heavens and the earth. It's said that the concept of hell originated from it as it was forged in the molten rock that used to be the planet before genesis. It existed before the concept of 'sword' was given form and is completely alien in nature. It's attack literally ruptures space and rends the world apart.

>Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven.

>>[ A++] Rank, Anti-Divine.

---The chains used to bind the bull of heaven that brought 7 years of famine to ancient Uruk. Named after Gilgamesh's best friend, Enkidu. They hold the concept of 'reining over the gods'. They become stronger in correlation to the divinity of their target. It took Heracles overcoming his own legend and the combination of mad enhancement to break free from the chains, and he was only a demigod.

>Gáe Bolg, The Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death.

>>[ B ] Rank, Anti Unit. [ B+ ] Rank, Anti Army.

---The spear passed down to Ireland's child of light, Cu Chulainn by his teacher and lover, Scathach. The spear that is said to be descended from Odin's spear, Gungir. It posses a potent curse that render's any wound unable to be healed until the spear or the user die. It takes an effect on the level of Avalon, something that can exceed True Magic, to mitigate the curse. The spear posses two separate attacks, when activated and thrust, it will reverse causality to always strike the targets heart. When thrown, it can split into 50 different 'darts' that trade the ability to seek out the heart with that of a wide-ranged area of effect. The sheer force and speed make it so that it's nigh impossible to dodge or block.

>Durandal, The Peerless Sword

>> [ B+ ] Rank, Anti-Unit.

---Originally a spear owned by Hector of Troy. After losing it's features as a spear, it was later given to Roland, one of the twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. It boasts indestructibility and never losing it's edge. It's said to possess three miracles within. The 'miracles' can be invoked to do almost anything, though the power and reach of them depends on what the user wishes to do. The further away from the concept of a weapon that the user wishes to invoke, such as healing a person, the weaker the effect.

>Gram, Dawn of Ruin.

>>[ A ] Anti-Unit

---The prototype to Caliburn. It was pulled from a tree by Sigurd's father and later shattered by Gungir. Sigurd then reforged it into a demonic sword with which he slayed a dragon. It's said to be the strongest demonic sword, only to be matched by Excalibur. It posses one of the strongest anti-dragon properties of any weapon in existence.

>Harpe, The Immortal Slaying Scythe.

>> [ A+ ] Rank. Anti-Unit.

A divine construct originating from Greek mythology. It was given to the hero Perseus in order to slay the monster-Medusa. The weapon itself leaves much to be desired as its shape is that of a scythe with the cutting edge on the inside, its true strength lies in the trait; Refraction of Longevity. It negates all healing that circumvents the natural law. It nullifys the undying attribute of immortals, earning it's spot as the strongest immortal killing noble phantasm.

>Merodach, The Original Sin.

>> [ A+] Rank, Anti-Army.

The original 'sword of selection'. It contains the foundation of the sacred right to select kings. It is the prototype to both Gram and Caliburn. Though not as powerful as Excalibur, it is easily able to triumph over Caliburn. Similar to the sword of selection, Merodach can also release a holy light that cleanses anything in its path.

>Vajra, The Indestructible Diamond Pounder.

>> [ B++] Rank, Anti Army.

The Divine Construct that would later become the god Indra's symbol of Divinity. Being the symbol of a god's Authority, it's power is reduced to [B++] Rank since the user is not the god, and it's true potential is lowered. Its is a ranged weapon that can discharge a powerful bolt of lightning without any cost to the user's prana. Though this effect can only be used once until it needs to be returned to the gate and 'restored' to its previous condition.

>Vimana, Throne of the Heaven-Soaring King.

--A magical Flying contraption that can fly at the speed of thought. It can easily out-maneuver and even out pace modern day jets.

>Gáe Dearg, The Crimson Rose of Exorcism.

>> [ B ] Rank, Anti-Unit.

---A demonic weapon handed down to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne by the druid Aengus Óg. The identity of the druid is up for interpretation but he is thought to be a type of divine spirit. Its use comes in its ability to pierce through any magical energy. Though, its effect is not strong enough to break the source of the magecraft, such as contracts or curses. The effect is passive in nature and does require the calling out of its name to activate.

>Gáe Buidhe, The Yellow Rose of Mortality.

>> [ B ] Rank, Anti-Unit

--- It was a gift given to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne by Manannán mac Lir, the king of fairies. Another weapon that is completely passive in nature and does not require a name to activate. This weapon is considered an 'immortal killer' in the same vein as harpe if a bit weaker. It puts a curse on the target which it damages. It makes it so the body consider's itself at full health and will not move to heal the wound suffered. The curse also negates any kind of healing unless the spear is broken or the user dies.

>Arrow Protection Amulet.

>> [ D- ] Rank.

---A necklace Noble Phantasm that gives the user protection against projectiles that are [ D ] Rank or below. The amulet will start to splinter in response to how many projectiles it protects against. The Amulet can also be sacrificed and thrown to emit the light and heat of a small sun. The effect corresponds to the remaining size of the amulet.

>Ig-Alima, the Mountain Felling Sword.

>> [ A+ ]Rank. Anti-Unit.

---A Divine construct named after a Sumerian Deity. It's only special effect is its absurd size that equals that of a modern-day skyscraper. It's an anti-unit noble phantasm that can squash an army just due to it's massive size.


>> [ A++ ] Rank. Anti-Army.

---Another Divine Construct named after a Sumerian Diety. Like Ig-Alima, it is a massive blade that no normal being can wield , though it's a lot smaller than the former mentioned. It emits flames when swung and is able to fire beam attacks from its jagged edges.

>Shield of the Gods.

>> [ A+ ] Rank.

---A massive dome-shaped shield that is too large to wield. Despite it's name, it is not a divine construct. Though it can withstand attacks up to [ A ] Rank.

>Kusanagi, The Grass Cutting Blade.

>> [ B++] Rank. Anti-Army.

---Despite being associated with a diety, this weapon is not a divine construct. It was discovered in the corpse of the Yamata-no-Orochi after being defeated by the Storm-god, Susanoo. While not being a dragon slaying weapon, the Yamata-no-Orochi was conceptually close to the species that it contains a suppression effect against Dragon-kin. The blade, being associated with the Storm god, can be charged while inside it's sheath to increase its maximum output and imbue it with the power of wind. When used in a slash-attack from the sheath, the slash will extend outward, carried on the wind. The power and distance corresponds to the supplied prana.

>Balmung, Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon.

>> [ A+ ] Rank. Anti-Army.

---A large greatsword that was instrumental in the slaying of the dragon Fafnir by Siegfried. After being bathed in the dragon's blood, it gained a very high anti-dragon property. It's able to channel True Ether from the age of gods in a jewel embedded in the hilt to unleash an anti-army attack as a wave of energy.

>Rho Aias, The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens.

>> [ B+ ] Rank.

---A conceptual shield born from the legend of Aias the Great who blocked a Throw from Hector of Troy in the Trojan war. He created a shield with 7 layers of ox hide. The noble phantasm took the form of a iridescent 7 layered bounded field in reference to the flower that bloomed from his blood as he died. The shield holds an almost absolute defense against thrown projectiles, though it can also be used as a regular shield but it's strength is weakened in proportion to how far away the attack is from the concept of a 'thrown projectile'.

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