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Chapter 29: Interrogation.

Alex was currently sitting in an interrogation room, complete with the two-way mirror from which he could feel several presences on the other side staring at him.

The cops had given up on trying to actually 'cuff' him after a dozen 'accidental' breaking of the steel handcuffs, they eventually just asked him to behave.

He sighed in annoyance.

He could understand it from their perspective, but that didn't mean he liked it. They were probably freaking on in some capacity about his sudden appearance through the 'void' and suddenly killing a 'person'.

Part of him just wanted to say F-it and walk out, he doubt any of the 'heroes' could fight him. But cooler heads prevailed. He didn't want to be constantly hounded while he hunted.

When he finally calmed down a bit, he noticed how irritated he was at the whole situation. It was a bit irrational on his part.

He couldn't help but question why he hated super heroes so much. It was a bit absurd all things considered. In the previous world, it was much darker, and people were dying constantly, but here it was whimsical and 'fun'. Yet he was happier in the previous world than here...…..

"Maybe that says something about myself?" He mumbled.

Was he more at home in conflict and bloodshed than whatever this current world represented?

What exactly did that say about his person? Did he enjoy battles and killing?

He thought about this for a while as there was nothing else to do in the meantime.

His thoughts were interrupted when a couple of individuals walked into the room.

One of them was a very buff man complete with spandex with blonde hair. The other was a very plain looking police officer.

The officer sat down while the 'hero' stood next to him. His eyes never leaving Alex. His body was tense and ready to spring into action if he did anything.

Alex could feel the power this 'hero' had to some extent. He was strong, ridiculously so for a normal human.

The police officer was flipping through several pages on a clipboard he had. He had set down a few bags of what they tagged as 'evidence'. It was essentially the things he had in his pockets. His wallet mostly and some random things.

He was happy that his bag of holding was in his gate right now, that would have been awkward.

It was mildly annoying to have them ruffling through his wallet though. He didn't keep anything really valuable in there minus some pictures that he wanted incase he couldn't take out his tablet for what ever reason.

This continued on for several minutes.

It didn't take long for Alex to realize what they were doing, the reason why the 'hero' was here standing guard.

They were trying to get a reaction out of him, possibly make him say things he normally wouldn't in a fit of annoyance?

They found nothing about his identity nor any personal information in his belongings so they were trying to probe him without speaking.

Well, if they were going to waste his time like this, he may as well play as well.

Alex extended his hand and a golden ripple opened up above it.

The two others in the room tensed up, the hero seemed like he was ready to attack until he noticed what fell out.

It was a bag of chips.

Alex proceeded to open it and loudly eat them while staring at the two.

He continued this for a bit as the two tried their best to ignore him but to no avail.

"Oh where are my manners, would you two like some?" Alex asked.

The officer had a visible eye twitch while the hero just shrugged his shoulders and reached over to grab a few chips.

The hero was a very easy going person, yet he was exhibited an air of authority. He was All might, one of if not the strongest hero in the world. He was considered the symbol of justice.

A few more minutes passed before Alex finally spoke again.

"So are we just going to keep playing this game or are you actually going to ask me questions?" Alex asked.

The officer just sighed as he set the papers down.

"Care to explain this?" He said as he placed a photo down infront of Alex.

It was a picture of him and Percy on one of their 'days out'. They went out and had fun, he had taken quite a few pictures but that was one of the special ones he wanted to keep on his person.

"...that's my nephew." He stated.

"Not that, this." He said, pointing to a picture of a couple buildings in the background.

Alex just stared at the picture in confusion for a bit until his eyes widened as he realized he may have messed up a bit…..

It was a picture of the twin towers in New York…..the same ones that had been destroyed in the early 2000's of his world and he was assuming that this world had a similar timeline.

"There are a ton of theories being thrown around right now, the two predominant ones are time travel or immortality quirk, yet you should many different quirks in your recent murder." The officer stated.

This world was somewhere between 2150-2300 year wise. Its growth had stagnated heavily when quirks finally started coming around so it didn't look any different than back in the early 2000s.

"But the more pressing matter is the murder you committed earlier today." The officer said.

"Murder as I recall is the unlawful killing of another person. What I killed was not a person so the point is moot." Alex retorted.

The officer raised an eyebrow. They had reviewed the footage….and the thing was hard to describe as a human but they had seem some interesting physical quirks over the years.

"Can you prove it was not a human?" The officer asked.

"Can you prove that it was?" Alex retorted again.

It was not the first time someone tried to play that card. The 'I killed a monster' card as it were. It wasn't written into law for very ambiguous reasons. If a human suddenly turned into a giant monster that was impossible to recognize as a person and went on a rampage and then a hero came and killed it, would you prosecute the hero after the fact? Situations like that arose in the earlier days of quirks. It was hard to write a very definite law in place for such situations, so courts and law enforcement usually took each situation on a case-by-case basis and went from there.

There were….remnants of the fight between his man and that…thing that occurred. They took the samples and tried to analyze them and they found no human DNA, but once again there had been quirks that completely altered the DNA of its hosts in certain circumstances.

Usually they would be more accommodating to such a situation and try to figure everything out less they sentence an innocent to prison for truly removing a monster and not a person, but this was an odd situation in of itself.

The battle had been very public, many people recorded it and put it online and it had been watched by millions of people.

They had seen the man defend the civilians at the cost of his own health from that creature, public opinion would be on his side if they tried to push for a prosecution.

The fight itself was a whole different matter. The man showed what looked like half a dozen different quirks. The sword that fired a laser, the spear that did something incomprehensible, that golden portal thing, the enhance speed, strength and durability, the wind blade. It was a bit absurd all around.

They had the audio that went with the fight, they know what he called out for the weapons he displayed….it left them a bit confused.

The spear was called 'Gae bolg' the spear used by the famed Cu Chulainn in Celtic mythology and then there was the sword....

Oh yes, the internet was blowing up at that little display.

Who wouldn't be excited to see a glowing sword shoot a beam of holy light that was named as Excalibur?

But above all that, there was the other matter concerning this man.

They had found a picture in his wallet, well multiple pictures and a few of them were of a woman with purple hair that was....extremely beautiful.

The other was of the man and a boy. They both had green eyes so the police were guessing a familial relation, except the picture looked like it took place in New York.

There wasn't much else to it except one of the junior officers noticed something strange after looking at it for awhile.

New York had always been a rather shitty city in some parts, the picture showed that but there was something else. It looked older in the picture, older than it should have been and that's when he noticed it.

He recalled it from a history class when he was learning about American history. The twin towers that were destroyed in a terrorist attack in the early 2000s. This was something they were going to get to the bottom of, but first thing first, they were dealing with him in a criminal capacity.

It would be hard to press murder charges on him, but there were other laws that were broken they could use.

"Vigilantism is against the law." The officer stated after a few moments.

One of the many laws to come about with the advent of quirks, when they finally got around to regulating 'heroes'.

"Define a 'vigilante' for me." Alex said.

"Using your quirk as a hero without a heros permit." The officer stated.

There were several areas where using your powers in public could be considered criminal, vigilantism was not the worst as you didn't actively harm anyone, but it was highly prosecuted so it would not set a precedent for people to take the law into their own hands without any kind of oversight.

They had to crack down on vigilantes hard in the early days as it became chaos around the world. They even changed the definition to suite their needs in that time.

"Then I am not a vigilante." Alex stated.

"We have video of you fighting, there is no use denying it." The officer said, his expression a little smug.

"I don't deny that, but under the definition you provided, I am not a vigilante. I have no quirk." Alex stated.

"You wondered if I was an immortal or some type of time traveler? I applaud you for thinking outside the box but I am neither. I am not from your dimension. I do not have a quirk." Alex stated plainly.

He thought a bit about revealing such information, but he would take his bosses advice in this case and see how the situation plays out once some people know about him. Worst case he just disappears and search on his own.

The officer and even the hero just stared in shock for a few moments.

"It had been theorized by those with quirks that could open portals...…but every time they tried to travel 'beyond' they all said there was just an endless void…." All might stated.

"Very few beings can navigate the void, that creature I slayed was one of them." Alex said.

Honestly, the officer felt way over his head, his superiors were on the other side of the mirror and his only job was to get as much information as possible, he would let them sort out all this nonsense.

"And what exactly is your purpose for coming to this world?" He asked.

"I am hunting that creature and its allies, of which four remain around here somewhere." Alex said.

That raised a few eyebrows. Possibly malicious inter dimensional entities were in their world.

"And what will you do once they have been 'taken care of'?" The officer asked.

"Leave and continue on to the next world most likely." Alex replied.

"You said you do not have a quirk, how do you explain those powers you exhibited?" The officer finally got around to asking.

"The simple explanation would be magic." Alex stated.

Again that drew a long pause. The quick response would be to call bullshit, but they weren't exactly ignorant of the supernatural. If there existed a multiverse, was it so hard to believe that 'magic' existed among its infinite possibilities? They would humor the notion for now.

"Whats the not-simple explanation?" All might asked this time.

"Noble Phantasm. The crystallization of a legend, the arms of heroic spirits." Alex stated.

"Can you elaborate on what a 'heroic spirit' is?" All Might asked.

"Heroic spirits...are souls of famous individuals who achieved great deeds in life, and after having become the object of worship after their death, they are freed from the constraints of time itself and removed from the cycle of reincarnation. They are moved to the Throne of Heroes, and thus ascend to the status of Heroic Spirit." Alex replied.

"I am a Heroic Spirit." He finished.

Truthfully it sounded outlandish and absurd, but the confidence in which he stated caused them hesitation in their decision to write it off as bullshit.

"So you are some kind of ancient hero?" All Might asked, a bit intrigued by the whole idea.

"I am not a hero." Alex replied immediately.

"Did you not just say you were a Heroic Spirit?" All Might asked in confusion.

Alex didn't respond, it was clear from his look that he wished for them to drop the matter. He didn't wish to explain his state of existence beyond what he already had for convenience sake.

The officer suddenly got a buzz on his phone. A moment later he motioned for All Might to follow him out of the room as he stated he would be back in a bit.

Alex couldn't really blame them, he just laid a whole mountain of information at their feet that could cause them to question their existences.

He felt a bit odd about this whole thing, if it were in another circumstance, he probably wouldn't have revealed anything this concise, he was used to playing his cards close to his chest. This is probably what his boss wanted him to experience though, different approaches to different worlds. He would benefit from the cooperation of the local heroes, in that they wouldn't attack him randomly as he chased down his prey.

He was clearly still in the 'learning' phase of the job so it wasn't hard to guess that this wouldn't become a habit thankfully, but it was still annoying.

He just sighed at this whole encounter. It was annoying to say the least.

Though that last bit really irritated him.

"I'm not a hero...." He muttered.

A hero….wouldn't drive their kingdom to destruction, a hero...wouldn't put a spear through their daughters heart.

Coraulten Coraulten

So mainly using this world as character development if that wasn't obvious, it won't be super long. Also the approach i'm using to have Alex integrate with the world won't be a habit, he won't just blab about his life story to whoever is within ear shot when he goes to a new world. Also i plan on releasing a chapter tomorrow as this one was late and the next scheduled was for tomorrow regardless.

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