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Chapter 11: Saint meets lvl.5

Alex was walking down the street after his previous encounter.

It was honestly an interesting experience and really hammered in the fact that this wasn't the anime or novel that he was familiar with. Misaka wasn't the one-dimensional figure that was portrayed at the beginning of the series.

He had been having second thoughts about his actions since coming to this world after having his job explained. He was expecting a bit of chaos and non-stop fighting yet he was mostly dealing with people on an emotional level.

It made him a bit nervous and paranoid that he was missing something or he was doing something wrong but maybe that wasn't the case?

If his previous adventure with Medusa and Percy were the tutorial…..maybe this was 'easy mode' that came right after?

He had touched on it previously but these worlds were truly alive, he could only use the media as a reference. Maybe he was supposed to learn this first hand and be introduced to that creature intentionally?

From what he gleamed from his boss, the man seemed like the kind of person to dump one into the middle of a conflict and muddle their way through and learn the lessons themselves.

Whatever the case was, he was fine with the world being rather mundane for the most part. He was having his own issues to deal with and figuring the job out as he went along.

He pushed such thoughts to the side for now, he could worry about all that nonsense later. For now he had some shopping to do.

He hadn't explored the city in detail yet, so he was basically just wandering around looking for various shopping districts.

He just mainly followed the flow of people and looked for large groups walking around. People usually congregated around shopping districts as they also doubled as food districts a lot of the time.

There were...a lot of stores to choose from. He began wondering if he had enough money. He was glad he stumbled upon a gold trader earlier in the week and procured some extra savings.

One of these days though, he should probably store generic gold instead of ancient coins from an empire that died out thousands of years ago. People tend to ask more questions when he presents mint condition golden coins from ancient Uruk. And he doesn't feel right about using Hypnosis all the time even if he is just gently swaying their sub-conscious.

There are other treasures like golden bars and priceless jewels...but those would probably just raise even more questions he didn't want to answer.

And using corresponding currency from different worlds just didn't seem like a smart thing to do.

Though the fact that he was being so heavily scrutinized would probably play into his benefit in this regard. He doubted the higher-ups would want mundane authorities to come knocking on his door with regards to this matter so he could probably just empty some reserves without an issue.

The first store he walked into was a gaming store, some name he didn't recognize but assumed it was probably only native to this world.

The people began to look at him weird as he purchased one of every gaming consoles available, dozens of controllers, and a copy of almost every game for each system.

He had dozens of bags around him when he finally finished his purchase. The people continued to gawk until a few golden ripples appeared and he tossed them all inside and casually walked away.

This continued through several stores, he purchased enough books to read one every day for the next several years. Various movies and other visual media, and even some electronics like a mini solar powered generator for when he's not in a technology-based world.

An interesting thought crossed his mind while making some of the purchase. If he had a computer, could he reinforce specific parts of it to improve performance? Something to test later when he's more adept at the magic.

As he was musing over the thought, he accidentally bumped into a young lady walking by.

"Sorry Miss, I wasn't looking where I was going." Alex quickly apologized before turning and continue walking.

The girl was about to speak before she abruptly turned around with eye's widened as she stared at the man's back.

If Alex had looked back he would have noticed her odd star-shaped pupils.


Kaori was currently walking through the city.

She had practically enveloped Index ever since she had been with her. She and Stiyl were good friends, ones who would easily lay down their lives for one another. But Index...she was more like the little sister. The one they would protect above all else.

She was hesitant to leave her side even for the brief time that she was currently.

It had been several hours since Alex had disappeared. He said he was going shopping and they were inclined to believe him, its not like they could do anything if he was lying.

After not returning for a long period of time Index had asked one of them to make sure he was okay.

It was endearing to say the least, to see her ask them something like that with worry in her voice.

Index knew better than them just how strong the man was, yet putting all her knowledge aside, she was just a young girl who was worried about something who showed her such kindness.

So Kaori said she would search for him.

Index had made sure to assure them that Alex had given her a means to protect herself in extreme circumstances and Stiyl was there with her. Not to mention Touma was nearby even if he lacked combat experience, his ability was not to be overlooked.

More so than checking to see if the mysterious man was okay, Kaori was going to check out to see if he had caused any more incidents.

She recalled what he had mentioned earlier about her blade and was keeping to rooftops to avoid crowds as she scanned the city and was trying to feel for any fluctuations of mana or a strong power.

Her senses were far above that of a normal human, though when that thought flashes across her mind she couldn't help but have her pride take a hit when recalling how easily the 'regular human' had bested her.

Though the others didn't understand the gist of it.

Though she lacked fighting strong opponents like he had pointed out at their earlier spar, she had good enough instincts to actually understand the gap between them just by crossing blades a couple times.

Frankly, it frightened her a bit. She didn't understand how a human could get so strong. And he was human. She could tell after studying him a bit.

Saints and similar beings gave off an 'aura' that other beings of a higher level could pick up on. This man felt human almost entirely if only a smidgen weird. Though she could account that to whatever realm of strength he had reached.

One didn't stop being human just because you breached the realm that mortals should never cross. It was the fundamental aspect of ones self that defined you as so, that's why she was called a 'saint' and considered not human by normal standards.

Saints were born above humans and endowed with abilities that normal humans could never touch. Or supposedly they were not supposed to reach.

She sighed just thinking about it. She wasn't the best at this analysis and it was hard to get Stiyl's opinion when he just didn't understand what being a saint truly meant. Not that she considered herself above was just a pure biological difference that was hard to describe.

These past couple weeks had been an emotional roller-coaster for her. But putting all the issues aside, she was happy to have her friend back.

As she finished her thought, she heard something far away.

She closed her eyes and focused on her enhanced hearing.

It was gunshots coming from a district that was under construction. If the man was anywhere, he would probably be in the middle of any issues that were going on in the vicinity.

She quickly danced from one rooftop to another as she made her way to the location.

As she got closer, there was lesser and lesser people in the vicinity. It was odd even considering the construction going on.

It was the weekend so it was possible there were no workers about, but a residential district was not far away, there should have been people out and about.

When she got to the scene and saw what happened, her blood went cold and a scowl covered her face. She gripped he blade tightly in anger.

A boy with white hair was standing over the corpse of several young girls laughing maniacally.

She had been informed of the darkness that seeped in the crevices of this city...but to see it first hand was an entirely different experience. She had dealt with cultists and terrorists much in her time with the church....but she had never seen a boy so young take such joy in slaughtering young girls.

She wasn't thinking as she jumped down from the building and landing within view of the boy.

He stopped whatever he was doing and turned to look at her in confusion.

They both could feel it as they stared each other down. The other was powerful.

There wasn't a need to speak as they both continued to square off. It was Kaori who made the first move.

She wasn't holding back, she moved fast as she drew her blade and swung it horizontally at his neck.

The boy's eye's widened in surprise, he had never seen someone move that fast before. It was purely instinct that he put his hand up in the path of the blade who's tip was about to connect with his neck.

Something happened that shocked both of them.

The blade's tip that had connected with his hand had all but disintegrated but as the blade continued its motion to only hit air, a trail of blood followed it.

They both jumped back at the first clash and just stared at awe in one another.

The boy looked at his had that had a not shallow cut on it as it dripped blood.

Kaori looked at her blade that was missing its tip.

They were both broken from their thoughts as they heard sirens approach. Neither of them wanted to deal with any Authorities and Kaori wasn't even supposed to be messing with anything in the city.

She glanced at the boy again before reluctantly disappearing from his sight.

The boy recovered from the single exchange and began to smile sadistically as he too walked off.


After Kaori had gotten a good distance away, her racing heart had calmed down. She was on a roof in an empty area as she drew her blade to examine it.

Her heart hadn't raced like that since she had fought against Alex, but it was different. When she fought him, he was calm and collected, this new boy radiated a madness and bloodlust.

She wasn't too familiar with the powers here in this city, it was said that the highest tiers could fight against the magic sides best but a lot of the Magicians and Church officials scoffed at the thought.

She too became a believer in the notion. The boy she fought was probably one of those fabled lvl 5s that she heard about.

She couldn't get much insight into him, but it was clear from the way he reacted that he was not used to being harmed. That could mean lack of combat experience or just being overwhelmingly powerful.

She continued to look at her blade. Its tip was now gone, and it was a very good sword. It would be difficult to replace.

She couldn't begin to guess what power the boy held, but she was able to harm him at least. Probably due to the magic that was in her blade. It was a good blade because she could channel her mana into it to increase its durability.

Her ability as a saint made it so her blade usually took quite a beating. She needed something strong to keep up with her and this blade was created for that purpose.

Though in the fight she didn't actively channel mana through it as there wasn't a need, but the residual mana in the blade was probably what was able to penetrate his power if only barely. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-will._12036023805806905/saint-meets-lvl.5_34224576384781010">;s-will._12036023805806905/saint-meets-lvl.5_34224576384781010</a> for visiting.

She was walking too much in unknown territory, she would need to ask for opinions once she returned.

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