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83.05% A Knight's Will. / Chapter 48: The Chaste Huntress.

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Chapter 48: The Chaste Huntress.

Author's Note then chapter (Contains some spoilers, read at own risk):

So i'm back finally. As i mentioned in the previous chapter's comments, i got very sick suddenly. It hit me out of nowhere on thursday. It got bad enough where i had to take off work and was completely miserable during my 'break'. I still feel like shit tbh, but i'm back at work now so i figured i was fine enough to write a chapter. To finish this paragraph off, i am sorry about the lack of chapters. It did take me by surprise.

With that out of the way, i figured i would use this chance to talk about some other things. This has been mentioned alot in the comments so i'll reiterate it here; this Mordred is HIS Mordred. Just wanted to make sure i reiterate that point. Also, some other question for me that i've seen in the comments. He is going to get his old gear back. His Lance, Sheath, Dagger, and even Caliburn at some point. Maybe even his horse, idk about that one yet. Now, some people may be wondering if he has access to pretty much any item in existence, why he would be sticking to Noble phantasms and and not something like the boosted gear from DxD, well it's two fold. One, i like Noble phantasms and how they play a role in the lore of alot of worlds. And two, i don't know how to balance him having something like the boosted gear until way way way later in the story. Like seriously how am i supposed to deal with him being able to double his attributes every 10 seconds!?!

Lets move on to Medusa and Percy. Alot of questions about these two. So, it's still a few worlds away before the 'climax' of the first part of the story where Alex is basically solo. How many worlds exactly? I have no idea, once it gets closer i'll probably be able to tell. So after this big climax, Medusa will come back and travel with him permanently. They'll also take a little vacation back into PJO. I'll reiterate this point now, there will be no harem (For Alex).

Lastly, worlds themselves. Before the climax i have one world for sure planned. The first singularity for Fate Grand Order. I was also thinking about doing RWBY before the climax. I wouldn't mind some other recommendations for before the climax. If you do want something, keep in mind power levels, generally he will still be within the realm of a servant until the climax, that that point he would be a true heroic spirit. I don't mind something lower-leveled if the plot would be interesting. I also have thoughts regarding DxD, Danmachi, and fairytail already so ignore those for now.

Thats all i can think of for now. If you guys have any questions or concerns i do read the comments even if i don't answer.

Without further ado, on to the chapter.


With a roar, Alex swung Excalibur, cutting down dozens of trees in a fit of anger.

The blade made it's will be known as it's light all but disappeared. While it was not sentient in the normal sense like a human, it had a 'will'. Most weapons that achieved legendary status did, though few were as fickle as his own blade.

It clearly did not like to be swung around in anger as a stress release. It was one thing to bring it forth in a righteous fury, it was another to be used in such a self-deprecating manner.

Alex was angry, not at his daughter but mainly at himself. He could have handled the situation better. This would not stop him from continuing to try and mend the bridges, but it still riled up his emotions in a way he had not experienced in many years.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He was a moment away from dismissing Excalibur until he heard a branch break in the distance.

His senses exploded out as he caught a glimpse of someone nearby. Someone who was able to go undetected for who-knows how long. Granted, he hadn't been paying the best of attention to his surroundings, but he would like to think he wasn't that stupid to allow a potential enemy to get so close to him.

"Who's there!?" He stated as he held out his blade, pointing towards the source of the disturbance.

It seemed that at his declaration, the source forwent any kind of stealth ploy and jumped down from a large tree, the sound, audible from where he was, and he noticed the shadowed figure slowly walking towards him.

He recognized the person, furry ears and a tail with an eye-catching color of hair.

"To be able to get so close without me knowing, even if I was distracted...I expect no less from one of the hunters of Artemis."

Even Chiron, the Archer of Black, wouldn't be able to match her in stealth techniques. Her natural skill combined with her own class skills make her comparable to an assassin in regards to hiding. It makes sense once you consider her former occupation. To become one of Artemis's hunters was no small feat. The disdain Alex had for most gods did not blind him to the respect they deserved in certain aspects. She trained her hunters to be worthy to hold the title under her banner as the goddess of the hunt.

"I do not wish to fight." She stated as she held her bow downward.

"Why are you here?" He asked.

She looked at him like he was an idiot as she eyed the surroundings. Destroyed forestry and an activated noble phantasm not too long ago. It would be weird if someone wasn't drawn to this location.

He sighed. "Sorry, stupid question. Just a little out of the it."

"It is understandable....considering what had just occurred." She replied bluntly.

"So, you saw that." A frown shown on his face as he lowered Excalibur.

"I noticed Saber moving here from the city, I decided to follow as I was out on patrol. I did not realize the confrontation was that of a...private matter. If I had known beforehand, I would not have intruded." She stated. Heroic spirits had their pride, even if a war like this that involved deceit and sometimes underhanded tactics, not many would willfully intrude on such a private moment.

"...thank you for the thought I guess. Though I am curious, from what I recall, your group hated males with a passion, I find it strange that you are holding a conversation with me."

"I'm not so close minded as my sisters. While many of them had a very good reason to despise was also a product of the era we lived in. Besides, I believe you have proven yourself to be amicable enough to not try and force yourself on me."

"High praise indeed, for a huntress of Artemis to think me, a male, is not evil." He mused.

"An evil man would not try to reconcile with a daughter they supposedly wronged."

Alex just snorted in response. "And a good man wouldn't have killed their daughter."

"I do not believe it was as black and white as you are making it."

"Why are you defending me? Shouldn't you hate me, drawing parallels between my relationship with my daughter and yours with your father?"

She just shrugged. She had a soft spot for parental love, if there was one thing to take away from the encounter she had witnessed, the man did care about his daughter. Even as she threatened to blow him away with her noble phantasm, he didn't raise his blade to her.

Her own father had thrown her away as a baby, into the wilds as he wanted a son. It was Artemis who found her and raised her. Years after she took her vow of chastity, her father demanded she return and marry some random fop from another kingdom.

It was the source of her wish. She wanted every child to be loved.

And besides, she wasn't one to talk about betrayal. She was still living with that mistake until this day.

"Whats wrong?" Alex couldn't help but ask. Her expression flashed through several emotions before finally settling on one of regret.

"Nothing...just remembering some of my own unpleasant memories."

Alex looked at her for a moment. She had been kind enough to offer some words of comfort, in her own way, even with their war currently going on. He knew that she was not a bad person, even if they were to be enemies, he would treat her with the respect that a hero deserves.

But after this small kindness she showed him...he couldn't help but want to reciprocate.

A small golden rippled opened up over his extended hand.

Atalanta was broken from her thoughts as she entered a battle-mode, recognizing the ripple from previous fights.

She watched an item drop out… she saw it and felt the aura emanating off...she dropped her bow as a few tears fell from her eyes.

It was not the wisest decision to show this particular item off from Alex's position…..but he felt that she deserved something in return for the kindness she herself showed.

It wasn't an item she would recognize in life as it was the crystallization of the person's legend given form. The aspect of betrayal composed into the form of a jagged purple Dagger. The noble phantasm of the one known as the witch of Betrayal. But to the girl infront of him, she was her best friend.

"This isn't the first Holy Grail war I fought in. In a previous one…..a certain Caster was summoned. She turned the war on it's head, stealing the servants of others and even managing to summon one for herself."

Atalanta began to chuckle as she wiped away the tears. "That sounds just like her."

"She killed her original master who felt that she was dangerous, being a magus from the age of gods. She managed to find another master before she disappeared. A man that she would quickly fall in love with. He too fell in love with her and even as they both layed dying at the end of the war...they smiled happily in each other's arms."

"...Thank you." She whispered. A small smile on her face as she continued to wipe away the tears.

It was the single greatest mistake of her life as she left her best friend to that monster. She blamed herself for not realizing that the actions that caused the magus to earn the ire from their fellow Argonauts was the work of a particular goddess who was interfering. It was the goddess of love, Aphrodite, who placed a spell on the girl and made her fall in love with Jason. It was this same spell that caused the girl to cut down her own brother into pieces. Atalanta felt disgusted at the time and basically kicked her best friend off to be used and thrown away by that...person, Jason.

To hear that she found love, even if it was short lived and after her death...she couldn't help but be happy after everything that happened. If there was ever a chance, she would do anything in her power to earn the forgiveness of her friend, Medea.

The two separated on relatively good terms.

Atalanta casually walked back to the church where she met Achilles layed down on a bench outside.

"Hey sis, did you check out that flare of power?" He asked.

"Yes, Our Saber and Ruler's protector had a small bout."

The rider raised an eyebrow as he noticed that he didn't get a rise out of her for calling her 'sis'. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." She replied.

He noticed that she looked more…relaxed, happy even.

"Were you able to find out anything about our saber? The priest said that she has a noble phantasm that prevents us from getting their identity."

"No, the fight was rather quick and nothing major happened. I'm assuming that Saber's master had given an order to retreat." Atalanta replied as she turned around.

"Eh, whatever. Since you're back I'm going to sleep a bit to recover some energy. If you need anything just holler." He said with a wave as he astralized.

She looked at the empty space that her companion once occupied. She frowned slightly as mulled over what she just said. She lied to her companion, yet she did not feel guilty about it. She doubt Achilles would protest if she explained. Honor sometimes compelled them to do things illogical.

Regardless, one good deed deserved another. If it came down to it, she wouldn't hesitate to fight the King of Knights, but for just tonight…..she wouldn't mind calling him a friend.


Alex returned to their little 'hideout'. The quant bed and breakfast.

It seemed as though Ruler was waiting on him. It was a rather kind gesture considering that she did in fact require sleep in some capacity as she inhabited a real body. She could stay awake much longer than a normal human, but she had her limits.

Sieg had long gone to sleep as he had been through quite the ordeal recently. While his heart had fused with his body, he was still acclimating to the new changes.

"How did it go?" She asked. She could feel the power that was thrown around. It wasn't as much as the fights from the other day, but it was obvious that a fight did indeed occur and a powerful noble phantasm was activated.

Alex just smiled bitterly. It was all that was needed to convey his current feelings. "Don't wait up on my account, go get some sleep." He was definitely feeling better than right after the initial exchange, thanks to a certain archer, but he still felt depressed about the whole thing.

Ruler chose not to argue, seeing that he probably didn't wish to talk about it and decided to give him some time alone.

"Good night Arthur." She stated as she walked around.

"Good night Ruler." Alex replied back.

He was left alone with his own thoughts for now. He took had a physical body, unbeknownst to the other people in this war. He was sure that fact would be exposed soon enough as some things didn't quite add up. But he too did not require sleep in the same capacity as a normal person. Though he enjoyed it and was not one for staying up multiple nights if he could prevent it.

But right now, he would rather just stay awake and mull over the thoughts that were taking hold of him. He would also reinforce the bounded field in the meantime. He only put up a quick one early today and it wouldn't do much against a servant.

Well, it wouldn't do much against a servant anyways. His craft was no where near proficient enough to affect a being on that level. The best he could do right now was hide them all better.

He went around and began to carve runes into the building.

Runes was one of his favorite subjects, even if he had a hard time with them. They were very ambiguous. Each rune had so many different meanings and concepts attached. Then you could 'reverse' them for opposite effects and then you could combine them in certain orders for even more effects. Suffice to say, he was barely scratching the surface.

At one end, he carved the 'Fehu' rune. Amplifying the circulation of Prana. At another end, 'Thurisaz' for 'trouble'. It allowed the field to further detect malicious intent that approached. A reverse of the 'Isa' Rune that usually did with Focus meant that the field would instead stop people from focusing on it. Another 'Berkano' Rune for the concept of secrecy. And finally adding 'Ansuz' to string them all together and bind them.

This was about the limit of his rune's knowledge. He made a mental note to look into more advance literature on the subject. Rune's were very adaptable for most situation and if he ever got good enough, he could maybe even look into primordial runes.

It actually took an hour to carve only five runes. They needed very distinguished shapes for their power to take hold.

Overall, the night had been rather uneventful for the majority of the participants in the war. Each side were making their own preparations.

He sighed again as he just stared absently into the ceiling, laying down on the couch downstairs. He would welcome the new day and possibly give himself fresh thoughts on how to proceed from his current situation.

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