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Chapter 30: Training.

"Why am I going along with this….." Alex asked himself for the 100th time today.

He was currently walking along side a man with long black hair and a worn-out appearance, he was apparently a famous hero known as Eraser head.

To his other side, was a zombie-looking man who was wearing oversized cloths. That was apparently All might who had 'deactivated' his powers.

After the initial interrogation, his 'identity' began to spread among the upper echelons of their society. It was hard to keep something like his existence a secret.

Some people had wanted to 'take charge' of him others were swarming him for questions. It got rather hectic until a different group eventually joined the fray.

A group of heroes actually, the one that All Might belonged to for the most part. They were teachers at a popular school that trained upcoming heroes.

They had A LOT of pull politically and for some reason or another Alex had grabbed the principal's attention.

They had 'offered' to watch him during his stay here. It seemed like that was enough to atleast get him out of the interrogation room and stopped being treated like a criminal.

Though that just opened up more issues with his identity being revealed and being among the populace.

It wasn't just his identity as a 'dimensional traveler' that was making its, apparently some of the information about his interrogation was leaked online. The combination of the video of his fight and the information leaked in his interrogation, it wasn't hard to figure out his true identity.

Much to his dismay, the world found out pretty quickly that Arthur Pendragon was currently walking among them. Well, that was alteast the word on the street. He doubt most people would believe the rumors or the 'evidence'. It would be hard to convince the world that he was truly Arthur Pendragon. He didn't really care at the moment, he wouldn't bother with that he was here to do a job and he would do it regardless.

Though the thought of people hounding him for autographs....he was close to just 'nopeing' out of there.

But the annoyance aside, he was now apparently 'working' as some kind of teachers aid at U.A., the hero school, during his stay here.

With all Might going to teach there the coming semester and him being the symbol of justice in this world, he could assume that a decent amount of 'fate' was gathered there somehow so it was his best chance to hunt.

It was only later that he realized he made the correct choice.

An offhanded comment about All Might's weird 'aura' fluctuations and mentioning that it felt like he was on his death bed caused the hero to explain his situation.

The hero had been hurt for awhile now and was dyeing.

He had apparently found a successor and was able to pass his quirk onto this quirkless boy. He had actually been in the midst of training said boy when he had been called to act as a 'guard' for Alex.

"I'll leave him to you for today All Might, I'm going to sleep." Eraserhead said as he walked off in a different direction.

Alex was basically along for the ride at the moment until his situation is finally squared away on all levels.

Though he was a bit curious about this 'quirkless' boy that All might described. He sounded infinitely more interesting than the majority of heroes that he had heard about in this world.

It didn't take long for them to reach the destination. It was a beach, covered in all manner of trash and debris.

"This is disgusting." Alex couldn't help but spurt out at the sight.

Seeing something like this, he could sympathize with Gaia back home with her hatred for humanity.

They continued on for a bit until they came to a small area that was all cleared out. There was a boy, kinda short and with green hair. He was dragging a discarded washing machine through the sand.

"Young Midoriya, come I have someone for you to meet." All Might shouted.

The boy turned around to look at the duo.

He recognize All might even in this 'form', but he apparently had a guess with him, someone who knew of his identity.

Midoriya couldn't help but find the man somewhat familiar look, like he just saw him recently.

"Arthur, nice to meet you." Alex said as he introduced himself.

His identity was also being thrown around, no point in hiding now.

"So, this is the first step in your training?" He asked, eyeing All Might.

The hero just nervously rubbed the back of his head.

He had been given a brief breakdown on what All Might was trying to do. The boy's body was too weak at the moment to harness his power, she he needed to build the boy's strength up before giving him the quirk.

Alex just watched as Midoriya continued to move the trash off the beach, pieces that weighed hundreds of pounds he dragged and pushed until he would collapse on the ground.

"You know, at first I thought this was a stupid way to train...but I realize now that you are a lot smarter than you appear." Alex stated towards All might.

"From what you explained to me about the boy, he lacks confidence because he grew up without a quirk. Yes, this training will provide him with a stronger body...but it will give him something much more important. A sense of accomplishment once he is done." Alex said again as he eyed the hero, the latter of whom had a smirk adorned on his face.

He couldn't help but smile when he watched this boy go about his 'training'. He didn't complain he didn't whine about the unfair hand that was dealt to him, he just pushed through and sought out his dream.

Alex didn't agree with this world's idea on heroes, but he could respect this. He cared not for those who ran around and flashed their powers and sought fame of the masses. No, it was those who bled and sweat in private that were worth respecting.

This was also a good chance for him to get some training in. Which also had an interesting question pop up in his mind.

"Hey All might, do you know any heroes that do with healing?" He asked.

"Ah yes, we have one at the school her quirk quickly accelerates the healing process." He answered.

Alex couldn't help but smile, that would take a lot of risk out of his training with reinforcement. He still had to be careful obviously, but he could atleast start experimenting with it on himself soon. He needed to get his living situation figured out and find somewhere he could practice in private or atleast without being disturbed.

But until then, he could get some normal practice out of the way. He wasn't a servant with a fake body, he was a heroic spirit in the flesh even if he was still within the realm of a servants strength. He could grow with training and he had a good opportunity right now where he didn't have to hide or keep his strength a secret.

He hopped down from where he had been sitting and made his way towards an empty part of the beach.

"Where are you going?" All Might asked, he was supposed to keep an eye on the man.

"Just a bit down the beach. My body felt a little stiff so I figured I would get some training in." He said, waiving off the hero's concerns.

He found a small area where there was not much around him and took out his practice blade.

He hadn't had the chance to go full throttle with it since he had purchased the thing. The magic held within gave it indestructibility and the ability to increase its own weight.

He let some of his prana flow through as the sword became increasingly heavy and somewhat difficult to hold as he began his forms.

It was a bit sluggish as he got used to the new weight. Each swing became faster and sharper as he went on.

It was a feeling he hadn't experienced since his first life, his muscles were starting to burn and sweat was dripping down his forehead. He lost track of time as he continued to swing and his arms blurred. The surroundings were blown away long ago at the sheer force of each swing.

It was nostalgic and Therapeutic. A content smile adorned his face as he finally settled down and he let out a long breath.

"That was impressive." A voice said.

Alex turned around to see who spoke.

All might was standing behind him, his muscular form present.

"Is that one of those 'noble phantasms' you spoke of?" The hero asked.

"No, this is merely a 'mystic code' in the form of a training blade. You can think of it like an item imbued with magic properties." Alex explained.

"Its basically indestructible but has no edge. I can also channel prana into it to increase its weight." He finished.

All might looked mildly disappoint, though it was still an interesting thing. The whole idea of 'magic' was very astounding. Who wouldn't want to know more about it?

"But I can show you one if you want….." Alex said as he eyed the hero.

All Might had been very hospitable to him, he didn't mind showing off an item or two every now and then...and he kinda wanted to test a new sword he discovered in the gate.

He held out his hand as a familiar golden ripple appeared.

What came out was a long katana, complete with a sheath. It was rare for the weapons in the gate to have sheaths but it was more so the ability of the blade required it.

He was a bit surprised to find this blade, he had thought for sure it would be a divine construct, but it was not even if it was associated heavily with godly entities and channeled divine power in the past.

It was a B+ Anti-Army Noble phantasm but it had quite the interesting effect. You could channel prana into the blade as long as it was sheathed to increase its rank temporarily and using it in a draw-slash you could extend the slash outward. The more prana pumped in, the more devastating the slash up to an A++ attack.

He held the sheathed blade in his left hand as he grabbed the hilt of the blade with his right, ready to draw it as he took a stance.

He didn't want to put too much into it as he didn't know quite how powerful it would be but he did a little bit to see the effect.

He was faceing the ocean as he finally moved.

He drew the blade in a quick motion as he called out its name.

"Kusanagi" He said as he swung horizontally.

It would have been hard to notice had one not been paying close attention. All Might stared a little in shock at what he had just witnessed.

The waves there were crashing down in the distance, had all been cut in half.

Instead of exhibiting fear, All Might actually laughed.

"Is that truly the legendary Kusanagi?" He asked, a large smile on his face.

"It is." Alex replied.

"Very astonishing. I thank you for showing it to me." He said as the smile didn't fade.

Most people knew about the legends and mythology of their own countries. Them being in Japan, Kusanagi was something akin to Excalibur in their own history lessons. To see the real thing up close was probably an amazing experience for someone of this nationality. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-will._12036023805806905/training._35146952001771656">;s-will._12036023805806905/training._35146952001771656</a> for visiting.

The days passed relatively quickly.

Alex's days were spent between the two hero's who were 'babysitting' him, but he spent most of his time on that beach.

He was honestly curious at the boy's growth and wanted to see what would become of him. So he continued to watch while he also got some training in.

He was surprised as the summer finally came to an end and he looked at the state of the beach.

He sat there with the boy and All Might. None of them spoke as they just stared at what he had accomplished. It was clean, it was untouched.

"Well done." Alex finally spoke. He had gotten to know the boy a bit over the past month or so and was proud that he could accomplish this.

Midoriya looked exuasted, but there was happiness present. It was something he had accomplished through his own hard work. It was a step towards his dream.

He had finished almost just in time for the tests to enter the school. It gave him a few days rest so he would be in his best condition to participate.

Over this past month, Alex's interest and almost done a complete 180. He was annoyed about the situation he found himself in and did not look forward to having to be a 'teaching assistant'...but something changed a bit.

Watching that brat work so hard made him remember scenes from his own childhood. The thousands of hours just swinging his sword. The blood sweat and tears that were shed just so he could improve even a tiny bit.

He wanted to see them. The ones who would share this boy's dream. He wanted to see what they would become, what they were capable of.

He wanted to see if they would prove him wrong, if these people would be worthy of the weight that the title of Hero Carried.

Alex was looking at the coming school year in anticipation.

Coraulten Coraulten

Next is the entrance exam to get the story in full swing. So far, Alex is just kinda taking a back seat and observing everything.

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