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Chapter 69: A Mother's Despair.

"AVADA KEDAVRA." The jet of green light directly hit the child who suddenly stopped screaming. The Mother quieted down for a second, stunned by what just happened in front of her. There was disbelief in her eyes, She couldn't believe that the child who was playing and laughing with her an hour ago died just like that.

"NOOOOOOOOO," A sharp scream escaped her mouth as he saw the child lifeless body spinning. She reached out her hand towards her son, Trying her best to reach out to him. She stopped caring if anyone sees her naked. The Death Eaters were laughing looking at her suffering. They were enjoying watching the mother struggle.

As for Blair, He stunned with what just happened in front of him. He felt rage as well as guilt looking at the scene. He couldn't save a 7-year-old child as he was killed right in front of him. He instinctively turned off his emotions with his occlumency to avoid any mistake due to the rage he was feeling right now and began to observe his surroundings. Right now he was surrounded by at least 50 death eaters from all of the sides pointing their wands at him. He then gave the woman a last glance before lashing out his wand in a horizontal way.


A huge arc of Black flames burst out of his wand speeding directly towards the death eaters in front of him. The golden masked death eater instantly apparated 10 meters behind him to avoid the flames still watching him closely without counter-attacking him. As for the other death eater behind their leader, Most of them apparated like their leader, others ducked down were as some of them were directly hit by the cutter, easily cutting them in half like a knife cutting butter. As everyone was distracted dodging his massive Firecutter. Blair made a wand motion and summoned the woman towards him. He didn't summon the child as he knew that he was a lost cause. As soon as the screaming woman reached near him stunned her to stop her from interfering in his fight.

As his firecutter passed them, All of the Death Eaters began to send offensive spells mixed with killing curses towards him. Blair quickly made a circular motion around him and a wide stone wall began to form around him protecting him and the woman from the spells of the death eaters. More specifically this wall was made for protecting them from the killing curses as those pesky spells were impossible to block through normal shield charms.


" igneme custodem" He said calmly as more Black flames began to burst out of his wand creating a circular dome with raw magic mixed with it. He then made another wand motion and the transfigured walls suddenly went down resulting in dozens of spells hitting the fire dome from all the sides. The Death Eater wearing the golden mask was still not attacking him. He was just observing the fight like an observer, trying to figure out how strong Blair was. He didn't look scared the slightest, it was the contrary actually. He was smiling like a maniac like he saw sometime interesting in his life for the first time.

As for the other death eaters they continued to fire spells towards him, fortunately, no one casted the killing curse as he would have to move aside and it would make it difficult to protect the woman laying on the ground.

A few seconds later the dome began to show the sign of shattering, Blair made another complicated wand and more fire began to come out of his wand reinforcing the fire dome with double protection. The dome was now two times thicker then the initial one.

'Now let's see who is laughing'

The dome suddenly began to shoot hundreds of black flame bullets in all of the direction hitting most of the Death eaters. Unlike the normal fire, this fire bullets were not dispersing after hitting their victim, instead, They straight away penetrated the death eaters. All of the Death Eaters suddenly turned their tactic from Offensive to Defensive as the bullets were quite dangerous and even a single mistake could potentially kill them. As for the Death eater in the golden mask, Despite the death eaters losing, He just stood there smiling as the violet shield in front of him deflected the black flame bullets easily.

"Retreat" The golden masked Death Eater said looking directly towards Blair with his delighted brown eyes. All of the Death Eater looked relieved because by now most of the death eaters were heavily injured and they even suffered multiple casualties. They quickly began to apparate one after another. Blair sent few killing curses towards the death eaters but couldn't kill any one of them as they apparated away.

"So the rumors were true, You are quite strong, Such a shame I couldn't see your full potential. But no worries we have plenty of time and resources to see your full strength next time. We will meet again Blair Bradley." with that, The Death eater wearing the golden mask apparated away, But not before casting the dark mark in the sky.

Blair stopped his fire dome shield and looked around him. His black cursed flames were wreaking havoc around him. Burning everything that came to its contact. He saw as his flames burned the corpse of the son of the woman as well as the few mutilated parts of the death eaters, Some of them were even burned alive. He made the last wand motion turning the fire off before taking off his expensive rob and covering the naked woman. The woman was still stunned. Blair decided to keep her this way until he finds a healer. He picked her up before apparating away. He didn't want to deal with the ministry inquiry as every single spell that he just performed during the battle were extremely dark, especially the Killing Curse.

Blair then began to search for Sirius and the kids. His first stop was the tent they were living in. It was completely burnt with only the frame remaining. As he was examining the the site he suddenly saw another dark mark in the distance. He quickly apparated there just to see Aurors sending stunners towards a group of children. The stunners were deflected by a familiar blonde-haired man.


"Stop you imbeciles, they are just kids." A familiar voice came from his opposite side. It was Frank Longbottom wearing a red robe indicating his status as the Head Aurora.

"Which one of you did it, who fired the dark mark." Barty Crouch Sr came running from behind pointing his wand towards the kids.

"What's the meaning of attacking us like this." Disguised Sirius said angrily, ready to explode.

"You casted the mark, didn't you. Who are you? Tell me your name." Barty's wand then pointed towards Sirius.

"He is with me" Blair said calmly which attracted everyone's attention as he came near them.

" Even if they are your friends Blair that doesn't mean that they are innocent." Crouch turned towards Blair.

"Come on Crouch do you really think that I would associate myself with those people who support Voldemort's ideology? and I think you should focus more on catching those bastards rather than suspecting some children." Blair said with a little heavy tone as if indicating Crouch to back off.

" I think we should investigate the bushes. I am pretty sure my Stunner hit one of them hiding in there." A scarred face auror said in a deep voice. He pointed towards the bushes not far away from them.

"I'll go and investigate." A rooky auror said as he went towards the bushes.

"Orion can you please take this lady to the healers, I found her unconscious on the ground while coming here, also take the kids with you." Blair handed the woman to Sirius under the watchful gazes of everyone. He wanted Sirius to go as far away as possible from the Aurors because even though he was declared dead, many people still remembered his face as his wanted posters were all over the wizarding world. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-despair._49291723758685246">;s-despair._49291723758685246</a> for visiting.

Sirius just nodded as he guessed what Blair wanted and was happy to go as far away as possible.

"I found one, I foun...oh blemly...." The rooky Auror cursed in the middle of his sentence. Everyone rushed towards the bushes whereas Sirius and the kids took the Portkey.

"T...this can't be, IMPOSSIBLE," Crouch shouted in disbelief.

In front of them was the house-elf of the Crouch family laying on the ground with an old wand in her hand.....


The Elf slowly opened her eyes blinking multiple times before observing her surroundings. What she saw around her, frightened her so much that she started trembling.

"ELF!" Amos Diggory who was with them this entire time said serenely. "Do you know who I am? I am the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Can you explain, what you were doing with that wand under the Dark mark?"

"I....I...." That poor creature was so frightened that she couldn't even answer him properly.

Diggory didn't wait for her to complete her answer instead he took the wand from the elf and casted Prior Incantato on it.

"you are caught red-handed elf," Amos shouted with a triumph expression on his face. "You are caught guilty for casting the Dark mark"

"N....No, Winky didn't do anything..."

"Don't lay to me Elf. You were caught with the wand that casted this dark mark." He pointed towards the Dark mark above them.

", Winky was just running from those bad wizards, Winky didn't do magic with wand"

"Come on Amos, There are only a handful number of wizards knows how to cast the dark mark, Think where would she even learn it." Frank said while looking at the elf who was now trembling.

"Perhaps Amos is suggesting that I taught my servant how to cast the Dark Mark." Crouch said angrily.

"No...Mr..Crouch..I didn't mean to imply that..." Amos said horrified...

"Then what were you implying, Accusing my house elf means accusing me..."

" How about we just ask the house-elf where did she got the wand...." Frank came in between trying to resolve the situation.

"Winky tell me, where did you find this wand....." He asked politely.

" I f....finding it here, Sir, W...Winky swear Winky didn't do wand magic." Winky stuttered.

"Still what were you doing here when I ordered you to stay at the tent...." Crouch said coldly "Amos I know you want to take her in, for questioning, But let me deal with her."

Amos looked a little troubled but didn't say anything against his request as Crouch was quite influential in the Ministry.

"You don't have to worry she will be punished for her actions." Crouch's voice became even colder.

" M...m...master?" The elf stammered.

"I would never have expected this from you, I have no need for an elf who disobeys her master, That's mean clothes!" Couch threw his handkerchief on the elf.

"NOOOOOOOO...M....Master please....Not clothes.....Not the clothes...." The elf prostrated in Crouch's feet crying pitifully.

Couch just gave a cold look before turning around as everyone followed behind him leaving Blair and the crying Elf.

The duelling professor was looking calmly at the crying elf, Pondering, whether to take her in or not. After thinking for a few more seconds he walked towards the crying elf.

'Don't mind if I do Crouch'

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