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Chapter 50: Brats.

Blair was sitting in his office, marking the exam sheets of the end term exam when suddenly his door burst open revealing 4 heavily breathing students.

"There is a thing called knocking, do I have to give you children a crash course on common courtesy." Blair didn't lift he head from the paper. He kept on doing his work.

"We know who is trying to steal the Philosopher's stone," Harry said.

Blair hand suddenly stopped. How looked at them in surprise.

"How do you know about the stone."

"That's not important, Snape will try to steal it tonight from the trap door under fluffy" Aurora said while panting heavily.

"The headmaster had restricted the entry for the third floor, but you kids still went there."

"But that's not important Sna...."

"Enough, I don't want to see you going anyway near the third floor, Do you understand," Blair said with a hint of anger in his voice. Of course, he would be angry, The traps under that trapdoor were deadly to 11 years old children. They were only laid out so that the thief would think that the genuine stone was hidden there.

"But Sn...."

"I don't want to hear anything else. Go to your dormitories."

All four of the Gryffindors went outside the door with their heads down.

'At least Melania was not in this group.'

After that Blair began to continue marking the papers. But a few minutes later he got up from his chair and went straight towards the Gryffindor tower. He just wanted to check that the children didn't do any idiotic and went straight to the tower as he instructed them.

After 10 minutes

'Why is this school so large'

Blair reached in front of the fat lady and knocked on the door as he didn't know the dormitories password.

" Hey, show a little respect to your elders. I was having such a great sleep." Blair ignored the Fat lady's complaints and continued to wait for someone to open the door from inside. A few seconds later the door opened revealing 2 familiar boys, the Prewett brother.

"Frank did you do something," Henry asked his brother while still looking at the professor.


"Professor we didn't do anything, It was probably the twins."

"I am not here for that, I just want to know if Miss Grindlewald, Miss Granger, Mister Weasley and Mister Potter are in their rooms or not."

"We didn't see them entering through the door, We have been sitting in the common room for hours."

Blair cursed in his mind before turning around and rushing towards the trap door.

Fluffy was sleeping beside the trap door as the classical music was playing on the phonograph. He took out his wand and directly jumped through the trap door. He landed gracefully on the ground as the Devil's snare was already gone. Blair rushed inside the next room, which was filled with flying keys charmed by Flitwick. The flying keys tried to attack him, But he melted them in a matter of seconds with his cursed fire. He then blew up the exit door of the room. As soon he entered the next room, he saw the chess pieces in rumbles. Aurora sitting beside an unconscious Ron in the middle of the board.

"Didn't I tell you not come down here," Blair shouted, his voice filled with anger.

"But you wouldn't listen. We tried to tell you that Snape was trying to steal the stone. We even tried to tell Professor McGonagall." Aurora rebuked back.

"Do you really think that a bunch of 11 years old brats know better than the adults who have multiple decades of experience."


"No buts, I will talk to you later, Sit here quietly. I will pick you up after getting the other two."

In the next room, a troll was sleeping, It was the same troll which Blair was about to kill during the Halloween. He placed a silencing charm on his feet before hurriedly walking through the exit. It was not that he was afraid of the troll, It was just that he was running out of time. In the next room, a Black fire was acting like a barrier between the next room and the current one. Blair didn't hesitate he just walked through it as this trap was created by him. He charmed the fire in such a way that as long as a person had a specific potion in their body it will let the person through. But Blair was master of the fire, it let him through.

The things that were happening in the next room horrified him. Quirrell was strangling Harry with both of his hand. Blair quickly pointed his wand towards him.


Quirrell barely dodged the green light as he jumped to his right. The professor looked at him in fear.

"Who would have thought that the thief would be a babbling idiot like you."

Quirrell was about to respond when suddenly Blair heard a familiar cold voice which he hadn't heard for years.

"Blair Bradley, I prevent possessing my servent's body as it causes me serious backlash. But I personally want to kill you." Suddenly Quirrell shuddered for a second before he closed his eyes. After a brief moment, he opened his eyes, But instead of his usual panic-stricken brown eyes, They were familiar cold scarlet eyes. Blair's eyes widen a bit in disbelief.

'He was supposed to be dead'

"We meet again Blair Bradley."

"Tom?" Blair murmured as he tried to compose himself before pointing his wand towards him.

"Don't call me that" Quirrell who was now possessed by Voldemort said In anger. "I hate that name".

After that, both of them stared at each other for a brief moment before Blair sent a spree of white spell towards Voldemort, Who rapidly blocked them without any problem.

" Come on Blair do you really think that this pesky spells can defeat me, If you are holding back because of Potter, How about I solve that problem for you, Avada Kedavra." A green light shot through his wand, Slithering its way towards the only child in the room, Who just kept on looking at the Greenlight.

Blair hastily sent a knockback jinx towards Harry as Voldemort was casting his killing curse. It sent Harry flying, He went unconscious as soon as he hit the wall. Voldemort didn't stop at this, He was about to send another Killing curse towards the unconscious child but got distracted as Blair sent his own Killing curse towards the dark lord. Voldemort gracefully dodged it and sent his own counter killing curse towards Blair. Blair barely dodged it before rotating his wand in a circular motion, forming a whip created by Black flames and slashed it towards Voldemort.

"Still lacking. Why hold back when your life is depending on it." Voldemort casually blocked it with a shield before sending a rapid spree of unknown purple and violet spells in return. Blair casted a 'Protego' and was about to cast a counterspell when suddenly the wand in the dark lord's hand fell on the ground. It was as if the Dark Lord was struggling to control the body.

"This damn body." Voldemort cursed.

This was the only opening Blair needed, He sent a Killing curse towards the Dark Lord, Who somehow dodged it, but before he could recover.

"Flammasectum"(Fire cutter)

The spell hit his opponent neck, Directly beheading him. Blood coming out like a fountain from the still-standing body. It stood there for few more second before falling on the ground.

Seeing that his opponent was down, Blair rushed towards the unconscious child, hastily casting a minor healing spell on his injured head before picking him up in his left shoulder. He sent his Black flames towards the beheaded body. Before turning around to leave.

" NEXT TIME WHEN I AM IN MY OWN BODY I WILL PERSONALLY KILL YOU." Voldemort's rage-filled voice came from behind. Blair rapidly turned around and was about cast a spell, But unfortunately, the spirit had already passed through the wall .He gave a frustrated sigh and was about to leave the room when his eyes fell on the mirror which was placed in the middle of the room. He suddenly stopped his moment looking blankly at the mirror for a second. The thing that he saw in the mirror shook him through the core. He pointed wand towards it.


The mirror shattered into pieces. After seeing the destruction of the mirror he turned around and left the room.

"No one can bring her back." He murmured as he was leaving the room.

After reaching in front of Aurora who was still sitting near a now conscious Ron.


Darkcrowww Darkcrowww

Tell me if you have any new ideas that I can add in the fanfic.

I already found inspiration from 3 of you guys.

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