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Chapter 67: Delphini

"So you are saying that you are the granddaughter of Sirius Black's great grandfather Phineas Black, Who was actually disowned?." Blair said with suspicion in his voice.

"Yes, My father died when I was younger so I didn't have a home to live in. So I decided to live here as it was abandoned anyway, now mind telling me why are you here." Delphini asked calmly.

"Well, this estate now belongs to Sirius Black Jr and Melania Black." Delphini's eyes wandered behind him as he was giving his explanation. "So as their guardian, technically for now I own this estate."

"amm hmm..., and what about Sirius Black Sr being alive when the ministry has declared him dead....." Delphini said, still looking behind him.

Blair had a bad feeling about it. He turned around just to see Sirius laying there in his original form. The polyjuice probably wore off as he was stunned.

'Your timing is impeccable Sirius'

Blair gave a sigh before turning towards the women.

"I am sorry to say this, but I will have to oblivate you.," Blair then immediately casted Legilimency on her, just to check if she had learned any mind arts as she was quite formidable in duelling, and the results were beyond his expectation. Not only was she an Occlumens, but a strong one on top of that. She was probably at the same level as Master Occlumens like Dumbledore, Voldemort, and himself. There was a high risk that the oblivation spell would backfire on him.

'hmmm should I kill her?...what is fucking wrong with you Blair, only kill people who deserve it, not the innocent ones'

"Judging by your looks and Legilimency attack right now, You are probably thinking how to silence me. How about I make it easy for you" She was still calm as she raised his wand towards the ceiling. "I swear upon my magic that I will not reveal anything about Sirius Black Sr being alive to anyone, nor will I harm both of you unless or until you attack me first"

Blair was surprised as a white ray of magic shot through her pitch-black wand. Anyone would be surprised by this as the unbreakable vows are not taken lightly in the wizarding world. They can be used against you if you leave any loopholes in your vow.

Blair also found it a little weird that she didn't say her name in this vow.

'It worked anyway so....'

Blair looked at her for the last time before turning around and reviving Sirius.

"Wha...what....the hell happened." Sirius looked a little confused. He slowly got up and looked at Blair, then his eyes fell on Delphini. "and who the fuck are you".

"your cousin," Blair answered.

"My cousin? As far as I know, all of my cousins are muggles." Sirius was still thinking that he was in his Polyjuise disguise.

"am Hmm" Delphini just continued to look at him.

"So I don't think...what?" Blair pointed towards the mirror which he just conjured from a decorative piece placed on the table, Sirius turned towards the mirror just to see himself in his real form "Fuck...."

"You don't have to worry she swore an unbreakable vow," Blair said to him. His friend looked a little surprised.

"Well, that's good, anyway who again?"

"Grandaughter of Phineas Black," Delphine answered.

"The one who was disowned?" Sirius asked in surprise.

"Yes," she answered.

"That's good, two disowned members of the Black family living in this house," Sirius said in glee. He probably was happy that he could piss his mother off even more. "What are my mother's thoughts about you living in her house.."

"She thinks I am the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and as I have Black blood inside me I can control Kreacher." She said in her smooth calm voice.

"HAHAHA" Sirius burst out in laughter." That old hag couldn't even do her maths properly when she is inside the portrait, That's good HAHAHA" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As both of the Blacks were having the conversation Blair continued to observe her. The story adds up and it doesn't matter even if she was lying, She had already made an unbreakable vow that would prevent her from causing any harm to them.

"Ok you can live here, But please try to maintain a distance from my room." She said.

"Hey, I should be the one saying that and why would I go anywhere near your room, I have no intention of making a move on my own cousin," Sirius said before turning around and going down the basement.

Blair gave her a last suspicious glance before returning to the library. After few minutes Sirius brought an expensive bottle of whiskey which was at least worth 100 gallons. Both of them began to drink talking about various things all night long.

After that day Blair would visit Sirius once or twice a week. Sometimes he would even bring Harry, Aurora, and the Black twins with him. Delphini would mind her own business ignoring them like they didn't even exist and Blair preferred it that way.


Everyone was returning home. The school ended and this time it was Gryffindor who had most of the house points. Aurora and Melania have been teasing an extremely annoyed Sirius jr all day long. The boy was more annoyed by his Sisters teasing him than the Slytherins loss.

Blair and the kids were standing at the train station as the kids said their goodbyes to their friends. Today Harry was looking quite happy as he was excited to see his godfather the next day. Sirius Sr had promised him that he will visit him every day.

Then his eyes fell on Nicholas, who was standing alone at the station, waiting for the students in front of him to go inside the boggy. Blair walked towards him taking out a book from his robe. This book contained quite a bit of magical theory as well as dozens of offensive spells used in the duel. He took out this book from his personal library, which he had built after years of collecting books.

"Nicholas," Blair said as he stopped in front of him.

"Sir?" The boy looked at him.

"Here," Blair handed out the book, Which the boy took hesitantly. "I want you to learn every single spell until the next year start. I will test you after you come to school next year."

"Yes sir" Nicholas gave him a rare smile. Others might think this like a teacher giving the student a summer assignment. But Blair knew Nicholas didn't see it this way, He knew how the kid felt as at one point in life he has been in the kid's shoe. He wanted to make the kid feel like he was not alone in this world, someone was looking after him even though it was in an unusual weird way.

'I wonder if I should introduce him to Miss Lovegood.'

{ A/N: I know I say this everytime but I will try to be regular from tomorrow. Yesterday few things came up like everyday so I couldn't post a chapter.}

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