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Chapter 73: First Task

Blair right now was sitting in his office writing a letter to Gringotts to transfer funds to the Twilfitt and Tatting's account for his pending payment for the clothes he bought yesterday from this luxurious clothing store. The reason they let him keep tabs was that he was their regular customer and has been buying clothes from their shop since 1983. He liked the clothes from this luxurious clothes store as they were quite comfortable and the quality was top-notch.

Suddenly a Phoenix Patronus came through his office window and Dumbledore's voice echoed through it.

"It's time"

Blair looked at the dispersing Patronus before he stopped writing and got up from his chair. He walked towards his opened office window before standing on the ledge. He looked down at the ground for a millisecond before jumping through the window. he began to fall on the ground with great speed, He felt wind brushing against his face as his speed of falling increased. The ground came nearer and nearer and as he was about to reach the ground he waved his hand downward. His speed of falling suddenly slowed down before stopping completely when he was 3 feet away from the ground. Blair made another hand gesture and the slowing down spell got canceled resulting in him to land on his feet. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He could have just flown towards the exit if he wanted to, But it was too flashy for his taste.

Dumbledore, Hagrid, Barty Crouch Sr, and a familiar red-haired boy were standing at the edge of the wards. One can easily distinguish him as a Weasley just by looking at his facial features. he and Hagrid were having a conversation whereas Crouch and Dumbledore were enjoying the scenery of the forbidden forest.

"Ahh...There you are...." Dumbledore said in his normal jolly voice as he saw Blair reaching towards them. "Blair you might remember this remarkable young man right here."

"of course, how can I not recognize him, After all, I was the one who restrained his baby dragon from attacking other students that he smuggled inside the school," Blair said casually.

"Well, professor I was just a kid back then." The redhead boy said in an embarrassed voice.

"I am not your professor now Mister Weasley, you can call me Blair."

"Calling you professor just feels right."

As they were having a conversation, The old man took out 5 stones from his light blue robe and handed one to each one of them.

" The password is Lemon drops."

Blair felt a familiar suction feeling, which he had felt countless times throughout his life, and the next thing he knew he was in front of a giant warehouse in the middle of a forest, unknown to Blair.

"ops, I forgot to place the intent charm on the portkeys," Dumbledore said casually with not the slightest hint of guilt in his voice. Blair was 100% sure that the old man deliberately did it. To make good memories as he likes to say.

"No need Albus, no need, Shall we head inside," Crouch said as he waved his wand and the warehouse's door slowly opened revealing 4 dragons chained down with 10 feet thick iron chains. All 4 of them were quite ferocious and were trying their best to get out of the chains.

The dragons began to roar as soon as they saw them. Two of them even tried to attack them with their arms.

"Beautiful," Hagrid muttered looking in wonder.

"aren't they." Charlie Weasley said, also looking at the dragons.

'How the hell are they beautiful. They just look like ugly overgrown lizards.' Blair thought to himself but didn't speak out.

"Beautiful indeed" This time it was Dumbledore."You people have been taking good care of the dragons."

"It's all thanks to Mister Scamander. He gave us a few tips on how to take good care of them during his last visit to the Dragon preservation faculty."

"He is talented in this sort of thing. Did you see his trunk?" Dumbledore said still looking at the dragons.

"Yes, I would never forget that experience for the rest of my life." Charlie said with longing in his eyes. "Anyway these are the dragons that are going to be used in the first task."

"hmm....Hagrid did you bring the trunk."

"Yes Professor Dumbledore, How can I forget the most important thing" Hagrid took out a trunk which, he was keeping in his humongous robe.

"Ok Albus do your thing." Crouch requested.

"With pleasure." The old man took out his wand and slashed it towards the dragons. The dragons slowly began to shrink along with the chains. Blair looked at this extremely advance transfiguration calmly. In entire Britain, Dumbledore and Minerva were probably the only two people who could perform such great feet without any problem. As for Blair, Even though he was one of the strongest wizards alive, He could never successfully shrink them without killing them. After all, Transfiguration and potions were always his weak point, Even in his early days. Make no mistake he was far better in transfiguration than the maximum number of wizards and witches. But he could never reach the same level as Dumbledore and Minerva.

'Maybe Olivia would have done it. By now she would have been on the same level as Minerva.'

Blair sighed at this, Hagrid had already put the dragons inside the trunk.

"Ok, our work here is done. Now Hagrid and Mister Weasley you can go. Just cast a canceling the spell on the dragons and they will revert back to their normal state. I would suggest you ask Minerva to perform the spell" Dumbledore said before taking out 2 stone from his robe and handing them to both of the animal lovers.

'How many stones does this old man has hidden in his pocket.'

"The password is the same." The old man then looked towards Blair and Crouch. "Now gentleman shall we Head to our ways."

He was talking about the Ministry as today was the day they had their annual weakly meetings. Blair and Crouch nodded before apparating away.

The Ministry was as crowded as always. Blair, Dumbledore, and Crouch stood at the apparation point.

"Well Albus, I will take my leave," Crouch said before leaving for his department, leaving Albus and Blair alone.

"Shall we..." Albus said heading towards the Court followed by Blair. On their way they meet few familiar faces, some of them were acquaintances and some of them were Wizengamote members. Both of them greeted them before they entered the Elevator. The elevator's door closed and Dumbledore put his hand inside his blue robe before taking out 2 small candies.

"Lemon drops?"

"Thank you." Blair took one of the candies, popping it into his mouth without any hesitation.

"You are probably the only person who takes these delicious candies. Other people and students always deny it, Strange."

"Well as the saying goes, Don't take candies from strangers, especially ancient old men," Blair said with a little humor in his voice. Albus was one of the few people he would joke with like this.

"They never took them even when I was teaching transfiguration in Hogwarts. ohh I still miss those olds dvitalityy full of energy and vatility, No sign of weakness even after the entire days of teaching rebellious teens." Dumbledore said looking forwards as if remembering his old day. But Blair didn't see any longing in that old man's eyes, They were twinkling like always.

"Well, you can just create a new body if you want to" Blair suggested despite knowing the answer he would get.

"You know that I don't use dark magic and I am happy with this one"

"You just said that you miss your younger body, You should first figure out your priorities."

" Ohh I already have my priorities set. I just miss those days that's all, I am happy with my current situation. I have lived quite a long life, Most of my friends had already departed to their next great adventure," Dumbledore said softly.

"You can talk about your great adventure after that bastard is killed, as for me, I have no plans on dying until that bastard is dead," Blair said as his eyes turned cold.

The elevator suddenly stopped and the door slowly opened.

Blair's one of the most hated enemy was standing in front of him.

'Lucius Malfoy.'

Another person was standing beside him. He was a tall handsome man who looked to be 25 to 30 years old, cold brown eyes with a hit of redness at the back of it. jet black hair and a sturdy body. He was wearing expensive-looking clothes similar to Blair. With a beautiful ring in the middle finger of his right hand.

"Well Well, If it isn't Albus Dumbledore and..ahh.....Blair Bradley." Lucius said in cold voice.

"Lucius," Dumbledore said as he observed the man beside him. The old man's eyes flashed a bit as he saw the ring in the man's hand, but no one noticed that "and who might be these gentlemen be."

"Corvus Lestrange," The man said while leading his hand forwards, His voice was cold which reminded Blair of a certain snake face bastard. There was a small smile on his face.

"Albus Dumbledore." The Old man replied in his usual jolly voice as he shook hands with the handsome man. But Blair knew it was just a facade," and this is my colleague Blair Bradley."

" Of Course, Everyone knows about The Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore and the world's first Muggleborn Wizengamote member Blair Bradley." The man said calmly. " It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Oh, the pleasure is all mine...Strange I never saw you in Hogwarts."

"I was homeschooled by my father and his acquaintances." The man said calmly. "He was quite good at magic, So he thought it was better to teach me personally than to let other teachers teach me as you had already stopped teaching transfiguration in Hogwarts."

"So your father studied in Hogwarts, May I know his name,"

"Of course, My father's name was Tom Riddle," The man said casually. Blair's and Lucius' eyes widen as the man revealed his father's name whereas Dumbledore continued to look at calmly as if unaffected by the fact that the man standing in front of him was the son of the most feared dark lord ever live. "I would really like to continue this conversation but unfortunately I am a little short on time."

"Of course, you may have a good day," Albus said in his jolly voice as they parted ways.

The last thing Blair heard as the elevator door closed was the voice of Lucius.

"Was it really necessary my lord,"


10 November, Blair's Office.


Blair's office burst open revealing an extremely angry Aurora coming towards him and quietly sitting on the chair in front of Blair who was doing some paperwork from wizengamote.

"So want to tell me what happened," Blair asked after half a minute. He knew that his daughter was waiting for him to ask the question. She always does this whenever she is angry.

"Dad, I want to learn Fear the black night," Aurora said her voice still radiating anger.

"So you did learn the books I gave you,"

"Of course I read it. I am going to show them that I can win the tournament."

"Who" Blair leaned forward trying to look a little curious. he knew what she was talking about, But he acted like he didn't know anything about the taunts from the students. He also didn't do anything about the taunts as Dumbledore gave him this good advice to let her know that there are consequences for reckless actions she does and it was really important to let her learn before she grows up even though it was in a hard way.

'And at least she is learning more spells because of this.'

Because of the taunts of her schoolmates, this stubborn brat had done everything she could do to learn more offensive spells to win the tournament and Blair was happy because she might be able to protect herself even more efficiently when the war comes knocking on their door. In war she would be one of the most important targets for the death eaters as she was the daughter of one of the two main powerhouses leading the light side.

"Fine, But you have to understand this is a dark spell and you cannot casually perform them on humans. Now tell me what does the spell does." Blair leaned on his chair pleased with this situation. He didn't mind his daughter learning dark magic, he would even teach her the darkest of dark magic if it meant that it will keep her safe.

As for Sirius, He knew that the boy was definitely going to learn all of the spells in his personal library even if he tries to restrict him, As for Melania, He will have to find another excuse to teach her some offensive magic.

"ah... I just read it,.....The caster's wand shoots ribbons of black smoke that coil around the victim's body; it causes them to fall in an unconscious state, during which they have the 'feeling of drowning in a thick and black liquid, while their worst fears come true before their eyes, one after the other. Like an endless nightmares-filled night..."

"Good, Now tell me what happens when a victim is kept under the spell for a long time." Blair was pleased with this situation. His absolute Gryffindorish daughter was finally leaning spell instead of hanging out with his friend or playing quidditch.

"If you put the victim under the spell for hours, the victim loses the will to live and the strength to fight, and most likely dies"

"Good, Now tell me, On what other things does it work."

"It works on nearly all of the living things, even the magical creatures like the dragons and the basilisk,"Aurora said without any hesitation.

"Excellent, Now let's move on to our practicals...." Blair got up and went to the middle of the room."Do you know the incantation?"

"Of course," The silvery haired brat got up before taking out her wand.

"Then cast it on me...."

"...." Aurora looked a little hesitant.

"Come on brat do you really think that you can hurt your old man so easily. If it was Sirius then I would have taken out my wand for him. But for you, my hand is enough, Now come at me." Blair wanted to piss her off to help her give her everything while attacking him and it worked.

"Atram-Noctam-Time" A wisp of black smoke came out of her wand heading towards Blair But dispersed in midway.

"Try again," Blair said calmly with his full-on teacher mode. The result was similar. But this didn't discourage him as this was normal when a person was trying to perform a high-level spell.

"use your emotions brat, use them to fuel your spell."


24 November.


Today was the day task one was going to be held. Blair right now was sitting alone at the corner of the teacher's section. Two of the contenders have already done their tasks. Victor Krum managed to successfully recover the egg. As for the Veela, well her suit was set on fire due to the snort of the dragon, But she did manage to get the egg. Now it was Aurora's turn.

The Swedish Short-Snout dragon was already brought to the stadium by Chalie and his team. Half of the students began to boo, most of them were Slytherins and the other half were cheering loudly, Mainly Gryffindors. The commentator called out Aurora's name and the first Gryffindor champion came outside the tent with nervousness on her face. The girl looked at the booth, trying to find someone, soon she found whom she was looking for. She looked at her father who gave her a reassuring nod. The girl gulped one last time before taking a deep breath. She now looked a little calmer. Maybe it was her father's reassurance or maybe she has finally adapted to the reality she has to face. She slowly took out her wand pointed it towards the dragon.


Aurora's Pov


Right now she was facing a dragon a fucking dragon. The dragons were supposed to be strong and incredibly resistant to magic. They were so strong that one would need at least 5 wizards to take it down.

'So what, my father has taught me the spell.'

She really had full confidence in her father. If her father tells her to jump from a cliff she would jump without any hesitation as she knew that he will never hurt her. She had seen what happens to the people who hurt her. She also knew that her father was not good at parenting and would spoil her rotten, even so, She took full advantage of this. This may be selfish on her side, But children have the right to be selfish. Father always said that enjoy your life as much as want until you are a kid and she was did exactly that.

She pointed her wand towards the dragon who was looking at her with ferocious eyes. Aurora didn't attack straight away instead she first tried to locate the egg and to her annoyance, it was to the other side of the stadium, near the dragon.

"Accio egg, Accio Dragon egg, Accio Golden Egg." Nothing happened.

'Well, it was worth a try.'

After seeing that the summoning spell didn't work, she made a wand motion and shouted.

"Bombarda Maxima." A white beam of light spewed out of her wand directly hitting the dragon under its neck. The spell was more powerful than any average 4th years could perform, but it was not enough to injure a dragon, though it did anger the dragon quite a bit. It began to thrash around before heading towards her like a bull towards muleta. In her panic Aurora sent another Bombarda towards the dragon, but the results were the same. The dragon was yanked backward by the chains as it was 15 feet away from her. The dragon began to spew fire towards her which she dodged by hiding behind the rock. The fire was so hot that it nearly melted the entire rock behind her. Right now she was breathing heavily as it was probably the first time she got in such great of mortal danger in her life. The devil snare, The werewolf were also dangerous, but she had her friends and siblings with her. Right now she was all alone. She tried to calm herself down but her body refused to comply. She then looked towards the audience just to see a few of them looking at her in disappointment whereas some of them were looking at her worriedly. Her eyes then fell on the lone figure standing at the corner of the teacher's booth looking at her with his wand in his hands with his reassuring grey eyes as if telling her that he would intervene if anything dangerous were to happen to her. Aurora took a deep breath before a resolute expression replaced her nervous face. She stood up and pointed her wand as soon as the dragon stopped his fire.

"Atram-Noctam-Time" She shouted poring every bit of anger she felt due to the treatment of his schoolmates. An extremely pitch-black fog spewed out of her wand surrounding the dragon from all the sides. The dragon faded into darkness and all of the stadium began to hear the whimpers of the dragon from inside. The entire stadium went into a brief silence at her extraordinary display of magic before the Gryffindors began to cheer loudly as if they had just won a house cup. A certain greyed teacher had a proud expression on his face, But it soon went back to a calm one.

'Ok lets hurry.'

Aurora dashed towards the egg and picked it up without any problem. The task was over, she put away her wand, and as she was about to return to her tent when the dragon broke through her spell and began to rush towards her in rage. The dragon was moving so fast that Aurora didn't have any time to take out her wand and just as she thought that she was going to die as the dragon was 5 feet away from her, an overpowering spell came from the teacher's booth hitting the dragon right in the middle sending it flying, It hit the wall before sliding down, Heavily injured and unconscious.

'What am I even afraid of when he is here.'

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