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Chapter 72: Hogwarts Champions.

"Aurora Grindlewald," Dumbledore shouted calmly observing Aurora closely, Some of the 4th year Gryffindors began to cheer and clap whereas the other houses just stare at them in disbelief. Many of them were wondering how did she cross the age line placed by Dumbledore himself, The Professors were also shocked due to the same reason. After the initial shock worry surfaced on most of their faces as the tasks were quite dangerous. As for Blair, He just stood there calmly observing Aurora, trying to figure out whether she put her name in the goblet of fire or not. There was also a hint of worry in his eyes. Even though the tasks were not that deadly, They could still seriously wound a 4th-year student.

As for his daughter, she was looking a little shocked because of her selection. She had never in her wildest dream thought that she would get selected.

"Miss Grindlewald can you please come this way." Dumbledore again said.

Aurora who was in shock slowly got up from his seat and headed towards Dumbledore. Happiness radiating from her face. She glanced at her father just to see him looking at her with his calm grey eyes. Guilt flashed through her eyes for a brief moment before happiness returned, but it didn't go unnoticed by Blair. She went to Dumbledore taking the slip before going to the waiting room.

"Now that all of the champions have been selected le....." The headmaster stopped in midsentence as The blue flames of the goblet again turned red. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'What is it now?'

Blair cursed in mind as he saw the slip caught by the headmaster. The Old man's eyes widen a bit before returning back to normal.

"Harry Potter"

Whispers began to spread throughout the great hall. It was not because a 4th-year student got selected in the tournament but because Hogwarts now had 2 Champions which would give it more chances of winning and it really was a serious matter.

Blair glanced at Gryffindor table just to see a wide-eyed Harry looking at Dumbledore in disbelief. It was as if his name coming from the fire was the last thing he expected.

"Harry Potter, please come here if you please." Dumbledore again called out his name in a serious voice. The messy-haired boy stood up from his table and walked towards the headmaster, everyone's eyes following his every step, He blankly took the slip from the headmaster before going to the waiting room. Blair followed right behind him.

The waiting room was quite heated. As soon as Blair entered the room, He saw his silvery haired daughter standing face to face with the French Veela, and by the looks of it, she was about to hex her.

"Who are you calling little kids huh, I can kick your arse anytime with the spells my father had taught me this summer," Aurora shouted furiously, coming closer to the Veela. Their faces only inches away from each other.

'Why does she sound exactly like that Malfoy brat.'

"Such foul language." The Veela also rebuked furiously.

"Haaaa... you are complaining about my language, wait until I hex...." She stopped in midsentence as she saw his father.

"Miss Grindlewald, Mister Potter please accompany me for a second," Blair said calmly as he went to the corner of the room with the two Hogwarts champions following him. "Now mind telling me if you are the one who put your name in the Goblet of fire."



"Sigh...Aurora first.....How did you put your name in the goblet, did an upperclassman helped you? or did you ordered Lucas to do it,." Blair asked, looking calmly at Aurora who was looking a little hesitant.

"A...classmate of mine helped me," Aurora said in a small voice.

"let me guess miss Granger."

"How did yo...ah No it's my other friend."

"you really are a bad lair.....Now tell me where did she get the information to bypass the age line."

"from the books.." She said in smaller voice, Blair spotted a hint of panic in her eyes.

"where did you get the books"


"Aurora...where did you get the books? "

"Well, I may have ordered Lucas to get books from your personal library. I took only 3 books, that's all, Hermonie successfully performed the spell in one go, but Strangely enough, the spells only worked on me, It didn't work on Ron or Melania."

'The spell didn't work on any one of them, It was probably due to her older soul.'

Blair went silent as he continued to look at her. Even though he looked calm from the outside, He was troubled from the inside because The brat in front of him did something extremely idiotic and he knew that he should be angry at her, But strangely enough, he couldn't bring himself to be angry at her. Hell, he wasn't even angry that she sneakily took the books from his personal which contained extremely dark spell and ritual books.

'Sirius is right, I am really hopeless sigh.....'

He then turned towards Harry.

"What about you....did you put your name in the goblet of fire..." He asked the messy-haired boy

"No Uncle Blair, I don't even want to be in this Tournament ."

"Did you ask anyone to do it for you...."


He then again turned towards Aurora.

"Did you put his name?"


"Did anyone of your friends did it?"


"Sigh...I don't know what to do with are the one who put the name in the fire so even though the tasks are quite hard for a 4th-year student I am not going to help you with anything. Also next time please ask for permission before taking someone else things..."

Aurora's face brightened, Her smile returning.

"You are my father, So what yours is mine and what mine is yours." She said cheerfully.

"Sigh....This brat,"

Just then Dumbledore and the other headmasters enter the room followed by teachers came.

"Madame Maxime," The Veela said, " Are these two kids competing in the tournament."

"Hey who are you calling a k...." Aurora stopped as she saw her father gesturing her to stop with his hand.

"I also want answers, Dumbledore," Karkaroff said with a steely smile, "How is it fair that Hogwarts has two champions now."

"Yes, it is unjust." This time it was Madame Maxime.

"I was under the impression that your age line will keep younger students away from the goblet of fire, Dumbledore." There was still a steely smile plastered on Karkaroff's face." If I had known that the goblet of fire would choose younger constants as well I would have brought more students with me."

Dumbledore kept his mouth shut blankly looking at the floor as if thinking about something. After a few more seconds he looked towards the two 4th year students and asked calmly.

"Did you two put your name in the goblet of fire?"

"I have already asked them about it, Miss Grindlewald had put her name in the Goblet of fire as for Mister Potter, well he denying on putting his name in the goblet of fire," Blair answered.

"Of course he is lying." The gaintness said.

"Why don't we choose one more champion for each of our school to make the competition fairer," Karkaroff said.

"It is not possible, the Fire in the goblet of fire is gone. It will not lit up until the next tournament is started." Dumbledore said calmly.

"Then we will not be competing in this tournament."

"Empty threats Karkaroff." Moody said in a harsh voice," we both know that your champion has already been bounded with a magical contract as soon as he put his name in the goblet of fire."

"All the more reason for me to complain to the Ministry of Magic about this." Karkaroff's smile widened.

"Look who is going to the Ministry. Didn't go to them, when you bastards and your former snake faced master were torturing innocent people and children a decade ag..."

"Alastor," Dumbledore said warningly, the inter room went into a brief silence before Blair said.

"I don't doubt it that Aurora put her name in the goblet of fire. But in Harry's case, One will need an extremely strong Confundous charm to make the goblet forget that only 3 schools were competing and putting his name in name of 4th school which will guarantee Harry's selection. This was no work of a normal school student. This is too advance even for a N.E.W.T student. I still can't find any reason, why would anyone put Harry's name in the goblet, going such lengths and risks."

"Maybe someone wanted Potter dead," Alastor said.

"It is possible," Blair replied.

"You know quite a bit about this." Karkaroff's smile widened as he looked towards Blair as if trying to imply that Blair was the one who put the name of Harry Potter.

Blair was now pissed and was about to threaten him, but Alastor beat him to it.

"Of Course he knows. He has been fighting dark wizards like you his entire life. By now he has a fair share of ideas what you bastards th..."

"Alastor!" This time Dumbledore's voice was a little loud, Shocking everyone as the headmaster would rarely raise his voice. After a brief silence. "As Mister Potter has already been chosen and is bonded with a magical contract, He will have to compete in the tournament. We have no other choice but to let him and Aurora compete in the tournament."

"But Dumbledore...."

"My dear Madame Maxime if you have an alternative solution, I would be delighted to hear it."

The headmistress and everyone else went silent.

"Now how about we discuss rules with the champions."

Blair left the room entering the empty Great hall, All the students have already left. He sighed as he sat on his chair on the teachers' table, Thinking about what to do now. Even though he can't tell them about the tasks, He can't just sit there and do nothing.

'This brat really makes me worry quite a bit. There is nothing similar between her and Olivia. She would never have done something so idiotic like this, Guess it all depends on the upbringing of a child hah.'

He took out two stones from his right pocket that he would always keep with him for emergencies and wandlessly transfigured them into a Muggle pen and paper before writing something on it.

"Lucas." He called out.

"Master?" The house-elf appeared in front of him.

"Can you please bring these 2 books for me from my library." He handed the paper to Lucas Who disapparated as soon he got the slip.

The house-elf didn't make him wait for long. He returned with 2 thin books in his hand.

"Master" Lucas handed him the books. The titles of the books were 'Barely legal spells' and 'Heavy spells'. These were 2 of the books that he personally wrote, compelling spells he knew with their category. There were spells in these books that could deal serious damage to the victim. His signature and killer spells were in his other books on which he had personally placed an enchantment. To take out those books, one would need his blood.

"You may go." The elf disapparated. He started waiting for the meeting to end. In the meanwhile, he quickly read through the topics of the books to ensure that there were no dangerous spells that may harm the caster.

He heard the door open. all the headmasters, Professors, and Barty Crouch Sr exited the room followed by the Champions.

"Aurora and Harry please stay behind." He said The other looked at him for a moment before exiting the Great hall.

"Try to master as many spells as you can from these books," He handed them the books before looking at Aurora." I am not going to help you brats with anything related to the tournament so don't expect anything else from me....You can come to me if you need help with anything related to dueling, That's all" with that he turned around and headed towards the exit, "Oh right, You have already entered the tournament so no point in crying. Now just don't embarrass me by performing poorly in the tournament, give it your best shot."

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