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Chapter 74: Little talk.

The entire stadium went silent as soon as the dragon went unconscious. Everyone was looking in the direction of the teacher's booth wondering who attacked the dragon. The spell was powerful after all. It knocked out a Dragon in one hit. As for the caster of the spell, He was quietly standing at the corner of the teacher's booth looking calmly at Aurora as she went inside the tent. He decided to follow her after a few minutes.

Inside the tent, Aurora was lying on the bed as madam Pomfrey examined her closely. She had a few scratches here and there and that's all, but the Hogwarts healer refused to let her go before examining her completely.

" This school is getting dangerous day by day, Figutives, Basilisks, dragons, What's next, you know who? " she muttered to herself as she continued to do her work.

The other two champions were also there resting due to their previous task. The French Veela had a few burnt marks on her legs whereas the Bulgerian seeker was had heavy injuries on his torso. Aurora was the least injured champions until now and Blair was proud of her. He decided to teach her a few more powerful spells after the first task, It was about time he starts teaching her few lethal spells that could kill an opponent.

" You did well." He said as he reached near the bed.

"Hehe, I want to see what they want to say to me after this task." There was smugness and pride in her voice. After all, most of the students had already given up on Hogwarts' victory, and to win the first task without any major injury was far better than the other champions.

"Don't act so smug brat, There are two more tasks to go," Blair said trying to sound stern, But his face said a different story, There was a rare smile on his face which was reaching his eyes. He was happy with his daughter because she just successfully performed an extremely powerful 'Fear The Black Night' on a dragon. which was in no way a small feat for a 14-year-old.

"Hehe if the second and third tasks are this easy then the cup is all mine." There was still a smug smile on her face. "I wonder where should I keep the cup, about your library." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"First win the tournament, then we will talk." His smile widened, " Let's go outside, the judges are about to give their score."

Blair turned towards the exit. His silver-haired daughter followed behind him.

There were different numbers already floating above the judge's head. There were two 10s which were from Barty Crouch Sr and Albus Dumbledore, 9 from Madam Maxime, and a 3 from Kakaroff. Blair sneered at the Durmstrang headmaster before going back to the teacher's booth for the next champion which was harry. The messy-haired boy had learned quite a bit of spell from Blair's book, but he decided to retrive the egg using his firebolt which was a gift to him by Sirius Sr. The boy really had some skills with his broom. The dragon was unable to land a single hit on him. the boy easily dodged them as his seeker instincts kicked in. The Gryffindors, including Aurora and Melania were cheering at this display of quidditch skills loudly.

After the task, the messy-haired boy got the same score as Aurora. Now, Both of the Hogwarts champions were sitting in the first place.


Later That evening.


"Incarcerus (ties the victim with ropes..)-stupify-Expellimus. " Nicholas casted a chain of spells that he had learned until now towards the teacher who taught him.

"Incarcerus-Ventungo-Reducto " Sirius jr sent his own chain of spells as well towards Blair.

Both of the boys were fighting Blair as their daily detentions. Both of them were not in a good shape, They both looked haggard and like someone has beaten the shit out of them.

The professor easily blocked both of their spells before sending his own stunner towards them.

"COME ON, use your imagination, be more creative try to use different chains. Both of you used these exact chains 2 days ago." Blair scolded strictly. Right now he was in his teacher mode, where he didn't show mercy to anyone. even if the one he was teaching was his son.

Suddenly the door burst open revealing Aurora walking through it.

'Well Aurora was an exception'

" many times do I have to tell you to knock and then enter someone's room." He was tired of telling the brat to knock. she didn't know what curtesy was.

"Dad I want to buy a dress for Yulla ball. I want to buy the best one." Aurora ignored Blair's complaint and said excitedly.

"Ball?....oh right the Yule Melania and Harry, we will go to Diagon Alley in an hour or two." He then turned towards haggard Nicholas "you are also coming with us."

Blair wanted to buy this orphan a gift. After all he was the only special student other than his kids.

"What?" Nicholas asked hastily, There was also disbelief in his eyes.

"Of course, You will need something good to go to the it as an advance birthday gift."


"No buts you are coming with me....." Blair interrupted. "Ok, that's it for today, The detention ends now,"

"But it has only been an hour," Sirius complained.

"Blame your sister for it, I have to go finish up my work to free up my evening." After saying that Blair went to his office and began to complete his paperwork for today. He also sent a letter to Sirius Sr, to inform him that they are coming to Diagon Alley. After all the Grim Animagus would like to meet his kids and his godson.


Two Hour later.


Blair, The girls, Sirius Jr, Harry, and Nicholas were standing in the leaky cauldron waiting for Sirius Sr to come. The Grim Animagus didn't let them wait for long. He came in his usual disguise as Orion. He was wearing an expensive rob with neatly combed hair and a round hat which Blair found quite strange.

"Well, Nicholas this is my friend, Orion... Blackneal." Blair gestured towards the disguised Marauder, He said the first surname that came to his mind." Orion, meet Nicholas Prince, my student."

"It's nice to meet you Mister Blackneal."

"No need for this honorific nonsense, Just call me Padfoot." Sirius Sr ignored glares he was getting from Blair for revealing his true nickname. "Anyway, where are we going."

"Twilfitt and Tattings" Blair gave a short answer.


" ah....mister Bradley...How may I help," They were greeted by the owner of the shop, Madam Twilfitt. The owner was an old woman, her face filled with wrinkles and her snow-white hair made her look like she was at the same age as Dumbledore which she was. She was wearing plain clothes, but if you look closely. It was made up of expensive fabric similar to that of Blair's.

"I would like to buy dresses for these kids, The occasion is a ball," Blair replied as he placed his right hand on Aurora's shoulders. He looked at the familiar interior. It hasn't changed a bit since the first time he came here a decade ago. The shop was as luxurious as always, There were clothes made up of fine fabric and gold threads, placed in front for display. There were different sections for different occasions and gender, customers attended by different store employees and few of the shop workers sitting on a chair waiting for the next customer.

Even though there were few free employees the owner came personally to attend to Blair as he was a regular and valuable customer like the Malfoys and the other rich pureblood families.

"Ok how about we start with Miss Grindlewald and Miss Black." The old woman knew whom to choose first as these two brats were quite impatient.

" Delphin what are you doing here." Suddenly Sirius Sr said in a surprised voice as he looked at the woman who was looking at the clothes in the casual wear section. Everyone's attention went there.

"Why can't I be here," The silvery haired Black family member said calmly as she looked at her cousin.

"That's not I wanted to say. All I am saying that you should have told me that you wanted to buy clothes, maybe you could have come with us,"

"And how was i suppose to know that you were going to buy clothes," Delphin said, a little annoyed.

"Ohh my bad, Anyway why don't you join us,"

"I was just finishing my purchase."

"Come on Delp, just help us choose our clothes." Melania insisted. Delphini hesitated for a second before giving a small nod. She and the kids has developed quite a good relationship.

"Shall we?" The old owner said. They were then lead towards the girls' section.


An hour later..


"Ok all done, Madam Twilfitt please send the bill to my account," Blair said in an exhausted voice. He was tired of selecting clothes for the girls. He could teach students dueling for an entire day or argue in Wizangamote for hours but choosing clothes really sucked. Blair wondered why females would take so much longer to choose their clothes. All of the boys choose their clothes in a matter of minutes, Hell in Blair's case, Whenever he wanted to buy clothes, he would just send a letter to Madam Twilfitt to just send him few good picks and he would return the ones he didn't like back. As for why the store would just send clothes to a customer, without fear of any foul play. Well, they had already taken a deposit before starting the delivery services. They would cut the amount from the deposit if any dress is damaged or missing.

"Dad, aren't you going to buy clothes for the ball? " Aurora said still struggling to hold her huge bag of clothes despite it being charmed with extension charm.

"No need, I am not going to dance anyway. I also have my few suits hanging in my wardrobe." Blair said calmly, He really was not going to dance in the ball. He couldn't, even if he wanted to, Embarissingly he didn't know how to dance. In his entire life, he never found it useful to learn to dance.

"Ohh come on Blair, you rejected to dance even in James' wedding, despite all of our request back then." Sirius Sr said. "You will have to dance."

"you know me Si....Orion, like Quidditch, dance is not my thing."

"Fine...." Sirius did argue much as he and James had already tried pursuing him during James wedding.

"Anyway" Siruis' Sr eyes became a little serious." Melania who are you taking to the ball."

Blair's eyes also turned a little emotionless.

"Not yet decided," Melania said casually, But by looking at her reminiscing expression Blair can tell that she had someone in her mind.

"What about you." Despite trying his best, Blair couldn't stop his voice from being emotionless as he looked towards Aurora.

"I have someone in mind but it's a secret..." Aurora said with a smile on her face.

"How about to tell me about him." His voice was becoming more emotionless. which was now noticed by everyone other than Aurora and Melania.


(A/N:- Sorry for the delay, I have been writing another story for a competition, anyway I will try my best to upload a chapter in a day or two.

I also know that the story is going a little slow but I assure you it will gain pace in a few chapters.)

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