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Chapter 71: Triwizard Tournament

The summer went by quietly without any more incidents. The kids including Hermonie have been living in Grimmauld Place since the day of the world cup. Blair would spend all of his free time with them, but would always go to Grindlewald's estate to sleep.

Right now Blair, disguised Sirius, and the kids were standing on the platform. The kids had already put their trunk in their compartment.

"Ok kids it's time to go, the train is about to depart," Sirius said as the train whistle blew. All of the kids boarded the train and began to wave their hands to say goodbye to Blair and Sirius Sr.

"you know you should avoid involving yourself with outsiders until your name is cleared," Blair said calmly while looking at the departing train. Sirius has been leaving Grimmauld Place daily for an hour or two, He wouldn't tell anyone about where he was going but Blair had a fair share of an idea who he was visiting.

"You know where I go, don't you? " Sirius said, to which he just got a nod in response. " I am just helping her in these dark times ok, Isabelle has no one to rely on, I will be on my way after she recovers a little bit ok,"

"Just reminding you, That's all. If anyone found out that the infamous Sirius Black is not dead. You and I will be in a whole lot of trouble."

"Don't worry I just meet her an hour a day as Orion, That's all."


Today's sorting ceremony was far from normal. There were extra tables placed in the great hall for the students of the other schools. Blair also heard shrieks of Minerva outside the great hall, Peeves probably played a prank on her. One of the highlights of the ceremony was Alastor's dramatic entrance. It really was quite dramatic. He entered the great hall just as a clap of thunder rang outside, the light of the Lightning falling on his face which made his scars look more horrifying. He gave an impression of the Darkest of the Dark wizard which was quite ironic for a man who had fought dark wizards his entire life. The former Auror sat beside Blair and began to have a conversation with him like old friends.

Then there was a huge uproar upon Dumbledore's announcement on the cancellation of the Inter-House Quidditch cup. Most of the students were quite angry, especially certain two Gryffindor girls who were ready to strangle a certain old man wearing a blue robe.

Then came the entrance of the Beauxbatons. The young teenagers wearing blue uniforms came through the great hall door heading towards them while dancing gracefully. Behind them was their gaintness headmistress, slowly following them as they danced.

Blair suddenly felt a familiar aura coming from a certain girl who was dancing in front of the headmistress.


But strangely enough, The aura was not as strong as a normal Veela.

'Probably part Veela.'

He then looked at students to see their reaction to this aura and the results were extremely disappointing. Most of the students except 6th and 7th-year students were staring at her with fascination and some were even drooling, especially Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnigan, and few other Gryffindors.

'Well, luckily Tomorrow they happen to have my class.'

The Headmistress sat beside them. Blair introduced himself to her whereas Alastor continued to look forward as if it has nothing to do with him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Bradley. I have heard quite a few things about you."

"Surely you jest." Just then Blair heard a faint snort from Alastor, probably finding his pleasantries funny.

"Not at all, I have heard so many things about you and your recent proposition for people like us." She was talking about his proposition in the Wizangemote for creating a job quota in Ministry for half breeds. Despite his proposition getting turned down, The Half gaintness probably had a good impression of him because of it'. After a few more pleasantries, they diverted this attention to the next contender in the Tournament.

It was Durmstrang's turn. Blair had to admit they knew how to make an intimidating entrance. But soon his smiling face lost its smile as he saw the headmaster of the Durmstrang. The former death eater sat to the other side of the table beside Minerva far away from him. Dumbledore probably planned this, probably knew that it was a bad idea to let the Former death eaters sit beside him and Alastor. Just like that, the ceremony ended.

The next day the entire duelling classroom was filled with students laying on the ground, few of Drumstrang and Beauxbatons included with only two men standing in the middle, facing their backs to each other.

"Do you brats have any idea how embarrassing it is for me to see my students acting like bimbos in front of the entire school?" Professor Bradley then pointed his wand towards a female Beauxbaton student laying on the ground "Haven't I taught you how to resist a Veela aura at the end of the last year. NOW GET UP."

Harry, Neville, Sirius, and the other students who were not stunned slowly began to revive the stunned students.

Suddenly the bell rang from the clock tower of Hogwarts, Harry could hear multiple sighs of relief including himself, finally, the torture has ended. But suddenly he heard multiple sounds of spells hitting students.

"CONSTANT VIGILANCE." This time it was Professor Moody who shouted. "Don't be relaxed as there are two more hours to go."

"WHAT" it was Ron who shouted. "But the DADA class is over."

"Didn't I tell you that this is a joint lecture and the next class you have is dueling so we are continuing the class, SO NOW GET UP" Alastor replied.

"Ohh bugger," Ron muttered to which he got a stunner.


After the class.


"Now I know why both of them are good friends," Ron said walking beside Harry.

"Well, at least we weren't the only one who got our arse kicked.." Aurora said glancing at the students from other schools who also came out of the class.

"Language," Hermonie said serenely.

"Are you Serious r..." Aurora said but was interrupted by Harry.

"No, she is not."

"Harry if you complete that joke, I swear I am going to beat the shit out of you with the hexs I learned this summer," Aurora said glaring at him.

"She is just bluffing. She didn't learn a thing this summer." Melania said.

"oh come on at least let me threaten him so that he can keep his mouth shut." She really was annoyed with this as Sirius Sr has been saying this joke the entire summer. Now if Harry also starts saying this joke she was going to lose her mind.

"Well anyway, you should have seen the reaction of the students of Durmstrang and Beauxbaton who voluntarily attended the class," Ron said. "This was probably their first time seeing such madness in a class."

"Durmstang students looked happy to me," Harry said looking at the Dumstang students who stayed behind to ask few questions to their torturers.

"Scew them, anyway, are you guys going to try to enter the Tournament," Ron asked.

"Why not." Aurora and Melania said in unison.

"I would like to see you try. Do you really think that it is easy to cross the age line created by Dumbledore himself?" Hermonie said.

"That's why we have you and my dad's books," Aurora said pointing her finger towards the bushy-haired girl.

"I refuse to help you with this task." Hermonie protested.

"Come on Hermonie I know you want to read the books from my father's personal library. Most of them are quite expensive and one of a kind. You might never be able to read them in your life. Think about the knowledge that you will not be able to read in your entire life." Aurora said slyly, she knew the weakness of her friend.

"I.....I....OK FINE....But tricking Dumbledore is not that easy and it's not like you are going to be chosen for the tournament anyway."

As for Harry, well he just wanted to have a quiet year without any life-threatening incidence, He didn't want to look for any trouble.


Duelling classroom.

The classroom was empty with only Nicholas and Blair standing opposite to each other with their wand drawn. Blair was standing relaxed whereas Nicholas was drenched in sweat with his continuous casting of spells.

"Now show me the water shield," Blair said calmly as he observed Nicholas.

"Aequor Tutela ( Blocks every type fire attack, If the caster is strong enough like Dumbledore level then he or she could even block fiendfire)" The boy made a slashing motion, and an unstable thin sheet of cold water formed in front of him. It looked like it could be broken with a simple fire-making spell.

"Barely acceptable for your age.....Now caste an Imprimis shield." Blair nodded to which Nicholas stopped his water shield spell and said the next incantation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Imprimis Patrocinor ( A small compact shield which can block all of the spells except the unforgivables.)" A small compact semi-transparent formed in front of him protecting only 2 feet distance around his wand. To which Blair again gave a nod before pointing his own wand towards the boy and casted a banisher.

The White spell came out of his wand rapidly hitting the shield, breaking it easily with a bang. It sent Nicholas flying and just as he was about to hit the wall behind him Blair made a wand motion which stopped Nicholas in mid-air.

"This also barely acceptable...." But Blair's expression said the opposite. He was pleased with the 3rd year student in front of him. The spells the boy just performed were high levels spells which even a 4th-year student would find it hard to cast.

"Ok enough for today let's go to the great hall, the names of the champions are about to be announced," Blair said as he turned around and exited the classroom followed by Nicholas. On their way....

"Professor, can someone bring back a person from the dead?" Nicholas asked silently. His voice was so low that the professor could barely hear him, Blair was caught off guard with this type of sudden question he looked at the kid's face and something flashed in his grey eyes.

"Yes, It is possible to bring a person back to life as long as his or her soul is within this world. but sadly most of the people's soul exits this world a few seconds after they are dead." Blair didn't say anything about the Horcruxes because they were abominations even for him. Bear in mind that Blair has experimented with extremely dark magic like the Inferius. But splitting your soul in half was another level of madness.

Nicholas just nodded before looking forwards his breathing become ragged which didn't go unnoticed by Blair, But the professor stayed silent.

After a brief silence.

"Want to tell me about it?" Blair asked calmly but didn't get an answer in response.

"I am here if you want to talk about it," Blair said as he sighed. The rest of the trip to the great hall went in silence.

The choosing ceremony has already started. Blair and Nicholas went to their own seats. Blair went beside Alastor Moody whereas Nicholas silently went to his own table.

"The Champion of Drumstrang is....Victor Krum." The seeker came forward as the applause started. He took the slip from Dumbledore and went to the waiting room.

As soon as he left the cup again sent another slip towards Dumbledore who easily caught it.

"The champions of Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour" The quarter Veela came forward and the applause again started. This time the Hogwarts students were quite composed as if unaffected by the aura, well mostly because of special training that Blair gave them.

Now it was Hogwarts' turn but strangely enough as soon as Dumbledore read the slip he didn't say the name instead he looked at a certain student on the Gryffindor table before turning towards Blair.

'Now what'

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