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Chapter 68: World Cup.

Blair apparated directly to the kitchen of the Grimmauld Place. There was no one in the kitchen aside from Delphine who was calmly drinking tea. Blair ignored her and went straight towards the main hall.

He was returning from Gringotts, the goblins summoned him to change his Vault to the Vaults in the lower floor as his current Vault has reached its limit to store Gallons. While he was leaving Gringotts, He took out every single book from his vault including Olivia's school books, and stored it inside his personal library which was located inside his bedroom in Grindlewald's estate.

Today he, Sirius Sr, Harry, and the kids were going to the Quidditch world cup. At first, Blair didn't want to go, But after multiple requests from the kids, he had to take them to the world cup.

Inside the Hall Sirius Sr was standing in the middle of the room with Harry, The Black twins, and Aurora with a bucket lying in front of them.

"About time you came, Let's go" Sirius said.

"Is this the portkey." Blair pointed towards the bucket.

"Yes, The password is the name of the greatest Pranksters of Hogwarts."

"ohh the Weasley twins and the Prewett brothers?" Sirius Jr said in humor. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Not those amateurs, Junior, Anyway everyone, grab the bucket tightly."After everyone grabbed the bucket "The Marauders."

A familiar suction-like feeling embraced Blair and the next thing he knew he was standing on a vast grassland with Sirius Sr standing beside him. All of the kids were laying on the ground.

" Why are all wizarding mode of transportat....." Harry's muttering stopped as he saw what was in front of him.

There were hundreds of tents in front of them with people walking here and there carrying flags of the teams they were supporting. Street performers performing like it was some kind of fair, multiple people flying in the air with their brooms playing one snitch Quidditch. Blair walked side by side with Sirius Sr as he casted a 'point me' charm towards their tents. the kids were following him, enjoying the festive atmosphere around them. After 5 minutes of walking through the heavy crowd, they finally reached in front of a small tent with a huge triangular symbol printed on it. It was similar to the symbol embedded on the front gate of Grindlewald's estate.

"Are you sure we can all fit inside this," Harry asked hesitantly.

"For Merlin's sake Harry you are a wizard." Ron's voice came from behind.

The Weasleys were standing behind them followed by Hermonie and the Prewett brothers.

"Is this your tent?" Arthur asked Blair.


"That's great, we are neighbors. We are staying in that tent," He pointed towards the tent 10 meters away from them. "The area is very congested to talk, Why don't you come to our tent after you freshen up,"

Everyone agreed before parting ways. The inside of the tent was like a small Luxurious house. There were multiple sofas with a fireplace in the middle of the huge space. It then had 8 small partitions at the corner. Every single partition was like a small room, with a single king-sized bed and a standing lamp placed in the middle.

"Ok kids let's freshen up." Sirius Sr said before going to his room and laying on the bed.


Right now everyone gathered on top of the stadium. The match was about to start. Blair had a ticket in the Ministry block as fudge invited him to the tournament, But he decided to take the kids with the Weasleys as they would enjoy the game with their friends rather than sitting with those old politicians.

Suddenly, Both of the teams entered the stadium riding their brooms making an amazing display of their flying skills. All of the Kids excluding Sirius Jr began to cheer loudly. The kid was looking at the VIP block of the stadium where a blonde girl was sitting with her sister and parents. Blair was observing him carefully.

"Do you have the tickets to the VIP block? I want to go there." Sirius Jr

"To meet Miss Greengrass?" Blair asked.

He just got a nod in response.

"Here take this, come back before 10 pm." He handed the ticket to Sirius Jr. The boy took the ticket and went straight to the VIP booth. Blair then diverted his attention to the game.

The match ended with the Irish winning the World Cup. The mascots of the Belgerian team who were sitting in the side booth were quite furious, Half of them turned into Harpy like creatures with flames in their hands. But controlled themselves from attacking anyone.

Melania and Aurora were quite happy because even though the Belgerians lost, their idol Victor Krum caught the snitch. The same can be said in Sirius Sr's case. As for Blair, Well he was just relieved that the game ended.

He gave a last glance at Sirius jr who was having a pleasant conversation with the Greengrass before leaving the stadium with the kids.


Blair and Sirius Sr were sitting on the sofa drinking Whiskey as always. It was late at night and Sirius jr just entered the tent a few minutes ago. He directly went to sleep without saying a single word to them.

"Makes me wonder what exhausting things did he do to go to sleep as soon as he entered," Sirius Sr commented drunkenly, looking at his son.

"There are so many things wrong with your sentence." Blair was a little sober.

"There is nothing wrong with my sentence,....and also h...H...he is making his father proud." Sirius replied.

"They are 14"

"So? there is no ag....."

" Okkkkk, you are should go to sleep."Blair interrupted him.

Suddenly they heard an explosion from outside followed by multiple screams. Blair got up taking out two sobering potions, Drinking one of them in one go before tossing the other one to Sirius.

Outside the tent, people were running away from the direction of the explosion with fear on their faces.


He then rushed towards the direction taking out his Basilisk wand.

As he reached near the explosion, He saw something that reminded him of the first wizarding war. A muggle child and a muggle woman were floating in the air, Screaming for help. The woman was naked as she tried to hide the private parts with her hand while trying to stop the motion of the child who was rapidly spinning. Hearing the woman's screams he found out that the child was her son.

Under them was a cult-like group of people wearing a mixture of white and Black mask led by a man wearing a golden mask.

'This Bastards'

Seeing this scene made Blair's blood boil. He rapidly made a complicated wand motion and sent a counter curse towards the pair of mother and child. But his counter curse was blocked by a semi-transparent violet shield. It was the man wearing the golden mask who casted the shield.

" Who would have thought that I would find you here. Father would be pleased if I bring your pathetic corpse to him...AVADA KEDAVRA."

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