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Chapter 17: Chapter 17

The morning classes were almost over when Aizawa announced, "We are gonna for class reps. Make it quick, its gonna be lunch soon, I wanna eat and get some sleep." All of us casted our votes. Boom-boy was unusually subdued.

The vote came up Me getting 8 votes and Momo getting 4 votes. I myself gave Boom-boy my vote. I just wanted to see what would happen if he got elected as class rep. Oh well.


The first session was over. The same people from yesterday's date- excluding Midoriya were standing in line to recieve our lunch, We went to get our food from Lunch Rush, my favourite hero came and gave our food personally, he was complaining... again. "These new generation kids...Tsk. They don't have proper diets. They stuff themselves with pizzas and burgers and whatnot...*grumble* *grumble*... Ah! You guys! Here, your order is ready. These guys should learn from you."

"Rush-san, I need a high calorie intake, filled with fats and lipids from time to time. Can you do something about that?" I asked. "I can. But why would you do that to your body?" He asked confused. I have a really nice balanced diet, so he was very much confused at my request. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I just showed him the <creation> quirk and told him a out its usage and he immediately agreed. But he did not agree because I showed him my quirk. He agreed because I made a really nice chef knife to show him my quirk. And gave it to him as a 'gift'.

With that out of the way, we went to our usual spot to sit down. They were talking about the battle combat training we had yesterday. I was talking with Hagakure, "Hagak- Toru-san I've been meaning to ask you something for a time." "Sure, ask away." she said licking some cream off her finger. She was not eating her food, which was really unusual for her.

"You see, its just that I wanted to ask you out to hangout together. You know, like a date or something else fun." When I said that, the whole table went quite. After a pause she said, "I'm sorry Monoma-kun but I'm not interested in you, in that way. Please don't misunderstand. Its just that you are not my type."

She told that in her still cheerful tone, although it sounded a bit forceful. "No no. Its not your fault! I was the one who jumped to conclusions. Really its fine." I tried to save face, unsuccessfully. An uncomfortable silence fell our table.

I had already finished my lunch by then, I excused myself and walked out.

Fuck!! I cursed myself, how the hell am I so stupid. I'm not even that handsome. I punched the wall, cracking it. Suddenly the alarm goes off, "All students please evecuate immideately, this is a level-3 emergency, there was been a breach in the perimeter." I looked out the window as a commotion started outside. Some reporters came rushing in through the entrance...those idiots.

All student come rushing out towards the emergency exit. Fearing a stampede, I flew into the air and used <one for all> and snapped my fingers. A sharp *TACK* was heard throughout the cafeteria. Everyone stopped in their tracks, seems I got their attention. I raised my voice, half-shouting...

"If you all will please calm down. There was a security breach and an alarm went of because some reporters thought it was a good idea to barge into the school. There is no threat to anyone's life and you don't have to be scared. Saying that, the protocols are still meant to be followed. Please form two lines, males on one line, females on the other. Proceed to the emergency exit in an orderly fashion and do not push or create a panic."

I stayed in the air watching all students leave, I left a little later, I dint want to face my class mates for now. I feel I don't know how I feel. I reached the classroom and sat in my seat silently.

I shook myself from what happened. I tried my hand and lost. I can't do anything about it, so I'm just gonna let it go. Ffffuuuuu... I calm myself and listen to Aizawa droning on, "Me, All Might and one more person are gonna be incharge of the next class course you are gonna have.

I want all of you wearing your hero costumes and assemble in front of the bus in 10 minutes." I put on my armour and quickly left. I was first to arrive and waited till everyone was inside and then got inside.

I sat in the first seat in the front of the bus, so no one would disturb my already disturbed mood. My mind was in a mess, I just wanted to crawl under my bedsheets and curl up in a ball. I felt drained, as if I'm gonna be sick, but I felt top notch physically.

I don't know which felt worse. The fact she instantly rejected me without a second thought or the fact she did it so cheerfully. I clenched and unclenched my hand... I wish someone could tell me what to do with these feeling and thoughts. But I don't want to ask anyone, I feel embarrassed enough, me asking someone for help is a given no. I don't want to appear weak.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when someone called me, "Yo Monoma! What are you spacing out for?" The electric-guy asked. "Huh..Nothing..." I turned away and looked outside the bus. My stomach is in a knot, my mind's a mess and I feel sick.

Today is shaping up to be a very bad day. *sigh* Could it get any worse?

mugen95 mugen95

Why the hate guys? its just a fanfic. there will be plot holes. it doesn't mean I had not given my best to write it, right? Its pretty tough to balance your job and make sure to write a chapter everyday. so bear with me, 'kay?

Saying that... thank you all for the support and the stones.

✌cheers guys!✌

Mugen Out.

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