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6.38% A Naruto Fan ends up in BNHA / Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Sakurai Kenji, a high school boy with the Chuunibyou syndrome was walking through the various stands wearing costume and makeup, stopping here and there to take a picture or gawk at girls wearing very revealing outfits. He was currently in the Akihabara 2019 AnimeCon, enjoying the time of his life.

Sakurai Kenji was a unique personality. He did not take shit from anybody. Whenever he was bullied either verbally or physically, he would respond with his fists. Be it a boy or a girl, he hurt them in a place where they could not show anybody or complain. He was pretty strong and learnt mixed martial arts just so he could fight.

He loved fighting, but he never went looking for a fight, except when he sees someone getting bullied. Everybody avoided him because they couldn't understand his personality. Even the one's he saves from the bullies fear him. But kenji dint give a fuck. His 2D world was more than enough for him.

He had dressed himself as Hatake Kakashi, a character in the Naruto franchise. It fit him perfectly, he went to the gym, got himself to look lithe and athletic with extreme hard work. Kenji once thought he would become Guy, Kakashi's eternal rival. He also coloured his hair white much to his parents annoyance and grew his hair out and using copious amounts of hair gel to keep it pointy.

Kenji considered him the coolest character in the whole series. Everything about Kakashi drew Kenji to him. His attitude, outfit, the single sharingan covered by his forehead protector, his mask that hides his face and most of all his ability to use a jutsu or technique to its fullest potential. He could copy anything he sees once with his sharingan.

He made it a point to pray to god everyday, asking him to be reincarnated into Kakashi if he ever dies. Surprisingly he did get his wish to reincarnate, but there was a slight twist. His whole life changed that very day. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He was going home when he saw a little girl dropping her ball and it rolled across the street. Kenji immediately checked for a rogue vehicle to jump the signal, for no apparent reason and there was one. A red container truck was heading towards the girl.

"Fuck off!" He yelled running at full tilt, he grabbed and threw the girl out of his way and had waited in her spot for a couple of seconds for the truck to hit him. Hell Yeah! He was not gonna let some idiot loli get reincarnated. This was his moment. "Death is only the beginning..." He muttered to himself, a huge smile on his face before the truck smashed into him.


Kenji PoV.....

"Mon..." "...ama" "Monoma! Wake up!"

"What the?! where am I !?" I stood up from my seat. The whole class started laughing. Wait, this aint my class. I feel shorter, lighter...I look at my hands. Yes! I finally reincarnated, but who the fuck am I? My thoughts were interrupted by a chalk thrown by the teacher. Out of pure reflex, I caught it with full force, crushing it to dust.

The whole class went silent, looking at me, their jaws dropped. "Monoma! This is unacceptable behaviour. Come with me to the principal's office" The man said storming out and walking fast towards the principal's office, I followed him but my thoughts were somewhere else. [Who the fuck is Monoma?]


I was in front of a kind old man who must be the principal, getting lectured. After I don't know how long, he told me to go back to class with a sweet/sour lemon candy in my hand and told me to pay attention in class. I did not hear what he was telling but just nodded my head the entire time.

I was just cursing his luck for not reincarnating into Kakashi Hatake. I was going back to class when the bell rang, all the students were filing out of the classes. The school's over, I have to go home. But where is it though?

I reached my classroom, took my bag from my seat and headed out of the classroom. I was going down the stairs, when someone roughly slung thier arm around my shoulder from behind. "Oooi Neitoo! Wait up!" I reacted out of reflex and twisted his arm.

"Whoa! Dude! Sorry 'bout that. Force of habit." I released him immediately, seeing he was my classmate who was sitting next to me. I looked at his name tag, 'Abarai Shin'.

We just walked silently. No...I was silent, Shin kept talking all the way. I just kept walking till Shin asked me why I was going past my house. I quickly went to my house after saying goodbye and told him I was just distracted.

I found the key in my wallet and I opened the door and found myself in the living room of an empty house. There were some cellophane wrapped 'onigiri' labelled, "I'll be late, make sure to eat and do your homework - mom". There was another label, "Don't go to sleep before I come, we need to talk."

I just pick up an onigiri and started munching. These are really nice...Oya? Is there filling inside? hmmm...nice tuna. Phew! Did not realise I was hungry till now. I pick up two more and went to my room, which I found out to be in the upper floor.

Dammit! I forgot to confirm which world I was in. That fucking Shin.... His incessant talking put me into a mini coma. I looked at the time-7:30. Well, I might as well get on with my routine.

20 minutes later....

Kusso!! *Huff*... *huff huff*....*wheeze*...*huff*... Wha-*wheeze* What the hell is wrong with this guys body? This Monoma guy is a fucking pussy or something. I can't even do 30 minutes of light exercise. My whole body aches...*groan* I have to start simple...real simple.

mugen95 mugen95

I know this guy seems like a psychopath but he is not.... I hope. The reason is because, a lot of his decisions are based on how I myself would react to the situation.

I know I will be getting some rage for throwing lolis without care but hey.... actually I have no excuse, sooo...sorry in advance. (I assure you that I don't go around throwing Lolis...Pls dont judge me??)

✌cheers guys✌

Mugen Out!

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