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20% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 19: Chapter 19 - Marital Bonds

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Chapter 19: Chapter 19 - Marital Bonds

"What did you do?" a loud scream woke me in the morning from a fantastic dream where I had god like powers and a harem of beautiful women who got along and satisfied my every need. I knew it was a dream when the women all got along, but it was still a great dream.

Opening my eyes I blearily stared up at a very naked Karen who was standing at the end of the bed in nothing but a pair of silky blue panties. I stared at her dumbly for several moments taking in the scene. She had an amazing figure that seemed more toned than Megan's. It was my first time seeing her naked like this and it was hard for me to think of anything else.

"What's wrong?" Megan asked from my arms obviously as sleepy as I was.

"The bond!" Karen yelled angrily.

That woke me up, Karen didn't usually get pissed at nothing. Not usually. I closed my eyes to try and sense her through the bond we were supposed to form while we were sleeping. I could feel her easily, too much in truth. In fact not only could I feel her presence, I could feel her anger and confusion as well, and not just her. My bond with Megan had gotten stronger too. Worse the feeling of the bond had changed. Before it gave off a misty kind of feeling like it could dissipate at any moment. Now it gave off a strong, firm, unbreakable feeling. Something had gone wrong.

As I was noticing the changes in the bond, I realized that there were more than two. The bond with Nala had changed and there were more bonds besides her. In total I counted ten such bonds. I paled as I sat up and stared down at Megan. My eyes roamed over her naked form for a moment, briefly distracted by my own desires which had gone unsated last night.

"Daryl!" Karen yelled getting my attention back to her which wasn't any better considering her own state of undress. A flare up from the bond made Karen and I shudder as she took a step closer to me her breathing becoming deeper.

"Hold on there." Megan said finally seeming to wake up.

Karen and I snapped out of it, she stepped back from me while I tried to focus my gaze at a wall. It seemed these bond had a much stronger effect than the previous one I had with Megan.

"What is going on?" Megan asked, I am sure she was glancing between the pair of us suspiciously, but I couldn't check, not without risking being distracted again.

"Our bonds have changed." I told her. "They are stronger, and feel a lot more permanent than yesterday." I explained.

"What does that have to do with you about to jump Karen?" Megan asked me sounding hurt and a bit insecure.

It made me feel horrible, I had a strong desire to wrap my arms around her and comfort her, but we needed to figure out what had happened. "My bond with Karen is the same as ours." I told her.

"What!" Megan yelled surprised. "How? No. When?!" she asked much angrier.

"We didn't." I reassured.

"You're sure?" Karen asked.

I nodded while still avoiding looking at the pair. "Yeah, you two aren't the only ones." I admitted.

I felt something push at me hard then I was lying on my back while Megan pounced on top of me glaring down at me angrily, tears in her eyes. "There are more?" she asked.

I was able to ignore the fact that she still wasn't dressed as I reached out and pulled her down into my arms. She tried to resist but failed. "Yes there are, but I have no idea how they got there." I tried to reassure her.

I could feel her tears flow down onto me making me feel horrible. I had absolutely no idea how this happened or what it meant, but I couldn't help but think I had become just like my father.

Karen moved to our side and wrapped her arms around Megan's shoulder. It was a bad idea. Coming from the side placed one of her full breasts in my face. "Karen…" I said preparing to tell her how bad of an idea it was, but my breath seemed to have a stimulating effect on her bare nipple causing her to moan.

I expected Megan to notice and get angry but she started to wiggle on top of me continuing to stimulate my already awakened. I shuddered as I realized that the feelings I was getting through the bonds of the two girls were only arousal. These new bonds were really potent.

Fingers made there way between Megan and I grasping me firmly then my own resistance crumbled.

It was still early when the three of us lay on the bed together spent. It had been like a dream for me. The both of them were incredible and responsive, not just to me but with each other. Porn was never going to be good enough again.

"What was that?" Megan asked from the crook of my left arm. "Not that I am complaining." she added quickly.

"No idea." Karen replied from the crook of my right arm. "But that need to fuck seems to have faded a bit."

Megan snorted. "You call this faded?" she asked.

"We aren't fucking." Karen replied.

There was silence for a moment then the pair started to giggle.

"Any ideas?" Megan asked me once they had settled down.

I shook my head. "I had a pleasant dream, but not even that explains how I have ten of these bonds. I don't even know who the other seven are." I told them.

"So you didn't do it on purpose because you were fascinated with the idea?" Megan asked.

"Even if I had wanted too, I wouldn't know how to do this. Besides I would have consulted you." I told her.

"You would have consulted her?" Karen asked.

I nodded. "You aren't the only one who has an interest in the fairer sex." I told Karen making Megan blush a deep red. "If I was resolute on forming a harem I would have definitely have asked her opinion on who to add."

"I never knew." Karen said staring at Megan.

Megan didn't say anything, just buried her head in my chest.

"She isn't really." I told Karen. "There is a difference between being interested and willing to actually do it. She is the kind of girl that would prefer to keep me to herself."

Karen nodded then sighed. "We really need to figure this all out." she grumbled then paused. "Will we react the same way with the others?" she asked suddenly.

That was a frightening thought. Even when pissed off and confused the three of us couldn't keep our hands off each other.

I gave each girl a kiss then stood up, "No matter what we will figure it out together." I told them, then looked at Megan. "You will always be my number one." I told her seriously.

Megan frowned at me then sighed. "It's the best I can hope for huh." she said a bit sadly.

I felt horrible but only for a moment as Megan perked up, "Will it be like that with all of us?" she asked with a sly smile.

Karen laughed at her than planted a kiss on the younger girl that left the three of us breathless despite the fact I was standing a few feet away now.

"Go, I will take care of her." Karen told me.

Megan wriggled out from under Karen, "No way you seductive vixen. If he goes alone he is just going to end up fucking with all of them!" Megan objected.

"You just want to be in on it." Karen teased with a carefree smile. It was nice to see her smiling like that despite the changes the morning had brought. Then again I knew Karen was interested in girls, after a few really bad dates with men she had dated a few girls before Michael. Those relationships had been passionate enough that I had thought she had given up on men completely.

Megan stuck her tongue out at her then dressed herself.

Karen joined us a moment later then the three of us left the room to discover who else I was bonded too.

I didn't have to go far to find the closest. The bonds wouldn't tell me who they belonged to, but I could get a feeling for which direction and how far away they were. Two were in the other bedroom of the same apartment.

I frowned looking at the door unsure who was inside. I could take a guess, and while one would be a problem, the other I would have serious misgivings about.

Megan opened the door and pushed it open. Inside Rebecca and Emily were snuggling on the bed together.

Spotting the pair I felt a reaction from one of the bonds. Rebecca squirmed in the bed and moaned in her sleep. It was obvious to me that one of the bonds went to Rebecca. Thankfully the other bond didn't go to Emily. I wouldn't know how to handle having that kind of strong intimate bond with an eight year old girl.

Looking around the room I noticed it was different than the other room, smaller, but cleaner and there was a plant rack by the window. I frowned then moved closer to the plant rack, there were six pots on the rack set so each of them could get light from the window, and I am sure there was once a time when each pot had its own plant, but now one large plant had taken root in all six pots. It was like a bush with bright green leaves, and pretty lavender roses, the trunk of the plant was covered in thorns while the branches were thick with needles alongside the leaves which were shaped similarly to a marijuana.

"What a weird plant." Karen commented looking at the plant.

"Problem?" Megan asked, probably sensing my shock.

"Number five." I told them pointing at the plant. It was better than a underage girl, but it had its own issues.

"Huh?" the two women asked.

"She is like me master." A female voice said from behind me.

I turned to see a stunning golden blonde woman with bright golden eyes, standing in the doorway naked. I was familiar with this bond and while it surprised me I knew she was Nala. "How so Nala?" I asked trying to keep my eyes off her slim toned figure, she wasn't as well endowed as Megan and Karen, but she was obviously more athletic and still had plenty to play with.

"She can take human form, and has become your Plant Empress." she told me.

I frowned then closed my eyes, as I feared my beast and plant abilities had changed. Now my beast ability showed images of Nala, one as a lioness, the other in the human form.

The plant was similar, I saw the image of the plant by the window, while it also had the image of a pretty green haired woman with lavender eyes and tanned skin. The only difference was I had the feeling she needed a name.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the plant then sighed. "We can call her Mary from now on." I said naming the plant girl.

"Mary the marijuana plant?" Megan asked me, "hardly original."

As we watched Mary shook in the pots then glowed a faint green before withdrawing from the pots and changing shape to the pretty green haired girl I had seen in my ability. She was almost unnaturally thin as well as abnormally busty.

Megan gave me a scathing look, which I wasn't sure that I didn't deserve. Mary's figure was something you could only see in an anime, which meant I had to have had some kind of influence on her figure.

"What's going on?" Rebecca said from the bed looking up at us sleepily while Emily continued to sleep on completely oblivious.

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