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26% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 25: Chapter 25 - The Silent Bond

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Chapter 25: Chapter 25 - The Silent Bond

Once we had finished eating Jamie and Jessica led us to a large break room that was usually reserved for staff. It had a few tables and chairs, plus a large couch facing a big screen television. There was also a small kitchen and a fridge in the corner of the room but as we had already eaten we ignored it.

I settled onto the couch, Megan sat to my right while Jamie settled onto my left. I gave each a glance getting a brief kiss on the lips from Megan and a shy blush from Jamie.

"Don't get him started Megan." Karen warned.

Megan groaned then nodded.

I was confused for a moment but my level of arousal started to skyrocket this close to the girls, especially since we were all alone in this break room. I remembered how potent the bonds effect on our lust was this morning, apparently it hadn't abated.

I closed my eyes to concentrate or I was sure this was going to quickly devolve into another orgy.

Focusing on the bonds I had I could separate out the nine of eleven I already had. They were brighter than the other two and had an image of the girl it was attached to inside the orb.

I focused on the last two bonds that had no image in them. One had to come first and I initially was going to randomly pick one, but focusing on them I was able to sense some emotions from one. They were faint unlike my other bonds, but I could still sense fear, grief, and confusion from one of the bonds. The other bond was completely silent. After a few moments of thought I decided to go after the silent bond. Something was wrong there and I wanted to check on it. Since I could sense emotions from the other I was sure I would be able to sense danger like I had with Megan, Rebecca, and Heather. Since she wasn't in danger I could go to her second.

With my decision made I focused on the silent bond then activated my space ability. Following Calidia's instructions I forced a space tunnel to appear between us. It was like an act of brute force, and I had my own reservations on whether it could be done better, but I didn't have the time for experimentation right now.

Opening my eyes I thrust my hand forward to push the energy through the space tunnel bringing it into being.

The gray colored space tunnel formed on the television extending above and below the screen. The tunnel was nearly a foot long showing that the distance was farther than when I created a space tunnel to rescue the girls from the store.

On the other side of the tunnel I spotted a incredibly beautiful blonde woman lying quietly on a hospital bed asleep but hooked up to several monitoring machines.

Without hesitation I stood up and walked through the space tunnel. As soon as I left the space tunnel it closed behind me but I was too focused on the girl to notice. Seeing her I remembered who she was and confirmed that she was my ninth bond.

Grace Monea a college student at Arizona State University like I was, but from a completely different field of study and attended classes at the northern branch campus. She had made news a few months ago after a drunk driver hit her car into one of the canals. Rescue teams were able to save her life but she had been under to long and never woke up from her coma. It was a perfect story to fight against drunk driving as she was pretty, had very good grades, a great reputation, and her parents had a lot of money. I remembered her simply because I had seen the news article and felt sad that such a pretty woman was a vegetable with a slim chance of waking up, and that had been months ago.

I walked to the side of her bed the reached out my hand to cup the side of her face. Even sleeping in a hospital bed Grace was very beautiful, maybe even a level or two above Megan and the other girls.

With my hand on her face I could feel her inner space. Like the other girls who I had bonded she had awakened, to my surprise she had a silver core already, but I was confused when I noticed she had awakened her body ability. If that had awakened the why was she still unconscious?

Loud screams distracted me a second later. I looked up towards the door that was closed. I hadn't heard it from the other side of the space tunnel, and was too distracted by her to notice that there was something very wrong with this hospital.

A moment later the door to the room was pushed open and a group of three rushed into the room the shut the door firmly behind them.

"Are they still after us?" a younger girl who looked to be in early teens asked. She had long blonde hair and had a similar appearance to Grace. The older pair also resembled her with their own blonde hair and fair looks. I had to guess that these three were Grace's family.

A loud bang on the door caused the younger girl to scream in fear. While her parents jumped back frightened.

I stepped forward conjuring black lightning as I went. "Mary can you help?" I asked out loud startling the family of three.

"Who…" the father starts to ask but another series of loud bangs interrupts him then a loud crack as the door cracked under the pressure.

'No master, there are too many beyond the door.' Mary responded.

That didn't bode well but I didn't think I had enough time to get the family of four through the space tunnel and close it before that door burst open, and I wouldn't risk everyone on the other side of the tunnel.

I still remembered the upset nauseous feeling I had in the pit of my stomach as I killed that red twisted earlier, but I steeled my heart and charged up my black lightning.

Another bang and the crack in the door opened revealing a green twisted on the other side of the door. Beyond the green I could make out more red and greens in the hallway.

The green twisted spotted me and roared angrily. I raised my arm pointing it at the twisted, as I released the bolt of lightning I hope and prayed that it only harmed the twisted.

The black bolt of lightning hit the green twisted in the face shattering its head like a melon then the bolt continued on past that twisted into the next, I could vaguely feel the lightning as it traveled between the twisted like a chain lightning spell of video games.

After a few moments the black lightning dissipated. I felt weaker, I had put a lot of energy into that attack.

I stepped closer to the door and peered outside through the cracked door, I could see a large group of twisted laying on the ground with burns on their bodies. It was a disgusting sight but I forced myself to look. The twisted were living breathing beings, I never wanted to feel comfortable killing them despite the fact that if I didn't they would have ripped me apart the moment they had the opportunity.

Waves of mana floated out of the corpses then rushed into me filling my inner space with a dense layer of mana. I groaned as my inner space strained to contain all the mana. Then my abilities awoke and began to suck in the mana. I frowned then looked back at Grace and attempted to push the mana that still hadn't entered my body towards her. The mana in the air hesitated for a moment then split into two streams, the majority continued to flow into me and be absorbed by my abilities while the smaller stream of mana flowed into Grace.

"Who are you." Grace's father asked me once it was apparent that the danger had temporarily passed.

I didn't answer him, instead I moved to Grace's side and cup the side of her face with my hand. Peering into her inner space I could sense the mana that had flowed into her but it wasn't doing anything. I scanned her abilities, like I had been when I was a silver she had all the elements, an ability that looked like angel wings, another that looked like a shield, body which was activated, mind which wasn't, then time and space. My mind raced as I wondered if I needed to stimulate her body ability up to the second level then I shook my head. The first level of the body ability would have fix any problems with her body so if she hadn't woke up then the problem was elsewhere. Looking at her abilities I focused on mind. It hadn't awakened, but I wasn't sure it would help. The feeling I had from that ability scared me so I had been avoiding it for fear I would fall into the temptation of what I could do with it. Given the kind of bond I had established with the girls it made my fears seem a bit stupid.

I grit my teeth then pushed some of my own mana into her mind ability hoping to stimulate it into awakening.

Her mind ability latched onto my mana like a starved vampire sucking at it intensely drinking all it could get. The mana in her own inner space was drawn into her mind ability then after it felt like she would suck me completely dry her mind ability formed the familiar orb around it signaling the awakening of her ability.

I retrieved my sight from her inner space then gazed down at her for several moments waiting.

"Hey, don't ignore me!" Grace's father yelled at me angrily. "What are you doing to my daughter?!"

"I am trying to wake her up." I replied.

"How.." her father started to ask but stopped as Grace began to wiggle on the bed.

She groaned and frowned for a second then she seemed to relax for a second followed by her eyes fluttering for a few moments before they remained open revealing beautiful violet eyes. Grace stared up at me for a moment her eyes fixed upon my face then smiled. "Thank you." she told me her voice a bit raspy.

I smiled down at her and nodded. "No problem." I replied. "You should try to get up, this place isn't safe."

She nodded then looked around and spotted her family. She smiled at them tears in her eyes but she didn't say anything as she pushed the bed sheet back revealing the hospital gown she was wearing and her long smooth perfect legs. The hospital gown was hardly flattering, yet it couldn't mask her figure and natural charm.

I turned my back to her to give her some privacy as I stepped closer to the cracked door checking to see if there were any more enemies coming for us.

"Thank you." Grace's father told me as he joined me by the door.

"You don't have to thank me, it wasn't a selfless act." I admitted to her father.

"What was it then?" he asked me.

"I will explain more later, but not here." I replied.

Grace's father didn't seem to like my answer but didn't argue with me.

"How did they get bigger? All you did was sleep!" Grace's sister complained in a low grumble that I was able to make out with no trouble.

"I'm ready." Grace called out from behind me.

I turned to see her dressed in a simple white t-shirt and blue jean shorts. It was simple attire, but on her it looked incredible. I had no idea how my other girls would take the addition of such a natural beauty to their ranks.

I had no intention of getting further involved with this hospital so I concentrated on my bonds with the girls so I could create a space tunnel to them. Before I could create the space tunnel a new scream rang out. It was full of grief and desperation, worse it was the voice of a child.

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