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28% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 27: Chapter 27 - Orders

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Chapter 27: Chapter 27 - Orders

On the first floor the two men led me outside of the hospital to a large armored car that had already had strong restraints installed.

"Please let them out one at a time." Doctor Welshin told me.

I nodded then opened a space tunnel from the space I was keeping the twisted I had captured at the store. None of the twisted were willing to go through the space tunnel on their own so I shifted the walls of the space to push them out one by one.

With the appearance of the twisted men moved forward, injected them with a tranquilizer.

"How?" I asked looking at the unconscious twisted. Derek had recently told me the drugs didn't work on the twisted, but moments later I understood as the twisted woke up in the restraints. The drugs weren't completely ineffective, they just didn't last nearly long enough. In a normal face off against the twisted it wouldn't be useful, but in the current situation it was just enough to allow them to properly restrain them before they woke up.

After the third green I noticed that the soldiers were looking at me weirdly. I wasn't sure if it was my powers, but I had a weird feeling it was something else. I took a bit longer to pull out the red while I used my air ability to form a hard layer of air armor around my body, just in case. I was probably overthinking, there nervousness could easily be explained by being so close to living twisted, but the frequent glances at me was odd.

"You will need stronger restraints for the red one, and even stronger ones for the blue." I told them before I let the red out.

"We have a stronger dose of tranquilizer for them and we can double or triple up the restraints." Doctor Welshin told me.

The red was drugged and restrained just like the greens.

I stopped when they had the red stored.

"What is it? Don't you have a blue too?" Doctor Welshin asked impatiently.

I nodded. "Yes, but this isn't enough." I told him again. "The blues are much stronger than the others."

"We have already run tests and are sure of our dosage." Doctor Welshin reassured me. "It may not last long but it will be long enough." he assured me.

I had to wonder what they were basin those tests on when they had never had a twisted in captivity?Could the corpses have given them some insight to their resistances?

I sighed then pushed the blue twisted out. Unlike the purple I had just encountered he was much larger than an average man and had a powerful aura of intimidation around him.

The soldiers moved quickly as I held the space tunnel open in case I needed to store him back in my space. There was no way I was going to let him run free this close to my women.

The tranquilizers were administered and the blue fell to the ground unconscious.

I watched it warily, I could kill it with ease from a distance, but I had no confidence in a close range battle.

It was only after they had set four sets of restraints on the blue that I closed the space tunnel and the space I had stored the twisted in. I kept the fact that I also had a purple to myself. I had my own experiment I wanted to try, besides they weren't prepared to take her right now.

Doctor Welshin smiled at me. "You too." he told me then several soldiers advanced on me with tranquilizer guns.

Five guns were pushed at me but none of them were able to breach the wind armor I had set up.

"Did you want to die now or later?" I asked them coldly.

"Daryl, we have orders." Derek said behind me.

I turned slowly to face the general. "I do not follow any orders but my own. Try again and I start to kill your men." I told him coldly.

"We need you to determine what differences between an awakened such as yourself versus a mutant like them." Doctor Welshin tried to argue with me.

The glare I gave him didn't phase him in the least.

I channeled black lightning into my hands and let them see it curling around my hands.

"We are under orders to secure samples of awakened, it is either you or the girls." Derek told me seriously.

I met his gaze, but felt through my bonds to check the status of my girls. They seemed fine, but they were on the move. Worse they were a level below me. I had noticed there was a basement to the hospital but had no idea why they would be brought there. "You do not seem to understand general, if you come after me I will retaliate, going after them means we can no longer work together and I will take any further contact between us as hostile." I replied then opened a space tunnel to where my girls were. "Oh, that blue is can snap those restraints like twigs." I added before I stepped through the space tunnel.

It was hard to tell who was more surprised to see me come out of a space tunnel in front of them, the girls, or the soldiers escorting them.

As soon as I appeared the soldiers reached for their guns but I zapped them with a low powered black lightning, I was pissed, but I wasn't ready to kill humans yet.

"What's going on?" Jessica asked pushing to the front of the group with Jamie.

"Derek has orders, I refused." I replied simply watching the girls faces and feeling their emotions through the bonds.

Surprise, denial, regret, and finally fear from Jessica while Jamie was furious. "Is he alright?" Jessica asked me fearfully.

I nodded. "I lied and I told them the blue was about to break free to distract them as I left, though I doubt it worked." I told her. "Though he did threaten to take you girls in my place if I didn't go with them." I added making sure they knew, whether Derek would have spared them or not was something I didn't know, but they would have to make a choice.

"We better hurry then." Jamie told us. "He will have planned for the chance that you get away." she told me.

"Jamie!" Jessica objected.

Jamie glared at her twin, "You know him Jessica, he loves and cares for us, but his job has always been first. If he has orders he will carry them out no matter what!" Jamie yelled at her sister tears streaming down her face.

Jessica shook her head but stopped and seemed to collapse into herself.

Heather reached out and caught her then began to whisper into her ear.

"So now what?" Megan asked looking to me.

"We leave." I replied. I was wracking my brain for a place to go. I was sure Derek had already identified me so going back to the house was a bad idea. We needed somewhere safe to hole up. There was only one place I could think of and it wasn't close. In fact it would be the longest tunnel I had made to date, but it was the only place I could think of on such short notice.

I looked over the group to be sure everyone was here, but Grace's family was not here.

"Where is your family?" I asked Grace.

Grace frowned. "Being debriefed." she replied sadly. "We can get them back later. Daddy has a lot of money and connections so they should be fine."

I nodded feeling a bit sad for her.

"Lord." Dena said moving to the front of the group while Nala growled at her.

"Yes?" I asked her.

Dena hesitated for a moment, "I have refused to be her lieutenant, if you have no intention of making me her equal, I would rather stay here." she told me seriously.

I frowned and could easily feel Nala's displeasure. While I was attracted to Dena, she wasn't one of my women. I had no desire to add her if it was going to cause problems with Nala. I was about to tell her no when a thought intruded into my mind. 'Accept her, you will need her later.' a voice that sounded suspiciously like my father's spoke in my head.

I hesitated for a moment then sighed, I wanted to ignore the voice in my head, as it was probably just my sex drive, but I couldn't be sure. "Come with us." I told Dena without making a promise.

Dena hesitated, she was a smart girl and noticed that I hadn't made a promise to her. After a few moments and a glance in the direction of the zoo she nodded.

I closed my eyes then pictured the house and pushed my space ability to create the tunnel between us and there. It took a moment then the tunnel formed.

I was sweating again and a bit unsteady but the tunnel held up. The girls saw me sway and moved quickly through the tunnel as Megan and Karen supported me from the side and helped me through before I closed the tunnel behind me.

"Where are we?" Rebecca asked looking around.

"Grand Junction, Colorado." I replied tiredly.

"Momma's house?" Megan asked me.

I nodded.

"Let's get him to bed then look around. I'll call Momma." Karen told everyone.

The girls all agreed and started to work together. Megan and Karen led me to a bedroom then had me pull some supplies out of my storage space before I laid down. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

"Who the hell let a cat in my house!" a furious yell woke me from my dreamless sleep.

I opened my eyes and peered around blearily only to find myself covered with girls. Jamie laid on my left, Jessica on my right, and Grace must have said screw it then laid on top of me. I couldn't say it was uncomfortable, but now that I was awake our bonds were working overtime. Grace who had not been sleeping had her lips on mine before I could suggest we move. Jessica and Jamie moved closer to me.

The door to the room burst open and a very pissed off attractive middle aged blonde woman with short hair and fierce grey eyes stormed in. "Daryl how could you bring a cat here? You know I hate the things!" Lisa Russel aka Momma complained while ignoring the three women in the bed with me.

Nala in her housecat size jumped up onto the edge of the bed and stared at me reproachfully.

"Nala shift forms." I told the feline as Grace tried to ignore the rude interruption and recapture my lips.

"Will I be joining in the mating?" Nala asked without shifting.

"Did that cat just talk?" Momma asked.

"Yes I did, and I prefer this form to the human form if I am not mating with Daryl." Nala replied.

"No Nala, not now. Let the new ones get a chance with him. Momma, let's talk outside, the longer they take the harder it is on the rest of us." Megan told her.

"Oh this is going to be interesting." Momma said then followed Megan out the door without glancing back at us.

I wanted to get up and explain, but the three women surrounding me demanding attention were to much for my weakened will to fight against. Who am I kidding? I wanted it too.

Everyone seemed to have forgotten about Mary but she quickly reminded me of her presence by shifting back to her human form and assisting us in satisfying the bond with the three new women.

I had no idea how long we took, but after a while I climbed out of the bed and dressed. Peering back at the bed with the four women sprawled on it I had no idea how they were able to lay like that. It wasn't a large bed yet the four of them seemed to make it work. I had been right, Grace had an incredible figure, but the twins didn't lose out to her, the twin thing was a bit confusing at first as I wasn't sure which one I was touching or kissing at first but it didn't really matter as they made sure they got the attention they needed.

Once I was dressed I placed kisses on the four women lips then left the bedroom to find everyone else in the living room. Nala had not shifted to human, but had grown to the size of a normal lioness. Apparently cats were a no, but lions were alright.

Momma was sitting in the middle of the coach with Megan on one side of her and Karen on the other while Calidia had her own chair and Heather and Rebecca were staying pretty close to each other as they helped each other taking care of the kids.

Dena was no where in sight but I was sure she was somewhere nearby.

"Dinner will be ready soon. Megan and Karen explained it all to me." Momma told me giving me a scathing look.

I felt like crap, however Momma started to laugh at me a moment later. "Did you really think I would be mad at you?" she asked me. "If anything I pity you. Keeping up with eleven or is it twelve women? Either way it will be difficult to say the least, but I will be mad if you mistreat any of them." she told me.

I sighed in relief.

"Now to get the last one." Megan told me.

Huh? Really?

"Don't give me that look. After completing the bond with the newest girls the rest of us all feel better. That itch isn't nearly as hard to resist. Finishing it with the last girl should make the bond manageable." Megan told me.

"That seemed pretty hard on them. For a while I wasn't sure if the rest of them weren't going to rush in there and join you." Momma commented.

I wasn't sure if this could get more embarrassing.

Grace and the others came out of the room behind me fully dressed and looking satisfied.

"Crap I forgot about Mary." Megan muttered after seeing the green haired girl.

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