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46% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 45: Chapter 45 - Prejudice

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Chapter 45: Chapter 45 - Prejudice

The falcon and I exchanged looks for several long moments but neither of us acted aggressively. After a few moments I decided to make the first move. The falcon had already proven that it wasn't trying to harm us by showing itself without harming anyone. While it might be risky I decided that I would give it the benefit of the doubt.

I started moving closer to the falcon but as I did I shifted back to my human form. By the time I had changed completely back into a human I was standing between Tracy's family and the falcon. "How should I address you?" I asked the falcon politely.

"Not going to demand my submission?" the falcon asked with a masculine voice.

I shook my head. "You have not attacked me or my people." I replied.

"You claim these as your people?" The falcon asked skeptically.

I shrugged. "They are family of one of my companions." I replied.

The falcon seemed to consider that for a moment. "I see. Very well then I shall not hold it against you." the falcon told me.

I was a bit surprised then glanced back at the old man that seemed to be the head of Tracy's family. "You guys really seemed to have pissed of the beasts." I commented.

"Why should we care what those filthy animals think." the old man retorted angrily.

I glared back at the man angrily. "Be very careful of what you say old man. Nala and Dena just helped save you and your families lives." I told him.

"Husband, what should we do with these three?" Nala asked me glancing at the three wolves we had captured. The four smaller wolves seemed to have taken the opportunity to flee as I battled the Alpha.

"Will they submit to you?" I asked.

Nala glanced at the three wolves one by one, while they seemed reluctant they each exposed their necks to her answering the question. As they did I felt my beast ability shift a bit. I didn't bother looking to see what had changed. The submission to Nala had automatically bound them to her adding them to my beast bond as Nala's subordinates. With that settled Dena released the one she had pinned while I released the other two from the makeshift space prison. As soon as they were free the three wolves lined up behind Nala.

I nodded satisfied with their actions. "I need to go back now." Nala told me.

I was a bit surprised by her request to return to the hotel.

"Our presence was helping to keep the other beasts, and twisted away from the hotel, if one of us doesn't return soon the others could be in danger." Nala explained seeing my surprise.

I nodded then looked at the three wolves. "They can not go through with that size." I told Nala.

Understanding me the three wolves shrank until they were the size of Great Danes, just wider and more muscular.

"Before you go." the falcon called out to us.

I looked back at the falcon curiously.

"Your females should eat the heart of the alpha. It will strengthen them greatly." he told us.

Nala looked over at the Alpha's body then back at me.

I hesitated for a moment then nodded to her. Not because I didn't want her to get stronger, but because it was in front of Tracy's family.

Nala stalked over to the corpse then struck out with her clawed paw slitting its chest open with one swipe. Another swipe and the heart was removed from its chest. While inside the Alpha I couldn't feel anything but once it was pulled out I could feel the power emanating from the heart. Nala quickly cut the heart into three, scarfed one piece down herself then tossed the other pieces to Dena and Mary who similarly ate the heart quickly and with great relish. Dena swallowed it whole while in her elephant form while Mary's arm changed back into a plant and engulfed the piece of heart absorbing it into her quickly. Once eaten I could feel each of them becoming stronger. Dena's strength rose to match the strongest of the wolves while Nala and Mary didn't reach the strength of the Alpha they become much closer.

I nodded then created the space tunnel back to the hotel. Nala shifted back into her human form including clothes, a trick I didn't know she had figured out, then blew me a kiss before heading through the tunnel followed by the wolves.

With that settled I returned my attention to the falcon who had waited and watched everything patiently. "Thank you for that and for your patience." I told the falcon politely.

"It is no trouble, in fact it confirms for me that you do not see us in the same light as those behind you." the falcon responded pleasantly.

"Why are you talking with that filthy beast, just kill it and be done with it! I have words for you Bonder!" the old man yelled out angrily.

I grimaced then turned to look at Tracy. "Tracy, please control the old fools tongue or I will not be able to guarantee his safety." I told her making her frown at me angrily.

"Trying to threaten me now boy?!" the old man yelled at me indignantly.

"Just because he has the body of an animal does not mean he is stupid!" I yelled at the old man. "There is no way it would stand there completely defenseless! Continue to insult him and he might not be able to resist striking out at you before I even realize you are in danger!" I told the old man as plainly as I could since he was obviously unable to think on his own.

"You give these beasts far to much credit!" the old man shouted back angrily.

I was frustrated at the old man but at least Tracy had stopped glaring at me.

A loud bird cry split the air, it wasn't from the falcon standing before me though, instead it sounded from the sky above confirming my words.

The old man lost strength in his legs and feel to the ground while Tracy and the others in the family paled.

"Tracy you have been around Nala, Dena, and Mary long enough to know they are intelligent despite their true forms." I reminded her.

Tracy looked back at me then nodded a bit sheepishly. "Sorry." she apologized.

I sighed then looked back at the falcon to see him moving closer to me as he shrank in size until he appeared before me as a thin but muscular man in his late teens wearing a pair of faded jean short and nothing else. He had pure black eyes and bright sky blue hair.

Looking into his eyes I could see that the man was giving me a calculating look but it wasn't the same as the Alpha from before.

"I still remain concerned but I trust you would treat me and mine fairly." the man told me.

I frowned, "What do you mean?" I asked the falcon.

He smirked at me. "My mate and I have been looking for an Emperor to pledge our allegiance too as I do not have the ability to become one myself. There are few in this area, and none are ready to accept the allegiance of another species." he told me.

"Why the rush?" I asked. "With some time you could grow stronger or they could realize the usefulness of the other races."

"We are beasts, even if they did realize the usefulness they would want to claim my mate for themselves." he told me.

I frowned but nodded. My time in beast form helped me to understand that. I had a powerful desire to not only defeat the Alpha to defend my own females but also take his females and claim them as my own. As I already had so many women at the moment I knew this was going to be a headache, especially if I had that feeling every time I shifted into beast form. Perhaps it was time I looked further into my mind ability to find a way to control the lust in both my forms.

"If that is the case I can agree to let you and your mate accompany us, but I must admit, we have no territory of our own at the moment." I told him.

The man frowned. "Do you plan on seizing territory?" he asked.

I frowned as I tried to think how I should explain my plan. "Yes, and no. We intend to create a territory but not in this world." I replied.

Another cry from the sky then another falcon landed just behind the male. A moment later she shifted into her human form. Like the male she was wearing a pair of faded jean shorts but had added a loose green t-shirt. Like the male she had black eyes and sky blue hair. However she was incredibly attractive. Immediately I wanted to possess her for myself. I forced myself to close my eyes and take a few deep breaths and activate my mind ability in hopes it could cause me to calm down. As I had hoped my lusts dampened quickly allowing me to open my eyes again and look at the mated pair of falcons.

"You really need to work on that." Calidia told me looking at me with concern.

I nodded. "It seemed to get worse after using the beast form." I replied.

Looking back at the falcons I could see their worry and hesitation in their eyes. I tried to smile at them reassuringly but it didn't seem to be helping. I sighed, "I am willing to take you both in without separating you, but I will not stop you from leaving if that is your choice." I told the pair. Though I had to wonder how I was going to feed everyone if we kept taking in more people. Though with this pair I was sure they would be more useful than Tracy's entire family.

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