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57% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 56: Chapter 56 - Oops

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Chapter 56: Chapter 56 - Oops

Once Megan had finished the apple I didn't want to release her again.

"Is the head in your pants the only one you use?" Emy asked a bit irritated having noticed I had no intentions of releasing Megan.

"Yep." Karen replied, "If his other head wasn't attached to his shoulders I would think he had lost it."

I released my hold on Megan who leaned into my chest whether she was overwhelmed by my attentions or hiding from the other girls I had no idea.

"What's wrong? Megan promoted to gold, its my wedding night with most of you, this seems like the obvious course of events." I replied looking to Emy.

"There is something else we need to handle before you get lost in sexual debauchery." Emy told me with a frown.

"Mary isn't such a cockblocker." I grumbled.

Megan pinched my side painfully. "Really Daryl?" she asked me with a glare.

"It's fine." Emy said throwing a glare at me. "He isn't wrong and I am interested in experiencing everything first hand."

Sounded like permission to me.

"That is why we need to do one more thing, then we can all relax and enjoy our wedding night." Emy added crushing my hopes.

"And what is that?" Trill asked curiously moving closer to me so our shoulders touched. "Dena isn't the only one who doesn't feel like she is his bride. This bond is nice, but beasts are a more physical creature."

"He needs to create his first haven." Emy replied surprising me.

"While I have recovered a lot of my energy, I am not sure it is enough yet." I told Emy honestly as I reached an arm out to wrap around Trill's waist and pull her a little closer to me. It was my first time touching the woman and I liked the fact that she didn't reject my touch at all. It was fine to say we were married or in this case mated, but another altogether to be able to accept or welcome each other's touch, especially as we had only known each other for a few hours. Perhaps it was a beast thing?

Emy sighed, "I do not know what kind of knowledge your sibling gave you about havens, but while they do need a lot of power that is dependent on the size of the haven you want to initially make. As their size is not set upon creation you can expand it later. In fact I have found it is much easier to do just that. Creating a smaller haven lessens the rebound, and expanding the haven won't affect your abilities at all." Emy explained.

I frowned, "Wait, what rebound?" I asked curiously.

Emy stared at me strangely. "The creation rebound." she told me watching my face closely.

"And that is?" I asked her completely confused.

"You haven't heard of it?" Emy asked.

I shook my head.

"Check the information from your sibling." Emy told me.

I scanned through it quickly but found no mention of a rebound, it did note that I would be exhausted after creating a haven but nothing more. I told Emy that making her frown even more.

"What of you Calidia? Have you heard of the creation rebound?" Emy asked Calidia.

Calidia shook her head. "As a silver core I hadn't even begun training to create my own haven."

Emy sighed. "Look around at my haven." she told us.

I did as I was told. Without her in her enormous plant form I could focus more on the haven. It wasn't much, dirt floor and blue sky, no sun or anything else in the sky, and no plants, rocks, or anything else on the ground, just dark brown dirt that looked like it would be great for planting. The best thing was it didn't feel like the space pocket at all. I didn't mind being here and didn't think that it would drive me crazy if I stayed here a long time.

With that thought I paled.

"What is it?" Megan asked voicing her concern as she felt my change in emotions. All of them had and were looking at me worriedly.

I coughed uncomfortably. "I might have done something really bad." I admitted as I accessed the space pocket I had been keeping the silver twisted in.

As if sensing my gaze the twisted stirred and looked around, but she didn't seem very energetic. In fact she seemed rather lifeless despite the fact that she was breathing and seemed unharmed.

Making a quick decision I pulled her out of the space pocket. She appeared near me but not so close she could cause either me or my wives any harm before I could place her back in the space pocket.

Everyone was surprised by the sudden appearance of the silver twisted. Just as she had been in the space pocket she was sprawled out on the ground. She was still wearing the doctor's uniform, and despite being a dangerous twisted I still felt she was incredibly attractive with her silver skin, black hair and eyes. In fact since the last time I had checked on her her hair and eyes seemed to get darker almost to the point of absorbing all the light around her, while her skin seemed more lustrous despite her lifeless appearance. Her form still hadn't changed much, her clothes while not flattering still couldn't hide her great proportions.

Realizing something had changed the twisted moved around a bit more then looked up straight at me. Her gaze locked onto me and didn't move at all. I felt a bit guilty, I had been in a space pocket to heal Rebecca when she was turning and could clearly remember how off the place felt. It didn't feel right and ate away at your sense of security, it was a difficult feeling to describe. It was a place where everything felt wrong, or off and gave you a powerful mental incentive to leave as fast as you possibly could. I would probably run faster from that feeling than I would from a pack of hungry hellhounds. Hell hounds just wanted to consume my soul, that pocket made me feel like I would cease to exist, not only in the future, like I had never existed, and I had left the twisted in there for days.

I felt a bit guilty, but I was still wary, every twisted I had encountered tried to kill humans, awakened or not, on sight. If she tried anything I wouldn't feel guilty putting her back in that space pocket.

Almost as if she sensed my resolve and that I was the key to whether she would return to the space pocket she kept her eyes on me but seemed very timid and nothing like the monster she should be.

After a stare off that seemed to last several minutes the twisted lowered her head submissively then crawled slowly towards me. She was slow and deliberate as if she was afraid I would take any of her actions as a sign of aggression.

I admit I was incredibly curious about what she intended. I let her approach me, but I pushed both Trill and Megan behind me so they wouldn't be in harm's way if anything happened. I was willing to do that only because I couldn't sense any hostility from the twisted at all. In fact she seemed more like a scared puppy begging her master's forgiveness. It was highly erotic which only reminded me that my priorities and maybe some of my fantasies really needed to be questioned.

The twisted crawled all the way to me then looked up at me meeting my gaze as she slowly reached out and grabbed my pant leg slowly and gently. Seeing me watching her but not reacting she moved closer until she sat beside my leg then leaned against me. She sat there stiffly for a moment obviously scared, then after a moment she seemed to relax completely. As soon as she did I felt something in me change again. I sighed and didn't bother checking I was already pretty certain of what had changed. Then again my senses had shifted again becoming even stronger and I could feel the twisted beside me as I had once felt Nala and Mary. Currently she was sleeping, and I could feel and overwhelming exhaustion rolling off of her along with a relief. Her emotions weren't complex. She was exhausted and relieved to be free of the space pocket, and she saw me as her savior. The fact that I was a lot stronger than she was seemed to reinforce that.

"What is going on?" Megan asked me from the side.

"Where did you learn that training technique?" Emy asked in a cold voice which caused me to shift my attention to her immediately despite Megan being the first to speak. "Training technique? No this was a accident." I told Emy.

Emy frowned at me for a moment before she relaxed, the marital bond was nice and a curse as it was obvious if any of us were lying.

Another painful pinch in my side reminded me of Megan's question.

I turned to look at Megan. "She is a twisted I captured when I went to get Grace. I had the idea of using a bond on her so I could control her, and through her the other twisted, but then the bonds shattered, the government dropped a nuke. I was never had the time to figure out if I even could, so she sat in my space pocket this whole time." I replied. "I remembered to fed, water, and refresh the air so she would be fine until I had time, but I forgot how uncomfortable the space pocket feels." I explained.

"Is it that bad?" Karen asked.

"It is." Calidia spoke up, "It is a commonly used deterrent in the havens."

"Alright, I understand why she is here, but what are you going to do with her now?" Megan asked.

I coughed again uncomfortably but knew I couldn't hide it. "It seems she saw me as her savior or something and now she is bonded to me like Nala and Mary were." I replied.

"What?" Megan asked coldly.

"Master made a twisted into his mistress." Emy informed us.

Everyone stared at me with a variety of gazes.

"She will only be useful if she can become a gold." Trill said finally breaking the silence.

Megan sighed then leaned into me while looking up into my eyes, "It is really difficult being your wife. You have better make it up to me." she grumbled.

"Repeatedly." I promised with a smirk.

Ashra Ashra

Sorry the release is so late. I will have another out this week, but it might be a Saturday release instead of a Friday release.

Hope you are all enjoying my story. Thanks for reading!

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