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60% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 59: Chapter 59 - Not What I Expected

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Chapter 59: Chapter 59 - Not What I Expected

"Just do it." Megan said looking away from me.

"A moment." Emy said then six thick green vines grew up out of the ground. "Put it in there. Just in case." she told Grace.

I looked over at Emy as I wondered how she was still using so much of her plant abilities in her human form. Mary didn't, was it the difference in their abilities?

"Here we go." Grace said nervously then a space tunnel opened and a figure was unceremoniously dropped into the middle of the vines. Immediately the vines twisted around the figure binding it. As a group we moved closer to the figure to see that it was a woman which explained the look they all gave me. I had no idea why, I hadn't been sleeping with any of the other girls subordinates and had no plans too.

I wasn't able to make out anything other than the twisted was a woman. She was completely covered in dried blood masking the color of her skin and hair, her clothes were tattered and nearly useless as well as soaked in blood. She had a athletic figure that was similar to Nala's, however it was her eyes that caught my attention. Instead of the normal completely black eyes of the twisted her eyes were completely red with with a small black pupil in the center. Kind of creepy.

I met her gaze then felt something invade my consciousness. I immediately fought back trapping it with my mind ability before I even knew what I was doing.

The twisted howled in anger when I repulsed and captured her attack. I was more than a little surprised that it had a mental attack, but I remembered what we were here for so I tried to establish a subordinate bond from Monica to this new twisted. The bond formed but only lasted for a moment before it shattered making Monica gasp then crumple to the ground. A quick look at her through our bond reassured me that she was fine, a bit of backlash from the shattered bond, but nothing she wouldn't recover from quickly.

I frowned back at the twisted then pushed another bond onto the twisted, this time attached to myself. I had no idea why yet but I couldn't subordinate it to Monica.

My answer came quickly enough, the bond formed between me and the blood soaked twisted, only to shatter again making me stagger back from the backlash. I recovered quickly then stared at the twisted with a sad expression on my face. It had been brief but for the moment that I was attached to her through the bond I could feel her. As Emy had said she was completely overwhelmed with aggression and bloodlust. Yet what Emy didn't know was there was a incredibly strong intelligence buried beneath that aggression and bloodlust. It was that intelligence that allowed her to use a mental attack and shatter my bonds.

"Well?" Megan asked me.

"I can't bond to her." I replied. "She is aggressive and full of bloodlust, but also incredibly intelligent. She is shattering the bonds almost as soon as I place them." I replied.

"What about the permanent bonds?" Grace asked.

I looked back at Grace who was watching the twisted with a sad expression. "You want me to make it permanent?" I asked. "I only have one of those kind of bonds."

"Really?" Megan asked me.

I nodded. "There might be more, but I don't know about them, and doubt they would be anything I was willing to use anyways." I replied.

Megan sighed then looked around at the other girls who all nodded one by one. "Do it." she told me.

I frowned at the girls. "Why?" I asked them. Thankfully I wasn't attracted to the twisted, I think the blood was a huge turn off for me.

"We all need to know the extent of your bonding ability, and we need to know what makes this twisted different." Karen explained. "That way the next time we run into one we know if we can convert them or just eliminate them on sight." Karen replied coldly.

I looked at my childhood friend with surprise. It was the first time in a long time I had heard her being so cold. I remembered the last time clearly and was not happy to see its reappearance.

Turning away from Karen who was avoiding eye contact with me I looked back at the twisted. She was standing within the vines calmly which I found disturbing considering how much aggression and bloodlust she had inside her. It just showed how much self control she had over herself.

"Release me." the twisted spoke though it sounded rather garbled like she was having difficulty forming the words.

"Not yet." I replied then immediately formed the marital bond between the two of us. Immediately I could feel her aggression and bloodlust flood into me but I resisted it. While it might feel like an incredible flood, it paled in comparison to the lust that my mental walls was holding back, an issue for another day, the list of which was becoming incredibly long, however without the comparison to the aggression and bloodlust from the twisted before me I wouldn't have realized how much of it there was. I had an idea what it was coming from, but now wasn't the time to deal with it.

The bond stretched and twisted as the twisted in front of me fought against the bond for several moments as she howled and squirmed within the vines. I was also going to have to activate my plant emperor ability some time soon, not only to conquer it, but the vines reminded me of tentacles. I groaned as I realized where my mind was going then shut it down immediately.

"Did it work?" Megan asked worriedly.

"It is holding for now but she is fighting against it." I replied as I watched the red eyed twisted intently. All the aggression and bloodlust was bleeding out of her into me. It seemed some of that madness was due having no way to release all of those desires. Much like a balloon on the verge of popping. Thinking up to there I moved dealing with my lust issue higher up on my priority list. I didn't need to end up in a similar situation as this one.

Unfortunately I wasn't taking into account the fact that the marital bond went both ways. My girls had been affected by the lust that came from me, thought they all had their own mental defenses to resist it, plus the activities last night had burnt off a good deal of that for all of us. The red eyed twisted didn't have any mental defenses and with the dwindling aggression and bloodlust, the lust from my side of the bond was having a strong effect on her.

"Really?" Megan asked incredulously as the red eyed twisted stopped struggling and howling only to start writhing and moaning.

"I have some issues that are affecting her, and she has no mental defenses at all." I replied sheepishly.

"I was wondering why I got so…." Grace started then turned red and coughed in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it sweetie." Karen cooed as she moved to the blonde's side and wrapped her arms around her. "We all had that problem last night." she told her then shivered. "Though I personally think I liked it." Karen added giving me a heated look.

She wasn't the only one, but I ignored their gazes. If I didn't we would all end up back in the bed and we had things to do today that couldn't be put off.

I could feel that the bloodlust and aggression had bleed off from the twisted to be replaced with a steady stream of potent rage. At that point I was sure she was more like me, constantly producing a particular emotion, while mine was lust, hers was rage, or should I call it wrath? Should I keep an eye out for the other five? If this was a curse I knew there were others who deserved the overwhelming lust more than I did. Nevermind, another thing to think about later.

I approached the vines and signaled to Emy to release the twisted from them. Still caught up in the lust the twisted fell into my arms. Only then did I realize how thin she was. For a moment I feared that I had bound a child to me, but a look at her face reassured me that she was just really thin. Unusual since becoming twisted usually added muscle mass. Monica had already been an exception. However while she was thin I could feel the strength in her body and reconsidered. She might not have the mass but the power was still there just packed into a much smaller container. A much smaller container. As she writhed in my arms despite being the thinnest of my women she was definitely the strongest.

In my arms her writhing slowly calmed as I leeched the lust back out of her and formed a dam on our bond to limit how much of that flowed into her, at least until we could put up some kind of mental defense.

As soon as the lust inside her calmed down I felt new changes begin to happen to her. Energy from our bond flooded her and quickly made changes, as I watched I realized that the changes were specific to her mental capacity, nothing drastic, but I thought I understood what was happening to her, and not just her, but my other girls. While not mind control it adjusted them to make having a relationship easier. For Emy it added emotions so she could understand, for Monica it gave her back her memories and cognitive ability, more control and intelligence for the beast girls, I bet my humans were affected as well making it easier for them to accept the bond. I really needed to look into the bond ability before I used it again. Though in this case I was grateful that it worked that way.

While it didn't eliminate the rage, as I was sure that was impossible, it boosted her intelligence and constructed some mental defenses to allow her to handle the rage better. After a few more minutes she relaxed in my arms as she looked up at me. 'Thank you.' she told me through our bond.

Then there was a new shift in my abilities.

Closing my eyes I took a look and nearly dropped the girl in surprise. I had already guessed that I would develop a twisted emperor ability, and I had a multifaceted golden gem floating around just like the golden core, heart, and seed I had before, but now another golden object had appeared with the bond to this twisted, no she wasn't a twisted, that was the point, she had changed just like the twisted, but she was something else which was why I had a new emperor ability. However I had no idea what to call it. While golden in color it looked like a black hole just that the light that was flowing into it was a bright golden color constantly being absorbed into a perfect black orb that was the darkest black I had ever seen. Looking at it one word came to mind. Void. The tiny woman in my arms was something completely different than what we had thought she was. As she was bound to me I didn't fear her at all, instead it was easy for me to accept her, that thought stopped me in my tracks and made me realize that it wasn't just my girls who was affected by the marital bond.

"You are welcome, though you should thank my girls too, they let me use that bond on you." I told her aloud.

The not twisted turned her head then gave them a truly terrifying smile full of sharp shark like teeth, added to her still blood soaked appearance was more than a little frightening. Then she passed out.

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