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63% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 62: Chapter 62 - Las Vegas

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Chapter 62: Chapter 62 - Las Vegas

"So will you girls go with Karen?" I asked the twins my eyes roaming over them for a moment. I hadn't had a chance to see them much lately, last night I had been distracted by Mary's information then the pair of them took off when the subject of sex came up.

"Kelly and I will take Karen." Momma said appearing at the door behind Derek and the twins, "though Jamie and Jessica are welcome to join us."

I nodded giving Momma a smile. I could also feel Karen relax through the bond.

The twins quickly agreed to go once Momma said she was going.

"Do you mind watching the other twins?" Momma asked Rebecca.

Rebecca nodded, "Of course, Emily could use the company." Rebecca responded.

"Thanks, did everything go well last night?" Momma asked looking to Megan.

Megan nodded. "Yes, I was able to advance to gold but it will be difficult to help others do the same." Megan replied.

"Oh? So does that mean there was more to it than just a wild orgy?" Momma asked with a smirk.

"Yes." I answered for Megan then gave Momma a smile without elaborating.

Momma gave me the look, "Fine, lets go girls I know you boys have something to do too."

Karen, and the twins quickly followed behind Momma and I watched them go.

Rebecca gave a smile and a quick kiss before following with Emily, Bryan, and Heather in tow.

Once they were out of sight I turned back to Derek who was still glaring at me. "Don't you have enough women?" he asked me.

"Probably." I replied. "However they have already been in my head. It isn't easy to let go after something like that." I replied.

Derek was shocked for a moment but quickly returned to his gruff scowl. "If you are ready we should go." he told me.

I nodded then followed him out while my girls followed me.

'Master, should I introduce Heather and Rebecca to Emy?' Mary thought to me.

I considered that for a moment. 'Yes, I don't want them to think that we are keeping secrets from them. Just don't bring up the idea of looking for Heather's sister. If she comes up with it herself we will deal with it. Do add in the fact that she was technically imprisoned before she bonded with me.' I informed Mary.

"Power went out this morning." Derek commented as he led us to the stairs rather than the elevators.

I sighed upon hearing that. We would need to find a source of power somehow. Besides the GPS that I use for directing my space tunnel. Though I had no idea if it would actually work if the cell towers were down, probably not, damn it.

Thankfully my body ability made me pretty fit so the stairs didn't even wind me. Before my awakening I am sure I would have needed a break, twice per flight. Well maybe I wasn't that bad, but it would be close.

On the ground floor I found thrity of Derek's men in full gear and guns ready to go. I created a wind armor around myself and passed on word to my girls to do the same if they could. Nala and Dena couldn't but they shifted into their beast form, though a version that fit in the building, about the size of a large dog, since their beast forms could resist bullets better than their human forms.

It wasn't that I thought Derek would betray me again, I didn't want any friendly fire. No idea what was going to happen so best be prepared.

"Which one did you want to go to first?" I asked Derek.

"Vegas." Derek replied.

I nodded then concentrated. I had been to Vegas once before so I wouldn't need to guess or use my phone to give me an estimate of the distance.

A moment later I formed the space tunnel but held up my hand to stop the soldiers from entering the tunnel. Dena went in first making Derek frown.

'It's clear.' Dena told me through our link.

Nala went through the space tunnel as soon as she heard it was clear.

Looking to my girls. "Use Dena or Nala as a focus and form your own tunnels." I told them.

They nodded then three more space tunnels appeared beside mine.

I nodded in approval, "Remember to use Mary. Crap." I groaned then thought up to Mary asking her to come down to the lobby so that emergency space tunnels would end up in the lobby instead of my room. "Alright Mary is coming down. In an emergency think of coming back here to Mary, if it isn't an emergency imagine this room." I told them.

"Isn't it the same thing?" Derek asked.

I nodded. "It will lead to the same place but it it a matter of control. Latching onto someone they know is easier, but it would be best if they chose the proper location rather than just who is here. What if something happens and Mary needs to go outside to deal with some beasts?" I replied with a theoretical.

Derek nodded then gestured for his men to go through. Once Derek and his men had gone through my girls and I followed.

While I had been to Las Vegas before I hadn't explored the town much. However I was able to shift the opening of the space tunnel in the direction and distance we saw on the map when these location were chosen. It wasn't perfect and I was off by a lot, but we still ended up inside the security gate, just on the other side of the building.

The distribution center for Bry's Grocery was an enormous building, bigger than I expected it to be honestly. However that was a good thing for us right?

I looked around once through the gate curious and wary of what we would run into. Survivors weren't a bad thing as long as they hadn't done anything horrible, and even if they had we could try and sort out those who were innocent and take them. I also wanted to find some twisted so I could try and bond them under Monica. As a gold gem twisted I hadn't felt any different than I was before except for the increase in perception and some strength. Adding the golden void didn't seem to help me at all.

Fortunately the area was clear.

"Maybe we should have brought the falcons." Megan commented as she looked around nervously.

I smiled at her then tried to push my senses out in an attempt to sense any sentients in the area. I didn't have much practice with it but I had used it a bit when we went to get Jessarn.

It was awkward at first but I got the hang of it quickly and scanned the area. I sensed some beasts in the distance, to the north, a lot of twisted to the east and west, one group to the east was pretty close to us but on the other side of the building. No plants that I could sense, but I sensed humans, inside the building, to the south, and east. East was where the casinos were so I wasn't sure if I was surprised there were survivors.

I passed on what I sensed to Derek. "I can't get a sense of their strength so we should be careful." I warned Derek.

"Planned to anyways." he replied.

I nodded then followed Derek and his group as we headed for a back door. I would guess that it was supposed to be a locked door as it had a scanner by the door, but the power was off here too and the lock was electrical. It opened without a problem. Well at least that was a benefit for the electricity being out.

Derek's men led the way in.

"We need the frozen and refrigerated items first." I told Derek.

"Why?" he asked.

"As long as they haven't spoiled I can toss them in a space pocket and freeze the time on them." I replied.

"Can other's do that?" Derek asked looking at me.

"As long as they awakened the time ability, but it is at the silver level." I replied honestly.

"I have it." Megan commented.

"What about my girls?" Derek asked.

I shrugged. "No idea. Last I knew they were purple. I can ask if they tiered up with the mana wave?" I offered Derek.

He hesitated a moment then nodded.

'Jamie, Jessica, Derek wants to know if either of you tiered up to silver?' I asked the twins through our friend bond.

'Why?' Jessica replied mentally.

'He wants to know if you can use the space or time abilities.' I replied to both twins.

They were silent for a moment before they replied. 'We both did. I have three stars in space two in time. Jamie is the opposite." Jessica replied.

I nodded to Derek, "They said they do." I told him. "Keep track of what we store then I can transfer some to them when we return." I told Derek.

Derek nodded. "No reason to bring them here." he agreed.

At least we agreed on something.

The inside of the building was dark. Using my body ability I used mana to enhance my sight so I could see in the dark. It wasn't as good as seeing in daylight but good enough. I told the others so they could copy me. Thankfully Nala and Dena already had night vision, and could see better than I could. Thinking of that I checked my beast ability and found a night vision ability there I could use. I activated it with mana then the building lit up almost like the roof opened up to the sun above.

Derek and his men had night vision goggles, they offered us some but I passed on mine letting the girls use them.

"Where are the people?" Derek asked me.

I did a quick scan and pointed to a room set above the ground level with windows to look over the rest of the building.

"If they are armed that is going to be difficult to take without hurting them." Derek told me.

"Nala, what do you smell?" I asked the lioness.

"Why?" Derek asked.

"I sense thirty people, that room isn't very big so any funny business probably isn't consensual." I replied.

"So? We aren't going to damn the victims are we?" Derek asked.

"No, but I won't feel so bad if we kill the ones with the guns." I replied.

Derek gave me a look but it was hard to make out with the night vision goggles on.

"Didn't you awaken a purple core? Why aren't you using your abilities?" I asked Derek.

"I have been too busy to learn." Derek replied quietly, "Better to use the method I know then new skills I am not sure of." he replied. At least he was talking to me.

'Any progress with that pretty major?" I asked mentally.

'Why? You interested?' Derek asked mentally his seeming a bit guarded.

'No way. The twins would skin me alive if I even thought of making a move on her, and I would guess the others would let them.' I replied mentally adding a snort.

'Really?' Derek asked mentally obviously surprised.

'I got the feeling the twins had their eyes on her for a new step mother.' I replied.

Derek looked to me for a moment then looked back at the room without replying.

"Master I don't smell anything unusual, they are dirty and need a wash but I don't smell any sex." Nala told me.

"Sounds good." I said relieved.

"I also do not smell any males." Nala added.

I looked to the lion. "You're sure?" I asked.

"Yes." Nala replied.

"Stand down, guns on safety!" Derek ordered.

"You sure about that?" Megan asked. "Just because they are women doesn't mean they aren't dangerous."

"True but I am not going to be responsible for murdering thirty women." Derek replied.

"Thirty four." a woman's voice came out of the dark. Looking up we saw that one of the windows to the room was open, and while we couldn't see inside obviously they could see out, even in the dark.

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