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75% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 74: Chapter 74 - Second Stage

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Chapter 74: Chapter 74 - Second Stage

I let the meaning behind Caly's words wash over me for a moment before I understood what she meant. Once I did I couldn't help but blush. Having my three attractive wives so close to me, I couldn't say I wasn't interested, especially since I could feel that they needed the attention themselves. However I was very worried about our situation. "I am sure we will find time for that later." I replied allowing myself to let my eyes rove over the three women.

The three women grinned back at me obviously enjoying the attention.

After several moments admiring the ladies I shifted on the bed so I could stand up. The three ladies backed up a bit to give me room, but as soon as I was on my feet the room around me started to spin. I felt a pulse of energy from inside of me then I was back on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"Are you alright?" the girls asked me anxiously.

I nodded to them despite having no idea what had just happened. I closed my eyes to check my innerspace. There were more changes. My innerspace was full of multicolored mist that filled it so densely I wasn't able to see my abilities.

I groaned, couldn't my transformation have finished everything before I woke up?

I sat back up then tried to stand again, this time being more careful with my movements and holding onto the bed tightly until I had my feet firmly underneath me.

"What is it?" Caly asked me worriedly.

I shrugged. "I don't think my transformation is completely done." I replied.

The three girls looked at each other the worry obvious in their expressions and through the bond. "What?" I asked them then it dawned on my. "Is it Kayda?" I asked.

The three girls hesitated for a moment before Megan spoke. "Kayda is fine, it's just her innerspace is total chaos. A lot different than yours." she finally replied.

"Chaotic?" I asked.

Megan nodded. "Her entire innerspace is full of multicolored mist so dense that we can't see what is going on. We can feel a lot of energy shifting around inside of her and it seems really painful. Nothing like your transformation." she explained.

That sounded way to familiar. "Get the twins in here." I told them seriously.

They frowned at me but Karen ran out a second later. It seemed that they weren't waiting far away from me as Karen was back with the twins a second later. Jessica and Jamie were just as pretty as I remembered, maybe even a bit prettier. Seeing me standing up the two had tears in their eyes as they gazed at me with their identical faces. Jessica's shorter hair had grown out a bit but not enough to make it hard to tell them apart.

Before I could say anything to them they were pressed against me their arms hugging me tightly. I hugged them back just as tightly.

After a long hug Jamie pulled back a serious look on her face. "Up our bond!" she told me seriously.

"Are you sure?" I asked her back just as seriously. "You know I have a dozen wives already. Literally, a dozen, and that doesn't include counting Emy separately from Mary." I told her then looked to Jessica.

"Shut up and just do it." Jessica told me then kissed me before I could retort. Jamie hugged me again even tighter than before then stole my lips the moment her sister let up. I didn't understand their reasoning completely, and to be honest with myself I didn't care. They were mine, and I wanted to raise the level of the bond with them to claim them as my own. The words were just a pretext. Being polite when I already knew the answer. I really needed some time to figure myself out as I couldn't even recognize myself anymore.

As the twins had requested I raised the level of their bond to the marital level like the rest of my women. I could feel the relief from them when they felt the change in the bond.

As soon as the bond was established Jamie and Jessica let go of me then fled out of the room with big smiles on their faces. I had no idea why they rushed out so quickly and was about to ask Megan when my question was answered for me. Tracy and Heather came into the room.

Like the twins they looked relieved to see me standing then rushed in for hugs and kisses then left shortly after only to be replaced a moment later by another pair of my wives.

Mary came in last with Grace after Monica my twisted wife and Trill my crane. They smiled at me happily then kissed me fiercely not bothering with the hug. I didn't mind the procession of my wives visit. I had a bad feeling about my own transformation and this let them all see me in case the next step in my transformation knocked me back out.

Grace's smile could only be described as radiant. Of my wives Grace was probably the prettiest, though there were some close seconds, and it nearly took my breath away. Mary however looked incredibly concerned. "It's not over?" she asked me worriedly.

I shook my head. "Doesn't seem to be." I admitted reluctantly.

"What?" Grace asked surprised while the other three looked at me critically.

"My innerspace is starting to look like what Megan described Kayda was going through." I told them then gasped as I felt another wave of energy run through me. I closed my eyes for a second to see that the mist in my inner space had somehow gotten thicker.

I grunted then tried to stand but was interrupted by another pulse of energy followed quickly by another.

Heather rushed into the room making the already small room really feel crowded. "Something is wrong with Kayda!" she told us before her gaze fell on me and noticed my own situation.

"Daryl?" she asked uncertainty and obviously worried.

I gave her a weak smile and wink then fell to my knees as the waves of energy pulsed through me making it impossible to stand.

"What's going on?" Heather asked worriedly.

I wanted to respond, tell them I was fine but I couldn't, the energy waves pulsing through me were far too strong to let me do anything except keep myself from sprawling out on the ground, and even then it was a just barely kind of thing.

I remembered that when this all started I had been in a similar situation. Though this time I had a lot more pretty girls around me. Definitely an improvement. As I thought that I realized I would be fine. No idea how I knew that. Nothing pointed in that direction, not really, but I felt that if I could joke with myself about the situation, I would be fine in the long run. Short term though, this was going to suck!

My belief about the short term was proven pretty quickly when a voice I barely recognized as Kayda's started screaming like she was being ripped apart from the inside. I cringed at the sound hoping that she would be fine. I didn't know her, but she was mine and I wanted her to be fine. With that thought I understood myself just a bit more. Lust, while a part of my problem, wasn't the only one. Apparently I was incredibly greedy too. Yet I didn't see anything wrong with it anymore.

Not even a moment after my own internal revelation, I lost the ability to think completely. I didn't scream or cry out. My wives were close and despite the fact that I knew they could feel me through our bond, I was determined not to let them hear my pain. It was the only thing I could concentrate on as stronger and stronger pulses of energy emerged from inside me tearing into my body. I felt like I was about to be torn apart from the inside and soon hoped that I would pass out from the pain, yet at the same time I resisted the sirens call of the sweet oblivion of sleep. Not because I wanted to bear through it. I knew I was would be fine, I knew I had people to care for me and do everything in their power to keep me in one piece.

I resisted the urge to fall into the oblivion of sleep because I could feel her fear. I had no thoughts, the pain was far to great for me to do anything but stubbornly clamp my mouth shut and keep myself from screaming. Maybe it was instinctive because of our bond but I could sense her fear, pain, and worse loneliness. She was alone by herself with no one supporting her. I had to stay awake so she could feel me, know she wasn't alone, we would get through this together.

An eternity seemed to go by as the pulses of energy grew stronger and closer together until I couldn't discern the different pulses anymore it felt like one long everlasting pulse tearing into me and ripping me apart.

Then it was gone. The pain, the energy, everything disappeared. I felt relieved for a moment then I frantically searched my mind for her. A moment of panic as I found our link was silent, then I realized that she was asleep. All the fear I had of losing her disappeared and I completely relaxed. Then sleep finally overtook me as I prayed there wasn't a third stage I had to go through.

Ashra Ashra

Well I said I would be back I two weeks at most and here I am. For those who noticed I am going to shift my release time to match reset.

I had a lot to think about and made some nice progress on where I will be going with this story and some work on another story. The new story isn’t ready yet but I will let you all know when I put it up, for those of you who are interested.

I appreciate those of you who continued to give my story your votes despite my lack of updates. Thank you so much.

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