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77% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 76: Chapter 76 - All You

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Chapter 76: Chapter 76 - All You

I laid in the bed holding Kayda on my right while Megan snuggled into my left side. The rest of my girls were sprawled out on the massive bed passed out from exhaustion. Only Kayda and I were still awake though Megan shifted about in her sleep from time to time. The room smelled of sweat and sex but it didn't bother me at all. Not when the reasons for those smells involved me.

Kayda and I were the only ones awake because of the changes to our bodies. While I still needed Emy's special juice to keep up with all my girls. My new body lasted a lot longer and recharged at a surprising rate. Despite that there were still limits, and fifteen women, Emy wanted to come in person, was more than the new body could take without the juice. Once everyone was tired out and asleep we discovered that even after all that physical exercise, I only needed a couple of hours of sleep before feeling completely refreshed.

"This body is almost too perfect for you." Kayda chuckled as she laid her head against my shoulder running her hand along my abs.

I shrugged. "It is better than the last version." I agreed. "Though that one was pretty good too."

Kayda didn't reply for a moment her hand starting to drift a little farther south. I had both of my arms wrapped around a girl so I could reach out to stop her. I wasn't against going another round now that I was refreshed, but another round was bound to disturb the other girls. Waking them up early didn't sound like a healthy life choice.

"Be nice, this new body might have been a gift from god, but if we wake the others up…" I told her leaving it hanging.

Kayda sighed but moved her hand back up to stroke my chest. Maybe to punish me for stopping her fun she pinched me a few times before settling down.

"A gift from god might be a bit dramatic, a deity though, that could be possible." a unfamiliar voice said though I had no idea where it was coming from.

I stiffened at the sound and searched the room for any sign of the intruder. Kayda stiffened beside me meaning she heard it too.

"We should talk. Close your eyes." the voice spoke again.

That sounded like a horrible idea. Close my eyes with an unknown element around my girls? No thanks. Unfortunately even if I wasn't willing to close my eyes, I had to blink eventually.

The moment I blinked I closed my eyes and kept them closed. While I normally should be able to see into my innerspace. Which was something I hadn't bothered to do yet given the many distractions I have had since awakening from my actual transformation. Instead I saw a person sitting at a small table set for three in a gray walled room.

"Kayda." I called out in a whisper without opening my eyes.

A moment later Kayda appeared in the gray room with me standing a few feet away despite the fact that I could still feel her in my arms.

"Welcome." the voice said then turned to smile at us. The person sitting at the table waiting for us was a woman, a very attractive woman with emerald eyes and bright pink hair that seemed awkward with her black dress that clung to her curves like a second skin showing off nothing and everything at the same time.

Normally I would say the woman was just my type, and unlike the Lost One I had seen earlier and been completely repelled by, there seemed nothing wrong with her. Yet I felt no interest in her, curiosity, lots of curiosity, and caution, but nothing sexual. It was almost like looking at one of my family members. Despite being beauties I had no interest in either of my step mothers or my sister.

"Do we know each other?" I asked.

"Nope, first time meeting." she replied with a smile and gestured to the empty seats.

I moved closer to Kayda and guided her to the table. Might as well be polite. I had no idea how she was using our innerspace to speak to us, but I had a feeling it wasn't something easily done.

As we reached the table and took the other two seats the woman watched the pair of us with a happy smile on her face. It was really creepy.

"Thank you for joining me." she said once we were seated. "I know you must have questions, I mean of course you have questions, I am literally talking to you through your own innerspace!" she said obviously excited.

"Yep." Kayda replied dryly.

That caused the pretty pink haired woman to pause. "Sorry I get a bit excited sometimes." she told us. "Anyways. I am an observer. A deity that watches over what you call the Great Realm."

I opened my mouth to ask some questions about the Great Realm only to discover I couldn't speak.

"Sorry, while I can answer some questions, anything about the Great Realm is off limits." she told me looking apologetic. "Anyways a small disturbance in the workings was detected so I was sent to see what was happening. While observing the antics of the people you know as the Lost Ones, or the Alteans as they call themselves, and determining how severe of an issue they were. I caught sight of you and your merry band. I started to watch you as a bit of entertainment during my off time." she added then giggled. "No offense Daryl but you have some serious issues to work through. As a gesture of kindness from me to you, your abilities, powers, whatever, none of it is creating your desire for a harem. All of your abilities are responding to you and are assisting you in creating your harem. Also no, you have no incarnations of lust, greed, or any of the negative emotions. They do exist, but not inside you. You yourself are lustful and greedy. Stop trying to push the blame onto something else. Once you can accept that, things will be so much easier for you."

My jaw dropped and I had no idea how to respond.

Kayda beside me giggled a bit then reached out to push my mouth up until it was closed. I had no idea that actually happened outside of cartoons.

"Whew, I feel so much better now." the pink haired woman said with a smile.

"Was that the reason you wanted to talk to us?" Kayda asked while I was still recovering. I had started to suspect some of what she said, but I still wasn't really ready to accept it yet. Still not sure I am.

"Heavens no, while it was interesting to watch, and great for a laugh after a long day of monotonous boredom, it hardly warrants meeting with you." she replied.

"So it was our transformations." Kayda stated.

The pink haired woman smiled and nodded. "Smart girl. Yes, the transformation into a different species warrants some investigation. Usually to determine the reason for the change and note what you have become. With the number of years we have been observing it is very unusual for us to come across a completely undocumented species." she told them.

"Undocumented? You mean we are a completely unknown species?" Kayda asked.

"Aren't we just a different form of the twisted?" I asked.

"Yes and no definitely not. Kayda wasn't really a twisted when you bonded her. That mistake is rather common, that species doesn't make an appearance very often, and despite Emy's story they do not normally live very long. The pressures in their body from the two cores is to much for most of them to handle. More likely than not the one Emy ran into was a bit older than normal and was abnormally good at gathering enough sustenance to sustain itself long enough to grow as strong as she described. Maybe half a year to a year probably." she told us.

Kayda and I stared at her dumbfounded.

The pink haired woman chuckled. "Then you, a rare bonder, bonded her, then did that impressive, if incredibly stupid combination of two completely opposing cores to make something new. Yep, you are undocumented, and might remain the only ones foolish enough to do it. While you aren't an incarnation of lust or greed, you might be one of luck. The number of ways that could have gone wrong and killed not only you, but everyone else around you? Uncountable." she told me seriously.

"But it worked." I retorted rather weakly.

The pink haired woman locked her gaze on me a strange strength emitting from them for a second then disappeared. "Yes it did. Thankfully I was observing you when it happened. If I wasn't I doubt anyone would believe me about this."

"So now what?" Kayda asked.

I froze when I realized that as the first of our kind, we could become lab rats for whomever she worked for. I had no desire to be stuck in a cage, poked, prodded, or made to run tests.

"Not much. I will observe you for a while longer. Then I will check in from time to time, see how you are developing." she told us relieving me of my fear.

My relief must have shown on my face as she laughed. "You have nothing to fear. I am called an observer for a reason." she told me. "We watch and record. Interference rarely happens and is only done when there is a great need." she told us.

"What about the Alteans?" I asked. She had reassured me but I had no desire to continue discussing it.

"They had a clever idea. I fear it is destined to fail, but it should last them some time before they realize there is something wrong." the pink haired woman replied.

"So it won't stop Earth's assimilation?" I asked.

The pink haired woman shook her head. "No, I doubt it will even delay it. At best I believe it will just make it seem like nothing is happening for a while." she replied.

I frowned, I wasn't living there anymore and I was afraid to return because of the Alteans, but it was still my home. I still wasn't very clear on exactly what happened to the world in the later phases, but I knew it was bad and Earth would cease to exist as it once was.

"Don't." the observer told me seriously. "It is inevitable, there is nothing you can do to stop it."

"Then what should we do?" I asked irritated.

"Go to the Great Realm, get stronger, learn the truth." she told us.

"Truth?" I asked her but I opened my eyes to find myself in bed with Kayda and Megan in my arms.

"Well that wasn't weird." Kayda grumbled.

I nodded as I thought over the encounter. "She didn't say anything about god or deities!" I grumbled.

"Avoid them at all costs." Kayda replied.

"Huh?" I asked.

"We have enough on our plate, we don't need to get involved with a god or deities whatever they are." she told me.

I nodded then gave her a quick kiss. She was right, I just hoped we had a choice in the matter.

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