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85% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 84: Chapter 84 - A Cure

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Chapter 84: Chapter 84 - A Cure

I gave Monica a odd look as I thought about it. I had trouble believing his reasoning of handing their daughter off to us. He had seemed a lot more concerned for his daughter than worried about getting laid. Then again I didn't really know the man. I shook my head and continued on. If he caused trouble I would deal with him. If not, I had other things that were more important to worry about.

Returning to the house with Cassy in Monica's arms and Megan on mine, we found Heather happily chatting with another pretty woman who was holding Bryan in her arms while Matthew hovered nearby.

Like Monica, Melody looked a lot better with human coloring than she had as a twisted.

Hearing us come in Heather looked up then smiled at me happily standing up to come over and greet me. Megan stepped aside so I could give her a proper hug and kiss.

"So this is the great Daryl." Melody commented as she stood up while looking me over once Heather had released me.

"And you must be Melody." I replied politely.

Melody shared most of the same characteristics as Heather, though she was taller, a bit thinner, and less filled out. Though the last two could have been from being a twisted for over a week. She was obviously pretty enough to fit in with my wives. However just from the look on her face and they way she held herself, I had the feeling that she and I weren't going to get along very well. Despite it being our first meeting she was already looking down at me condescendingly.

"The man who tricked my sister into becoming one of his harem, what is it now sixteen and counting?" she asked.

I gave Melody a cold smile. As Heather stiffened beside me.

"Melody." Matthew called out worriedly.

"Huh?" Melody looked over at Matthew. "Are you going to try and defend him?" she asked irritated.

"You've only been awake for an hour and have no idea what has happened. Don't piss him off." Matthew told her seriously.

Melody stared at him confused. "Huh? You've changed Matthew." she grumbled.

I gave Heather a squeeze, "Why don't you take your sister out and get her caught up on what's happened lately." I suggested.

"You're not mad?" Heather asked worriedly.

I gave her a wink. "So far she just seems worried about you, I can live with that." I replied.

Heather gave me a smile then grabbed onto her sister's hand and led her out. As Melody passed me she gave me a glare but didn't say anything.

"Well that was entertaining." Megan commented.

I rolled my eyes. "Not really." I replied. If I hadn't expected my wives families to be against my harem I probably would have been offended. Then again Derek was the one with the most issues. Grace's family didn't seem happy either but let their daughter make her own decisions. Tracy's family weren't normal and I didn't have to worry about Megan or Karen's families. For Rebecca it was just Marshal. Kayda still didn't have any memories of her life before she changed, while the rest weren't human or from Earth. Melody was probably the last one to added to the list who disapprove of my relationships. At least those who I was willing to tolerate.

"So what happened to Karen?" I asked looking to Megan. Even before my transformation Megan and Karen had always stayed close to each other.

"Soul searching." Megan replied.

"Huh?" I asked surprised.

Megan giggled. "Karen has some things to figure out. As I said when you woke up, the two of you are going to have to talk soon." she told me.

I nodded, not sure why but if it was needed then I was fine with it. "Kayda?" I asked, most of my wives had different jobs in the haven to help out and keep things running. All except Kayda.

Megan frowned then shrugged. "No idea. She said something about feeling really tired."

I frowned then checked my bond with her to see where she was. To confirm what Megan said I felt her in one of the rooms above though her emotions seemed oddly complicated for sleeping.

"I'll go check on her." I said.

"Alright, but we are going to have to resolve this soon." Megan told me.

"What?" I asked confused.

"You are the only one who can communicate clearly between us. When you are close we can all tap in, but we are going to need bonds between all of us to make it easier to communicate with each other." Megan told me.

I frowned again. "Don't you already have that?" I asked.

"That was the old bond." Megan told me then kissed my cheek. "That initial bond was a lot more inclusive, the new one is more limited beyond our bond to you." she informed me.

I frowned then nodded, "I will see what I can do and talk to everyone about it later." I replied.

Megan nodded then shooed me towards the stairs.

Rolling my eyes again I headed up to the room Kayda was in.

I knocked politely to be greeted by Kayda looking rather disheveled and wild eyed. "You alright?" I asked her concerned.

Kayda shook her head. "No, I keep feeling like something is calling me!" she told me moving into my arms and resting her head on my chest hugging me tightly.

"Something calling you?" I asked concerned.

Kayda nodded in my chest.

I closed my eyes as I tried to think of what to say or ask, only to see a rather familiar scene. A gray mist room with a small table set for three. A pretty pink haired woman sitting at the table already grinning at me.

Kayda appeared beside me a second later. Seeing the observer seemed to make her relax. "Thank god I wasn't going crazy again!" she exclaimed relieved.

"Sorry about that, I thought it would be best to speak to the both of you together." the observer told us.

Kayda and I moved to take the extra seats. "Why not just bring us in?" I asked.

"You both have to be in contact to bring you in together." the observer replied.

As Kayda and I had been snuggling in bed together each time we had spoken to her before I couldn't argue.

"Will I get that feeling everytime you want to talk to both of us?" Kayda asked.

The observer nodded. "Yes, I am not allowed to make direct contact with you, so this is the only way we can speak." she replied.

I wanted to ask why but I found myself unable to speak again.

"Nope sorry, we can't talk about that either." the observer told me.

This was really getting annoying. "What was it you wanted to talk to us about?" I asked her.

"Your success in creating more titans. It has been an ongoing theory that those created from the same origins could be changed to another. There just wasn't any other options to experiment with before now." she told us.

"Can you be less confusing?" I asked her feeling a headache coming.

"Awakened, twisted, torn, and titans all share a common feature, you were all once normal humans." she told us.

"Torn?" Kayda asked.

"That would be what we called your previous species. None of them lived long enough or had enough mental capacity to name the species themselves and anyone else who ran into them always mistake them for twisted. So we named them ourselves after the fact that they are torn apart by the opposing cores within them. If you want we could allow you to name your previous species." she offered.

Kayda shook her head. "No, Torn is fine." she replied with a shiver.

The observer nodded. "As I was saying, as they were all once human we have theorized that their races could be interchanged. Your success with changing humans into awakened, and twisted into titans proved the point and provided needed information for solving the problem." she informed us happily then reached out faster than I could react and tapped my forehead. A flood of information entered my mind, once I had sorted it out I realized it was a cure for the twisted. A way to turn the twisted into awakened.

I looked at the observer with wide eyes.

"Consider it your reward. It was in your best interest to try and change twisted into titans, but it was still a request that I made of you." she told me with a smile.

"What is it?" Kayda asked me.

"A way to change twisted into awakened." I replied. "And if I wanted, awakened into twisted."

Kayda looked just as surprised as I was. "How long have you known how to do this?" she asked.

"About seven hours now." the observer replied thoughtfully. "We needed more data to figure it out, your experiments provided it."

I wasn't consoled by that fact, I had a feeling she was stretching the truth a bit, but I doubted I could do anything about it, and so far interacting with her had been beneficial to us. I would have never even considered trying to change the twisted into titans without her encouragement, and now I had a cure for the twisted that didn't involve turning them into titans.

Seeing how the observer smiled at me, I had a feeling she was giving me the cure just to see how I would use it. Would I make them all titans or awakened.

"Thank you." I told her politely.

The observer's smile grew wider. "Of course. We will be keeping an eye on you, if we have any other requests of you we will let you know." she told us then we were standing in the doorway of Kayda's room.

"That is really annoying." Kayda sighed.

"You alright?" I asked.

Kayda nodded. "Yeah, it just reminded me of when I first became a Torn." she said then shivered. "It felt kind of similar, then everything got hazy."

"Are you getting some of your memories back?" I asked.

Kayda shook her head. "No, talking with Monica makes me think I need to run into someone from my old life to get my memories back. Then again, I don't think Monica's memory loss was as sever as mine, she still remembered having family."

I nodded then just held her for a while. I had a new decision to make, though it was already obvious to me what I would do.

Ashra Ashra

Thank you all for reading. I apologize for such a late release today. I am currently writing to edit to release. My pool of extra chapters is long gone and some RL got in the way of restocking. I will keep to the five chapters this week but the timing of the releases will probably be a bit off. For those reading Harvest Dungeon I will try and put out a chapter or two later in the week or on the weekend at the latest.

Thanks for all your support!

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