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89% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 88: Chapter 88 - Possessed

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Chapter 88: Chapter 88 - Possessed

I sat impatiently in the chair waiting for my host to appear. I wasn't sure how long we had been here, five minutes, ten, maybe a half hour? No idea. When Kayda and I returned to the house we immediately sat together then closed our eyes so we could speak to the observer.

We had no trouble appearing in her fragment of innerspace, or whatever we should call it. Yet she wasn't present. We took seats at the table as we had before waiting for her to return. I had no idea it was going to take so long though.

As we sat waiting Kayda held my hand squeezing it occasionally to help ease my irritation at waiting. I knew we had made the observer wait, but the situation really didn't permit us to speak with her at that moment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Do you believe him?" Kayda asked me.

By him I assumed she meant Nathan. When he woke up he remained unresponsive for a while. His eyes were open but it was like there was no one home. After a while the spark seemed to return to his eyes. He started to respond when others talked to him but he couldn't speak, or at least he wasn't able to speak coherent words. He made plenty of sounds and grunts like he was trying to talk. After a hour of that he passed out.

Physically Caly said he was fine, mentally, we had no idea. His innerspace was still empty, a light mist of mana had begun to gather. I was a bit perturbed that I might have to let his core and abilities return before I was able to get my answers, it completely ruined my plans for making his recovery draw out in punishment for harming Grace.

The idea of asking the elemental that had joined me had been raised, unfortunately it's thoughts didn't stray from feed, grow, be safe. No matter what or how I asked it I couldn't get an answer out of it.

I nodded to Kayda, I didn't think he was faking any of it. After Annitte's comment about how the innerspace breaks and a part of that innerspace fuses with the elemental energy to create a newborn elemental, I was able to notice the cracks in the walls of his innerspace. It wasn't easy, as the fire had torched his innerspace, that damage had hidden the cracks and the healing repaired both at the same time.

Kayda sighed then frowned. "What are we expecting to find out from him?" Kayda asked. "We've already have a good idea what happened.

"Why he attacked Grace." I replied.

"Huh?" Kayda asked me.

"Annitte told us that the newborn elementals crave more and more energy, they need it to stay alive. Despite her odd behavior I believe her. Once I seperated Nathan from Grace that was all it tried to do." I told her.

Kayda nodded, she had been there and saw it all too.

"Before that he seemed to have some intelligence, he backed off when I ordered it. The attack itself doesn't make sense, he had shared some of its energy with her. On top of that Grace said she hadn't even known he was there when she was attacked. He just appeared behind her, spun her around and grabbed her throat. If he had been draining her of her energy I would leave it at that, but that isn't the case. It doesn't make sense." I told her.

Kayda nodded then sighed. "Maybe that was Nathan realizing something was wrong and trying to force the elemental out of his body, Grace just happened to be the closest?" she suggested.

"Possibly, and if that is the case then he will be punished. No matter the situation that is an attack on another person, let alone one of my wives." I said seriously.

"I doubt he would admit to that." Kayda pointed out.

"I never said I would give him a choice." I replied coldly.

Kayda glared at me.

"I want the truth Kayda, no matter what it is. I won't force him to confess to a crime I can punish, but I will get the information that I need." I replied.

"And if it isn't there? If it all was lost when his innerspace burned?" she asked.

I let out a sigh, since Nathan opened his eyes that was the one thing I was the most worried about.

Before I could respond the observer finally arrived strutting out of the gray mist that made up the walls of this place. It was the first time I had seen her standing, she seemed taller than I had thought, I could make out her figure better and it was just as good as I had thought, yet I still had no real interest in her. Still no idea why, she was beautiful.

"Sorry for the wait." she told us as she sat down at the table giving us a smile.

I nodded in response, I was still irritated but I could ignore it.

"You have caused me a bit of grief Mister Wallous." the observer told me.

"Have I?" I asked a bit surprised.

"I was a bit irritated when you insisted to wait to speak with me, it would have been a quick message, but in the long run it was best that you didn't. The change in the situation changed what I wanted to say to you." she told us then sighed. "Then I needed to speak with my peers about this."

Seemed serious. Though I wasn't certain, she seemed serious about her observations, but not necessarily about what she was observing. Did that make sense? I shook my head trying to rid myself of the thought.

"Originally I just wanted to tell you that the elementals could be used to reforge humanity. A tease to see what you would do." she admitted.

"And now?" Kayda asked.

"Do you know why your sister is acting strange?" the observer asked me.

"So she really is my sister?" I asked. The question had been bothering me for a while. I knew the name of my siblings, and there was certainly a family resemblance, yet without the ability to speak to my family, my parents or other siblings, I couldn't confirm anything. I had given her the benefit of the doubt but her odd behavior made me start to question her.

The observer smiled at me. Which while brilliant still did nothing for me. "Yes, given the circumstances I will confirm that, and the rest of her story. She is missing a few things, but that isn't her fault. You can also tell her that your other sister Zelia is fine. She was captured but your eldest siblings are protecting her. Contacting them is still a bad idea at the moment, that might change in the future, but don't worry about it, they will contact you when the time is right." the observer told us.

I let out a long sigh feeling relieved, I hated wondering if she was lying to us.

The observer smile disappeared.

I shook my head. "No, Annitte hasn't said anything about it and locked herself up in her room." I replied.

The observer sighed. "Not surprising. I have spoken to several of my comrades to gather information on this. Honestly her response surprised me too, and I dislike that immensely." she told me a terrifying aura emanating from her for a brief moment then it disappeared. "From what I learned your eldest siblings are twins, then Zelia, followed by Annitte, then finally you." she told me.

I nodded, I knew that much at least.

"I will not tell you their ages, as age is a delicate subject for a woman no matter how young we may look." she told me giving me a serious look.

I crossed that question of the long list I wanted to ask should I ever be given the chance.

"However you five are not the only children that have been born to your parents. Your eldest siblings are not the first borns, just the first survivors." she told me.

I knew that too.

"In between your siblings were a few others, most didn't survive long enough to meet with your siblings, however there was at least one other who survived, he was between Zelia and Annitte in age. Unlike the other siblings his abilities leaned more towards your mother than your father." she told me.

I had a really bad feeling about this.

"I see you can guess where this is going. Yes, he was a powerful elementalist, he used the elementals to reforge himself allowing himself to grow strong despite humanities handicap. Unfortunately he was too greedy, he gathered too much power to quickly, eventually he lost control of the elementals and they consumed him. Making him into something else. Something even more crazed than the torn and tens of times more powerful. Believe me when I tell you, you were very lucky that the possessed you faced was a newborn. If it had been older the fight would have been far more difficult and the damage far greater. Elementals are masters of their elements and have full use of it even when they possess another being. If that possessed had absorbed the fire energy you took from it, it would have promoted to where it is at now, at that level you could have still beaten it, but I believe at your current level of ability half of your haven would have burned." she told me.

I frowned, that didn't sound right. I could believe the power she talked about, but as soon as I realized the danger I would have shifted both of us into a pocket dimension to finish the fight, or I would have just left him there.

The observer watched my face for a moment, the doubt on my face must have shown.

"Space is also an element. An element of a much higher stage, but an element nonetheless, it is why everyone of a specific tier has access to it. Just like the lesser elements. Even at that low of a level the elemental would have been able to sense your use of the space around it, that signature move of yours would have been worthless." she told me.

"It took your siblings everything they had to cast your other brother out so he wouldn't destroy the havens. Even then they couldn't kill him." she told me.

Ashra Ashra

5 of 5!

Thanks for reading!

I hope to be able to get back ahead this weekend. Or at least that was the hope. Seems I have more social obligations to deal with than I initially realized.

Comments, reviews, and powerstones are welcome. We never seemed to recover from my little break. Oh well, I will continue to write anyways!

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