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92% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 91: Chapter 91 - Deep Thoughts

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Chapter 91: Chapter 91 - Deep Thoughts

Annitte slept deeply for a while letting me have time to think on my own. Truthfully it was what I needed more than anything. I had been noticing a few things since I woke up but never had the chance to sit down and put the pieces together. It wasn't anything momentous like why the worlds were being absorbed into the Great Realm. Just some insights into myself and what I wanted. More importantly with the realizations came determination. There was still a lot I didn't know, but I had a feeling that my siblings were like me. No matter how many spouses or friends we had, we had to do everything ourselves.

Even now, I wanted to take a firm steel like grip on the haven. Control it so that nothing like the attack in Grace ever happens again. Yet that wouldn't work. I can not be everywhere at once. Emy could, but the elemental energy blocked a lot of her ability to sense what was going on. If it hadn't been fire it might not have blocked her so effectively, but if it happened once so it could happen again. More importantly I wasn't a leader. If I tried to take control of the haven I would destroy it. Not on purpose, but I had no idea how to run one. I needed help to do it. Megan and Karen were already doing well delegating what needed to be done, yet that didn't seem to be enough. What was I missing? Did I just need to accept the fact that my wives could never be completely safe?

I shook my head, my mind was getting lost and starting to ramble unproductively. I needed to talk to my wives. I needed more power, just as Annitte said, I could do things when I had power. Yet I needed my wives to get stronger with me, keep me in check. No matter how strong I get I couldn't do everything myself. Together though, together we could accomplish anything, only then could I hope to prevent the tragedy that seemed to haunt my family.

With a smile on my face I relaxed a bit and got comfortable. I had come to a decision on how to approach our future. Now I just needed to be here for my sister. I could take the next step later.

Even better I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. To be truthful, I had no actual plan, just a direction, and a vague one at that, but that was more than I had since this all started. Everything had been reaction after reaction. Oh everyone got scattered all over the phoenix valley, I need to got get them. Oh you're bonded to ten women, great I was kind of horny anyways. Hey my twin sister wants to be your wife too, sure the more the merrier, who doesn't want to bang twins!. Hey go save the strangers you are bonded to in your head, sure they should be hot. If you want to keep the sleeping beauty you need to kill the hospital full of twisted, sure thing, they are all a bunch of ugly fuckers anyways. Excetera excetera, it never seemed to end.

The last time I could really sit down was when we had that brief training session in the backyard. Then it was react and sex, we need somewhere safe to stay, more food to eat, the long lost rulers of Atlantis have shown up to enslave us all! It hadn't stopped, not really, even now we needed to finish organizing the groups in the haven and get everyone on the right page, get more resources, kick out the idiots who don't want to listen. That list went on and on too.I had something to work towards now. That was wrong, getting stronger had always been a goal, yet now I had some actual guidance as to how to do that. Six locations I could train to grow stronger, while vague with no details as to what I would find there, it was still better than the previous goal of make the haven a better place.

It took all of ten minutes for me to get bored again. Annitte looked to be sleeping deeply which could last a while depending on how tired she was. I wasn't tired so I couldn't sleep. Instead I decided to take the time to review all the information I had been given by the observer and my parents. As I had awakened my elemental lord heritage I needed to know more about it, and Annitte had been dropping hints about my bonding ability before I transformed.

I closed my eyes to concentrate on the information going over each in my mind carefully.

Several hours later I had only been able to sort through and understand a portion of it. My mother's information turned out to be more than I thought it was. Much of it might have been locked until I awakened my heritage, I also looked into the bonders information that father had given me. I wished I had done so sooner. There was a great deal more to my bonding ability than I gave it credit for. I only focused on the forceful nature of my initial bond with my wives and the ability to force people to become little more than slaves. That was only a portion of what could be done with it. There were things even more horrible, but also things much better. Including what Annitte had been hinting at since I rebonded my wives. In fact father had made a big note of it in the information.

It was incredibly troubling. My parents were monsters, the number of their children they had tormented to create the sanctuary they desired was unknown, and their lack of caring towards their descendants, their grandchildren was astonishing. Then I found little things like the note from my father that will help me avoid needless heartache by changing the bond with my wives to share the special energy that caused my immortality with them. It is a thought I hadn't even considered. They had told me about it before, a special aspect of the bloodlines that originated from their home world that is shared by all the pure blooded descendants.

I stopped my thoughts there. That was it. That had to be the reason my parents didn't care. It was what I had been bothered by with each of their stories. My parents were losing grandchildren with each of these trials and they didn't seem to care. I couldn't understand why. I couldn't believe they were that heartless. Instead it was a matter of perception. No child born between their children and the natives of the other world inherited the immortality of their world. Without that immortality they would age and die like everyone else. Rather than allowing themselves to deal with a steady stream of sadness as they all aged and died, they didn't allow themselves to see them as family.

Maybe I was being to optimistic, maybe the many years had chilled their hearts to ice, and they really didn't care about anyone, even their pure blooded children. Yet I couldn't believe that. As much as I disliked my parents there were moments with each of them where we were able to bond and be a family. Moments when they seemed to care.

I shook my head, there was no way someone as young as me could understand the emotions of beings thousands of years old. What I did know was I needed to share my immortality with my wives if I wanted to keep them around. It would be a strain on my own immortality, and I wasn't sure I could do it for all of them. It was also another reason to push my wives to get stronger with me. With each advancement their natural lifespans increased significantly. After the third advancement they would be as immortal as I was. It was a long ways away though.

Thankfully Emy and Mary probably didn't need it. Emy was already thousands of years old. I could ask her later. My beast girls probably didn't need it either, as they had less abilities they would be able to advance easier than my other wives. As for Monica and Kayda, I had no idea if becoming a titan changed their lifespans. There had to be a test I could give them to find out. I had already given thought to offering my wives the chance to change, with the element mutations available they had even more options to consider. It would also make it easier for them to advance.

"Such deep thoughts." Annitte commented as she stared at me from her couch where she had been sleeping.

I nodded. "I took the opportunity to look over the information our parents left me. Saw the notes on sharing my immortality with my wives, but I have so many of them." I replied.

Annitte nodded sadly. "That could be a problem, but aren't you looking too far into the future?" she asked.

"Weren't you the one who encourage me in the first place?" I asked.

"You may hate me for this, but use it on your core wives, the ones you care for the most. Then forget about it until everything is more stabilized. Worrying about the rest of them now is pointless when you are only one invasion away from losing everyone." she told me.

I didn't like that thought, but I also don't think she had the same options available to her that I did.

"Do you know a way to tell how long a person's natural lifespan is?" I asked.

Annitte shook her head. "No, but if there is one, it would be a part of your time ability." she replied.

It would wouldn't it? I hadn't touched that ability much. Hopefully the built in guide could help me, but that could come later.

I stood up and leaned over my sister kissing her forehead. "I hope you are feeling better. Don't worry about me, I won't let my elementals get out of control." I promised.

"The observer gave you places to go?" she asked.

"Did I mention that?" I asked.

Annitte shook her head. "Didn't have too. We don't have a lot of contact with the observer's but we know that they are only one group, and they do not get along with the free elementals, at all." she told me.

"Free elementals?" I asked.

Annitte shrugged, "A term I had heard." she told me. "Have you established a mental shield?" she asked.

I shook my head. It was one of the other uses of the bonding ability that blocked others from forcing a bond onto me or mine. I would need to form one for myself and my wives, maybe even a few others. It would be bad if someone close to me was forced into a bond and used against me. In fact that was my first order of business. As Corrin and Ellina were dealing with other bonders I knew there was a chance that I would run into them sooner than later.

I needed to make preparations and speak to my wives. I wondered who would chose what, and how that would affect their appearances.

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