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93% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 92: Chapter 92 - Plans

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Chapter 92: Chapter 92 - Plans

"No! Absolutely Not!" Annitte yelled angrily at me as we faced off in my living room with my wives present. All of them. It was a rare occasion for them to be all present.

While Megan had set up a bedding situation so that all of us could sleep together as a family, there were always a few who chose to sleep seperate each night. Rebecca, formerly Heather, and now Monica were prime examples as they had kids they wanted to be with, and despite the fact that no more funny business happened in the big bed. There were a few who didn't feel comfortable having the kids join us on the big bed. Probably because they liked to sleep naked.

As neither of the little girls was my actual blood related daughter I didn't object to the decision, but in all honesty I didn't see any problem with it. The bed was so large that they could sleep on the other side of it from me and never even get close. Besides it wasn't like I had a thing for kids.

Apparently Emily shared my opinion and wanted to sleep in the same bed with all of her mommas and not just her mother. The little girl had taken to the idea of her mother having a lot of sister wives like a fish to water. She loved that her family had gotten bigger and how each of her mommas doted on her. I had given both women my opinion then left the decision with them. Rebecca continued to refuse, but had relented a little and was now joining Monica and Cassy at night so the girls could stay together.

Even in the morning several of my wives were usually missing as they rushed off to help in different areas of the haven.

The point of the matter was it was rare for all of my women to be in the same place at the same time. The reason for the meeting? The locations the observer had given me for growing stronger.

When I had revealed the locations on the Great Realm that had been suggested Megan had asked Emy about them, as only she and Annitte had an knowledge about the Great Realm.

Emy had been less than enthusiastic about the locations, then Annitte had caught wind of the locations, compared them to what she knew and now she was currently flipping out in my living room. After Megan called a family meeting to discuss whether I should go or not.

Never thought I needed permission. Then again I never thought I would have so many wives. At least they weren't all against the idea.

Annitte continued to rant and rave for several very long minutes describing the dangers of the Great Realm and the layers of it. How with each layer the danger escalated.

I took a glance at the large map that showed an enormous circle with the outermost region separated into various rings of colors denoting the danger level. Around ninety percent of the map, the center, was blank making it look kind of like a rainbow donut. The five of the six locations were in the largest visible area which was a dark foreboding red, while one was in a lighter shade of red, which was just a little less dangerous.

"So do you understand now? Are you still going on this foolish errand?" Annitte asked.

"Yes." I replied simply. Despite the family meeting and the general disagreement on allowing me to go, none of my wives had actually forbidden me from going. It helped that Emy had an even more complete map of the Great Realm from her own days of hunting. While she hadn't explored each of the areas that were suggested to me, she had visited the region that the slightly less dangerous location was at. Therefore I had agreed to go there first.

"Weren't you listening to me?!" Annitte roared angrily glaring at me.

"Nope, I stopped when I was about to ask you if there were any sprinkles to go with the donut." I replied tiredly.

Annitte glared at me while a couple of my girls giggled, it was a horrible joke but at least some of them thought it was funny, probably wondering the same thing themselves.

"Daryl you will die." Annitte told me seriously.

"If I was going alone, probably." I replied seriously then looked around at my wives. "Who wants to come with me?" I asked.

Everyone was quiet for a moment then my three beast girls Nala, Dena, and Trill raised their hands quietly. I had expected the three of them to volunteer. I was relieved that I wasn't wrong. Yet I wasn't sure if they would be enough. I wasn't stupid. I understood that this place was dangerous, so I needed to be prepared. As such I was thinking that I needed to bring someone with a healing ability.

As an upside to the space ability I could come back whenever I wanted to, but there was the chance that I could get injured and unable to create the space tunnel to get us back. So a second person with the ability to create a space tunnel would be a good idea too.

After a few more moments Jamie and Jessica raised their hands. I was more than a little surprised that the twins were volunteering to go. They both had the healing ability so it was a good idea, they just didn't seem like the adventurous type.

"Then it's settled." Megan announced. "Me, the twins, and our beasts will accompany Daryl, with Emy keeping an eye on us."

I frowned looking at Megan with a frown.

"What?" she asked me seriously.

"Who will run this place?" I asked.

Megan shrugged. "I don't care." she replied. "I am your queen and I am not going to let you go without me."

"I will try and keep this place running." Karen volunteered. "Everyone else can help me."

A lot of nods from the other girls in the room.

"Mother and Momma will also help." Karen added.

"Mother?" I asked curiously.

"My mom." Megan replied for Karen.

Oh, so Kelly. Made sense she had been dating Michael and now was with me and Megan.

I nodded then took a deep breath and looked around the room. "So um." I said then hesitated somehow this next question made me a hell of a lot more nervous than getting permission to head out to almost certain death.

Seeing me hesitant and uneasy all of my wives stared at me curiously.

I groaned realizing that their complete attention was making things worse.

"What is it dear?" Megan asked me curious.

I sighed then wondering why I was even bringing this up? I thought about it for a moment then remembered. It was Caly. I had run into her on my way back from Annittes home. She had seemed rather depressed while she stared down at a pair of golden rings. I had no idea where she got them, but seeing them reminded me how desperate she had seemed when we were all initially bonded and slept together. She didn't just want to be acknowledged as my wife, she seemed to need it. I hadn't spoken to her and left to think about it. I had several wives who had already been married, and a few who I was sure wouldn't care one way or the other, but there were more than a couple who had never married. While our world was gone, there was no reason to throw away our customs.

"Daryl, are we going to change the other twisted back?" Tracy asked me.

Distracted from my train of thought I nodded. "I intended too, not sure when, I can only do a few a day at most, and we have a few hundred." I replied.

Tracy seemed to shift around uncomfortably in her seat.

I frowned wondering why then I understood. She had married me because of the bond, but that was because her husband had become a twisted and considered unsaveable.

"Is he here?" I asked her gently praying deep down that he wasn't. I knew it was mean but she was mine now, the bond couldn't be broken again and I really didn't want her going around feeling guilty that he had only been a twisted for a few weeks or a month, or whatever, and she had already moved on. Not that it was her fault, but I knew women could be irrational.

Tracy shook her head. "No." she replied making me feel relieved but I could see she was still rather uncomfortable.

I sighed. "Did you want to look for him?" I asked slowly dragging each word out of me knowing that I needed to offer even if I really didn't want too. Rebecca and Monica's ex's were already enough trouble, I didn't need another ex, especially one that one of my wives was probably still in love with.

Tracy stared at me for a few moments, I could feel that her emotions were conflicted with guilt, fear, but also joy, then she blinked away tears and leapt into my arms holding me tightly. She shook her head as I held her. "No, he is dead already. We... we found traces of him while you were unconscious, but thank you." she said with only one stutter. "His brother's are twisted though." she told me.

I sighed in relief, another person to disagree with my relationship. I wouldn't like it but I could handle it. It was better than her ex husband that she was still in love with and felt guilty about.

"They're nine." Tracy added.

I was a bit startled then groaned, I could understand why she was so hesitant, no idea how he had younger brother's that much younger than him, but that wasn't my business.

"Twins?" I asked realizing what she implied.

Tracy shook her head. "No. His parent divorced and remarried, it's just a coincidence that they are that close in age.

That explained some of the age gap.

I eyed my wives speculatively wondering which of them would be alright with the idea of getting knocked up. If I was going to be supporting so many children so of them might as well have a few of my own!

"No signs of his other family?" I asked.

Tracy shook her head.

"If no one else object we can take them in." I said groaning on the inside.

Tracy hugged me tightly then kissed me passionately. Despite having slept with her several times now, it was the most passionate kiss she had yet to give me. Not that I minded, she had a lot of baggage to work through.

Ashra Ashra

I'm back, sorry for the delay. I have excuses, but don't we all. Another chapter later today once I finish editing it to complete my five for the week.

Thanks for reading!

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