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94% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 93: Chapter 93 - Proposal

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Chapter 93: Chapter 93 - Proposal

"So what were you going to ask us about?" Megan asked once Tracy had released me.

I looked back to Megan and noticed that most of my wives were smiling at me happily. Apparently I was the last to know. Good thing I didn't reject.

Then I remembered what I had been about to ask and got nervous again. I felt just as bad as the first time I asked a girl out on a date in high school. As she bitch had laughed in my face while her friends sneered at me, it was a bit of a trauma for me.

Biting the bullet I took a deep breath and said it all out in a rush.

None of it was intelligible. At least not in the english language.

"One more time, slower." Megan told me a bit amused with a hint of a smile. I had a feeling she caught some of that or could guess what I wanted to ask.

I growled at her then sighed. "Marriage." I said clearly. "I thought I should actually marry you girls, instead of just claiming it."

Megan sighed sitting back eyeing me speculatively.

I shifted Tracy off my lap then moved down onto the floor in the traditional proposal position. With a wave of my hand I pulled out sixteen matching golden rings that glowed in the dim light of the living room each floated in front of one of my wives.

After my run in with Caly I had wracked my brain trying to figure all of this out. Searching my abilities I discovered that I could use my earth elemental to shape metals. I then gathered some gold from the gathered goods we had gathered in a warehouse. No idea why jewelry had been grabbed along with supplies we actually needed, probably a habit from when they actually had some worth. With my earth element to aid me I had crafted the sixteen matching rings. They looked like plain golden bands but I had enchanted them with the aid of my elemental. The moment my wives accepted and put on the rings they design on the rings would change to match their taste.

Megan gave me a smile, tired smile, "At least you brought rings." she said grudgingly. "Thought your taste in rings is a bit lacking." she added obviously a bit unhappy with me.

I sighed, I knew I should have taken the time to propose to all of them individually. They did deserve it, but I didn't want this to drag out. Creating sixteen special moments to propose would have taken a lot of time, and more romance and creativity than I had in me.

"Could have at least picked rings that were the right size." Annitte grumbled still unhappy with me.

"I made and enchanted each of them myself, they will fit just fine." I retorted irritably.

Absolute silence met my declaration.

"You made these?" Grace asked me in a small hesitant voice.

I could feel a lot of conflicting emotions from the wives, confusion and a surprising amount of joy.

I nodded. "Yeah, I thought about wanting to take each of you out and propose alone, but I was afraid asking you one by one would create a pecking order or something." I lied my heart out. "So I tried to come up with something else. My earth elemental lets me mold and enchant metals, so I made all of your rings myself." I replied.

"So they will adjust to fit out fingers?" Grace asked me.

"A bit more than that but yes." I agreed.

I saw some smiles on my wives faces, I could feel that they were happy that I had made the rings myself and the half assed excuse wasn't really accepted, but they seemed happier despite that.

"Yes Daryl." Megan finally said taking the ring and placing it on her left ring finger. As expected the ring shrank to fit her finger than an intricate almost life like golden rose bloom appeared on top of the ring.

Seeing it Megan gasped aloud then her eyes teared up, I felt a lot of happiness flow through my bond with her.

I smiled smugly. "I suck at art and design, not nearly creative enough." I told them, "So I enchanted the rings to take on an appearance that suited your taste."

One by one each of my wives smiled at me and said yes then took the ring and watched as it transformed to a beautiful ring that suited their taste. Once all of them were wearing a ring I sighed then pulled out another ring that I placed on my own left ring finger. "And I get the ugly ring." I said with a grimace as the ring set onto my finger then changed. My ring had been enchanted so that it would incorporate some of each of the other rings into its design. It was a thick almost impractical thing that took up almost all the space between my palm and first knuckle. It would have been hard to use if the magic I put into the ring didn't let it flex a bit so it didn't inhibit the use of my finger.

Thankfully it wasn't nearly as bad as I had hoped, Emy and Mary had plant themed rings, my beast girls had images of their beast forms on their rings, while the rest had flowers, intricate tribal, and geometric designs. When all was put together it didn't look as badly as I feared.

"So we are all married now?" Caly asked.

I shook my head. "This is a proposal, next comes a ceremony, you girls get a lot of say in how you want that to go." I replied.

Caly looked around at my other wives from Earth who nodded to her inquisitive gaze.

"At least you did something right." Annitte commented giving me a strained smile.

I rolled my eyes at her. She would get over the fact that I was going to explore those locations when I came back alive. I had no intention of dying, and was even more determined not to see my wives hurt. I planned on being incredibly cautious.

"There is one other thing we all need to discuss before the talks about the wedding ceremony gets going." I announced.

"It's fine Daryl. While you were unconscious we had a lot of trouble with current and past relationships in the groups we saved. Enough time had passed that a lot of people accepted the loss of their spouse and moved on, only to have them found in another group a couple days later. We declared all previous marriages and engagements null and void." Rebecca told me.

That was news to me. It was good to hear, though I was more than a little curious how they came to that decision. Things must have gotten pretty ugly for them to go to that extreme.

"It's good to know, but not what I wanted to talk about." I replied. "As I am sure many of you know becoming a titan is no longer our only option. We can also do element mutations." I said.

"Daryl." Megan called out but I held up my hand. "Also looking at the information I realized we could do both, a elemental mutation of a titan." I told them. "Along with a couple of other changes, I believe we can infuse some of the other abilities just like the elemental abilities. No one will be forced to change, but I would like all of you to consider it." I told them.

"What do you mean other abilities?" Annitte asked.

I smirked at her. "I believe we can infuse and join abilities like the plant, beast, or healing into the cores creating something like a dryad, tamer, and holy maiden versions of the titans, The dryad and tamer won't match Emy or Trill in abilities, but it should have some of its own plusses. Though it is just a guess, for all I know it could turn you into a plant or a beast that that fit you." I explained.

"Is that really possible?" Annitte asked me.

I nodded. "It wasn't in the information that they gave me, but when I put everything else together I figure it is possible, in truth the mutations will probably work best with the titan change. The mutation won't be nearly as overwhelming to us. The observers seem to have deliberately withheld the information on what the mutations will do to those who receive them, so I am a bit worried they might make people a lot less human." I replied.

"Can we do it in reverse?" Heather asked, "Do a mutation then become a titan?" she asked.

I hesitated for a moment then nodded, "Yes, but they may not lead to the same result." I replied cautiously. "Instead of regaining humanity, it would probably make you a more powerful version of what you became." I replied.

"Can it be reversed then, like the twisted?" Karen asked.

I hesitated again then shrugged, "I don't know, but probably not. From what I understand now, the twisted are still human just altered and enraged. The elemental mutation will change you from a human into something else. I don't think the method that they gave me for changing the twisted back into humans will work on the elemental mutation. Actually I am almost certain of it." I replied.

A blonde streak flew through the air then Nala landed on me gazing into my eyes intently. "Does that mean you can infuse me with the titan?" she asked.

I hadn't thought of that. I considered it for a moment then nodded slowly. "I think so. It would be no different than infusing it into someone who went through the mutation and is no longer human, but as I said I have no idea what it will do." I said then frowned as I kept that line running. "I might even be able to add an element mutation too you too." I added then shook my head. Was this a good idea, mutations didn't just affect the physical form. My own titan form was changing me, the incredible power of my new body was starting to give me a lot more confidence then being an awakened ever had. Maybe soon I would be able to throw off my inferiority complex soon.

"We will need to check elemental affinities so you know your options." I told them.

"Alright ladies let's discuss this and our wedding ceremony." Megan announced.

Moments later I had been effectively been dismissed and kicked out of the house. Each of my women had given me a kiss as compensation. While it was a lot of kisses I still didn't like getting kicked out of my own house. Guess I should go check up on some of my friends and acquaintances.

Ashra Ashra

Alright that is it for the week. Hope to do better next week. For those who read Harvest Dungeon I am putting it on hold. I realized that I rushed the story a bit for the competition. I didn't even place so whatever. While the story is still in the single digits I want to look it over again and make adjustments so I don't end up having to fix too much later. Shouldn't change the flow of the story but some of the world mechanics will get adjusted.

Thanks for reading!

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