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98% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 97: Chapter 97 - Caly’s Desire

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Chapter 97: Chapter 97 - Caly’s Desire

I woke feeling content and relaxed. A screen of red seemed to block my view as I tried to remember where I was. Shifting a bit I realized that the screen of red was Calidia's hair that had covered my face as we shifted about to get comfortable in each other's arms after she had finished milking all of my energy out of me.

I was a bit surprised that her hair hadn't bothered me while I was sleeping, my nose was usually pretty sensitive, but I was incredibly exhausted by the time she was done with me.

I shifted a bit more trying hard not to disturb the sleeping beauty in my arms.

With a better position I was able to see her contented smile as she laid her head on my shoulder. Seeing that happy peaceful look on her face, I couldn't help but smile. Megan had been right, I needed to spend more individual time with each of my wives. It wasn't going to be easy, but it was necessary. Most of our activities would still be done in groups, but this one on one time needed to be worked in as well.

Whether it was because we were alone, or because she felt better about our relationship, Calidia wasn't anything like she had been before. For a while she had been quiet and reserved almost like she had been afraid to stand out amongst my wives. Now she had resembled the strong confident woman that I had first met when she attempted to recruit us to her haven.

I liked the change. She was a beautiful woman but it was hard to notice while she was being quiet and reserved. With her confidence restored she shone like a torch in a dark room. That was the woman I wanted as my wife.

With her change though I had to wonder about my other wives. Were my other wives as uncertain about their place with me? Once they were reassured of my affection for them and their place at my side, would they become as confident and reassured as Calidia had?

I knew some of this was my fault, and while it might be selfish of me I didn't feel too bad about it. There had been too much going on, and I was a complete novice when it came to relationships. I could only do my best to fix things by reassuring each of my wives.

However right now I was spending time with Calidia. I wasn't sure what time it was, or how much longer we had together before I had to get back to work. I had a feeling Megan would make sure we had as much time together as we could. Though I had no idea what else to do. Sex was great, definetly at the top of my list of activities to do with my wife, but I was sure that there something else Calidia would want to do while she had me. Even if I didn't know what it was.

I stroked my hand down her side enjoying the feeling of her soft skin under my hand as it explored her curves.

Calidia shifted a bit then turned her head to peer at me sleepily. She blinked for a few moments trying to clear the sleep from her eyes as I smiled at her cute expression. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As her mind caught up with the situation, her eyes widened.

"Hello wife." I said my smile widening as I felt her quiver. I had no idea why but Cailida really responded to me calling her my wife.

"Husband." she replied with a moan as I felt her shift against me. I knew that movement and tone, she was ready to jump me again.

"You should have woke me husband." she said with a pout her eyes burning as her hands glided across my side and chest.

"I just woke up a moment before you." I replied.

Calidia sighed, "Pity, our time should be up soon." she told me a bit reluctantly.

"So soon?" I asked.

Calidia nodded. "Yes." she replied sadly.

I chuckled then wrapped my arm around her waist to pull her up my chest so I could kiss her. "We will have more time together." I promised her.

She nodded but didn't look sure.

I kissed her again. "I was drawn to the powerful confident recruiter I first met, and I have enjoyed every moment I have had with that same confident woman in my arms. I will find more time for us to spend alone." I promised her.

Calidia stared at me for a few moments her eyes filling with tears before she wiped them on my chest. "Alright." she told me giving me that confident grin I had become familiar with during our time together.

"There she is." I said smiling again.

A knock at the door distracted us from each other.

"Daryl! Are you guys awake?" Karen called from the other side of the door.

"Yeah!" I called back a bit disappointed that our time was over already.

"Megan wanted me to tell you both that dinner will be in a half hour." she told us. I thought that was it before she called out again. "Caly, we decided it was fine, Megan is taking him tonight."

"Really?" Caly called out excitedly.

"Yes, we are all fine with it." Karen replied.

I looked at Caly to figure out what they were talking about. However there was a perceptible change in Caly as our eyes met. The desperate hunger she had earlier was replaced by a predatory gaze. "What is it?" I asked her curiously. I wasn't scared, just curious about the change in her attitude.

"Do you love me husband?" she asked me her voice thick with desire as she shifted so she straddled me pressing her hands down on my chest.

I nodded as I placed my hands on her waist and held her close to me then shivered as our bare skin rubbed against each other.

"Enough to give me a child?" she asked me her gaze heated, I could see that she really wanted this.

I was a bit, no, a lot surprised. My mind raced for a moment wondering if it was even a good idea in our circumstances, but I stopped when I remembered that I had recently considered having children of my own given how many kids my wives were already taking care of. More importantly, I didn't think we would be able to get any safer than we were now.

However before I could nod I sent a mental message to Megan. I didn't think she wanted any kids yet, but I wanted to be sure that none of my other wives would take offense despite what Karen had said. Then even as I finished sending the mental question I wondered why I bothered? Was it even an issue?

'Good boy.' Megan sent back to me making me picture her with her teasing smile. 'If you are fine with it, go for it, Caly is a family girl and needs it. If you go for it make sure you give it your best effort.' Megan sent back to me.

When my gaze returned to Caly I could see some uncertainty in her gaze as I remained silent. I remembered the girls telling me that my facial expression changed when I spoke mentally to someone else. She had to know I was talking to someone else.

I gave her a reassuring squeeze. She smiled at me, though I had a feeling that it was less my reassuring look as it was the response my body was having to the idea of placing a child in Caly. "Why?" I asked her before I lost what little self control I had. I was surprised by how excited I was by the idea of impregnating Caly. Despite that I wanted to make sure she wanted a child for the right reasons.

"It has always been my dream, even before I met you I wanted to find a powerful husband and bear his children." she told me as she shifted her body to encourage me to stop talking and start acting. "It's why I was so excited when I first met you, I thought I might have found someone suitable."

I shivered under her moaning at the sensation. I couldn't think of any reason not to give her what she wanted. Then again I was quickly losing my ability to think about anything. I wasn't sure why, but I had a powerful desire for it myself. I couldn't think of any other questions to ask to make sure this was the right decision.

Caly leaned down pressing her bare breasts into my chest her eyes locked onto mine. "Please give me your child." she begged me breathlessly.

Any other thoughts I might have had flew out of my mind. I flipped her over on the small bed so I was on top pressing her into the bed.

I had learned that despite all our intimacies, unintended pregnancies were nearly impossible as soon as one of the partners awakened the body ability as it allowed us to control whether we had a child or not. My mind shifted to the my own body ability to switch it so I wasn't shooting blanks only to find that my intense desire had already caused my ability to switch it.

Reassured that I was ready I shifted my gaze back to my wife who returned my hungry gaze. I wanted to say something but Caly reached for me pulling me to her and even those foolish thoughts left me.

Afterwards as we lay panting in each others arms I remembered the idea and was happy I hadn't. I was terrible at coming up with good lines, I would have probably botched it and ruined the mood.

Caly had a happy contented smile as she lay in my arms. While one of her hands stroked her stomach.

I wasn't sure whether she could tell if we succeeded. With the body ability maybe she could. I wanted to ask, but decided to wait. I felt oddly satisfied, more so than I had with any of my other wives. I liked the atmosphere at the moment and speaking would ruin it. We were going to have to get up soon anyways, I could wait till then.

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Thanks for reading! I know that a harem story like this should have more scenes in it but maybe later once I improve my character build. One thing at a time.

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