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3.84% A New Fate in Another World / Chapter 1: Prologue

Prologue - A New Fate in Another World - Chapter 1 by Goldrai full book limited free

A New Fate in Another World A New Fate in Another World original

A New Fate in Another World

Author: Goldrai

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Chapter 1: Prologue

A fiery sight was within the horizon. A City was being burned down to ground as flames began swallowing more of what was left of the City. The echoing screams of the many could still be heard of in the distance.

On the air were large skeletal dragons which had their wings emit a green energy as it spew the same energy out their mouths causing damage to the stone walls of the city which the flames could not devour. An on the ground were skeletons armed with armour and weapons which differentiated from swords to pole arms. They chased humans and all beings alike that were not skeletal. They were nothing more than moving bones yet the faint green light which was glowing within their eye sockets said otherwise.

Survivors ran and hide areas where they presumed safe, some had even jump into a burning building in order to hide from their attackers. A few men and women in armour tried to fend off the undead horde yet everytime they 'killed' one or smashed its skull it would reassemble their body whether from bone by bone or pieces by piece. It was unending and exhausting however just as they thought everything couldn't have gotten any worse, large wolf like monsters appeared and killed everything within their view. Their appearance were bizarre, their bodies consisted of large bony plates to create a more definitive shape rather than a vague skeletal body. They were fast and strong yet the people still stood firm and raised their weapons even in the face of danger, how far could their courage and bravery go before falling apart?

Outside the walls were giant bony plated monsters presumably skeletons were hunting down stragglers that ran. The skeletal dragons were also searching for any escaping prey in the sky however unlike the skeletal dragons above the city, the ones outside were larger and had used large pieces of bones and plates to create a definitive body rather than a skeletal one similar to the giants and wolf like monsters.

Near the City where a hill could be found, a horse made of bones with it's eyes blazing with a green coloured flames stared towards the city. On it's back was a skeleton that had wore armour made of different bones, it was unique and beautiful. It's skull was covered with a hood made from an unknown cloth as his right hand held a large sword presumably a greatsword. The most eye catching was the crown with magnificent coloured jewels embedded on to it while resting on the skeletons skull under it's hood.

A more brighter green coloured energy covered his entire body. He raised the sword up and his army of skeletons of unknown race and origin marched forward while his horse ran into the center of the army's formation. He was the king therefore he must be protected at all cost, the march was fast and so were the death of those who survived till the end.

Whoever the being was nor what it could have been, the people etched their information of such monster into stones. However everything has an end, it was unknown whether the skeleton king may have rested or slept but which ever it was, as long as the people were safe, it could continue without disturbance.


It was a long day for the 18 year old young man Paul Afton, he opened the door to his room. He just finished his school project and wanted to sleep on his comfortable bed.

He walked in and saw his messy room which had his clothes littered in every corner. "Ughhh..." He sighed and fell on to his bed. Paul was tired and exhausted from his activities both physically and mentally. "Why must i suffer God... why!" as he opened his locked touch screen phone with hos finger print.

Thankfully it was still 2AM in the morning, a perfect time (at least by Paul's standard) to rest. However a discord notification popped up on his notification bar. Seemingly interested he opened the app only to find a picture of a character named Vector T posing while a text on both lower and upper screen spelled "You just got VECTORED!". However Paul gave little to no ounce of reaction to the picture, he got Victored, Ligmad, and Rick Rolled so many times that he stopped caring all together.

Scrolling up the screen he found that his friend were talking about the application of light to fantasy magical force field or barrier. Above it was a more heated discussion of 'which one was better? Joe, Candice, Sukun, and Ligma?'.

He felt less depressed reading his friends stupidity and decide to now rest. Little did he know that this was his last time seeing a smartphone.


Paul was in the air as a dreamlike event was playing in front of him. He didn't knew whether a dream or not as he did not question it himself. Just as people cannot tell dreams from reality with that very dream. Yet Paul was certain that he felt an excitement as he stood there watching two entities fighting one another.

Both held swords, one was larger than the other while the other was much much smaller. Yet the fight was in favour of the one that had a smaller blade.

*Clank* *Clank* *Swoosh*

Paul was shocked and amazed at their display of swordsmanship. He felt rather excited from watching two swords clash. Although the one that had a smaller blade only parried or dodged every attack the other entity with the large blade threw.

They fought and fought until one moment were the winner of the fight was about to be decided. Yet a blind light had restricted Paul's sight and stopped him from seeing the ending.

Suddenly he felt a great pain, similar to being squeezed to death. The pain became unbearable to the point that Paul screamed yet his voice sounded different. He was in a dark place and he felt that he couldn't move his body, he tried struggling with everything he had in order to distance himself on the elastic like wall.

*Wwaaahhhhhh* *Waaaahhhh*

He heard as if a child was crying, it confused him but the pain made Paul scream even louder. A tiny light shined through the darkness, Paul felt a bit of motivation. It only grew wider and wider, the light became a symbol of hope for Paul at the current moment. When he finally reached the light, a dark feeling aroused his intuition.

"It's a young and healthy boy madam!" A woman in what seemingly resembled a maid outfit from a cafe he recently went from. She gently caught him with a towel and lifted Paul up.

However it was only now that Paul had realized that he was being held on her hand as if he was small. He was distracted from the loss of the sudden pain and a woman in a maid outfit to see that his hand had became small.

"The birth was a success, may i check to see if the infant is alright miss." Another woman in a weird outfit held out her hand and took Paul from the 'maid's' hands.

'The hell am i!? This shit is getting weird af!' Paul screamed inside his head. Usually people would wake up upon feeling pain within a dream yet he had not. He wanted to slap himself but his small midget barely moved.

After the woman had finished checking for anything irregular with Paul, she passed him to his mother gently. She had a pale face that was covered with sweat.

"Ahh! My baby boy. My sweet little baby boy." She shed tears while hugging Paul, her smile made her already beautiful appearance shine even brighter.

She had white and luscious hair, fair skin, clear and blue eyes, and an oval shaped face. The smile only made her more beautiful even with the streams of tears flowing from her eyes.

'I... The fu*k!? Am i really a baby!?' Paul screamed inwardly. On the outside the baby began crying. 'Nahhh... Bullsh*t! This ain't happening!' He complained more which made him look as if he was a crying baby(which he is).

"Hushh. Look it's ok. No need to cry, mother is right here with you. Hush down and keep calm." She spoke while slowly moving from side to side. Paul's new body was very weak and after struggling inside the womb, having endure the cutting of his umbilical cord, and crying his complains out made his 19 minute old body tired. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The child began to quiet down and fell asleep on his mother's arms. This was the new life of Paul, a new experience, and perhaps he would even be given a new name. However only time could tell. His journey and adventure in his new life has yet to begin.

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